West Coast Compilations

Once in a while you are able to find some West Coast music gems on compilation albums and/or Original Soundtrack albums. Compilation albums featuring various West Coast influenced artists seem to be especially popular in Japan.

Mind you not all of them are worth buying – we would like to mention some of the better ones here.

As for the Original Soundtrack albums these are usually from a motion picture, but television has occasionally provided something worthwhile also.

Blue Desert Compilation Index

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Always Love
AOR Club
AOR Collection
Aspen 102
Bayside Crusing
Breeze Collection
Brio AOR
California Groove
Canary Islands

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Chouja Reideen
Classic Soft Rock
Contante & Sonante
Guitar Workshop
Kadomatsu T
LA Collection
L.A. Unit
Light Mellow

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Lite FM
Love Stories
Mellow Rock Hits
Mid-Summer Blossoms
Noriyuki Makihara
Perfect Collection
Pure Gold Collection

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Royal Music
Silent Mobius
Singer And Songwriters
Tribute To Pink Floyd
TV Theme
Various Artists
Westcoast Collections


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