West Coast Music Releases Highlights from Year 2013

The West Coast AOR music is still popular and new releases, reissues and compilations.

At Blue Desert we always try to write about what is new and interesting and at the same time highlight some of the classic masterpieces. Some years a lot of material is released and other time less.

Here are some of the highlights that was released in the year 2013:

Player - Too Many Reasons

Frontiers Records 2013

Tracks: Man On Fire, Precious, I Will, Tell Me, The Sins Of Yesterday, You´re My Addiction, Too Many Reasons, To The Extreme, The Words You Say, Life In Color, A Part Of Me, Kites, Nothin´Like You & Baby Come Back (New Recording).

Musicians on the Too Many Reasons album: Peter Beckett, Ronn Moss and others.

Ole Borud - The Best

Village Again 2013

Tracks: Better Deal, Step Into My Light, City Lights, Through The Fire, One More Try, All Because Of You, Keep Movin´, She´s Like No Other, Chi-Ro, Spreadin´The News, Broken People, Resting Day, Rock Steady, Shakin´The Ground & Add Up The Wonders.

Musicians on the Best album: Ole Borud and others.

I-Ten - Talking A Cold Look "Reissue"

Sony Music 2013

The Tracks are: Taking A Cold Look, Quicksand, Alone, Workin’ For A Lovin’, Lonely In Each Other’s Arms, I Don’t Want To Lose You, Time To Say Goodbye, The Easy Way Out, I’ve Been Crying & Pressing My Luck.

Musicians on the Taking A Cold Look album: Tom Kelly, Billy Steinberg, Steve Lukather, Chas Sanford, Dennis Belfield, Alan Pasqua, David Paich, Steve Porcaro, Peggy Sandvig, Mike Baird & Lenny Castro.

Tom Snow - Original Demoes

Contante & Sonante 2013

Tracks: Beauty Outside Beauty Within, It´s Not The End Of The World, Time To Be Lovers, Town Of Dreams, You´re Welcome In My Life, I Must Have Been Blind, I Can See Forever, That´s What Love Can Do, We´re All In This Together, Ronnie-O, Love Has A Mind Of Its Own & Bridges Of The Heart.

Musicians on the Original Demos album: Tom Snow, Warren Wiebe, Phil Kenzie & Sally Dworsky, Suzue Benson & James Harrah.

AOR - The Secrets Of L.A

AOR Heaven 2013

Tracks: Deep Whirlpool, Stage Struck, Secrets In The Shadows, Back To San Francisco, Out Of The Past, The Name Of The Game, Web Of Lies, Hollow Triumph, The Main Attraction & Voices In The Wind.

Musicians on the Secrets of L.A album: Frederick Slama, Fergie Frederiksen, Jeff Scott Soto, Bill Champlin Jim Jidhed, Robin Beck, Göran Edman, Mikael Erlandsson, Bob Harris, Tamara Champlin, Tommy Denander, Pat Thern, Ken Sandin, Dane Donohue,  Alessandro Del Vecchio, Hank Erix, Manu Esteve, John Barbour, Michael Landau, Christian Trolle, David Diggs, Mike Baird & Sacha Spiegel.

State Cows - The Second One

Avenue Of Allies Music 2013

Tracks: This Time, In The City, Mister White, Hard Goodbye, Scofflaws, I Got Myself Together, Finally Fair And Balanced, Center Of The Sun, California Gold & Nineteen Eighty One.

Musicians on the The Second One album: Daniel Andersson, Stefan Olofsson, Jay Graydon, Michael Landau, Bill Champlin, Ian Bairnson, Peter Olofsson, Par Wretling, Samuel Muntlin, Lars-Erik Dahle, Christian Thomsen, Goran Turborn, Mikael Emsing, Marcuz Granberg, Sven Larsson, Peter Holmqvist, Per Bejstam & Peter Friestedt.

Backseat - Seasoned And Served

Target Records 2013

Tracks: CD1: You Promised Rock n´Roll to Me, The Cards, Comin Home, Stop Telling Us Lies, King Of Sorrow, Jealous Heart, Breaking All The Rules, Going To Regret It, Make You My Business, New Surprise To Me & Tears From Your Eyes. CD2: Bitter Moon, Long Distance, Sweet Delight, Kiss A Lot Of Frogs, Hey Good Looking, Wind Me Up, Half A Man, Little Bit Of Heart, The Gardens Tale & Listen When My Body Talks.

Musicians on the Seasoned And Served album: Ivan Pedersen and others.

PM - Live From The Last Island

Little Flock Music 2013

Tracks: Blue Guitar, Last Island, Piece Of Paradise, Romeo’s Garage, Cool Blue Swing, BB’s Got The Blues, A Little Too Happy, Color Of The Sun, Come Together, Elizabeth, In The Meantime, India, Chain Of Love, Faith In Angels & Suzannah.

Musicians on the Live from the Last Island album: Peter Mayer, Jim Mayer, Roger Guth, R. Scott Bryan, Chris Walters, Maggie Estes White, Brendan Mayer and others.

Christopher Cross - A Night In Paris

Verycords Records 2013

Tracks: CD1: All Right, The Light Is On, Leave It To Me, Everything, No Time For Talk, When You Come Home, Minstrel Gigolo & Walking In Avalon. CD2: Sailing, Never Be The Same, Dreamers, Spinning, I Really Don´t Know Anymore, November, Arthur´s Theme, Ride Like The Wind & Say You´ll Be Mine (encore). DVD: All Right, The Light Is On, Leave It To Me, Everything, No Time For Talk, When You Come Home, Minstrel Gigolo, Walking In Avalon, Sailing, Never Be The Same, Dreamers, Spinning, I Really Don´t Know Anymore, November, Arthur´s Theme, Ride Like The Wind & Say You´ll Be Mine (encore).

Musicians on the A Night In Paris album: Christopher Cross and others.

Boz Scaggs - Memphis

429 Records 2013

Tracks: Gone Baby Gone, So Good To Be Here, Mixed Up Shook Up Girl, Rainy Night In Georgia, Love On A Two Way Street, Pearl Of The Quarter, Cadilac Walk, Corrina Corrina, Can I Change My Mind, Dry Spell, You Got Me Cryin´ & Sunny Gone.

Musicians on the Memphis album: Boz Scaggs and others.

Will Lee - Love, Graditude and Other Distractions

King Records 2013

Tracks: Gratitude, Get Out Of My Life Woman, Miss Understanding, Papounet´s Ride, Fooled Him, Shahara, 1 2 3, Simple Way To Say I Love You, Natives & Smile.

Musicians on the Love, Gratitude and Other Distractions album: Will Lee and others.

Ambrosia - Life Beyond L.A. "Reissue"

Friday Music 2013

Tracks: CD1: Life Beyond L.A., Art Beware, Apothecary, If Heaven Could Find Me, How Much I Feel, Dancin’ By Myself, Angola, Heart To Heart, Not As You Were & Ready For Camarillo. CD2: The Warner Bros Music Show Live In Cincinnati Ohio 1978: Life Beyond L.a. If Heaven Could Find Me, Not As You Were, How Much I Feel, Somewhere I´ve Never Travelled, Nice Nice Very Nice, The Brunt, Holdin´On To Yesterday, Can´t Let A Woman & I Wanna Know.

Musicians on the Life Beyound L.A. album: Joe Puerta, David Pack, Burleigh Drummond, Christopher North, Joe Sample, David Cutler Lewis, Cliff Woolley, Marty Krystall & Daniel Kobialka.

Heat - Heat Revisited

Vivid Records 2013

Tracks: Pickin´& Chosin´, Up To You, Side Steppin´, Still Waiting, Whatever It Is, Don´t You Walk Away, This Love That We´ve Found, Follow You Home, What Does He Take, Don´t Waste A Minute, Give It A Chance, Take Me There, Carry On, Try It, Don´t Waste A Minute (SDC) & Venus.

Musicians on the Revisited album: Jean Marie Arnold, Ed Whiting, Tom Saviano, Paul Jackson Jr., Thom Rotella, Vinny Cusano, Pat Kelly, John Hunt, Eddy Watkins Jr., Neil Stubenhaus, Bill Bodine, Jay Winding, David Diggs, Barnaby Finch, James Gadson, Ed Greene, Hugh Morran & Joe Pizzulo.

Robert Kraft - Complete Kraft Box

Vivid Sound 2013

Tracks: CD1: Who´s Seducin´Who?, Down In Flames, Junction Boulevard, Bon Voyage, Second Nature, A Jump For Miles, False Start, Hoverkraft & Cafe Society. CD2: On The West Side, Groove Speed, I Can’t Say No, Don’t Turn Away, Single, Solo, Carnegie Woogie, It’s A Snap, Rosette,Teach Me How To Kiss You & Manhattan. CD3: Single Solo, Just Another Notch On The Bedpost, Out With My Ex, You´re Blue Too, I Wonder What You´re Like, Heartless, What Price Glory, Teach Me How To Kiss You, Can We Be In Love Again, On The West Side & Let´s Hold Each Other Once More. CD4: Beat Generation, Lost In The Shuffle, Quake City, Homeless, Stop Time, Rubber Neckin´, O Eliza, Christmas In Kyoto, Failing Upwards & Fountain Of Youth. CD5: It´s A Snap, Down In Flames, Second Nature, Rosette, Café Society, Carnegie Woogie, Christmas In Kyoto, On The West Side & Who´s Seducin´Who?

Musicians on the Complete Kraft Box 1979-1989: Robert Kraft and others.

Bridge 2 Far - S.T. "Reissue"

Sony Music 2013

Tracks: Heaven On Earth, I Must Be Blind, Say You Will, Anyone Out There, Caught Inside Your Heart, We Got A Way, Hold You Tonight, Straight To The Heart & This Is Killing Me.

Musicians on the Bridge 2 Far album: Mark Williamson, John Robinson, Martin Walsh, Steve Lukather, Michael Landau, Al McKay, Clem Clemson, Neil Stubenhaus, Freddie Washington, Aaron Zigman, David Paich, Larry Williams, John Van Tongeren, Richard Souther, Alan Shacklock, Jerry Hey, Gary Grant, Kim Hutchcroft, Dan Higgins, Kirk Whalum, Lance Ellington & Chris Eaton.

Bobby Caldwell - Light Mellow

Victor 2013

Tracks: Coming Down To Love, Sherry, Love Won´t Wait, Words, Open Your Eyes, Jamaica, Can´t Say Goodbye, It´s Over, To Know What You´ve Got, What You Won´t Do For Love, Never Loved Before, Call Me Up, Where Is Love, Don´t Ask My Neighbor, Mazatlan, Heart Of Mine, All Or Nothing At All, Janet & Come To Me.

Musicians on the Light Mellow album: Bobby Caldwell and others.

Martin Balin - Balin & Lucky

BGO Records 2013

Tracks: Hearts, You Left Your Mark on Me, Lydia!, Atlanta Lady, Spotlight, I Do Believe in You, Elvis and Marilyn, Tell Me More, Music Is the Light, Born to Be a Winner, What Do People Like, Just Like That, Do It for Love, What Love Is, Heart of Stone, Palm of Your Hand, Will You Forever, All We Really Need & When Love Comes

Musicians on the Balin & Lucky album: Marty Balin and others.

Bruce Hibbard - Forty Years

Vizor Records 2013

Tracks: Will We Get Together, Here I Go, Make You Wish, Love Is Gone, It´s So Right, Where Does Love Begin, Jerico, 40 Years & Sanctify.

Musicians on the Forty Years album: Bruce Hibbard, Brandon Fields, Hadley Hockensmith, John Willis, Nissis Alen-Walls, Sandra Hibbard, Gene Miller & Lisa Verzella.

David Gates - First/Never Let Her Go/Goodbye Girl/Falling In Love Again

Demon Music Group 2013

Tracks: CD1: Sail Around The World, Sunday Rider, Soap (I Use It), Suite: Clouds Rain, Help Is On The Way, Ann, Do You Believe He´s Comin´, Sight And Sound, Lorilee, Never Let Her Go, Angel, Playin´On My Guitar, Watch Our, Part-Time Love, Chain Me, Light Of My Life, Someday, Greener Days & Strangers. CD2: Goodbye Girl, Took The Last Train, Overnight Sensation, California Lady, Drifter, He Don´t Know How To Love You, Can I Call You, Where Does The Lovin´Go, 20th Century Man, She Was So Young, Silky, Falling In Love Again, Starship, Ride, Chingo, Sweet Desire & The Rainbow Song.

Musicians on the First/Never Let Her Go/Goodbye Girl/Falling In Love Again album: David Gates and others.