West Coast Music Releases Highlights from Year 1999

The West Coast AOR music is still popular and new releases, reissues and compilations.

At Blue Desert we always try to write about what is new and interesting and at the same time highlight some of the classic masterpieces. Some years a lot of material is released and other time less.

Here are some of the highlights that was released in the year 1999:

Another Page - A Tribute To Westcoast Music

G. Forchhammer 1999

Tracks: The Best Thing, How Long & Good Life.

Musicians on the A Tribute To Westcoast Music album: Georg Forchhammer, Anders Loechte, Bo Rathsach, Mikkel Nymand & Jan Hviid.

Peter Mayer - Romeo´s Garage

Little Flock Music 1999

Tracks: Chain Of Love, Romeo's Garage, Over You, A Little Too Happy, BB's Got The Blues, Elizabeth, Morning Star Cafe, Blue Guitar, The Faces Of Eve, It's Alright, Singing In Your Cage & My Rainbow

Musicians on the Romeo´s Garage album: Peter Mayer, Vinny Varvel, Mac McAnnally, Roger Guth, Jim Mayer, Michael Utley, Ralph McDonald, Roger Hawkins, John Catchings, David Davidson, Jim Hoke & John Eatmon.

Toto - Livefields

Columbia Records 1999

Tracks: 1. CD: Caught In The Balance, Tale Of A Man, Rosanna, Steve Lukather Solo, Million Miles Away, Jake To The Bone, Simon Phillips Solo, Dave’s Gone Skiing, Acoustic set: Out Of Love, Mama, Flower, The Road Goes On, Better World, David Paich Solo, White Sister, Girl Goodbye. 2. CD: I Will Remember, Hold The Line, Won’t Hold You Back, Video (cd-extra): Cruel, Video (cd-extra): Melanie + special message to the fans with a link to a hidden TOTO site on the web.

Musicians on the Livefields album: Steve Lukather, David Paich, Mike Porcaro, Simon Phillips, Bobby Kimball and others.

Toto - Mindfields

Columbia Records 1999

Tracks: After You´ve Gone, Mysterious Ways, Mind Fields, High Price Of Fate, Selfish, No Love, Caught In The Balance, Last Love, Mad About You, One Road, Melanie, Cruel, Better World & Bonus Track Japan: Spanish Steps Of Rome.(David Paich on vocals).

Musicians on the Mindfields album: Steve Lukather, David Paich, Mike Porcaro, Simon Phillips, Bobby Kimball, Clint Back, Richard Page, Lenny Castro, Mark Hudson, Timothy B. Schmit, Phil Soussan, Maria Vidal, Chris Thompson, Chuck Findley, Tom Scott, Jim Horn, Gary Grant, Bill Reichenbach & Jerry Hey.

Jeff Larson - Nothing But Air

Dayfaze Records 1999

Tracks: Nothing But Air, Definite Blonde & Goes Without Saying (bonus track).

Musicians on the Nothing But Air album: Jeff Larson & others.

Urs Wiesendanger - The Real Me

White Sail Records 1999

Tracks: Intro, Another Chance for love, Nowhere, J&U, Something Special, Turn Down The Lamp Light, Separate Ways, Waiting, 4 U and…, Move (Interlude), Prisca, California, Best Friend, Mr.Jones, Ventura Blvd. & Ragga-Real.

Musicians on the The Real Me album: Urs Wiesendanger, Chris Muzik, Claudio Cervino, Mark Woodman, John Robinson, Daniel Stern, Wolfgang Zwieauer, Paul Buchmeier, Eric Marienthal, Tomy Geiger, Warren Hill, Robbie Buchanan, Jeff Lorber, Bathasar Zimmermann, Warren Wiebe, Jerrie Lynne, Jeff Pescetto, Thierry Condor, Janette Dawkins, Sabina Stoke, Renee Rousseau & Yasmine Meguid.

Doobie Brothers - Long Train Runnin´

WEA Music 1999

Tracks: Disc1: Nobody (Single Version), Slippery St. Paul, Listen To The Music (Single Version), Rockin’ Down The Highway (Single Version), Toulouse Street, Cotton Mouth, Jesus Is Just Alright, White Sun, Natural Thing, Long Train Runnin’, China Grove, Dark Eyed Cajun Woman, Clear As The Driven Snow, South City Midnight Lady, You Just Can’t Stop It, Spirit, Pursuit On 53rd St., Black Water, Eyes Of Silver, Down In The Track & Another Park, Another Sunday. isc2: Sweet Maxine (Single Version), Neal’s Fandango, Music Man, Slack Key Soquel Rag, Take Me In Your Arms (Rock Me), Texas Lullaby, I Cheat The Hangman, Wheels Of Fortune (Single Version), Losin’ End, Takin’ It To The Streets, It Keeps You Runnin’, Echoes Of Love, Nothin’ But A Heartache, Chinatown, There’s A Light, Little Darling (I Need You), You Belong To Me, Open Your Eyes, Minute By Minute, Dependin’ On You & Don’t Stop To Watch The Wheels. Disc3: What A Fool Believes, Here To Love You (Single Version), Dedicate This Heart, Real Love, No Stoppin’ Us Now, One Step Closer, Keep This Train A-Rollin’, South Bay Strut, One By One, Wynken, Blynken And Nod, The Doctor, South Of The Border, Time Is Here And Gone, Need A Little Taste Of Love, Dangerous, Excited, This Train I’m On, Rollin’ On & Little Pretty One (New Recording). Disc4: Daughters Of The Sea (Demo), Armadillo Death Chant, Osborne (Long Train Runnin’), Four Days Gone, Spiel, Lovin’ My Way Back Home, Pat’s Song, Bluejay, Peace In The Valley, Mambo Waltz, Outside Of Barstow, Argentine Grape (Sweet Maxine), Shuffle (Double Dealin’ Four Flusher), Takin’ It To The Streets (Demo), We Would Sail Away (St. Paul), Jesus Is Just Alright (Unissued Live Version, 1982) & Olana (Studio Version).

Musicians on the Long Train Runnin´1970-2000 album: Doobie Brothers and others.

Bobby Kimball - All I Ever Needed

Troika Music LLC 1999

Tracks: ‘Till Tomorrow, All I Ever Needed, My Kinda Lover, Two Souls, This Time, Kristine, Live The Groove, Do You Ever, Loves Gonna Find You & Hand In Hand.

Musicians on the All I Ever Needed album: Bobby Kimball, Buzzy Feiten, Dave Barnett, Mike Barnes, Mitchell Foreman, Marc Hugenberger, Brian Bromberg, Alec Milstien, Joel Taylor, Dave Butler, Jim Foster, Fulton Turnage, Doug Webb, John Zaika, Karl Eagan, Mickey Thomas, Larry Batiste, Jeanie Tracy & Tony Lindsay.

Bill LaBounty - The Right Direction + 6

Dreamsville Records 1999

Tracks: The Good Life, Mr. O, Emily, The Right Direction, Holding Out, Burn Down The Night, Be There, Time Starts Now, Mr. O (TV Mix), Time Starts Now (TV Mix), Trail To Your Heart (Sailing Without A Sail) (Live In Japan), Dream On (Live in Japan), This Night Won’t Last Forever (Live in Japan) & Drops Of Water (Live in Japan).

Musicians on the The Right Direction + 6 album: Bill LaBounty, Larry Carlton, Brian Ray, Paul Viapiano, John Robinson, Tom Walsh, Neil Stubenhaus, Domenic Genova, Bill Elliot, Jim Horn, Tata Vega, Robbie Dupree, Larry Hoppen, Thomas Cain, Michael Mishaw, Kenneth “Scat” Springs & J.D. Martin.

Michael Franks - Barefoot On The Beach

BMG Windham Hill 1999

Tracks: Barefoot On The Beach, Heart Like An Open Book, Now Love Has No End, The Fountain Of Youth, When You Smiled At Me, Double Talk, Every Time She Whispers, Why Spring Ain’t Here, A Walk In The Rain, Mr. Smooth & Like Moon Behind A Cloud.

Musicians on the Barefoot On The Beach album: Michael Franks, Jay Azzolina, Michael Brecker, Steve Khan, David Mann, Bob Mintzer, Chris Hunter, David Charles, Jimmy Haslip, Tawatha Agee, Bashiri Johnson, Randy Brecker, Carmen Cuesta, Steve Gadd, Lani Groves, Birch Johnson, Will Lee, Chuck Loeb, Larry Lunetta, Jeff Mironov, Chris Palmaro, Shawn Pelton, Dave Samuels, Valerie Simpson, Andy Snitzer, Jim Hynes, Wolfgang Haffner, Mike Ricchiuti & Brian Dunne.

King Of Hearts - 1989

Cool Sound Records 1999

Tracks: Working Man, In So Many Words, Don’t Call My Name, Smack Dab, Remember When, Hold On To Love, Under The Gun, Lovin’ Arms, Was It Good 4 U, Everyday & King Of Hearts.

Musicians on the 1989 album: Tommy Funderburk, Kelly Keagy, George Hawkins, Bruce Gaitsch, CJ Vanston, Bill Champlin, Timothy B. Schmit & Randy Meisner.

John Keane - Straight Away

Song Haus Music 1999

Tracks: Straight Away, Red Raven, We Love Our Fantasies, Venice Is Sinking, After Dark, She Can Not Be Denied, Love Is The Last Frontier, Headlines And Deadlines, Darkside Of The Earth, Since I Met You, Still & More.

Musicians on the Straight Away album: John Keane, Steve Porcaro, Tim Pierce, Bruce Watson, Mike Landau, Buzz Feiten, Ted Landau, Ronnie Sage, Jason Scheff, John Pierce, Tom Keane, Paulino Da Costa, Todd Taylor & Guy Thomas.

Janey Clewer - Kiss By Kiss

Angelynn Music 1999

Tracks: Tell Me It’s Not Over, Call Me Romantic, God’s Perfect Plan, Without You I’d Be Lost, Catch and Kiss the Sun, Kiss by Kiss, Forever Valentines, Feels Like the Second Time Around, Can’t Let You Go With My Heart. Only Time Will Tell & Kiss His Heart Goodbye.

Musicians on the Kiss By Kiss album: Janey Clewer, Bill Champlin, Eric Carmen, Randy Waldman, Bruce Gaitsch, Jay Graydon, George Hawkins Jr., John Patitucci, Billy Ward, Michael Fisher, Peter Cetera, Richard Marx, Kathy Chiavola, David Boruff, Marc Russo, John Catchings, Bob Mason, Robert Mason & The Vaughn’s Gap Strings & Samantha Taylor Gaitsch.

Tony Sciuto - Be My Radio

Cool Sound Records 1999

Tracks: Secrets In The Night, Feel My Love, Be My Radio, Gimme A Sign, Showdown, Let’s Start All Over Again, M’Lisa, Take A Chance, Next To Love, Island Nights <Alternate Mix> (Bonus Track), Trapeze <Alternate Mix> (Bonus Track) & Angel <Alternate Mix> (Bonus Track).

Musicians on the Be My Radio album: Tony Sciuto, Michael Scuito, Michael Porcaro, Kegley, Steve Warehime, Ron Tutt, Ed Greene, Gary Griffin, Bill Cuomo, Mike Taylor, Steve Lukather, Tommy Rotella, Ben Benay, Dave Fairrall,Paul Soroka, Tom Scott, Jim Horn, Venetta Fields, Ginger Blake, Shirley Mathews & Jeff Pescetto.

Joseph Williams - Early Years

Nubieboyz Records 1999

Tracks: Running On A Deadline, Never Be The Same, Pump Jockys, Fire Power, I’m Holding On To You Forever, Pretty Face, Running In The Dark, Reckless Heart, Hold Me Down & Times Have Changed.

Musicians on the Early Years album: Joseph Williams, Jay Gruska, Michael Landau, Mark Brown, Mark T. Williams, George England, Jay Gruska & Deena.

Jonz - Where It´s At

Sony Music 1999

Tracks: Why Did It Go, U Know, Do Me Right, Love In Vain, Share My Life, After You’ve Gone, A Freaky Interlude, Sleeping, Where You’re At, Did You Ever & Lullaby.

Musicians on the Where It´s At album: Jonas Rendbo, Jens Chr. Brockhoff, Kim Thomsen, Jimmy Riise & Boe Larsen.

Chicago - 26 - Live In Concert

Chicago Records 1999

Tracks: The Ballet, Make Me Smile, So Much To Say, So Much To Give, Anxiety's Moment, West Virginia Fantasies, Colour My World, To Be Free, Now More Than Ever, (I've Been) Searchin' So Long, Mongonucleosis, Hard Habit To Break, Call On Me, Feelin' Stronger Every Day, Just You 'n' Me, Beginnings, Hard To Say I'm Sorry / Get Away, 25 or 6 to 4, Back To You, If I Should Ever Lose You & (Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher and Higher.

Musicians on the Live In Concert album: Walt Parazider, Lee Loughnane, James Pankow, Tris Imboden, Robert Lamm, Jason Scheff, Keith Howland, Bill Champlin & Michael McDonald.

Peter Mayer - Spare Tire Orchestra

Little Flock Music 1999

Tracks: Spare Tire Orchestra, Hair Of The Dog, India, The Remains, True Life Adventure, The Ballad Of Jogn Steele, Moonlight Over Paris & You Child.

Musicians on the Spare Tire Orchestra album: Peter Mayer, Jim Mayer, Vince Varvel, Scott Bryan, Audrey & Daisey.

Michael Ruff - Lovesongs + Lullabies

Ruffmix Music 1999

Tracks: Wasting the Rain, Wonderful Life, More than you'll ever know, Leave the light on, I'll always believe in you, Listen to the moonlight, Marie, Thoughts of you, Not without you & Angels Lullaby.

Musicians on the Lovesongs + Lullabies album: Michael Ruff, Marty Walsh, Stephen Oberhoff, Lake Patey, Garin Poliahu, Joey Heredia, Andrew Gouche, Jimmy Johnson, Dave Inamini, Marty Trefe, Donald Hayes, Arnold McCuller, Rosemary Butler, Maxyn & Leslie Smith.

Franke & The Knockout - The Sweetheart Collection

Razor & Tie Entertainment Inc. USA 1999

Tracks: Come Back, Sweetheart, She's Runner, You're My Girl, Running Into The Night, Never Had It Better, Without You (Not Another Lonely Night), You've Just What I Want, Morning Sun (Dream On), Keep On Fighting, Outrageous, You Don't Want Me (Like I Want You), Come Rain Or Shine, Blame It On My Heart, Hungry Eyes & Time Of My Life.

Musicians on the The Sweetheart Collection album: Franke Previte, Billy Elworthy, Blake Levinsohn, Tommy Ayers, Leigh Foxx, Claude Lehenaff, Nathan East, John Denicola, Tommy Allen, Kim Bullard, Allen Zahn, Jimmy Yeagor, Jimmy Maelen, Richie Puente, Lenny Castro, Charlie Dominici, Brooklyn Dreams, Al Wotton, Jeff Porcaro, Ricky Hitchcock, Ronnie Drayton, Tommy Fuller, Marc Russo & Georgia Jones.

Venice - Christmas With Venice

Blue Note Records, Canada 1999

Tracks: Away In A Manger, What Child In This?, The First Noel, Hark!, The Herald Angels Sing, Silent Night, Angels We Have Heard On High, O Come, O Come Emmanuel, Joy To The World, O Little Town Of Bethlehem, O Come All Ye Faithful, Holy Night & O Christmas Tree.

Musicians on the Christmas With Venice album: Michael Lennon, Mark Lennon, Kipp Lennon & Pat Lennon.

Venice - Spin Art

Vanguard Records 1999

Tracks: The Man You, Think I Am, Always, Garden Wall, Mary On My Mind, The Road To, Where You Are, End of the World, So Bad, More of a Miracle, Landslide, Poor You Poor Me, Poor Love, One Quiet Day, World Upon My Back & The Family Tree.

Musicians on the Spin Art album: Kipp Lennon, Pat Lennon, Michael Lennon, Mark Lennon & others.

Arnold McCuller - You Can´t Go Back

What´s Good Records 1999

Tracks: You Can't Go Back, Shooting Star, Chained, Close To Heaven, Love Is Healing, Little Rose, I Am A Camera, The Deepest Blue, Feels Like Rain, Goin' All Out Of My Way, Emily & You Can't Go Back (reprise).

Musicians on the You Can´t Go Back album: Arnold McCuller and others.

Visionary - Highest Calling

Mt. Tamalpais Records 1999

Tracks: Start Right Now, Creature Of The Night, If Only I Could Cry, Fences Of Steel, Lady Blue, Lost 'N Found, Pretty Baby, Forgotten One, Light Of The World, Highest Calling (Lead Vocal: Stan Bush), This Human Heart (Wants Heaven), Greatest Healer, Anything For You, Wherever You Lead & Rainbow Lightning.

Musicians on the Highest Calling album: Mark Moulin, Bill Champlin, Warren Wiebe, Carmen Grillo, Shea Chambers, Patty Mattson, David Morgan, George Hawkins, Carmine Twillie, Matt Yeaton, Rocket Richotte, Charles Frichtel, Kirk Moulin, George Hawkins, Marco Mendoza, Vince DiCola, David Dial, Dave Pearlman, Willie Ornelas, Cary Stratton, Burleigh Drummond, Ronnie Ciago, Doane Perry, David Garfield, Craig Garfinkel, Eric Moon, Vince DiCola, John Keane, Steve Porcaro, Jim Tauber, Dave Drucker, Tommy Funderburk, Matt Yelton, David Tayler Martin, John Batdorf, Gary Falcone & Stan Bush.

Michael Johnson - Bluer Than Blue

Razor & Tie Records 1999

Tracks: Bluer Than Blue, Almost Like Being In Love, This Night Won't Last Forever, The Very First Time, You Can Call Me Blue, I Love You By Heart, Gotta Learn To Love, Give Me Wings, The Moon Is Still Over Her Shoulder, Ponies, Crying Shame, I Will Whisper Your Name, That's That, Roller Coaster Run (up Too Slow Down Too Fast), It Must Be You, One Honest Tear & Almost Free.

Musicians on the Bluer Than Blue album: Michael Johnson and others.

Vonda Shepard - By 7:30

Sony Music 1999

Tracks: By 7:30, Mercy, Clear, Sail On By, Confetti, Cross To Bear, This Is Crazy Now, Baby, Don't You Break My Heart Slow, You And Me, Venus Is Breaking, Newspaper Wife, Soothe Me & Souvenir.

Musicians on the By 7:30 album: Vonda Shepard, Emily Saliers, Val McCallum, Michael Landau, Greg Leisz, Mark Feldman, Lorenza Ponce, Matthew Pierce, David Gold, Garo Yellin, Jane Scarpantoni, Aaron Heick, Charlie Guardino, Mitchell Froom, Penny Owsley, Tony Levin, Leland Sklar, Davey Faragher, Jim Hanson, Pete Thomas, Andy Kamman & Jerry Marotta.

Larry John McNally - Dandelion Soul

Dreamsville Records Japan 1999

Tracks: I Love To Wake Up In New Orleans, Dandelion Soul, Tomboy, Over Fences, Richie, Richie Reprise, Black Guitar, Chinatown, For My Wedding, I Love To Watch A Woman Dance & Love Is Everything

Musicians on the Dandelion Soul album: Larry John McNally & others.