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Good music enriches your life. At BLUE DESERT we are passionate about this particular yet wide-ranging style of music we call West Coast Music. This site is a modest tribute to the music and the performing artists, who through the (many) years have given us – and continue to give us – endless hours of musical enjoyment.

As long-time fans we want to share our enthusiasm, experiences and views with fellow connoisseurs as well as curious newcomers. If we can do our bit to help promote this great music and all the gifted artist – well, then we have succeeded. The past twenty years or so have indeed been troubled times for high quality adult-oriented pop/rock music. The likes of MTV, radio stations and large record companies have in many ways damaged the conditions for this kind of music.

The late seventies and early eighties are sometimes referred to as “The Golden Age” of West Coast Music, and the contrast to so much of what the nineties have offered us musically is remarkable. The music industry seems obsessed with the buying-power of youth, and the attention span is frightfully short. There is nothing reprehensible about a music industry concerned about making money, but when musical quality and artistic development are thrown out the window, then there is reason to worry. But perhaps things are starting to brighten up a bit for us fans of West Coast Music – after all there have been many great album releases recently. But always remember: Continue to support the artists by buying their albums, requesting their songs on the radio and go to the concerts!

Passing thirty years of age is no excuse to become lazy. If we would like to see today’s West Coast Music and the performing artists get a wider audience and regain some of the commercial success from “The Golden Age”, all of us fans have to help spread the word – sorry, music. More success means more available music on albums, on the radio and at concerts. All right – so you may be required some stamina in order to find and experience all the musical treasures out there, but it is certainly worth it.

We hope BLUE DESERT will give you some inspiration.

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