West Coast Music Releases Highlights from Year 2022

The West Coast AOR music is still popular and new releases, reissues and compilations.

At Blue Desert we always try to write about what is new and interesting and at the same time highlight some of the classic masterpieces. Some years a lot of material is released and other time less.

Here are some of the highlights that was released in the year 2022:

A Light In The Window "Download"

Little Flock Music 2022

Tracks: The Unexpected Gift, Sing Joy, Echoes Of Christmas, Little Drummer Boy, A Restless World / A Silent Night, The Story Of Christmas, Harmony, Please Take Me Off Your Christmas List, Hey Joseph, A Light In The Window / O Holy Night, Go Tell It On The Mountain, Happy Xmas (War Is Over), Christmas Overture, Ring Out The Bells, Junkman's Christmas, On The Street Where You Live & Have A Little Faith In Angels.

Musicians to the A Light In The Window "Download" album: Peter Mayer, Brendan Mayer, Chris Walters, Zebadiah Briskovich, Miles Vandiver, Tawny Williams & Alex Stewart.

Live At Goodbye Summer Festival ´71

Morgan Blue Town Records Ltd. 2022

Tracks: Side 1: Riverside, Sandman, Sea Of Destiny & Three Roses. Side 2: I Need You (Gerry Beckley), Submarine Ladies & Everyone I Meet Is From California. Bonus CD: Riverside, Sandman, Sea Of Destiny, Three Roses, I Need You, Submarine Ladies & Everyone I Meet Is From California.

Musicians to the Live At Goodbye Summer Festival ´71 album: Gerry Beckley, Dan Peek, Dewey Bunnell and others.

Songs For The Birds

Little Flock Music 2022

Tracks: The Loneliest Road In America, Songs For The Birds, Sun Dog, Goodnight Virginia, Sans Le Blue, Something Good, Earthrise (Catch Me When I Fall), Believe Me, Stay, Two Of A Kind, A Hole And A String, Still Feels Good & On The Street Where You Live.

Musicians to the Songs For The Birds album: Peter Mayer, Jim Mayer, Mac McAnally, Eric Darken, Chris Walters, Roger Guth, (Corky, Lucy, Lando & Peggy : Dog Voices), Zeb Briskovich, Doyle Grisham, Jim Hoke, David Davidson, David Angell, Kristin Wilkinson, Carole Rabinowitz, Miles Vandiver, Brendan Mayer & Maggie Estes White.

Hjertets Udfald

JS 2022

Tracks: Vi Er Her Som Om Vi Er Her For Evigt, Ingen Sang Sweet Nothing Som Du, Hovedbanegården, Et Barndomsminde, Kærlighedens Bånd, Flyv, Vi Så på Stjerner, Bliv, Løverodde, En Hyldest Sang, Fejlbarlighedens Fællesskab & Hun Er Min.

Musicians on the Hjertets Udfald album: John Schmidt and others.


BMG Records 2022

Tracks: Same Heartbreak Different Day, Only A Memory, Anything, Moscow Calling, Believe In Me, Shame On You, My Love My Enemy, Just Go, One More Yesterday, We Are Not Alone, Everything I've Got, Misery Loves Company, One Day Longer, Breaking My Heart, We Had It All, Always, Still In My Heart, Maybe, As If We'll Never Love Again & Never After.

Musicians on the Songwriter album: Richard Marx, Lucas Marx, Adam Messinger, Bruce Weigner, Matt Walker, Nina Di Gregorio, Taylor Hawkins, Jesse Marx, Brian Griffin, Matt Scannell, Shawn Fichter, Jerry McPherson, Mark Hill, Josh Freese, Michael Landau, Paul Bushnell, Steve Brewster, Miles McPherson, Bruce Wiegner, Jason Webb, Greg Phillinganes, Michael Omartian, Jeffrey 'C.J.' Vanston, J. Blynn, Whynot Jansfeld, Cliff Colnot, Herman Matthews & Jillian Jacqueline.

Forgotten Toys

Mascot Music Productions 2022

Tracks: Forward, Willibelongtoyou, Spirit Of The Moonrise, First Time, Queen Charade, All The Tears That Shine & Lucy.

Musicians on the Forgotten Toys album: David Paich, Joseph Williams, Dean Parks, Steve Lukather, Nathan East, Gregg Bissonette, Michael McDonald, Hannah Williams, Pat Knox, Ray Williams, David Hungate, Lenny Castro, Warren Ham, Fredrik Halland, Elizabeth Paich, Robin DiMaggio, Monet Owens, Don Felder, Steve Jordan, Brian Eno, Michael Sherwood, Billy Sherwood, Davey Johnstone, Mike Valerio, James Tormé, Mike Lang, Ray Parker Jr., Mike Valerio & Jon Diversa.

Born For This Moment

Chicago Records 2022

Tracks: Born For This Moment, If This Is Goodbye, Firecracker, Someone Needed Me The Most, Our New York Time, Safer Harbours, Crazy Idea, Make A Man Outta Me, She's Right, 'The Mermaid' (Sereia Do Mar), You've Got To Believe, For The Love, If This Isn't Love & House On The Hill.

Musicians on the Born For This Moment album: Robert Lamm, James Pankow, Lee Loughnane, Ray Hermann, Neil Donnell, Lou Pardini, Walfredo Reyes Jr., Ramon Yslas, Hank Linderman, Jim Peterik, Joe Thomas, Kristen Wilkinson, CJ Baran, Brett Simons, Lori Smith, Simbret Dorch, Tom Bukovac, Rich Patterson, Greg O'Connor, Chris Cameron, Richie Davis, Bobby Kimball, Tim Pierce, Mike Aquino, John Rutledge, David Blamires, Tom Szczesniak, Kevan McKenzie, Brian Barlow, Michael Francis, Ray Parker Jr., Guido Luciani, David R Hetherington, Simon Fryer, Paul Widner, Audrey King, Chris Cameron, Richie Davis, Keith Howland, Joanna Pearl, John Van Eps, Kris Wilkinson, David Angell, David Davidson, Kevin Bate, Ben Romans, Mike Aquino, Bruce Gaitsch, Rich Patterson, Kris Wilkinson, Tim Jessup & Loren Gold

The Last Rodeo

P-Vine Records 2022

Tracks: Losing The Light, Wolves, Through The Storm (Bonus Track), Rays Of Gold, The Last Rodeo, Real World, Video Stars, Broken, Last Train... To Evermore, Chasing Ghosts, Lifted By Love, Stay Up Late & Walk The Dog.

Musicians to the Last Rodeo album: Ali Thomson, Robbie McIntosh, Robin Mullarkey, Katie Holmes-Smith, Marc Jordan, Paul Humphries, Adam Glasser, Peter Gordeno, Graeme Blevins & Triple H Horns.

The Landscape

Blue Canoe Records 2022

Tracks: Thrown Out Into Space, Butterfly, The Landscape, Summer Night, Irreplaceable, Tomorrow, Unzip & The Sun.

Musicians on the Landscape album: Marilyn Scott,

Scott Kinsey, Steve Tavaglione, Gary Novak, Jimmy Haslip, Logan Kane, Russell Ferrante, Steve Schaeffer, Mike Valerio, Michael Landau, Vinnie Colaiuta, Katisse Buckingham, Jimmy Branly, Alex Acuña, Steve Khan & The Perri Sisters (Lori Perry, Sharon Perry, Carolyn Perry, Darlene Perry).

Lost Songs

Cool Sound Records 2022

Tracks: Another One Of Loves Tragedies, In The Blink Of An Eye, Call Of The Wild , A Harder Climb, Don't Go Cryin', It's Like You Were Never Gone, Without A Fight, Like It Or Not, Mother Earth & Still You Left Your Mark.

Musicians to the Lost Songs album: Larry Lee. Mike Brignardello, Jon Goin, Vince Melamed, Chris Rodriguez, Ike Stubblefield, Bill Jones, Lisa Rodriguez, Donna McElroy, Shane Keister, Lloyd Hicks, Don Shipps, Frank Westbrook, Jody Troutman, Connie Canaday, Beth Spindler, Dennis Soleen.

IV 40th Anniversary

Sony Music 2022

Tracks: Rosanna, Make Believe, I Won't Hold You Back, Good For You, It's A Feeling, Afraid Of Love, Lovers In The Night, We Made It, Waiting For Your Love, Africa, Devil's Tower (Bonus Tracks), Fearful Heart (Bonus Tracks), In A Little While (Bonus Tracks) & Oh Why (Bonus Tracks).

Musicians to the IV 40th Anniversary album:

David Hungate, Bobby Kimball, Steve Lukather, David Paich, Jeff Porcaro, Steve Porcaro, Lenny Castro, Tom Scott, Jim Horn, Jerry Hey, Gary Grant, Jimmy Pankow, Tom Kelly, Jon Smith, Timothy B. Schmit, James Newton Howard, The Martyn Ford, Mike Porcaro, Joe Porcaro, Ralph Dyck, Joseph Williams, Mark T. Williams & Martin Tillman.


RecordJET 2022

Tracks: Borderline, Waiting Heart, The Ocean Side & Borderline (Remix).

Musicians to the Borderline album: Stefan Brunkhorst, Damiano Libianchi, Soren Reiff, David Garfield, Sam Porcaro, Rick Latham, Lenny Castro, Björn Höhler, Johannes Zetterberg & Martin Verdonk.

Day By Day

Benowen Records 2022

Tracks: Simple Man, The Next Rainbow, Heartbeat, Mr. X, Questions Of The Heart, Something You Should Know, I Come Alive, Feather In The Wind, Grinding Stone, Taste Like Candy, Conducted & Where We Belong.

Musicians on the Day By Day album: Timothy B. Schmit, Herman Matthews, Lindsey Buckingham, Chris Former, Matt Jardine, Randy Ray Mitchell, Udit Goel, Jeddrah, Donna DeLory, Hank Linderman, Errol Cooney, Arlan Schierbaum, Mike Finnigan, Ella Jean Schmit, Phil Jones, Marlena Jeter, Lynne Fiddmont, Mortonette Stevens, Chris Farmer, Darian Sahanaja, Phil Parlapiano, John 'JT' Thomas, John McFee, Jackson Browne, John Fogerty, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Benmont Tench, Vanessa Freebairn-Smith, Zach Dellinger, Jim Keltner, John Thomas, David Ralicke & Will Ivy.

Road To Gold

MelodicRock Classics 2022

Tracks: Disc 1: 1979 - 1983: Slip Away, The Rest Of The Night, Reach For Me, Do You Ever Think Of Me, Look What You've Done, Make Me Believe It, What Goes Around, Let 'Em Talk, Late Night News, Chain Reaction, Workin' It Back, When Will I See You Again, Tell Him & I Know What You Know. Disc 2: 1984 - 1987: Top Of The Hill, Kia Manni Kai, Hold On, Lisa It Still Matters, Hold On To Me, Runnin' Forever, Black And White, Over Tokyo, The Other Side Of Love, Saving Grace, The Children, If I Had My Way, Livin' In A Gorgeous Hell, Shake Off The Rain & Steam. Disc 3: 1988 - 1995: Livin' By The Letter, Halfway To Heaven, As Good As It Gets, Cry, Yeah Yeah Yeah, Love With A View, Look The Other Way, I Will Survive, I Think My Heart Is Ready, Johnny B Bad, Nueromancer, Collection Of Hearts, You Love Who You Love, The Boy Delirious, I Know I Want Your Love, Down & Feel. Disc 4: 1996 - 2018: Forget That Girl, Her New Day, In The New World, Katies Suicide, Livin' The Dream, What You Want, I've Fallen Into You, Running Away, Craving, Different Today, Those Were The Days, Will You Wait, Me Just Being Me, Crave The Touch, Let Me Let Go & (She Said) Just Kiss Me.

Musicians to the Road To Gold album: Clif Magness, Debbie Betts, Judy Walchuk, Bill Meeker, Tim Pierce, Rosemary Butler, Jon Joyce, David Foster, Davey Faragher, Glen Ballard, Tommy Faragher, Pat Mastelotto, Ellen Schwartz, Tom Keane, John Van Tongeren, Jimmy Haslip, Maxine Willard Waters ,Julia Tillman Waters, Randy Goodrum, Adrian Gurvitz, Mark Mueller, Bernie Barlow, Steve Kipner, Josh Freese, Dennis Matkosky, Tyler Lacy, Joey Waronker, Danielle Brisbois, Curt Bisquera, Oliver Leiber, Brian Cook, Jon Huldt & Evan Magness.

Journey To L.A.

Perris Records 2022

Tracks: Don't Turn Back, Read The Signs, Love Remains The Same, Never Surrender, Waiting In The Darkness, Heartless, Just For Love, The View Of You, Desperate Dreams, Lost In Your Eyes & Teach Me How To Love You Again (Secret Track).

Musicians to the Journey To L.A. album: Frédéric Slama, Philip Bardowell, Steve Overland, Fergie Frederiksen, Bill Champlin, Tommy Denander, Johan Sahlen, Brandon Fields, David Williams, Steve Lukather, David Diggs & Joey Heredia.

The Lost Gaucho

Wicker Man 2022

Tracks: Kind Spirit, Were You Blind That Day, The Bear, The Second Arrangement, Talkin' About My Home, Time Out Of Mind, Kulee Baba, Gaucho, Babylon Sisters, Glamour Profession, My Rival, I Can't Write Home About You, The Second Arrangement (Version 2) & Gaucho (Version 2).

Musicians to the Lost Gaucho album: Walter Becker, Donald Fagen and others.

He Sang She Sang

Cafe Productions 2022

Tracks: Free Fallin', Fallin' For You, You, Ooh Baby Baby, You Were Always On My Mind, Long Shot, Water From A Stone, Dimming Of The Day, I'll Give You Wings, God Only Knows, Can We Stay, I Have No Doubt & Baby It's Cold Outside.

Musicians on the He Sang She Sang album: Marc Jordan, Amy Sky,

Mike Rojas, Lou Pomanti, Ezra Jordan, John Jarvis, Matt Rollings, Chris Bilton, Biff Watson, Jason Fowler, Mike Francis, Shayne Fontaine, Jake Langley, Jerry McPherson, Jason Abedin, Tom Bukovac,, Anthony Vanderburgh, Jamie Oakes, Dan Dugmore, Viktor Krauss, Curtis Freeman, Liam Russell, Marc Rogers, Michael Rhodes, Joe Chemay, Paul Leim, Steve Heathcote, Lyle Molzan, Ricky Fataar, Fred Eltringham, Anne Lindsay, Wendy Solomon, Winona Zelenka, Jill Vitrols, Amy Laing, Drew Jurecka, John Johnson, Tony Carlucci, The Blind Rabbis Of Rosedale & Zoe Sky Jordan.

Before After

Sony Music 2022

Tracks: Disc One: Dreamtime, Babs And Babs, Foolish Pride, Can't Stop Dreaming, Here Comes The Rain Again (Live From Daryl’s House), Someone Like You, Talking to You (Is Like Talking to Myself), Sacred Songs, Right As Rain, Survive, North Star (Live From Daryl’s House), In My Own Dream (Live From Daryl’s House), NYCNY & What's Gonna Happen To Us. Disc Two: Love Revelation, Fools Rush In, I'm In A Philly Mood, Send Me, Justify, Borderline, Stop Loving Me Stop Loving You, Eyes For You (Ain’t No Doubt About It), The Farther Away I Am, Why Was It So Easy, Can We Still Be Friends (Live From Daryl’s House), Cab Driver, Our Day Will Come (Live From Daryl’s House), Laughing Down Crying (Live From Daryl’s House), Problem With You (Live From Daryl’s House) & Neither One Of Us (Wants To Be the First to Say Goodbye) (Live From Daryl’s House).

High And Dry

State Cows 2022

Tracks: Dawn On Me, If We Could Be Together, Caught In A Landslide, Emily, Two Kindred Spirits, Turnaround, Drops Of Rain, Tears Of Isolation, Hold On, When You Smile, Bridgework & Blues To The Beat Of Your Heart.

Musicians on the High And Dry album: Daniel Andersson, Stefan Olofsson, Peter 'Peppe' Olofsson, Christian Thomsen, Göran Turborn, Fredrik Lundgren, Johan Viksten & Sven Larsson.

L.A. Suspicion

Perris Records 2022

Tracks: A Smile In My Heart, The Girl You Won't Leave Behind, Cold Logic, Stronger Than Desire, Arrow Thru' My Heart, Scene Of The Crime, Street Of Illusion, Hold Back Tomorrow, Lost In Cold Heaven & A Broken Heart In Tokyo.

Musicians on the L.A. Suspicion album: Frédéric Slama, Tommy Denander, Steve Overland, Paul Sabu, Robbie LaBlanc, Steph Honde, Markus Nordenberg, Bill Kelly & Michael Stosic.

Alternates & Rarities

Rhino Records 2022

Tracks: Side One: Riverside (Live In Studio), Ventura Highway (Alternate Mix), I Need You (Alternate Mix), Rainy Day (Polydor Demo), Horse With No Name (Alternate Mix) & Simple Life (Japan Commercial Single). Side Two: Sister Golden Hair (Spanish Version), Lonely People (Alternate Vocal Mix)*, She's Gonna Let You Down (Alternate Mix)*, Company (Alternate Mix)*, It's Life (Alternate Mix), Foolin' (Alternate Early Version)* & Hideaway. *Previously Unreleased

Musicians on the Alternates & Rarities album: Gerry Beckley, Dewey Bunnell, Dan Peek, Willie Leacox, Hal Blaine, Ricky Faatar, Dave Artwood, Gary Mallaber, Kim Haworth Ray Cooper, David Dickey, Ricky Faatar & George Martin.

Wisdom And Madness

P-Vine Records 2022

Tracks: Wisdom And Madness, Simpatico, Skin Tone, Nowhere, Gold Fever, Heist, Joe, Requiem, Pluto, Silver Halide, Mars Last Week (Live) (Bonus Track), If I (Bonus Track) & Better Late Than Never (Bonus Track).

Musicians to the Wisdom And Madness album: Randy Goodrum, Dave Innis, Bruce Gaitsch, Doug Yowell, Tim Denbo, Keith Carlock, John Patitucci, Brandon Fields, Janey Clewer, George Hawkins Jr., Billy Ward, Chase Akers, Desi Kondova, Dennis Patton, Doug Getschal & Timothy B. Schmit.

Brave New World

P-Vine Records 2022

Track listing: Private O’Toole, Hernando’s Paradise, The Box, Peddler Pete, Waiting, Ramblin´Dan, Little Flame, All There Is, Isle Of Pigs, Brave New World, All I’ll Ever Need & Mars Last Week (Bonus Track).

Musicians on the Brave New World album: Randy Goodrum, Dave Innis, Bruce Gaitsch, Janey Clewer, Keith Carlock, Dan Needham, Billy Ward, George Hawkins Jr, Tim Denbo, Charlie McCoy & Warren Wiebe.

Long Before I Knew You

Bernoit Music 2022

Track: Try To Please You, Long Before I Knew You, Could You Believe, It's Your World, Give Your Love Yo Me, Somebody Show Me, You And Me, Swear Your Love, Love Has Left You Alone, Lover's Dream, Dear To Me, Don't Know Where To Begin & Leave It To You. Bonus Tracks: If We Try, Your Baby's Gone, Your Love Shines & Hell Of A Fight.

Musicians on the Long Before I Knew You album: Bernie Chiaravalle.

The Lost Tapes Vol 2

Cava? Records 2022


Day After Day, Two Sides (To Every Situation), I'm In Love With You, Indivisible, Feeling So Fine, Dove, Texas When The Sun Goes Down, Why Do All The Good Times Go Away?, Your Christmas Day, Falling Down On You, Close Your Eyes & Cook With Honey.

Musicians to the Lost Tapes Vol 2 album: Valerie Carter
Jackson Browne, Doug Yowell, Mike Visceglia, Mark Shulman, Seth Farber, Jon Fried, Jim Gistrap, The Waters Family, Neil Stubenhaus, Ed Greene, Jim Ehinger, Tower Of Power, Al Kooper, Steve Forman, Elliot Randall, Jeff 'Skunk' Baxter, James Gadson, Ray Parker Jr., Buzz Feiten, Clydene Jackson, Jon Lind, Larry John McNally, Van Dyke Parks, Tom Kell, Kate Markowitz, David Vanacore, Donald Markowitz, Donald Johnson, Wolfgang Lackerschmid, Howdy Moon, Dennis Budimir, David Paich, David Parlato, Gary Mallaber, Mike Utley, Milt Holland & Bill Payne.

Matters Of The Heart

TH Music 2022

Tracks: CD1: My Lady, Matters Of The Heart, We'll Never Know, Stay Tonight, Jeansong, Tell Me Why, Your Dance, LA Go, Summer Wind, Sunrise, Hideaway, Savor This, Time To Move On, The Westcoast Planet, Take A Chance On Love, The Press, Show Me Paradise, Brazilian Night & Song For Hansson. CD 2 - Bonus CD: Enter 2000, As If, Stay With Me, Mr. Westcoast, Never Thought We'd Say Goodbye, Fate, Stay With Me, Friends, Magic Moments, Time To Say Goodbye, Special Friend, I Feel So Alive, A Dream Come True, Standing Tall, Time To Say Goodbye, Vis a Vis, Wessel Song, One More Time, My Greatest Gift Is You & La Oss Rekke Hender Frem.

Musicians to the Matters Of The Heart album: Tom Hansen, Nathan East, John 'JR' Robinson, Peter Friestedt, Kenneth Eriksen, Magne Arnesen, Jeff Pescetto, Espen Hauge, England Brooks, Halstein Larsen, Rose Baptiste, Bjørn Thomassen, Nils Mathisen, Larry Williams, Knut Koppang, Kjell Håkon Andersen, Marit Strømøy, Live Foyn Friis, Erik Skau, Bjørn Olaf Olsen, Jérôme Nigou, Andrea Di Puccio, Egil Bjørnholdt, Wakana Inamura, Rose Baptiste, Elizabeth Mukendi, Kristina Eliassen, Jon-Willy Rydningen, Reidar Vinje Stenvold, Stefan Gunnarsson, William Sikström, Mia Ellingsen Seierstad, Pål Johnsen, Victor Brooks, Line Knudsen, Helge Christensen, Haavard Flaaten, Svein Finstad, Astrid Tveitan, Rheanne Lindeberg, Kjell Håkon Andersen, Marianne Ligaard, Bjørnar Millelsen, Maria Merete Glosli Trøen, Laila Therese Johansen, Hugo Lande, Trine Charlotte Askjem, Truls Gran, Jon Ronander, Hugo Lande, Vibecke Wallin, Monika Wendt-Roznowska, Liv Neslowe & Re-Jentene.

Be Calm, Be Silent

Talking Music 2022

Tracks: Give Your Burden To Me, Hallelujah, Be Calm Be Silent, I Belong To You, Our Children Are Crying, O Mother I Long For You, God Is Love, Make Me Clean, Lovin’ Eyes & Our Love Is Forever.

Musicians on the Be Calm Be Silent album: Bertil Edin and others.

Here We Go Again

Norske Albumklassikere 2022

Tracks: Stand By (Your Man), Play With Love, Peter Pan, Sean Baby, Share, All Of Her Life, Here We Go Again, Carry Me Back, Sending My Love & Tonight.

Musicians on Egil Eldøen album: Egil Eldøen and others.


Norske Albumklassikere 2022

Tracks: Brother To Brother, Now We May Begin, Carnival, Sundown, Highway, Quick Siesta, I´ve Got The Melody & It Was Just A Dream.

Musicians on the Carnival album: Pal Thowsen, Inger Lise Rypdal and others.

Soul Letters

Connection Records 2022

Tracks: Love Remedy, Just For A Little While, At My Best, Ready To Hold You , Can't Let Go, Without You, Coming Home, Thinking About It, Pay Attention & Lead The Way.

Musicians to the Soul Letter album: Ole Børud, Ruben Dalen, Lars-Erik Dahle, Frode Østang Mangen, Jens Petter Antonsen, Børge Are Halvorsen & Makeda Dyhre.


Norske Albumklassikere 2022

Tracks: Varm Vind, Et Meningsfyltt Live, Du Er Kvinnen, Fotspor, Dans Dans, Konkurs, Når Månen Stiger Opp, Sarah, Skjønnhet Er Kjærlighet & KB.

Musicians on the .login album: Frodo and others.

Riding The Wave

Miles Music 2022

Tracks: Riding The Wave, Let's Star Over, Falling In Love, Never Too Late, Lay You Down, Need You Now, Bye Bye Baby & The Fool.

Musicians to the Riding The Wave album: Adam Amer, Seb Hankins, Jon Cox, Joe Glossop, Pete Morris, The Hooligan Horns: (Leo Richardson, George Hogg & Tom Dunnet), George Millard, Ben Mallinder & Bobby Lamont.

20 Years

Frontiers Records 2022

Tracks: CD1: Velocitized, Without You, Can’t Stop Love, Silence Of The Heart, You Still Shock Me, Mecca, Wishing Well, Close That Gap, Blinded By Emotion, Falling Down & Miss-Chevious (Bonus Track). CD2: Perfect World, Closing Time, Ten Lifetimes, Life’s Too Short, I Know, Did It For Love, From The Start, Deceptive Cadence, W2W, Undeniable, As I Walk Alone & How Many Times (Bonus Track). CD3: Take My Hand, Unknown, Alone, Gone, Cry, A Kiss On The Wind, Let It Go & Believe.

Musicians to the 20 Years album: Joe Vana, Fergie Frederiksen, Mike Aquino, David Hungate, Shannon Forest, Jimmy Nichols and others.

One Night In Nashville

Purple Pyramid Records 2022

Tracks: Keep On Tryin', Crazy Love, Call It Love, Magnolia, You Better Think Twice, Kind Woman, Rose Of Cimarron, Good Feelin' To Know & Heart Of The Night.

Musicians on the One Night In Nashville album: Rusty Young, Richie Furay, Paul Cotton, George Grantham, Jack Sundrud, Tony Harrell & Phil Kenzie.

For Imaginations Sake

P-Vine Records 2022

Tracks: For Imagination's Sake, The Only Thing That Matters, Lifeline, Indian Summer, Inside Voice, Dance With Me, Tickin' Away, Can't Stop, Never Recover, Sara (Restless Heart), You Owe It All To Love & For Imagination's Sake.

Musicians on the For Imagination's Sake album: John H. Nixon, Russ Fitzpatrick, Duane Harlick, Bill Salisbury, Colton Weatherston, Andrea Di Puccio, Carlos Severiche, Chip Kipps, Chase Baird, Bill Champlin, Tamara Champlin, Peter Friestedt & Paul Pesco.

Van´s Versions

MelodicRock Classics 2022

Tracks: CD1: VAN'S VERSIONS 1980 - 1985: Set The Night On Fire (Vocal Demo), Catch The Next Dream, Undivided Love, Bad Enough, Til I Loved You, If The Fall Don't Get You, All My Life, Everybody's Dream Girl, You've Got A Loog Love Coming (Original Demo), Others Only Dream (Original Demo), What The Big Girls Do (Original Demo), The Cure Will Kill You (Original Demo), Modern Day Delilah (Original Demo), I Know Who You Are I Saw What You Did (Original Demo), You've Been Lied To Before (Original Demo), Righteous Anger (Original Demo), It's Not Me It's Not You, Back To The Heartbreak Kid, She Danced Her Way Into My Heart, (You Don't Hear) The One That Gets You, Restless Heart & Dancing With Danger (Original Demo). CD2: VAN'S VERSIONS 1985 - 2000: Suspicious Heart (Original Demo), South December Road, Grand Illusion, Jenny Come Back, Never In A Million Years, It Happens All The Time, Calm Before The Storm, House Of Fire, Big Dreams In A Small Town, Bluest Eyes In Texas, When Pink Turns To Blue, Nature Of Love, I've Never Been So Sure, Get Used To It, It Ain't About Love Anymore (Vocal Demo), If That Was A Lie (Acoustic Demo), All The Time In The World (Vocal Demo), Think Again (Vocal Demo) & Ships Of Heaven (Acoustic Demo).

Musicians on the Van´s Versions album: Van Stephenson and others.

China Girl Deluxe Edition

MelodicRock Classics 2022

Tracks: CD1: You've Got A Good Love Coming, Looks Like A Loser, Seeing Is Believing, China Girl, Weekend Warrior, I Would If I Could, Tonight The Love's On Me, Hotter In The Night, New York Hold Her Tight, Lion In The Night, I Would If I Could (Original Demo), New York Hold Her Tight (Original Demo), Lion In The Night (Guitar & Vocal Version) & New York Hold Her Tight (Acoustic Version). CD2: Burning The Midnight Love, Kiss Your Heartache Goodbye (Rock Mix), Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark (Full Demo), I Don't Want To Know, The Night Is Saying Yes (Full Demo), Still Falling, As Long As I'm With You, When You're In Love, With Love To Spare (Full Demo), Is She In Love, Come Out Come Out Where Ever You Are, Marlena, Don't Give In (Gospel Version), Kiss Your Heartache Goodbye (AOR Mix) & Here Today Gone Tomorrow.

Musicians on the China Girl Deluxe Edition album: Van Stephenson, Wayne Perkins, Kenny Mims, Mike Hanna, Shane Keister, Joe English, Larry Paxton, Bob Montgomery & The Shelly Kurland String Section.