West Coast Music Releases Highlights from Year 2010

The West Coast AOR music is still popular and new releases, reissues and compilations.

At Blue Desert we always try to write about what is new and interesting and at the same time highlight some of the classic masterpieces. Some years a lot of material is released and other time less.

Here are some of the highlights that was released in the year 2010:

Jay Graydon - Works

Sony Music 2010

Tracks: What Good Is Love, Stranded, Twilight Zone, After The Love Has Gone, I´m A Camera, Then She Walked Away, Mornin´, For You, Feerless, Turn Your Love Around, Paradise, This Love We Share, I Can Wait Forever, Someone, Should We Carry On, What´s Become Of Us, Pass This Time & The Ending.

Musicians on the Jay Graydon Works album: Jay Graydon, Bill Champlin, Airplay, The Manhattan Transfers, Earth Wind & Fire, Marc Jordan, Boz Scaggs, Al Jarreau, Dionne Warwick, Pages, George Benson, Herbie Hancock, Kenny Rogers, Air Supply, El DeBarge, Valerie Carter, Peter Allen, Steve Kipner and others.

Maxus - S.T. "Reissue"

Vivid Records 2010

Tracks: The Higher You Rise, Nobody´s Business, What You Give, Keep A Light On, Your Imagination, They Danced, Part Of You, Don´t Try To Stop Me Now & Where Were You.

Musicians on the Maxus album: Jay Gruska, Michael Landau, Robbie Buchanan, Mark Leonard, Doane Perry, Paulinho Da Costa, Michael Omartian, Jennifer Williams, Tommy Funderburk & Bill Champlin.

Jim Messina - Under A Mojito Moon

Jasperilla Music Co. 2010

Tracks: Mojito Moon (Michaela´s Song), Just Keep On Lookin´, Addicted To Drama, We Gotta Get Back, Jealousy & Keep Me In Mind.

Musicians on the Under A Mojito Moon album: Jim Messina and others.

Bamboo Brothers - Moments

WMS Music 2010

Tracks: Moments, 15 Minutes Of Fame, Easy Life, Would You Believe, How Could You Do It, Celia, Sweet Echoes, Maybe Someday, Mayday, Nothing To Do & The Nightfly Album.

Musicians on the Moments album: Michael Roupe, Troels Skovgård, Assi Roar, Kristian Lassen, Jeppe Ørberg and others.

Alan O´Day - Appetizers

Victor Records 2010

Tracks: Soldier Of Fortune, Satisfied, Started Out Dancing Ended Up Making Love, Gifts, Slot Machine, Undercover Angel, Do Me Wrong But Do Me, Catch My Breath, Angie Baby, Caress Me Pretty Music.

Musicians on the Appetizers album: Alan O´Day, Jeff Porcaro, Scott Edwards, Lee Sklar, Dean Parks, Jay Graydon, Victor Feldman, Steve Barri, Tony Terran, Steve Madaio, Fred Seldon, Jim Horn, Carol Parks, Jim Haas & Michael Omartian.

Alan O´Day - Oh Johnny!

Victor Records 2010

Tracks: How To Pick Up Girls, Tonight You Belong To Me, Oh Johnny!, Skinny Girls, England, Love At First Night, Telephone Lovers, People Who Talk To Themselves & Ain’t That Crazy Baby.

Musicians on the Oh Johnny! album: Alan O´Day, Jay Graydon, Dean Parks, Jeff Porcaro, Mike Baird, Victor Feldman, Steve Barri, Michael Omartian, Lee Sklar, Mike Porcaro, Jim Horn, Assa Dron & Brooks Hunnicut.

PEO - Climbing To The Sun

Target Records 2010

Tracks: Mahal Kita, Hundred Days, Without Your Nail You´ll Fail, Sabor De Coco, A Waltz In The Summer Night, Over And Over, A Carta, I Can´t Face Virginia One More Time, You´re Waking My Heart Again & Längtan.

Musicians on the Climbing To The Sun album: Peo, Ronny Nyman, Gustav Hagelberg, Inger Nordstrom, Nino Ferraz & Janne Lindgren.

Richard Page - 5 Songs For Christmas

Richard Page Music 2010

Tracks: I Always Cry At Christmas, Low How A Rose e´re Blooming, What Child It Is, O Come O Come Emmanuel & Silent Night + I Always Cry At Christmas Video.

Musicians on the 5 Songs For Christmas download MP3 file: Richard Page, Walter Afanasieff and others.

Richard Page - Peculiar Life

Little Dume Music 2010

Tracks: A Kiss On The Wind, You Are Mine, Wordly Things, Peculiar Life, No Tomorrow, The Truth Is Beautiful, Brand New Day, When You Come Around, Peace Of Mind, Shadow On My Life, Give It Away & Waiting.

Musicians on the Peculiar Life album: Richard Page, Richard Gibbs, Vinnie Colaiuta, Luis Conte, James Harrah, Kevin McCormick, Greg Leisz, Keith McCabe, Shenkar, Satnam Ramgotra, Doug Lacy, Ira Nepus, Mike Nelson, Jon Papenbrook, Tom Peterson, George Shelby, Francesca Richard, Aja Page & Jochem Van Der Saag.

Mr Mister - Pull

Little Dume Recordings 2010

Tracks: Learning To Crawl, Waiting In My Dreams, Crazy Boy, Close Your Eyes, Lifetime, I Don´t Know Why, We Belong To No One, Burning Bridge, No Words To Say, Surrender & Awaya.

Musicians on the Pull album: Richard Page, Steve George, Pat Mastelotto and others.

Carl Anderson - Protocol "Reissue"

Sony Music 2010

Tracks: Can’t Stop This Feeling, Let’s Talk, Still Thinking of You, What Will Happen Now, Somebody Up There Likes Me, One More Time With Feeling, Love On Ice, Girl I Won’t Take No, Saving My Love for You, Let´s Talk (U.K. Remix), Light Me & Can´t Stop This Feeling (12″ Ext. Version).

Musicians on the Protocol album: Carl Anderson and others.

PJ Rautiainen - Secret Isle

PJR Records 2010

Tracks: Secret Isle, Falling For You, Everytime When It Rains, Hey Brother, Show Me The Way, Burning, This Burden, Clarity, Road Song, I Shout & Promise You.

Musicians on the Secret Isle album: Pekka Rautiainen, Jouni Saarinen, Kari Riihimaki, Tuomo Vaha-pesola, Harri Rantanen, Anssi Nykanen, Mongo Aaltonen, Kadi Vija, Seppo Tyni, Mikko Karjalainen and others.

Stephen Bishop - Sleeping With The Girls

Big Pink Music 2010

Tracks: Fallin’, Rhythm Of The Rain, Sleeping With The Girls, Leaving The Hall Light On, Separate Lives, Mister Wonderful, Something New In My Life (Theme From ” Micki And Maude”), Someone’s In Love & It Might Be You.

Musicians on the Sleeping With Girls album: Stephen Bishop and others.

Gary Portnoy - Songs Along The Way

Argentum Records 2010

Tracks: Love’s Junkyard, The Moon Is Gonna Find You, One Last Star, Young Again, A Day In The South Of France, Snow White, Cheers Theme (Original Demo), Growing Up Hurts, An Innocent Day, Journey & The Vanishing Point & Goodnight Lullabye.

Musicians on the Songs Along The Way album: Gary Portnoy and others.

Soul Cowboys - American Style

Gateway Music 2010

Tracks: House On The Hill, Better Days, Wrong Way, Jump Into Conclusions, Beyong Redemption, American Style, Anybody Seen, How Steep, Cry Cry, Everybody Needs & One More Smoke.

Musicians on the American Style album: Ole Boskov, Lars Krarup, Helge Solberg, Lars “Mitch” Fishermann, Gry Harrit, Pia Trojgaard & Ivan Pedersen.

Stefan Gunnarsson - S.T.

Son On A Gun Music 2010

Tracks: Better Things To Do, As You Go Along, All Of My Might, Bring Me Down, Fine Day, Reflections, Stop Look Listen, First In Line, Words Are Not Enough, Gotta Find It, Let The Gods Do Their Work & Things I Did´nt Say.

Musicians on the Stefan Gunnarsson album: Stefan Gunnarsson, Rasmus Kihlberg, Johan Granström, Göran Eriksson, Erik Bernholm, Anna Alerstedt, Bo Strandberg, Dan Johansson Peter Dahlgren & Sigurd Löf.

Richard Marx - Stories To Tell

Wrasse Records 2010

Tracks: Endless Summer Nights, One Thing Left, Hazard, Over My Head, Angelia, Now And Forever, This I Promise You, Loved, Should´ve Know Better, Right Here Waiting, This I Promise You, To Where You Are, Had Enough, On The Inside, Never Take Me Dancing, Everybody & The Best Of Me.

Musicians on the Stories To Tell album: Richard Marx and others.

Sven Larsson - Sunlight And Shadow

Avenue of Allies Music 2010

Tracks: Sunlight and Shadow, Eagle, This Is Not The Right Time, Daydreamer, Fly On By, Tube (Instrumental), Bastard, It’s Over, I’ll Turn My Back, The Neighbour & Candy (Instrumental).

Musicians on the Sunlight and Shadow album: Sven Larsson, Thomas Eriksson, Christian Johansson, Lasse Vänngård, Per Lindström, Björn Lodmark, Fredrik Bergh, Sören Karlsson, Pelle Larsson & Stefan Zell.

Eric Tagg - Time For A Miracle

Cool Sound Records 2010

Tracks: My Little Ones, Friend of Mine, World Is In the Way, Radio Silence, Small Talk, Over Now, Something 2 Live 4, Blessed, Time For A Miracle, Tailor-Made & Soap Opera.

Musicians on the Time For A Miracle album: Eric Tagg and others.

Steve Lukather - All´s Well That Ends Well

Mascot Records 2010

Tracks: Darkness In My World, On My Way Home, Can´t Look Back, Don´t Say It´s Over, Flash In The Pan, Watching The World, You´ll Remember, Brody´s & Tumescent.

Musicians on the All´s Well That Ends Well album: Steve Lukather, CJ Vanston, Steve Weingart, Carlitos Del Puerta, Eric Valentine, Lenny Castro, Joseph Williams, Phill Collen, Trevor Lukather, Tina Lukather, Fee Waybill, Jory Steinberg, Bernard Fowler, Jake Hays & Glenn Berger.

Tom Hansen - Brazilian Night

TH Music 2010

Tracks: Brazilian Night, Special Friend, Remember 2000, Stay With Me, Chaka, Jarreau, Fate, Breeze, Columbus, Magic Moments & Time To Say Goodbye.

Musicians on the Brazilian Night album: Tom Hansen, Victor Brooks, Line Knudsen, Magne Arnesen, Helge Christensen, Espen Hauge, Nils Mathisen, Halstein Larsen, Jon Rosslund, Per Hillestad, Haavard Flaaten, Tejre Johannesen, Dag Einer Eilertsen, Oystein Trollsas, Helge Grinde, Olav Tornes, Kenneth Eriksen, Sigurd Kohn, Svein Dag Hauge & Rose.

Brooklyn Dreams - S.T. "Reissue"

Big Break Records 2010

Tracks: Music Harmony And Rhythm, Sad Eyes, I Never Dreamed, Don’t Fight The Feeling, Another Night At The Tango, On The Corner, Street Dance, (Baby) You’re The One, Old Fashioned Girl, Hollywood Circles, Sad Eyes (Single Version), Music Harmony And Rhythm (12″ Disco Version) & Street Dance (12″ Disco Version).

Musicians on the Brooklyn Dreams album: Joe Esposito, Eddie Hokenson, Bruce Sudano, Andre Fischer, Dennis Belfield, Velyer Hildebrand, Al Ciner, Snuffy Walden, Tony Eisenbarger, Tony Maiden, Ron Stokert, Mark Olson, Skip Fonte & Joe Lala.

Various Artists - California Dreaming

Warner Music 2010

Tracks: Disc 1: So You Want To Be a Rock’n’roll Star, Creeque Alley, For What It’s Worth, Love the One You’re With, I Don’t Want To Talk About It, Fire and Rain, Blue, Sweet Surrender, Mama Told Me Not To Come, Love Has No Pride, Chuck E’s In Love, Midnight At The Oasis, Desperado, Postcards From Hollywood, Black Rose, Jesus Was A Cross Maker, Life´s Greatest Fool, Dixie Chicken, Miles Away & Alone Again Or. Disc 2: Take It Easy, Witchy Woman, Sin City, Return Of The Grevious Angel, Border Town, Werewolves Of London, When The Ship Comes In, Road To Cairo, Summer Breeze, Long Train Runnin’, Guitar Man, Horse With No Name, Don’t Stop, Never Let Her Slip Away, You’re So Vain, Everybody’s Talkin’, On The Road Again, Truckin’, Run Run Run & Both Sides Now.

Musicians on the California Dreaming album: Byrds, Mamas & Papas, Buffalo Springfield, Stephen Stills, Crazy Horse, James Taylor, Joni Mitchell, Tim Buckley. Randy Newman, Bonnie Raitt, Rickie Lee Jones, Maria Muldaur, Linda Ronstadt, Ned Doheny, J.D. Souther, Judee Sill, Gene Clark, Little Feat, Marc Cohn, Love, Jackson Browne, Eagles, Flying Burrito Brothers, Gram Parsons, Souther-Hillman-Furay, Warren Zevon, Arlo Guthrie, David Ackles, Seals & Crofts, Doobie Brothers, Bread, Fleetwood, Andrew Gold, Carly Simon, Nilsson, Canned Heat, Grateful Dead, Jo Jo Gunne & Judy Collins.

Various Artists - California Groove "Special Edition"

Warner Music 2010

Tracks: Genevieve, Steal Away, Beanie G. And The Rose Tatoo, T.W.A. Sari, Biggest Part Of Me, B´Wanna-He No Home, You´re Life My Friend, Slippin´In The Daytime, Who´ll Be The Fool Tonight, Never Gonna Let You Go, Ghost Town, Hummingbird, Doesn´t Matter, Survival, Ride Like The Wind, I Keep Forgettin´, You´re So Vain & Lotta Love.

Musicians on the California Groove – Special Edition album: Andrew Gold, Robbie Dupree, Daryl Hall And John Oates, Ambrosia, Michael Franks, Orleans, Jimmy Webb, Larsen-Feiten Band, David Roberts, Poco, Seals & Croft, Firefall, Marc Jordan, Christopher Cross, Michael McDonald, Carly Simon & Nicolette Larson.

Various Artists - Californina Groove II

Warner Music 2010

Tracks: CD 1: Love Song (Hip Hop shuffle instrumental), Jealousy, The Good Life, Don’t Let Me Go, Moolah Moo Mazuma (Sin City Wahh-Hoo), What You Won’t Do For Love, Young Blood, Marina Del Rey, Further Notice, Hi-Fly, I Gotta Try, Nothin’ But A Heartache, Steal Away, Best of Friends, Is It You, Magnificent Madness & On The Line. CD 2: Lowdown, Let’s Just say Goodbye, Long As We’re Together, Streetplayer, If You Love Me, South Bay Strut, Dancin’ By Myself, Baby Come Back, Wrong Side Of The Track, Over The Line, Between A Rock And A Hard Place, I’m Ready, Matinee Idol, Knock The Walls Down, City Girl, Listen For The Love & All For A Reason. CD 3: Takin’ It To The Streets, Lonely Boy, A Lifetime We, Reminiscing, Midnight At The Oasis, Davy, Carolina Caroline, Rosalee, You Might Need Somebody, One Way Or Another, How Does It Feel (To Be In Love), Mixed Up Guy, Elena, Lost In The Shuffle, Alexi, Vehicle, Hearts In Trouble, So Wrong & Talk To Me. CD 4: Sailing, Warm Weather, Broken Wings, Moonlight Over Paris, King Of Hearts, This Is Not The Right Time, Island Fever, Cool Breeze, Lost In A Mind Game, Video Band, Which One Of Us Is Me, Sure Enough, Right Before The Dawn, Just This One Night, New York Bars & Monkey See Monkey Do.

Musicians on the California Groove II album: Robert Lamm, Michael Franks. Bill LaBounty, Nielsen Pearson, Sanford & Townsend, Bobby Caldwell, Rickie Lee Jones, Marc Jordan, Larsen Feiten, Ben Sidran, Michael McDonald, Lauren Wood, Robbie Dupree, Twennynine & Lenny White, Lee Ritenour, John Klemmer, Peter Cetera, Boz Scaggs, David Sanborn, Debra Laws, Chicago, John O’ Banion, Doobie Brothers, Ambrosia, Player, David Roberts, Greg Guidry, Jerry Corbetta, Narada Michael Walden, Yellowjackets, Steve Kipner, Stephen Bishop, Pages, Alessi Brothers, Andrew Gold, Little River Band, Maria Muldaur, Sergio Mendes, Jonathan Edwards, Michael Johnson, Turley Richards, Fifth Avenue Band, Leblanc & Carr, Jimmy Webb, The Marc Tanner Band, Danny Kortchmar, The James Gang, Ides Of Marc, The Dukes – Hearts In Trouble, Patrick Simmons, Fiona, Christopher Cross, Pieces Of A Dream, Mr Mister, PM, King Of Hearts, Sven Larsson, Jack Wagner, The Jeremy Spencer Band, State Cows, Smooth Reunion, Jay Gruska, Tom Scott, Nightshift, Deodato & Brenda Russell.

Joe Chemay - Unformattable

Vivid Sound 2010

Tracks: Look At Us Now, Dream On, Words, Room Full Of Blues, The Lost And Found, Easy To Love, Rockin´The Best, It´s Hot Down Here, One Man´s Meat & A Changed Man.

Musicians on the Unformattable album: Joe Chemay and others.

Christopher Cross - Christmas Time Is Here

Edel Records 2010

Tracks: Silent Night, Christmastime Is Here, The Christmas Song, Does It Feel Like Christmas. Little Drummer Boy, I’ll Be Home For Christmas, A Dream Of Peace At Christmastime, Count Your Blessings Instead Of Sheep, Do You Hear What I Hear, The Best Christmas, Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas & O Come, O Come, Emmanuel.

Musicians on the Christmas Time Is Here album: Christopher Cross and others.

Bobby Caldwell - The Consummate Caldwell

Big Deal Records 2010

Tracks: Luck By a Lady, All of Me, Smile, April Moon, Oh Boy (You’ve Really Got It Made), Only the Lonely, The Girl I Dream About, The Tender Trap, Young At Heart, The Best is Yet To Come, Tomorrow, Beyond the Sea, All the Way, Under My Skin, Stuck On You & Come Rain or Come Shine.

Musicians on the Consummate Caldwell album: Bobby Caldwell and others.

Bobby Caldwell - Songs For Lovers Only Vol. 1

Big Deal Records 2010

Tracks: What You Won’t Do For Love, Open Your Eyes, Loving You, One Love, Stuck On You, Next Time (I Fall), Where Is Love, I Give In, Heart of Mine, Tomorrow, April Moon, Crazy For Your Love, Never Loved Before & My Flame.

Musicians on the Songs For Lovers Only Vol. 1 album: Bobby Caldwell and others.

Bobby Caldwell - The Ultimate Best Of

Victor 2010

Tracks: Disc 1: Special To Me, Love Won´t Wait, Can´t Say Goodbye, What You Won´t Do For Love, My Flame, Coming Down From Love, It´s Over, Open Your Eyes, To Know What You´ve Got, jamaica, All Of My Love, Sherry, She Does It Better, Never Loved Before, In The Name Of Love, Next Time (I Fall), All Or Nothing At All, Heart Of Mine & Stay With Me. CD2: Stuck On You, Beyond The Sea, Tomorrow, The Girl I Dream About, Young At Heart, The Tender Trap, Oh Boy (You´ve Really Got It Made), Luck Be A Lady, (I´ve Got You) Under My Skin, All Of Me, Saturday In The Park, Janet, Show Me, Where Is The Love, Crazy For Your Love, Love Lite, Cry, Call Me Up, One Love & Come To Me.

Musicians on the Ultimate Best of Bobby Caldwell album: Bobby Caldwell and others.

State Cows - S.T.

Avenue Of Allies Music 2010

Tracks: I´ve Changed, New York Town, Come To The Point, Stella By The Barlight, Mystery Jane, Painting A Picture, Tunisian Nights, Looney Gunman, Riding This Highway, No Man´s Land & Lost In A Mind Game.

Musicians on the State Cows album: Daniel Andersson, Stefan Olofsson, Jay Graydon, Peter Holmqvist, Mikael Sandström, Petro Kivimäki, Göran Turborn, Fredrik Lundgren, Peter Olofsson, Stefan Lindblom, Mikael Emsing, Pär Wretling, Olle Lindgren, Markus Asplund, Marcuz Granberg & Christian Thomsen.

Ned Doheny - The Darkness Beyond The Fire

NDM 2010

Tracks: The Secret Society of Women, Between Two Worlds, In A Perfect World, Love In The Rear View Mirror, Life After Romance, Perish The Thought, Ghostdancer, Trail’s End, Too Late For Love & I Will Let You Go.

Musicians on the Best Collection album: Ned Doheny and others.

L.A. Cowboys - Endless Summer "Reissue"

AOR Heaven 2010

Tracks: Tokyo Woman, Kimi Wa 1000%, Futari No Melody, Say You Love Me, Holding Back The Tears, Know Me By Heart, Eye Of The Storm, Beautiful Music, Itoshi No Terra & Something In My Heart.

Musicians on the Endless Summer album: James Studer, Wayne Nelson, Michael Thompson, Buzzy Feiten, Charlic Johnson, Thom Rotella, Tris Imboden, Chris Fraizer, Mick Fleetwood, Michael Paulo, Arno Lucas, George Hawkins Jr., Richard Bryant, Mari Studer & Joseph Williams.

Jay Gruska - Gruska On Gruska "Reissue"

Universal Music 2010

Tracks: Every Time I Try, 88, A Letter, Me, Adele, What We´ve Just Ended, People Races, Close Your Eyes & Baby In Us All.

Musicians on the Gruska On Gruska album: Jay Gruska, David Hungate, Dean Parks, Michael Omartian, Larry Carlton, Marilyn Scott, Ed Greene, Max Bennett, David Kemper, Geoff Lieb, Wilton Felder and others.

Orleans - ´75 Live Harvard Square

Fuel Label Group 2010

Tracks: Dance With Me, Trenchtown Rock, Please Be There, Cold Spell, Ending Of A Song, If The Rabbit Had A Gun, Two-Faced World, Let There Be Music, Fat Mama Blues, Tongue Tied, Times Passes On & Still The One.

Musicians on the ´75 Live Harvard Square album: John Hall, Larry Hoppen, Lance Hoppen & Wells Kelly.

Sko/Torp - Heartland

Sony Music 2010

Tracks: That´s What It´s All About, In Wonderland, Rattling Days, Pilot, Song For Michael, Cold Night Without You, Heartland, Walking The Wire, Summer Song, Autumn & Grateful.

Musicians on the Heartland album: Søren Sko, Palle Torp and others.

Licence - Högt Spel "Reissue"

Zink Music 2010

Tracks: Delade Meniger, Högt Spel, Över, Frågor, Helt Nöjd, Ingen Ända, Vänliga Ord, Mänskligt Värde, Funderingar, Du Är Hos Mig, Ännu En Natt & Out Of Control.

Musicians on the Hogt Spel album: Bjorn Strom, Per Nyberg, Jana Persson, Thomas Axelsson, Claes Johansson & Par Gustafsson.

Peter Johansson - Inta Utan Dig

PJMD 2010

Tracks: Säg Som Det Är, Brinnande Hjärtan, Dina Ögon, Inta Utan Dig, En Plats För Mig, Vem Är Du, Saknad, Han Som Har Skapat, Himmelens Änglar, Hela Min Väg & Tusin Mil (Bonus Track).

Musicians on the Inta Utan Dig album: Peter Johansson, Per Nordbring, Jan Nordbring, Olle Junholm, Michael Ruff, Jay Graydon, James Genus, Sven Fridolfsson, Bitte Bernhardsson, AnnaMalin Kax, Frank Ådahl, Björn Hedström, Johanna Strömblad, Johannes Häger, Jonas Gustafsson, Håkan Persson & Åsa Nordmark.

Mark McMillen - Keenyo

MM Music 2010

Tracks: Where Is The Vision, Strut My Stuff, Summer Days, Live And Learn, A Little Prayer, Perfect Days, If It All Goes Down, Got Your Back, All This Transpires, Hey Luv, Think About You All The Time & Closet Space.

Musicians on the Keenyo album: Mark McMilllen, Alan Hinds, Patrick Lamb, Haley McMillen & Danny Gottlieb.

Peter Friestedt - The LA Project "Reissue"

Zink Music 2010

Tracks: Livin´In Your Eyes, Peace Of Mind, Only Prayer, Got To Find It, Time To Play, All Alone, Take A Little Chance, Storyteller, Peace Of Mind II, Crusin (Demo), Livin´ In Your Eyes (Alternate), Peace Of Mind (Live) & Take A Little Chance (Instrumental).

Musicians on the The LA Project album: Peter Friestedt, Bill Champlin, Jimmy Haslip, Michael Shapiro, Jeff Richman, Bill Cantos, Abraham Laboriel, Ralph Humphrey, Michael Ruff, Brandon Fields, Joseph Williams, Stefan Gunnarsson, Russell Ferrante, Sharon Perry, Bob Mintzer & L.A. Project Horn.

Michael McDonald - Lookin´Back "Reissue"

Friday Music 2010

Tracks: No Lookin’ Back, Bad Times, (I’ll Be Your) Angel, By Heart, Don’t Let Me Down, Sweet Freedom, Our Love, (I Hang) On Your Every Word, Any Foolish Thing & Lost In The Parade.

Musicians on the No Lookin´ Back album: Michael McDonald, Jeff Porcaro, George Perilli, Willie Weeks, David Pack, Nathan East, Joe Walsh, Mike Hanna, Chuck Sabatino, Cornelius Bumpus, Chris Pelonis, Staff Fieldhouse, Paulinho Da Costa, Scott Plunkett, Roger, Brian Mann, Scott Plunkett, Robben Ford & Randy Goodrum.

Michael Ruff - Acoustic Trios

Ruffmix Music 2010

Tracks: Rhythm Of The Rain, Cry On My Shoulder, Jordu, I’ll Be There, Listen To Your Woman, Time To Heal, Wasila Blues, When It’s Cold Outside, Route 56 & Jaberwacky.

Musicians on the Acoustic Trios album: Michael Ruff, Anthony Rodarte, Magdi (Mike) Latif, Trey Thompson, Darryl Myasato, Olivia Ruff, Sara Thompson & Bob Francescini.

Egil Eldøen - The Best Of Me

Universal Music 2010

Tracks: The Best Of Me, Peter Pan, Welcome To My Heart, Loutro Bay, We´ll Make It, Here We Go Again, It´s Allright, Stay By Me, The Cinnamon Peeler, All Of Her Life, The Light, Memories, Carry Me Back, Watching Eyes & I´ll Make It Up To You.

Musicians on Egil Eldøen album: Egil Eldøen, Randy Crawford and others.

Koinonia - All The Best

MEP Records 2010

Tracks: CD1: More Than A Fellin´, Rescue, Graceful, Cuando, Divina, Give Your Love, Valentine, Funky Bumpkins & On My Way Home. CD2: Pilgrim´s Progression, Hidden Beauty, Agapao, Celebration, Countin´The Cost, Sno-Cone, From You, Goodbye Means God Be With You, All The Time & Miracle. CD3: Gazoot, Chuncho, Greatest Love, Frontline, Senor, You Can´t Hide, Around The Corner (Runt Hörnet), Easy Morning & Making Room. CD4: Talk About It, We Know The Way By Heart, Alegria, Is It Too Late, Mistral, We´re All In This Together, Come Share My World, You Are My Love, Straight To Paradise & Lyn. DVD1: Live In Sweden. DVD2: Live In Montreux.

Musicians on the You´re Are The One album: Abraham Laboriel, Alex Acuna, Hadley Hockensmith, Bill Maxwell, Dean Parks, John Phillips, Harlan Rogers and others.

Ambrosia - Greatest Hits

Fuel Records 2010

Tracks: Biggest Part of Me, Nice Nice Very Nice, Holdin’ on to Yesterday, You’re the Only Woman (You & I), Time Waits for No One, Drink of Water, Magical Mystery Tour, How Much I Feel, Mama Don’t Understand, And…Somewhere I’ve Never Traveled, Livin’ on My Own, In My Life & Harvey.

Musicians on the The Biggest Part Of Me – Greatest Hits album: Joe Puerta, Burleigh Drummond, Christopher North, Shem, Tollak Ollestad & Doug Jackson.

Robert Byrne - Blame It On The Night "Reissue"

Universal Music 2010

Tracks: Baby Fat, Blame It On The Night, That Didn’t Hurt Too Bad, Pretend He’s Me, All For Love, No Love In The Morning, Tell Me It’s Over One More Time, Southern Gun, You And Me & She Put The Sad In All His Songs + 2 add. tracks.

Musicians on the Blame It On The Night album: Robert Byrne, Clayton Ivey, Roger Clark, Bob Wray, Mac McAnally, LarryByrom, Bill Hines, Dennis Clifton, Tippy Armstrong, Tom Roady, Jim Horn, Lenny LeBlanc, Eddie Struzick, Marie Tomlinson & The Shelly Kurland Strings.

Rick Bowles - Free For The Evening "Reissue"

Universal Music 2010

Tracks: To Good To Turn Back Now, (Tonight I´ll Be Your) Fool Again, Your Loss, Eagle And The North Wind, So Far So Good, Listen To Last, Mr. Right & Dragon Suite.

Musicians on the Free For The Evening album: Rick Bowles, Robert Byrne, Bob Riley, Brandon Barnes, Andy Newmark, Richard Putnum, Tom Wolk and others.