Classics West Coast Music

The late seventies and early eighties are sometimes referred to as “The Golden Age” of West Coast Music, and the contrast to so much of what the nineties have offered us musically is remarkable.

Lots of studio recordings, especially in the Los Angeles area and with several artists or bands that released a few albums, some only a debut album and never had a follow up, also some artists moved to another music direction.

At this list you can see a selection of albums that are worthy a listening.

John Palumbo - Innocent Bystander

Lifesong 1978

Tracks: Madness On Comet Way, Family Man, Dear Dear, A Man In The Sky, I Lean On You, Kangaroos, No One Wants To Be Alone, It's Okay To Die, The Crying Father From Idaho & They Go To Movies.

Musicians on the Innocent Bystander album: John Palumbo, Steve Beckmeier, Lee Ritenour, Dennis Belfield, Reggie McBride, Michel Colombier, Harvey Mason, Alvin Taylor & Badfinger.

John Parr - Running The Endless Mile

Atlantic Records 1986

Tracks: Two Hearts, Don't Worry 'Bout Me, King Of Lies, Running The Endless Mile, Don't Leave Your Mark On Me, Scratch, Do It Again, Blame It On The Radio, The Story Still Remains The Same & Steal You Away.

Musicians on the Running The Endless Mile album: John Parr, Pete Bonus, Craig Jones, Michael Landau, Christopher Marra, Bruce Laing, Brad Lang, Michael Boddicker, John Cook, Richard Cottle, Julia Downes, Randy Kerber, Tony Mitman, Neil Richmond, Peter John Vettese, Tony Beard, Graham Broad, Peter Hammond, Jeff Porcaro, Graham Broad, Peter Hammond, Martin Dobson, Jerry Hey, Chuck Kirkpatrick, Roddy Matthews, Lee Matty, Gareth Mortimer, Jill O'Donovan, John Sambataro, Karen Sambrooke, Chris Thompson & Marty Thompson.

Paul Parrish - Song For A Young Girl

ABC Records 1977

Tracks: Rock & Rollin' Star, Stormy Days, Matthew And Cherokee, Ballerina, America (The Lady Of The Harbor), Hoedown, Foggy Higway, That's The Way Of Friends, White Pony & Song For A Young Girl.

Musicians on the Song For A Young Girl album: Paul Parrish, Sneake Pete Kleinow, Louie Shelton, David Hungate, John Smith, Michael Boddicker, Bill Cuomo, Ralph Humphrey, King Errisson, Alan Estes, Jim Seals, Venetta Fields, Pat Henderson, Rebecca Louis, Sherlie Matthews, Julia Tillman Waters, Oren Waters & Maxine Willard Waters.

Dolly Parton - Dolly Dolly Dolly

RCA Victor 1980

Tracks: Starting Over Again, Same Old Fool, Old Flames (Can Hold A Candle To You), You're The Only One I Ever Needed, Say Goodnight, Fool For Your Love, Even A Fool Would Let Go, Sweet Agony, I Knew You When & Packin' It Up.

Musicians on the Dolly Dolly Dolly album: Dolly Parton, Jeff Baxter, Steve Cropper, Jay Graydon, Albert Lee, Joe McGuffee, Michael Severs, Fred Tackett, Nathan East, Abraham Laboriel, Lee Sklar, Ron Oates, Gregg Perry, Red Young, Eddie Anderson, Lenny Castro, Gary Herbig, Jim Horn, Tom Saviano, Tom Scott, George Bohannon, Chuck Findley, Gary Grant, Dick Hyde, Frank DeCaro, Buddy Spicher, Terry McMillan, Anita Ball, Alexandra Brown, Denise DeCaro, Richard Dennison, Roy Galloway, William Greene, Gene Morford, Jim Salestrom & Stephanie Spruill.

Stella Parton - Love Ya

Elektra Records 1979

Tracks: I Cried For The Lady, Long Lost Love, The Room At The Top Of The Stairs, Someone, Little Inconvenient, Steady As The Rain, I Want To Hold You In My Dreams, Honey Come Home, Rest Of The Way & Stormy Weather.

Musicians on the Love Ya album: Stella Parton, Larry Byrom, Jon Goin, Barry Ingle, Teddy Irwin, Jimmy Johnson, Weldon Myrick, Bobby Thompson, David Hood, Henry Strzelecki, Randy McCormick, Hargus Robbins, Roger Hawkins, Buster Phillips, Mickey Buckins, Dennis Solee, Buddy Spicher, Charlie McCoy, Terry McMillan & The Jordanaires.

Passage - S.T.

A&M Records 1981

Tracks: Have You Heard The Word, You Can't Be Livin', Faith Walking People, I See The Light, The Great Flood, Open Up Your Heart, Power, Love Eyes & The Son Will Come Again.

Musicians on the Passage album: Richard Heath, Louis Johnson, Valerie Johnson, Raymond Crossley, Greg Moore, Rene Moore, Curtis Nolen, Ricky Lawson, Al Perkins, Michael Perkins, John "JR" Robinson & David Wolinski.

Leon Patillo - Love Around The World

Myrrh Records 1985

Tracks: Love Around The World, Up And Over, One Thing Leads To Another, Magic Man, Fire, Friends In High Places, I'll Be With You, Treat Her Like A Lady, Safe Delivery & The Lord's Prayer.

Musicians on the Love Around The World album: Leon Patillo, John "JR" Robinson and others.

Leon Patillo - The Sky´s The Limit

Myrrh Records 1984

Tracks: I've Heard The Thunder, Security, Life Is What You Make It, Come To Receive, J.E.S.U.S., Love Calling, Fear Not, Sing Unto The Lords, The Sky's The Limit & Small Still Voice.

Musicians on the Sky´s The Limit album: Leon Patillo and others.

Leon Patillo - I´ll Never Stop Lovin´You

Myrrh Records 1982

Tracks: John 3:17, Cornerstone, Praise Ye The Lord, Blessed Be The Name Of The Lord, I Surrender, I'll Never Stop Lovin' You, Rise And Be Healed, Saved & River.

Musicians on the I´ll Never Stop Lovin´You album: Leon Patillo and others.

Leon Patillo - Don´t Give In

Myrrh Records 1981

Tracks: Blessed Is, Have Faith, Flesh Of My Flesh, We Must Believe, (Your Love Is Lifting Me) Higher And Higher, Star Of The Morning, Don't Give In, How Can I Begin, My Sweet Lord & Go.

Musicians on the Don´t Give In album: Leon Patillo and others.

Henry Paul - S.T.

Atlantic Records 1982

Tracks: Nightline, Hold On, Don't Leave Me This Way, Kamikaze Rock, Tragedy, Desiree, Heat Of The Night, Circle Of The Silence & Cold War.

Musicians on the Henry Paul album: Henry Paul, Tom Capek, Billy Crain, Wally Dentz, David Fiester, Bill Hoffman, Valerie Carter, Chuck Kirkpatrick, John Sambataro, Peter Solley, George Terry & Hughie Thomasson.

Pearl - S.T.

London Records 1977

Tracks: Nobody Home, Love In Your Life, Two's A Party (Three Is A Crowd), All I Really Want Is You, It's All Gonna Come Back, Spending The Night Alone, Everybody Needs Somebody, You're My Joy, Makin' Music & Benediction.

Musicians on the Pearl album: Debbie Pearl, Leslie Pearl, Dan Dugmore, Victor Feldman, Hodges, James & Smith, Mark Levine, John Lombardo, Russ Kunkel & Dean Parks.

Leslie Pearl - Words And Music

RCA Records 1982

Tracks: Let's Go To Bed Early And Stay Up All Night, If The Love Fits Wear It, You Never Gave Up On Me, Look Before You Love, Love Makes Better Lovers, The Ones Who Turn Me On, You Can Do Better Than That, There's Nothing So Expensive, As A Woman Who's Free For The Night, Anything But Yes Is Still A No & You're The First Thing I Want But The Last Thing I Need.

Musicians on the Words And Music album: Leslie Pearl, Nick Brown, Andrew Gold, John Tropea, George Wadenius, David Hungate, Will Lee, Chicao Rindner, John Hobbs, Robert K. Landrum, Paul Shaffer, Michael Baird, Chris Parker, Scott Scheer, Victor Feldman, Jimmy Maelen , Christine Faith, Kathy Ingraham, Edy Lehman, Helen Miles & Annette Saunders.

Mark Pearson with McCoy - Between Friends

Music Is Medicine 1981

Tracks: We Never Saw It Coming, Leave The World Outside Tonight, Forever One Day At A Time, The Lost City Rambler, Old Man, Fire In The Wind, I Tried Not Falling In Love, Greyhound, Bad Dream, Dream For A Memory, The Cafe & The Winners And The Losers.

Musicians on the Between Friends album: Mark Pearson, Mike McCoy, Ted Brancato, Tim Celeski, Tom Collier, Dan Dean, Stan Eike, Bob Haworth, John Morton, Grant Reeves & Dick Powell.

Danny Peck - Heart And Soul

Arista Records 1977

Tracks: Halo Of Fire, Looking So Hard, The Smoke Is Rising, Dream Girl, Brother Of Mine, This Could Be A Real Nice Place, I Do, Take Your Baby Home, That's The Way It Is & Where Is My Heart.

Musicians on the Heart And Soul album: Danny Peck, Larry Carlton, Jay Graydon, Jay Lewis, Steve Lukather, Eddie Patterson, Henry Davis, Tony Duma, Robert Popwell, Mike Porcaro, David Foster, David Paich, Harvey Mason, Willie Ornelas, Jeff Porcaro, Victor Feldman, Tom Scott, Ernie Watts, Bob Findley, Jim Horn, Steve Madaio, Bruce Paulson, Jay Lewis Background vocals : Bill Champlin, Venette Gloud, The Brooklyn Dreams & Carmen Twillie.

Herb Pedersen - Sandman

Epic Records 1978

Tracks: Sandman, When She Makes Love To Me, Cora Is Gone, Is That Any Way To Love You, Fair And Tender Ladies, Tennessee Sal, About Love Again, Bring Back The Smile, My Little Man & If I Lose.

Musicians on the Sandman album: Herb Pedersen, Larry Carlton, Dan Ferguson, Stephen Geyer, Lowell George, David Lindley, Chris Smith, Lee Sklar, Larry Muhoberac, Gary Coleman, Lowell George, Linda Ronstadt, Dolly Parton, Johnny Rivers, Linda Ronstadt & Joey Scarbury.

Herb Pedersen - Southwest

Epic Records 1976

Tracks: Paperback Writer, Rock & Roll Cajun, If I Can Sing A Song, Our Baby's Gone, Harvest Home, The Hey Boys, Jesus Once Again, Younger Days, Can't You Hear Me Callin' & Wait A Minute.

Musicians on the Southwest album: Herb Pedersen, Larry Carlton, David Lindley, Al Perkins, Chris Smith, Ed Carter, Lee Sklar, Mike Post, Michael Baird, Jim Gordon, John Guerin, Gary Coleman, Emmylou Harris & Linda Ronstadt.

Dan Peek - Doer Of The Word

Home Sweet Home Records 1984

Tracks: Doer Of The Word, Holy Spirit, Reach Out, Everything, Your Father Loves You, Brotherly Love, Redeemer, I Believe In Miracles, Thank You Lord & Power And Glory.

Musicians on the Doer Of The Word album: Dan Peek, Gerry Beckley, Chris Christian, James Harrah & Jim Calire.

Dan Peek - All Things Are Possible

Lamb & Lion Records 1978

Tracks: All Things Are Possible, Divine Lady, Love Was Just Another Word, He's All That Right, One Way, Ready For Love, Lighthouse, Forgive Me Forgive You, Hometown, You're My Savior & I Have To Say Goodbye.

Musicians on the All Things Are Possible album: Dan Peek, Larry Byrom, Chris Christian, Sonny Garrish, Jay Graydon, David Hungate, Steve Schaeffer, Bob Wray, Bobby Ogden, Michael Omartian, Steve Porcaro, Jai Winding, Hal Blaine, Michael Botts, Roger Clark, Terry McMillian, Bergen White, Buddy Skipper, Shelly Kurland, Gerry Beckley, Dewey Bunnell, Jackie Cusic, Janie Fricke & Donna Sheridan.

Perry & Sanlin - For Those Who Love

Capitol Records 1980

Tracks: Off On Your Love, It's Alright, Since You (Came Into My Life), Just To Make You Happy, Keep Dancing, You Can't Hide Love, We Belong Together, With You & I'm So Glad There's You.

Musicians on the For Those Who Love album: Phil Perry, Kevin Sanlin, John Barnes, Leon Nduqu Chancler, Tony Coleman, Paulinho Da Costa, Nathan East, Scott Edwards, Charles Fearing, Michael Lang, Edie Lehman, Marti McCall, Michael McGlory, Myrna Matthews, Patrice Rushen, Sherrie Perry, Julia Tillman Waters & Maxine Willard Waters.

Steve Perry - Street Talk

Columbia Records 1984

Tracks: Oh Sherrie, I Believe, Go Away, Foolish Heart, It's Only Love, She's Mine, You Should Be Happy, Running Alone, Captured By The Moment & Strung Out.

Musicians on the Street Talk album: Steve Perry, Craig Hull, Michael Landau, Billy Steele, Waddy Wachtel, Chuck Domanico, Bryan Garofalo, Bob Glaub, Kevin McCormick, Bill Cuomo, Steve Goldstein, Randy Goodrum, Robert Greenidge, Duane Hitchings, Sterling Smith Drums : Craig Krampf, Larrie Londin & Steve Douglas.

Bernadette Peters - S.T.

MCA Records 1980

Tracks: If You Were The Only Boy, Gee Whiz ! (Look At His Eyes), Heartquake, Should've Never Let Him Go, Chico's Girl, Pearl's A Singer, Other Lady, I Never Thought I'd Break & You'll Never Know.

Musicians on the Bernadette Peters album: Bernadette Peters, Mike Antony, Dan Dugmore, Al Gorgoni, Mitch Holder, Thom Rotella, Richard Davis, Jim Hughart, Andy Muson, Lee Sklar, Peter Allen, Artie Butler, Marvin Laird, Michael Lang, Mitch Margo, Lincoln Mayorga, Tom Snow, Ed Greene, Sol Gubin, Alan Estes, Nino Tempo, Harry James, Franne Golde, Ellie Greenwich, Jo Ann Harris, Mike Harris, Debbie McCall, Barry Mann, Sal Rota, Mario Sanchez & David White.

Greg Phillinganes - Pulse

Planet Records 1984

Tracks: Behind The Mask, Won't Be Long Now, Playin' With Fire, I Have Dreamed, Come As You Are, Lazy Nina, Signals, Countdown To Love & Shake It.

Musicians on the Pulse album: Greg Phillinganes, Dennis Herring, Robbie Nevil, Carlos Rios, David Williams, Nathan East, Brian Banks, Michael Boddicker, Anthony Marinelli, Howie Rice, Bo Tomlyn, John "JR" Robinson, Carlos Vega, Paulinho Da Costa, Jerry Hey, Jackie Jackson, Maxi Anderson, Steve George, Howard Hewett, James Ingram, Phillip Ingram, Clydene Jackson, Gwen Matthews, Richard Page, Phil Perry, Greg Phillinganes, Daryl Phinnessee, Julia Tillman Waters & Maxine Willard Waters.

Greg Phillinganes - Significant Gains

Planet Records 1981

Tracks: Girl Talk, Baby I Do Love You, Takin´It Up All Night, Forever Now, Big Man, I Don´t Want To Be The One, Maxxed Out, Do It All For Love & The Call.

Musicians on the Significant Gains album: Greg Phillinganes, Raymond Pound, Marlo Henderson, John McClain, Mike Sembello, Greg Poreé, Paul Jackson Jr., Nathan Watts, Freddie Washington, Herbie Hancock, Ronnie Foster, Paulinho Da Costa, Ndugu Chancler, Sadao Watanabe, George Benson, Patrice Rushen, Carolyn Dennis, Lynn Davis, Angela Windbush, Cheryl Lynn & Bobby Martin.

Leslie Phillips - Black And White In A Grey World

Myrrh Records 1985

Tracks: Black And White In A Grey World, Tug Of War, When The World Is New, Psalm 55, Your Kindness, The More I Know You, Smoke Screen, You're My Lord, Walls Of Silence & You're The Same.

Musicans on the Black And White In A Grey World album: Leslie Phillips, Dann Huff, Nathan East, Neil Stubenhaus, Alan Pasqua, John Andrew Schreiner, John "JR" Robinson, Carlos Vega, Paulinho Da Costa, Dawn Bianchi, John Flynn, Kurt Howell, Dan Posthuma, Tata Vega & Matthew Ward.

Leslie Phillips - Dancing With Danger

Myrrh Records 1984

Tracks: Dancing With Danger, I Won't Let It Come Between Us, Strength Of My Life, Give 'Em All You've Got (Tonight), By My Spirit, Hiding In The Shadows, Powder Room Politics, Light Of Love, Song In The Night & Here He Comes With My Heart.

Musicians on the Dancing With Danger album: Leslie Phillips, Dann Huff, Nathan East, Jeff Lams, John Andrew Schreiner, Carlos Vega, Victor Feldman, Russ Taff, Matthew Ward, James Hollihan, Buddy Owens & Greg X. Volz.

Michelle Phillips - Victim Of Romance

A&M Records 1977

Tracks: Archie Kind, Let The Music Begin, Victim Of Romance, Trashy Rumors, There She Goes, Paid The Price, Baby As You Turn Away, Lady Of Fantasy, Just One Look & Where's Mine ?.

Musicians on the Victim Of Romance album: Michelle Phillips, David C. Allen, Ben Benay, Jerry Donahue, Scott Free, Moon Martin, Tim Drummond, Greg Lee, Michael Boddicker, Jack Nitzsche, Don Randi, Steve Douglas, Gene Estes, Ron Nagle, Dennis Dreith, Jerry Jumonville, Jay Migliori, Jack Nimitz, Bob Findley, Bill Peterson, Mark Underwood, Sid Sharp, Grady Chapman, Laura Creamer, Cherie English, Jerome Evans, Billy Guy, Tricia Johns, Moon Martin, Myrna Matthews, Kathy Ward & Maxine Willard Waters.

Shawn Phillips - Transcendence

RCA Records 1978

Tracks: Take It Easy, I'm An American Child (On A Nuclear Pile), Implications, Lady In Violet, Good Evening Madam, Lament Pour L' Enfant Mort, Julia's Letters, Motes Of Dust & Ease Your Mind.

Musicians on the Transcendence album: Shawn Phillips, Robin Miller, Chris Nielsen, Rick Hart, Paul Jackson Jr., John Pierce, Lee Sklar, Mark Curry, Michael Kamen, Scott MacDonald, Peter Robinson, Michael Baird, Michael Botts, Michael Clark, Jeff Porcaro, M.L. Benoit & Richard Greene.

Shawn Phillips - Spaced

A&M Records 1977

Tracks: Rant, Italian Phases, Light From Between Your Eyes, Stranded, From All Of Us, Parisan Plights I, Prelude To A Leaving, All Our Love & I Don't Want To Leave You I Just Came To Say Goodbye.

Musicians on the Spaced album: Shawn Phillips, Mike Miller, Sneake Pete Kleinow, Daniel Timms, Brandy, Joe Gaeta, Paul Jackson, Brian Odgers, Chuck Rainey, Lee Sklar, Anthony Nedza, Peter Robinson, Joe Sample, Daniel Timms, Michael Baird, Michael Clarke, Russ Kunkel, Steve R. Neilen, Bruce Rowland, Bill Summers, Johnny Almond, Jim Horn, Chris Mercer & Al Wing.

Phillips/MacLeod - Le Partie Du Cocktail!

Polydor Records 1979

Tracks: City Of Lights, Take Me To The High Ground, Come With Me, Easy Street, Takin' It Easy, What Am I Gonna Do, Gone Are The Dreams, Wendy, Viva Alessa & Lost In The Storm.

Musicians on the Le Partie Du Cocktail! album: Sean MacLeod, Robert Phillips, Robert Conti, James Divisek, David Kemper, Andrew Steele & Brian Whitcomb.

Pieces - S.T.

Libery Records 1979

Tracks: Dances So Good, Magazine Lover, That's Way Of Love, Love's Winning Me Over, Heaven Must Have Made You, Who You Benn Doin', You Made Me Believe, Can't Turn Down Love & Where Did Our Love Go.

Musicians on the Pieces album: Geoffrey Leib, Kenny Lee Lewis, Larry Lingle, Mike Lingle, Lenny Castro, Barry Fasman, Steve Forman, Robbie Robinson, Sid Sharp & Dianne Steinberg.

Pierce Arrow - Pity The Rich

Columbia Records 1978

Tracks: Now I Can Hear The Music, She Got The Rhythm (Memphis Woman), Maybe Tomorrow, Desperately, Mony Sail. Can't Break The Habit, Wanton Woman, Julie Anne (Magnolia Wind), Angel Eyes & Pity The Rich.

Musicians on the Pity The Rich album: Robin Batteau, Dave Buskin, Werner Fritzsching, Jeff Kent, Doug Lubahn & Bobby Chouinard.

Pierce Arrow - S.T.

Columbia Records 1977

Tracks: You Got To Believe, Stargazer, I Love You More Each Day, If I Could Be With You, Robber, Hot Summer Night, Still I Love You, Ain´t The Sky Just Like A River, Crazy ´Bout That Music & Take This Heart.

Musicians on the Pierce Arrow album: David Buskin, Robin Batteau, Bobby Chouinard, Werner Fritzsching, Jeff Kent & Doug Lubahn.

Michele Pillar - Look Who Loves You Now

Sparrow Records 1984

Tracks: Each Day He Gives Me, Look Who Loves You Now, He'll Shine His Light On You, Just Take A Step, Emotions Wound Us So, Wandering The Night, To Worship You, Here We Go, One Day Like Him & I Want To Make A Difference.

Musicians on the Look Who Loves You Now album: Michele Pillar, Larry Carlton, Brian Mann, John Ferraro, Michael Fisher, Mic Gillette, Don Markese, Sheila Walsh, Joe Chemay & Joey Scarbury.

Michele Pillar - Reign On Me

Sparrow Records 1983

Tracks: Shout It From The Rooftop, He Rolled Away The Stone, Reign On Me, Loop Up, There He Was, My Heart Is A Stone, Don't Wait Too Late, When Love Draws Near, One Move Of Your Spirit & Song Of Praise.

Musicians on the Reign On Me album: Michele Pillar, Jerry L. Wallace, Will McFarlane, Lonnie Ledford, Clayton Ivey, Phil Kristianson, Larry Muhoberac, Steve Nathan, Owen Hale, Jack Kelly, Alex Acuna, Ronnie Eades, Gary Baker, Lenny LeBlanc, Lonnie Ledford, John L. Liveley, Mac McAnally & Cindy Richardson.

Michele Pillar - S.T.

Sparrow Records 1982

Tracks: Walk Across Heaven, You Were There All Along, More Than Just A Man, You've Known Me All Of My Life, Free From The Night, Rock Of Life, The Things I Hope For You, In Nazareth There's A Carpenter, You & I Can Do It All By Myself.

Musicians on the Michele Pillar album: Michele Pillar, Jimmy Johnson, Harrison Calloway, Jerry L. Wallace and others.

Pointer Sisters - Black & White

Planet Records 1981

Tracks: Sweet Lover Man, Someday We´ll Be Together, Take My Heart Take My Soul, Slow Hand, We´re Gonna Make It, What A Surprise, Got To Find Love, Fall In Love Again & Should I Do It.

Musicians on the Black & White album: Pointer Sisters, John Robinson, Nate Watts, Mike Porcaro, Paul Jackson, Tim May, James Newton Howard, John Barnes, Greg Phillinganes, Danny Faragher, Ed Walsh, David Foster, Mike Cotten, Paulinho Da Costa & Trevor Lawrence.

Pointer Sisters - Special Things

Planet Records 1980

Tracks: Could I Be Dreaming, He´s So Shy, The Love Too Good To Last, Eveil, Save This Night For Love, We´ve Got The Power, Where Did The Time Go, Special Things & Here Is Where Your Love Belongs.

Musicians on the Special Things album: Pointer Sisters, Ollie Brown, James Gadson, Raymond Pounds, Ricky Lawson, Nate Watts, John Pierce, James Jamerson, Paul Jackson Jr., Tim May, Marlo Henderson, Ben Bridges, Mark Goldenberg, David Williams, Clarence McDonald, Greg Phillinganes, Tom Snow, John Barnes, Burt Bacharach, Michael Boddicker, Lance Ong, Paulinho Da Costa, Chuck Findley, Steve Madaio, Don Myrick, Jay Hutson, Bill Reichenbach & Gary Grant.

Pointer Sisters - Energy

Planet Records 1978

Tracks: Lay It On The Line, Dirty Work, Hypnotize, As I Come Of Age, Come And Get Your Love, Happiness, Fire, Angry Eyes, Echoes Of Love & Everybody Is A Star.

Musicians on the Energy album: Pointer Sisters, Jeff Porcaro, Rick Jaeger, Mike Baird, David Hungate, Eddie Watkins, Michael Porcaro, Gerald Johnson, Abe Laboriel, Waddy Wachtel, Danny Kotchmar, Fred Tackett, Randy Bachman, Davey Johnstone, David Paich, Jai Winding, Steve Porcaro, James Newton Howard, Jimmy Phillips, Lenny Castro, Richard Perry & Bryan Cumming.

Dave Pope - It Only Goes To Show

Myrrh Records 1979

Tracks: It Only Goes To Show, Love Song, Once Again, Lord I Love You, Sail Away, Couldn't Care Less, Couldn't Care More, Dying Embers, Lord I Miss The Rain, It's You & We're All One.

Musicians on the It Only Goes To Show album: Dave Pope and others.

Robyn Pope - Let Them Know

Rooftop Records 1986

Tracks: Let Them Know, Redeemed, Cast The First Stone, Carry On, Praise Psalm, Over And Over, Prayer For A Friend, Future's In The Son, Legend In His Own Time & Sound Of Any Waters.

Musicians on the Let Them Know album: Robyn Pope and others.

Tom Powers - Love And Learn

Big Tree Records 1977

Tracks: Rise And Shine, Thoughts Of You, Willie, Live And Learn, Song About You, It Ain't Love, One Too Many Times & Music.

Musicians on the Love And Learn album: Tom Powers, Pete Bordonali, Steve Gibson, Bobby Thompson, Joe Osborn, Jack Williams, Shane Keister, Larrie Londin, Kenny Malone, Dennis Good, Billy Puet, Don Sheffield, Buddy Skipper, George Tidwell, Sheri Kramer, Lisa Silver & Diane Tidwell.

Andy Pratt - Shiver In The Night

Nemperor Records 1977

Tracks: All I Want Is You, Rainbow, I Want To See You Dance, My Love Is So Tender, So Faint, Keep Your Dream Alive, Landscape, What's Important To You, Mama's Getting Love, Dreams & Born To Learn.

Musicians on the Shiver In The Night album: Andy Pratt, Mark Doyle, Gary Link, Hugh McDonald, Andy Mendelson, Andy Newmark, Rick Shlosser, Rubens Bassini, Michael Brecker, Louis Del Gatto, Lou Marini, Randy Brecker, Gene Orloff, David Lasley, Gary Link, Diane Sumler & Luther Vandross.

Andy Pratt - Resolution

Nemperor Records 1976

Tracks: Resolution, If You Could See Yourself (Through My Eyes), Constant Heart, Karen's Song, Can't Stop My Love, Everything Falls Into Place (Lillian's Song), That's When Miracles Occur, Some Things Go On Forever, Treasure That Canary, Set Your Sights & Love Song.

Musicians on the Resolution album: Andy Pratt, Mark Doyle, Hugh McDonald, Tony Levin, Kenneth Bichel, Andy Mendelson, Steve Gadd, Richard Mendelson, Andy Newmark, Carlos Martin Rodriguez, Rubens Bassini, Arif Mardin, Carl Martin, David Lasley, The Rowans, Diane Sumler & Luther Vandross.

Preview - S.T.

Geffen Records 1983

Tracks: All Night, Open Up You Heart, So Blind, Running Back, Never Hold Back, Red Lights, Can't Stop This Feeling, Love Finds A Way, Can't You See & It's Over.

Musicians on the Preview album: Ed Bettinelli, Jon Fiore, Danny Gold, Ernie Gold & Skip Parker.

John Prine - Pink Cadillac

Asylum Records 1979

Tracks: Chinatown, Automobile, Killing The Blues, No Name Girl, Saigon, This Cold War With You, Baby Let's Play House, Down By The Side Of The Road, How Lucky & Ubangi Stomp.

Musicians on the Pink Cadillac album: John Prine, Billy Lee Riley, Leo LeBlanc, Jerry Phillips, Tom Piekarsky, Howard Levy, Angie Varias, Helen Bernard, Phyllis Duncan & Beverly White.

John Prine - Bruised Orange

Asylum Records 1978

Tracks: Fish And Whistle, There She Goes, If You Don't Want My Love, That's The Way That The World Goes 'Round, Bruised Orange (Chain Of Sorrow), Sabu Visits The Twin Cities Alone, Aw Heck, Crooked Piece Of Time, Iron Ore Betty & The Hobo Song.

Musicians on the Bruised Orange album: John Prine, John Burns, Sam Bush, Steve Goodman, Leo Leblanc, Steve Rodby, Bob Hoban, Bob Horne, Howard Levy, Corky Siegle, Mike Utley, Tom Radtke, Howard Levy, Jim Rothermel, Bob Bowker, Jackson Browne, John Burns, Len Dresslar, Kitty Haywood, Bonnie Herman, Diane Holmes, Vicki Hubley & Don Shelton

Peter Pringle - S.T.

Reprise Records 1976

Tracks: Gonna Get A Lady, Seeing's Believing, Please Don't Sell Nova Scotia, Down Into Blue, Drown Me, White Line, San Francisco, Takin' The Freeway, New York City & Dance With Me.

Musicians on the Peter Pringle album: Peter Pringle, Brian Ahern, Rick Cunha, Bob Mann, Fred Tackett, Mason Williams, David Hungate, Tom Szczesniak, Bill Payne, Pat Riccio Jr., David Kemper, Allan Schwartzberg, Jon Clarke, Verlye Mills, Mickey Raphael, Dianne Brooks, Emmylou Harris & Linda Ronstadt.

Lisa Price - Priceless

Mirus Records 1983

Tracks: Can't Hold On, Heartache, Everywhere I Go, No Ones Business, Empty Heart & Runaway.

Musicians on the Priceless album: Lisa Price, John Alvani, Derry Grehan, Bernie LaBarge, Ron Garant, Grant Slater, Gary McCracken, Gerald O'Brien, Derry Grehan, Shaun Jackson, Colina Phillips & Sharon Williams.

Prism - Beat Street

Capitol Records 1983

Tracks: Nightmare, Beat Street, Dirty Mind, Modern Times, Is He Better Than Me ?, Blue Collar, Wired, State Of The Heart & I Don't Want To Want You Anymore.

Musicians on the Beat Streat album: Allen Harlow, Lindsay Mitchell, Rocket Norton, Henry Small, Michael Baird, Dennis Belfield, Bill Champlin, Bobby Kimball, Alan Pasqua, Jimmy Phillips, Timothy B. Schmit, Michael Tempo, Paul Warren & Richie Zito.

Flora Purim - Carry On

Warner Bros 1979

Tracks: Sararar, From The Lonely Afternoon, Niura Is Coming Back, Once I Ran Away, Carry On, Love Lock, Corine, Island In The Sun (Interlude), Beijo Partido (Broken Kisses) & Freeway Jam.

Musicians on the Carry On album: Flora Purim, David Amaro, David Myles, Michael Sembello, Leon Chancler, Keith Jones, Byron Miller, George Duke, Hugo Fattoruso, Ronnie Foster, Bobby Lyle, Greg Phillinganes, Fred Fleck, Ricky Lawson, Airto Moreira, Michael Azevedo, Laudir De Oliveira, Sheila E., Joe Farrell, Larry Williams, Raul DeSouza, Gary Buho Gazaway, Jerry Hey, Bill Reichenbach, Larry Williams, Lynn Davis, George Duke, Josie James & Al Jarreau.

Flora Purim - Everyday Everynight

Warner Bros 1978

Tracks: Everyday Everynight, Samba Michel, The Hope, Five-Four, Walking Away, I Just Don't Know, In Brasil, Las Olas, Blues Ballad, Overture & Why I'm Alone.

Musicians on the Everyday Everynight album: Flora Purim, Al Ciner, Oscar Castro Neves, Jay Graydon, Lee Ritenour, George Sopuch, Dennis Belfield, Alphonso Johnson, Byron Miller, Jaco Pastorius, Michael Boddicker, Michel Colombier, George Duke, David Foster, Herbie Hancock, Harvey Mason, Airto Moreira, Chester Thompson, Laudir De Oliveira, Airto Moreira, Michael Brecker, David Sanborn, Randy Brecker, Raul DeSouza, Jon Faddis, Jim Pugh, Oscar Castro Neves, Bud Cockrell, Roy Galleway, Mith Gordon, Lani Hall, John Lehman, Airto Moreira, Jaco Pastorius, Flora Purim, Yana Purim, Pattie Santos, Sybil Thomas & Marcos Valle.

Puzzle - The Second Album

Motown Records 1974

Tracks: You Took Me Wrong, Mary Mary, State Of Mind, Everybody Wants To Be Somebodny, Haiku, My Love, Now That You Love Me, Concept Of Her a) Prelude - b) A Moment's Rest - c) Visions & N.Y.C.

Musicians on the Second Album: John LiVigni, Anthony Siciliano, Robert Villalobos, Joseph Spinazola, Lawrence Klimas & Ralf Richert.

Puzzle - S.T.

Motown Records 1973

Tracks: On With The Show, Lady, You Make Me Happy, Never Gonna Leave Again, The Grosso, Brand New World, Suite Delirium, It´s Not The Last Time & Don´t Know Where I´m Gonna Be Today,

Musicians on the Puzzle album: John LiVigni, Anthony Siciliano, Robert Villalobos, Joseph Spinazola, Lawrence Klimas & Ralf Rickert.

Quarterflash - Take Another Picture

Geffen Records 1983

Tracks: Take Me To Heart, Take Another Picture, Shane, Eye To Eye, It Don't Move Me, Shakin' The Jinx, Make It Shine, One More Round To Go, Nowhere Left To Hide & It All Becomes Clear.

Musicians on the Take Another Picture album: Jack Charles, Rick DiGiallonardo, Rich Gooch, Marv Ross, Rindy Ross, Brian David Willis, John Boylan, Bill Champlin, Paulinho Da Costa, Tommy Funderburk, Tom Kelly, James Newton Howard, Timothy B. Schmit & Joe Walsh.

Quarterflash - S.T.

Geffen Records 1981

Tracks: Harden My Heart, Find Another Fool, Critical Times, Valerie, Try To Make It True, Right Kind Of Love, Crusin' With The Deuce, Love Should Be So Kind & Williams Avenue.

Musicians on the QuaterFlash album: Jack Charles, Rick DiGiallonardo, Rich Gooch, Marv Ross, Rindy Ross, Brian David Willis, Michael Adelsheim, Denny Andersen, Robin Antin, Michael Botts, Peter Burke, Paulinho Da Costa, Bob Glaub, Tom Kelly, Maury King, Marcy Levy, Bill Payne, Sherry Phillips, Mike Porcaro, Timothy B. Schmit Larry Toyota & Jai Winding.

Racing Cars - Downtown Tonight

Chrysalis Records 1976

Tracks: Calling The Tune, Hard Working Woman, Ladee-Lo, Downtown Tonight, Pass The Bottle, Moonshine Fandango, Four Wheel Drive, Get Out And Get It & They Shoot Horses Don't They.

Musicians on the Downtown Tonight album: Ray Ennis, David Land, Gareth Mortimer, Robert Wilding, Graham Williams, Bowles Brothers Band, Tony Carr, Roger Hand & Geraint Watkins.

Chris Rainbow - White Trails

Crystal Records 1979

Tracks: Love You Eternally, Don't Take The Night Away, Song Of The Earth, Be Like A Woman, Ring Ring, Streetwise, White Trails & In Love With Love.

Musicians on the White Trails album: Chris Rainbow, Ian Bairnson, Shug Barr, Martin Jenner, Mo Foster, Pete Zorn, Dave Lawson, Max Middleton, Simon Phillips, Derek Quinn, Dick Morrissey, Marilyn Bairnson, Linda Taylor & Chris Thompson.

Chris Rainbow - Looking Over My Shoulder

Polydor Records 1978

Tracks: You And I, Show Us The Sun, Dear Brian, Give Me Just A Little Beat Of Your Heart, All Night, Solid State Brain, Dansette, Bluebird, Give Me What I Cry For, Living In The World Today & In And Out And Roundabout.

Musicians on the Looking Over My Shoulder album: Chris Rainbow, Seymour Duncan, Martin Jenner, Clive Chaman, Pat Donaldson, David Markee, Dave Wintour, Pete Zorn, John Hamilton, Dave Lawson, Pete Baron, John Cochrane, Chris Karan, Simon Phillips, Henry Spinetti, Andrew Steele & John Barham.

Bonnie Raitt - Nine Lives

Warner Bros 1986

Tracks: No Way To Treat A Lady, Runnin' Back To Me, Who But A Fool (Thief Into Paradise), Crime Of Passion, All Day All Night, Stand Up To The Night, Excited, Freezin' (For A Little Human Love), True Love Is Hard To Find & Angel.

Musicians on the Nine Lives album: Bonnie Raitt, Charles Fearing, Ira Ingher, David Kitay, Michael Landau, Ian McLagan, Dean Parks, Johnny Lee Schell, Earl Smith, Ray Chara, Nathan East, Ray O'Hara, Lee Sklar, Neil Stubenhaus, Eric Kaz, David Kitay, Richard Kosinski, Ian McLagan, Guy Moon, Bill Payne, J.A.C. Redford, Johnny Lee Schell, Russ Kunkel, John "JR" Robinson, Carlos Vega, Ian Wallace, Lenny Castro, Rob Fraboni, Emilio Castillo, Richard Elliot, Stephen Kupka, David Woodford, Greg Adams, Lee Thornburg, Rosemary Butler, Max Carl, Blondie Chaplin, Eric Kaz, Christine McVie, Ivan Neville, Stephen Ross, Johnny Lee Schell, Todd Sharp, Earl Smith & Sippie Wallace.

Bonnie Raitt - The Glow

Warner Bros 1979

Tracks: I Thank You, Your Good Thing (Is About To End), Standin' By The Same Old Love, Sleep's Dark And Silent Gate, The Glow, Bye Bye Baby, The Boy Can't Help It, (I Could Have Been Your) Best Old Friend. You're Gonna Get What's Coming & (Goin') Wild For You Baby.

Musicians on the Glow album: Bonnie Raitt, Danny Kortchmar, Waddy Wachtel, Feebo, Bob Glaub, Bob Magnusson, Don Grolnick, Bill Payne, John Guerin, Rick Marotta, Trevor Lawrence, David Sanborn, Larry Williams, Steve Madaio, Paul Butterfield, Peter Asher, Rosemary Butler, Kenny Edwards, Craig Fuller, Danny Maxayn Lewis, John David Souther & Waddy Wachtel.

Bonnie Raitt - Sweet Forgiveness

Warner Bros 1977

Tracks: About To Make Me Leave Home, Runaway, Two Lives, Louise, Gamblin' Man, Sweet Forgiveness, My Opening Farewell, Three Time Loser, Takin' My Time & Home.

Musicians on the Sweet Forgiveness album: Bonnie Raitt, Freebo, David Grisman, Will McFarlane, Fred Tackett, Jeff Labes, Bill Payne, Dennis Whitted, Sam Clayton, Norton Buffalo, Rosemary Butler, Lester Chambers, Maxayn Lewis, Michael McDonald, John David Souther & Carlena Williams.

Reba Rambo - Confessions

Light Records 1980

Tracks: He Never Turned His Back On Me, I Won't Last A Day (Without Your Love), I Cry Out To You, Struggle for Survival, Don't Give Up, At Last I Found Love, With A Friend Like You, Because Of Whose I Am, I've Got It All & A Perfect Heart.

Musicians on the Confessions album: Reba Rambo and others.

Elliott Randall - Elliott Randall's New York

Kirshner Records 1977

Tracks: High On Love, Just A Thought, Samantha, It's Gonna Be Great, I Give Up, I Only Wanna Make You Feel Like A Woman, Radio A-E-O & When You Got The Music.

Musicians on the Elliott Randall's New York album: Elliott Randall, Jerry Friedman, Mitch Margo, Jeff Mironov, Bob Babbitt, Will Lee, Tony Levin, Kenneth Bichel, Suzanne Ciani, Paul Griffin, Mitch Margo, Steve Gadd, Jeff Porcaro, Allen Schwartzberg, Rubens Bassini, Ralph MacDonald, Jimmy Maelen, Gene Bianco, Norman Carr, Jesse Levy, Guy Lumia, Richard Maximoff, Gene Orloff, Tony Posk, Will Lee, Mitch Margo, Leslie Miller, Philip Namanworth, Jay Siegel & The Tokens.

Lou Rawls - Love All Your Blues Away

Epic Records 1986

Tracks: Change Your Mind, Are You With Me, Love All Your Blues Away, Stop Me From Starting This Feeling, Learn To Love Again, Willow Weep For Me, We'll Be Together Again, The Way You Look Tonight & It Never Entered My Mind.

Musicians on the Love All Your Blues Away album: Lou Rawls, Jay Graydon, David Foster, Michael Baird, Tata Vega, Steve George & Richard Page.

Lou Rawls - When The Night Comes

Epic Records 1983

Tracks: Upside Down, Wind Beneath My Wings, If You're Gonna Love Me, A Couple More Years, One I Sign My Love Songs To, You Can't Take It With You, When The Night Comes, Midnight Sunshine, That's When The Magic Begin & I Been Him.

Musicians on the When The Night Comes album: Lou Rawls, Larry Byrom, Dann Huff, Billy Joe Walker, David Hungate, David Briggs, Robbie Buchanan, Clayton Ivey, Shane Keister, Randy McCormick, James Stroud, Farrell Morris, Jim Horn, Larry Williams, Gary Grant, Ron Haffkine, Jerry Hey, Bill Reichenbach, Cherry Sisters, Donna McElroy, Lisa Silver & Diane Tidwell.

Dave Rayner - Rain Or Shine

First American 1980

Tracks: The Way It Used To Be, Leave Me Alone Tonight, Stay Here Tonight, Rain Or Shine, Slip Away Tonight, I Can't Take It, You've Got It & Little Ones.

Musicians on the Rain Or Shine album: Dave Rayner, Frank Butorac, Terry Lauber, Rob Moitozia, Gary Ruhl, Stacy Christenson, Kenny Day, George Merrill, Michael Kinder & Seattle Strings Ensemble.

John Reid - Facade

Columbia Records 1976

Tracks: Dear One, In My Time, Now And Then It's Gonna Rain, It Hurts A Little Even Now, Can't Fight The Feeling, Who Is Your Friend, Stranger, Looks Like A Loser, Feast For A Young Man's Ear & Blue Water.

Musicians on the Facade album: John Reid, Steve Friedman, Jay Lacy, Waddy Wachtel, Don Payne, Don Whaley, John Stroll, Steve Wood, Tris Imboden, Allan Schwartzberg, Larrie Londin, Glen Spreen, Jeanie Greene, Ginger Holliday & Joyce Knight.

REO Speedwagon - Hi Infidelity

Epic Records 1980

Tracks: Don't Let Him Go, Keep On Loving You, Follow My Heart, In Your Letter, Take It On The Run, Tought Guys, Out Of Season, Shakin' It Loose, Someone Tonight & I Wish You Were There.

Musicians on the Hi Infidelity album: Kevin Cronin, Neal Doughty, Alan Gratzer, Bruce Hall, Gary Richrath, Steve Forman, Tom Kelly, Richard Page & N. Yolletta.

Ressurection Band - Colours

Light Records 1980

Tracks: Autograph, Colours, N.Y.C., Hidden Man, Amazing, American Dream, Benny & Sue, City Streets, Beggar In The Alleyway & The Struggle.

Musicians on the Colours album: Jim Denton, Stu Heiss, John Herrin, Glenn Kaiser & Wendi Kaiser.

Ressurection Band - Rainbow´s End

Star Song 1979

Tracks: Midnight Son, Strongman, Afrikaans, Skyline, Paint A Picture, Rainbow's End, Concert For A Queen, Sacrifice Of Love, The Wolfsong & Every Time It Rains.

Musicians on the Rainbow´s End album: Tom Cameron, Jim Denton, Roger Heiss), Stu Heiss, John Herrin, Glenn Kaiser Wendi Kaiser & Kenny Soderblom.

Ressurection Band - Awaiting Your Reply

Star Song 1978

Tracks: Introduction / Waves, Awaiting Your Reply, Broken Promises, Golden Road, Lightshine, Ananias And Sapphira, Death Of The Dying, Irish Garden & The Return / Tag.

Musicians on the Awaiting Your Reply album: Jim Denton, John Herrin, Stu Heiss, Glenn Kaiser, Wendi Kaiser, Tom Cameron, Roger Heiss & Kenny Soderblom.

Restless Hearts - S.T.

RCA Records 1985

Tracks: Let The Heartache Ride, I Want Everyone To Cry, Back To The Heartbreak Kid, Restless Heart, She's Coming Home, Til I Loved You, Shakin' The Night Away & She Danced Her Way (Into My Heart).

Musicians on the Restless Heart album: John Dittrich, Paul Gregg, Dave Innis, Greg Jennings & Larry Stewart.

Rhythm Heritage - Sky´s The Limit

ABC Records 1978

Tracks: Sail Away With Me, Had To Fall In Love, Skippin', Language Of Love, Theme From Starsky And Hutch, Holdin' Out (For Your Love), Hedge Hog, Float On By & Sky's The Limit.

Musicians on the Sky´s The Limit album: Scott Edwards, Victor Feldman, Jay Graydon, Ed Greene, Michael Omartian, Chuck Findley, Jim Horn, Steve Madaio, Ray Parker Jr., Fred Selden, Sid Sharp, Julia Tillman Waters, Ernie Watts & Maxine Willard Waters.

Rhythm Heritage - Last Night On Earth

ABC Records 1977

Tracks: Theme From "Rocky", Dance The Night Away, Disco Queen, Medley : Do It Again/Cisco Kid, Theme From "Lipstick", Part 1 : Angry World, Part 2 : Anytime Anyplace & Part 3 : Last Night On Earth.

Musicians on the Last Night On Earth album: Scott Edwards, Ed Greene, Jay Graydon, Michael Omartian, Bob Walden, Steve Barri, Chuck Findley, Steve Madaio, Michael Price, Fred Selden, Sid Sharp, Stephanie Spring, Dan Walsh, Luter Waters, Oren Waters & Ernie Watts.

Rhythm Heritage - Disco-Fied

ABC Records 1976

Tracks: Disco-Fied, Caravan, Baretta's Theme (Keep Your Eye On The Sparrow), Theme From S.W.A.T., Blockbuster, My Cherie Amour, (It's Time To) Boogie Down, Three Days Of The Condor & Disco-Fied (reprise).

Musicians on the Disco-Fied album: Scott Edwards, Ed Greene, Michael Omartian, Dean Parks, Ray Parker, Ben Benay, Lee Ritenour, Victor Feldman, Paul Hubinon, Tony Terran, Tom Scott, Ernie Watts, Fred Seldon, Lew McCreary, Oren Waters, Luther Waters & Michael Price.

Allan Rich - Glass Heart

Columbia Records 1976

Tracks: Fever For The Girl, Come Back, Riskin' My Life, Struggle In Darkness, Glass Heart, Another Rainy Day, Always Something There To Remind Me, Ridin' With Cindy & Girl On A White Horse.

Musicians on the Glass Heart album: Allan Rich, James Burton, Gary Dalton, Steve Hunter, Wayne Perkins, Waddy Wachtel, Willie Weeks, Allan Gordy, Michael Rubini, William "D" Smith, James Gadson, Ron Tutt, Gary Coleman, Bobby Keys, Bill Champlin, Gerald Garrett, Joseph Powell, Luther Waters & Oren Waters.

Cliff Richards - I´m No Hero

EMI Records 1980

Tracks: Take Another Look, Anything I Can Do, A Little In Love, Here (So Doggone Blue), Give A Little Bit More, In The Night, I'm No Hero, Dreamin', A Heart Will Break & Everyman.

Musicians on the I´m No Hero album: Cliff Richard, Alan Tarney, Michael Boddicker, Nick Glennie-Smith, Trevor Spencer and others.

Randy Richards - S.T.

A&M Records 1978

Tracks: There's Always A Goodbye, Just Be You, I Can't Stop Loving You, Money Doesn't Make You Nice, Spaceman, Any Way That You Want Me, Inside Of Me, Ride, Sweet Sympathy & Silver Bullets.

Musicians on the Randy Richards album: Randy Richards, Steve Cropper, Lowell George, Davey Johnstone, Danny Kortchmar, Bruce Marien, Dean Parks, Fred Tackett, Rick Vito, David Hungate, Dee Murray, Jerry Scheff, Lee Sklar, Craig Doerge, Tom Hensley, James Newton Howard, Michael Baird, Richard Hayward, Russ Kunkel, Paul Leim, Gary Coleman, James Moon, Chuck Findley, Jerry Jumonville, Jim Price, Jim Collier, Kiki Dee, Venette Gloud, Davey Johnstone, Gary Osborne & Carmen Twillie.

Turley Richards - Therfu

Atlantic Records 1979

Tracks: You Might Need Somebody, All Over the World, When I Lose My Way, Baby Please Don't Go, Climb Up the Steeple, Stand By Me, I'm Comin' Back Home (With a Little Bit of Luck), Can't You Hear Them Crying, It's All Up To You & There's Something Wrong.

Musicians on the Therfu album: Turley Richards, Dan Ferguson, Steve Gibson, Jon Goin, Todd Sharp, Turley Williams, Paul Worley, Reggie Young, Bob Welch, Jack Williams, David Briggs, Jay Gruska, Shane Keister, Tom Snow, Mike Fleetwood, Kenny Malone, Farrell Morris, Bill Jones, Roger Williams, Ava Aladridge, Cindy Richardson & Marie Tomlinson.

Turley Richards - West Virginia Superstar

Atlantic Records 1976

Tracks: I Will, Happy, New Ray Of Sunshine, Love Is On The Line, Going Home, West Virginia Superstar, From Dust To Blood, Play Me, Reflections Of Me And You & What Does It Mean In The End.

Musicians on the West Virginia Superstar album: Turley Richards, Jesse Boyce, David Briggs, Johnny Christopher, Dan Haerle, Teddy Irwin, Shane Keister, Tim Krekel, Jack Lane, Kenny Malone, Norbert Putman, Donald Sanders, Chuck Smith, Reggie Young, Lea Jane Berinati, Ginger Holladay, Janie Fricke & Charnissa Butts.

Carla Riehl - Alien

Window Records 1985

Tracks: Never Have To Make It Alone, You Were There, Livin' By Faith, Deep Down Inside, Alien, Captain Of My Dreams, You Wanted Me, I Wanna Know & You Make Me Feel.

Musicians on the Alien album: Carla Riehl and others.

Minnie Riperton - Minnie

Capitol Records 1979

Tracks: Memory Lane, Love And Friend, Return To Forever, Dancing & Actin' Crazy, Love Hurts, Never Existed Before, I'm A Woman & Light My Fire.

Musicians on the Minnie album: Minnie Riperton, Oscar Castro Neves, Marlo Henderson, Mitch Holder, David Hungate, Abraham Laboriel, Chuck Rainey, Victor Feldman, Jeremy Lubbock, Alex Acuna, Leon Chancler, Harvey Mason, Paulinho Da Costa, Victor Feldman, Steve Forman, Henry Gibson, Tom Scott, Kim Hutchcroft, Vincent DeRosa, David Duke, Bill Green, Jerry Hey, Bill Reichenbach, Sidney Barnes, Venetta Fields & Dani McCormick.

Rockie Robbins - I Believe In Love

A&M Records

Tracks: Time To Think, I Believe In Love, My Old Friend, Look Before You Leap, Give Our Love A Chance, For You For Love, Nothing Like Love, Talk To Me, I'll Turn To You & An Act Of Love.

Musicians on the I Believe In Love album: Rockie Robbins, Al McKay, Robert Russell, Jerry Peters, Ricky Peterson, Patrice Rushen, Harvey Mason, Nat Neblett, Tom Scott, Gwen Brown, John Lehman, Alton McCain, Gwen Matthews, Patty Petterson Johnson & Stephanie Spruill.

Rick Roberts - She Is A Song

A&M Records 1973

Tracks: Westwind, She Is A Song, Lights, Four Days Gone, Company, Sweet Maria, The Captain, She Made Me Lose My Blues, Old Songs & Glad To Be Goin´.

Musicians on the She Is A Song album: Rick Roberts, George Grantham, Joe Vitale, Al Perkins, Joe Walsh, Kenny Passarelli, Chris Hillman, Steve Fromholz, Paul Harris & Joe Lala.

Rick Roberts - Windmills

A&M Records 1972

Tracks: Deliver Me, Davy McVie, In My Own Small Way, Sail Away, Two Lonely Women, In A Dream, Drunk And Dirty, Pick Me Up On You Way Down & Jenny's Blues.

Musicians on the Windmills album: Rick Roberts, Don Henley, Dallas Taylor, Bernie Leadon, Al Perkins, Marc Benno, Randy Meisner, Chris Hillman, Lee Sklar, Jane Getz, Mike Utley, Joe Lala, Jackson Browne & David Crosby.

The Jess Roden Band - Keep Your Hat On

Island Records 1976

Tracks: You Can Leave Your Hat On, Jump Mama, Blowin', In A Circle, I'm On A Winner With You, Mama Roux, Desperado, Too Far Gone & Send It To You.

Musicians on the Keep Your Hat On album: Jess Roden, John Cartwright, Chris Gower, Peter Hunt, Bruce Roberts, Ronnie Taylor & Steve Webb.

Jess Roden - Stonechaser

Island Records 1980

Tracks: Prime Time Love, Deeper In Love, Brand New Start, Believe In Me, Bird Of Harlem, If Ever You Should Change Your Mind, Loving You & One World One People.

Musicians on the Stonechaser album: Jess Roden, David Landau, Jeff Layton, Jeff Mironov, Cliff Morris, John Cartwright, Rick Chudacoff, Anthony Jackson, Neil Jason, G.T. Clinton, Rob Mounsey, Pat Rebillot, Leon Pendarvis, Richard Brooks, Peter Bunetta, Chris Parker, Errol Bennett, Arno Lucas, Leon Pendarvis,  Romeo Penque, Charles McCracken, Lew Soloff, Chandra Armstead, Joshie Armstead, Barbara Massey, Janice Pendarvis, Zachary Sanders & Luther Vandross.

Jess Roden - The Player Not The Game

Island Records 1977

Tracks: Misty Roses, Sensation, Lonely Avenue, Quiet Sound Of You And I, Hardest Blow, Drinking Again, Woman Across The Water & In Me Tonight.

Musicians on the Player Not The Game album: Jess Roden, Charlie Brown, Franklin Micare, Jeff Mironov, Cliff Morris, Lance Quinn, John Tropea, Francisco Centeno, Milt Hinton, Anthony Jackson, Rob Mounsey, Leon Pendarvis, Shirley Scott, Gary Mure, Buddy Williams, Rubens Bassini, Errol Bennett, Raymond Beckenstein, Scott Hamilton, Howard Johnson, Lou Marini, Harold Vick, Wayne Andre, Burt Collins, Jon Faddis, Virgil Jones, Michael Lawrence, Tom Malone, George Marge, Victor Paz, Alan Ralph, Alan Rubin, David Carey, Benny Diggs, Dolores Hall, Michael Lee Gray & Arnold McCuller.

Kenny Rogers - They Don´t Make Them Like They Used To

RCA Records 1986

Tracks: This Love We Share, If I Could Hold On To Love, You're My Love, Time For Love, They Don't Make Them Like They Used To, Life Is Good Love Is Better, Just The Thought Of Losing You, Anything At All, After All This Time & Twenty Years Ago.

Musicians on the They Don´t Make Them Like They Used To album: Kenny Rogers, Jay Graydon, Dann Huff, Michael Landau, Steve Lukather, Kenny Mims, Billy Joe Walker, Nathan East, Abraham Laboriel, Neil Stubenhaus, Michael Boddicker, Robbie Buchanan, Randy Goodrum, Mike Hannah, Randy Kerber, Mike Lawler, Michael Omartian, Marcus Ryle, Paul Urrich, Michael Baird, Clyde Brooks, John "JR" Robinson, Carlos Vega, Brandon Fields, Peter Beckett, Bill Champlin, Tamara Champlin, El DeBarge, Tom Flora, Tommy Funderburk, Richard Page, Jason Scheff, Ann Smith & Kin Vassy.

Kenny Rogers - The Heart Of The Matter

RCA Records 1985

Tracks: I Don't Wanna To Worry, The Heart Of The Matter, You Made Me Feel Love, Morning Desire, Don't Look In My Eyes, The Best Of Me, Tomb Of The Unknow Love, People In Love, I Can't Believe Your Eyes & Our Perfect Song.

Musicians on the Heart Of The Matter album: Kenny Rogers, Ian Bairnson, Paul Jackson Jr., Stanley Jordan, Michael Landau, Steve Lukather, Fred Tackett, Billy Joe Walker, Joe Chemay, Nathan East, Mo Foster, Neil Stubenhaus, Jim Cox, Ann Dudley, David Foster, John Hobbs, Jeremy Lubbock, Randy Waldman, Leon Chancler, Stuart Elliot, John "JR" Robinson, Steve Leach, Richard Marx, Kin Vassy, Terry Williams, Gary Herbig, Lawrence Williams, James Galway, Gary Grant, Jerry Hey, Bill Reichenbach, Donnie Sanders, Jim Tatcher, Richard Todd, Jeremy Lubbock, George Martin, Gayle Levant, Joe Chemay, Nathan East, David Morgan, Herb Pedersen & Kenny Rogers II.

Kenny Rogers - What About Me?

RCA Records 1984

Tracks: What About Me?, The Night Goes On, Dream Dancin', Two Hearts One Love, I Don't Want To Know Why, Didn't We?, Somebody Took My Love, Crazy, The Stranger & Heart To Heart.

Musicians on the What About Me? album: Kenny Rogers, Dann Huff, Paul Jackson Jr., Michael Landau, Fred Tackett, Kin Vassy, Billy Joe Walker, Dennis Belfield, Joe Chemay, Nathan East, Neil Stubenhaus, Erich Bulling, Jim Cox, David Foster, John Hobbs, Tom Keane, Randy Kerber, Marcus Ryle, Ed Greene, John "JR" Robinson, Sheila E., Steve Forman, Michael Temple, Gary Herbig, Jeremy Lubbock, Kim Carnes, James Ingram, Kenny Cetera, Cindy Fee, Portia Griffin, Richard Marx, Herb Pedersen, Kenny Rogers II & Terry Williams.

Scott Roley - Within My Reach

Refuge Records 1984

Tracks: Against The Tide, Living In Your Love, Satan’s Tragedy, Wounded Healer, The Messiah, Crash The Prom, Really Fine Job, Pleasure Planet, Mansion Of Opinion & Within My Reach.

Musicians on the Within My Reach album: Scott Roley, Dann Huff, James Isaac Elliott, Greg Jennings, Gordon Kennedy, Phil Madeira, John Hammond, Mark Hammond & David Huff.

Gregg Rolie - S.T.

Columbia Records 1985

Tracks: Young Love, Close My Eyes, I Wanna Go Back, Let Me Out, Over And Over, Don' Talk, Zap Me, Marianne, It's Only Make Believe & Deep Blue Sea.

Musicians on the Gregg Rolie album: Gregg Rolie, Craig Chaquico, Dann Huff, Mark Ross, Carlos Santana, Neal Schon, David Margen, Alan Pasqua, Peter Wolf, Mark Craney, Marc Russo, Bruce Miller, Kevin Beamish, Stan Bush, Carmen Grillo, Gene Miller & Jason Scheff.

Ronin - S.T.

Mercury Records 1980

Tracks: Love's Coming Into My Life Again, Home At Last, It Touches Everyone, Here Come The Runner, America The Beautiful, Hey Nadine, All I Can Desilu & Feels Righ.

Musicians on the Ronin album: Dan Dugmore, Rick Marotta, Stanley Sheldon, Waddy Wachtel, Don Grolnick, Bill Payne & Ucla Men's Chorus.

Diana Ross - Ross

RCA Records 1983

Tracks: That's How You Start Over, Love Will Make It Right, You Do It, Pieces Of Ice, Let's Go Up, Love Or Loneliness, Up Front & Girls.

Musicians on the Ross album: Diana Ross, Larry Carlton, Eric Gale, Randy Hall, Bob Kulick, Steve Lukather, Jeff Mironov, Ray Parker Jr., Domenic Troiano, Joe Walsh, Jimmy Haslip, Neil Jason, Ray Parker Jr., Ray Chew, Donald Fagen, Paul Griffin, Julian Marshall, Michael McDonald, Rob Mounsey, David Paich, Ray Parker Jr., Greg Phillinganes, Steve Porcaro, Yogi Horton, Ray Parker Jr., Jeff Porcaro, Jack Ashford, Ollie E. Brown, Starz Vanderlocket, Jim Horn, Jerry Hey, Gene Page, Alex Brown, Arnell Carmichael, Valerie Jones, Clydie King, Myrna Matthews, Sherlie Matthews, Michael McDonald, J.D. Nicholas, Ray Parker Jr. & Anita Sherman.

Rozetta - Where´s My Hero

20th Century Fox Records 1980

Tracks: Pick Me Up, Keep On Fighting, Where's My Hero, Voodoo, Paradise Lost, Nothing But A Heartache, On To You, Man Of Steel & Bad News.

Musicians on the Where´s My Hero album: Rozetta, Bruce Kulick, David Sancious, Tim Landers, Blake Levinson, Philippe Saisse, David Sancious, Vinnie Colaiuta, Philippe Saisse, Brenda Madison, R.A. Martin, Dede Washburn & Millie Whiteside.

Rufus - Seal In Red

Warner Bros 1983

Tracks: Take It To The Top, The Time Is Right, When I Get Over You, You Turn Me All Around, You The Night And The Music, Blinded By The Boogie, I'm Saving This Love Song, You're Really Out Of Line, Distant Lovers & No Regrets.

Musicians on the Seal In Red album: Tony Maiden), Kevin Murphy, Ivan Neville), John "JR" Robinson, Bobby Watson, David Wolinski, Patti Austin, Paulinho Da Costa, Lynn Davis, George Duke, Gary Grant, Jerry Hey, Charlie Loper, James Pankow, Michael Sembello & Ernie Watts.

Rufus - Party ´Til You´re Broke

MCA Records 1981

Tracks: Tonight We Love, Hold On To A Friend, Love Is Taking Over, Secret Love, Party 'Til You're Broke, Can I Show You, You're Made For Me, What Is It & We Got The Way.

Musicians on the Party 'Til You're Broke album: Tony Maiden, Kevin Murphy, John "JR" Robinson, Bobby Watson, David Wolinski, Gavin Christopher, Paulinho Da Costa, Jerry Hey, Kim Hutchcroft, Louis Johnson, Rene Moore, Bill Reichenbach, Mary Russell, Lalomie Washburn, Larry Williams & Angela Winbush.

Rufus - Numbers

ABC Records 1979

Tracks: Ain't Nobody Like You, You're To Blame, Keep It Together (Declaration Of Love), Dancin' Mood, Red Hot Poker, Don't You Sit Alone, Bet My Dreams, Pleasure Dome, Are We ? & Life In The City.

Musicians on the Numbers album: Tony Maiden, Kevin Murphy, John "JR" Robinson, Bobby Watson, David Wolinski, Chuck Brooke, Everett Bryson, John Erwin, Bob Greve, Dave Grover, Billy Lamb, Maxayn Lewis, Helen Lowe & Lalomie Washburn.

Runner - S.T.

Prologue Records 1984

Tracks: Here It Comes Again, Hold On To Lose, Maybe I'm Right & It Should Be Easier.

Musicians on the Runner album: Russell Berckley), Dean Finmarks), Kenny Jackson & Tony Rincon.

Runner - S.T.

Island Records 1979

Tracks: Fooling Myself, Run For Your Life, Broken Hearted Me, Truly From Within, Dynamite, Sooner Than Later, Rock 'n' Roll Soldiers, Gone Too Long, Living Is Loving You & Restless Wind.

Musicians on the Runner album: Dave Dowle, Mickey Feat, Steve Gould, Alan Merrill, Jon Cole, Ray Cooper, William Lyall & Ian Lynn.


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