West Coast Music Releases Highlights from Year 2006

The West Coast AOR music is still popular and new releases, reissues and compilations.

At Blue Desert we always try to write about what is new and interesting and at the same time highlight some of the classic masterpieces. Some years a lot of material is released and other time less.

Here are some of the highlights that was released in the year 2006:

Jeff Larson - Two Part Confessional

New Surf Records 2006

Tracks: Looking At December, Maybe Cascade Idaho, A Better Day, The Way Outside, Play Through & Only Green.

Musicians on the Two Part Confessional album: Jeff Larson, Gerry Beckley and others.

Jeff Larson - Swimming In The Make Believe

New Surf Records 2006

Tracks: You Remind Me On The Sun, Play Through, A Faraway Girl, Southaways, I′ll Be Gone, Summer Fades, Hand Me Down, Something Of Magritte, Under The Weather, Rain On Me  In The Rain, She Has To Know By Now, Leaving California & Summer Fades (Alternate Version) (Hidden Track).

Musicians on the Swimming In The Make Believe album: Jeff Larson, Jeffrey Foskett, Randell Kirsch, Hank Linderman, Gerry Beckley, Bob Ramsey, Dave Raven, Ryland Steen, Robert Lamm & Dewey Bunnell.

Robert Lamm - Life Is Good In My Neighborhood "Reissue"

Blue Infinity Music 2006

Tracks: My Neighborhood (version A), When The Rain Becomes, All The Years, Murder On Me, Jesse, Ain’t No Ordinary Thing, Tabla, In This Country, When Will The World Be Like Lovers, My Neighborhood (version B), Can´t Believe My Eyes, 1-2-3 & My Naked Eyes.

Musicians on the Life Is Good In My Neighborhood album: Robert Lamm, John McCurry, Dwayne Bailey, Michael Landau, John Van Eps, Randy Goodrum, Bootsey Collins, Bill Gable, Damaris Carbaugh, Jill Dell’abate, Eddie Ganz, Gordon Grody, Ray Hernandez, Karen Kamon, Deborah Resto, Gerard McMahon, Curtis King Jr., Frankie Vinci, Jerry Goodrum & Carol Steele.

Robert Lamm - Skinny Boy "Reissue"

Blue Infinity Music 2006

Tracks: Temporary Jones, Love Song, Crazy Way to Spend a Year, Until the Time Runs Out, Skinny Boy, One Step Forward Two Steps Back, Fireplace and Ivy, Someday I’m Gonna Go, A Lifetime We, City Living, Crazy Brother John, Love Song (HipHop Shuffle Instrumental), Song For Richard and His Friends (Jazzy Trio w/Vocal), Sing To Me Lady, The Door, Some Of What & Where You Think You´re Goin? (Public Service Ad).

Musicians on the Skinny Boy album: Robert Lamm and others.

Bill Cantos - Love Wins

G.I.C. Productions 2006

Tracks: I Feel You, Who Are You, After You Say It´s Over, You´ve Got Me, A Little Bit Of Help, Morning Coffee, Forgive Me In Advance, Avenue 18, Don´t Say A Word, Love Wins, Go Way Moon, Do I Ever & Summer Dream.

Musicians on the Love Wins album: Bill Cantos, Brian Bromberg, Luis Conte, John Ferraro, Grant Geissman, Pat Kelley, Michito Sanchez, Michael Shapiro, Ramon Stagnaro & Jerry Watts.

Donald Fagen - Morph The Cat

Reprise Records 2006

Tracks: Morph The Cat, H Gang, What I Do, Brite Nitegown, The Great Pagoda Of Funn, Security Joan, The Night Belongs To Mona, Mary Shut The Garden Door & Morph The Cat (Reprise).

Musicians on the Morph The Cat album: Donald Fagen, Keith Carlock, Freddie Washington, Jon Herington, Waybe Krantz, Hugh McCracken, Frank Vignola, Phonus Quaver, Jerry Barnes, Michael Harvey, Marvin Stamm, Walt Weiskopf, Ted Baker, Mark Patterson, Lawrence Feldman, Roger Rosenberg, Gordon Gottlieb, Ken Emerson, Howard Levy, Amy Helm, Carolyn Leonhart, Cindy Mizelle, Bashiri Johnson, Joe Pasaro, Jennifer Battista, Eddie Jackson, Camille Meza, Candice Predham, Harlon Post Jr., Iilinois Elohainu & Brian Montgomery.

Magnus Backlund - Never Say Never

Warner Music 2006

Tracks: Perfect, Crash And Burn, She, Never Say Never, Say Your Goodbye, Sweet Catastrophy, It´s Not Ok, Changes, Taken By Surprice, Look At You Now & The Name Of Love.

Musicians on the Never Say Never album: Magnus Backlund, Micke Andersson, Figge Bostrom, Mattias Bylund, Marten M.K. Eriksson, Lina Eriksson, Anna Bylund, Martin Bylund, Anna Wirdefeldt, Irene Bylund, David Bukovinsky, Magnus Sjolander, Christer Jansson, Thomas Lindberg, Esbjorn Ohrwall, Emil Heiling, Marcus Englof, Tormod Tvetevik, Lasse Andersson, Pelle Jernryd, Johan Stentorp, Goran Mansson & Nana Hedin.

Ole Boskov - Piano Improvisations

Positive Music 2006

Tracks: Homecoming, Dominica, Captains´Dinner, St. Lucia, Jetlag, Swells, Tortola, The Fort & The Lights of St. Martin, Sundeck, Antigua & Anchor.

Musicians on the Piano Improvisations album: Ole Boskov.

Kazu Matsui Project - Pioneer

Kazu Music 2006

Tracks: Love Is Gone, Sentimental Slow Song, Afternoon Delight, I Close My Eyes, Love Is Where You Fint It, See You There, Romantic Notion, Ariana, Castles, Overture, Standing On The Outside, Sail To The Sun, Sunset And The Minstrel, Farther On & The Direction You Take.

Musicians on the Pioneer album: Kazu Matsui, Denny Fongheiser, Paul Jackson Jr., Derek Nakamoto, Michael Fisher, Maxi Anderson, Marlena Jeter, Billy Griffin, Marva King, Freddie Washington, Charles Fearing, Brandon Fields, Carl Anderson, Carlos Vega, Randy Kerber, Keiko Matsui, Randy Waldman, Phil Perry, Darrly Phinesse, Gary Stockdale, Dennis Belfield, Pier Gautier, Terry Bradford, Denny Fongheiser, Eric Marienthal, Rick Baptist, Charlie Davis, Allan Kaplan, Philip Ingram, Dann Huff, John Barnes, Barnaby Finch, Bill Meyers, Gregory Walker, Ed Greene, Abraham Laboriel, Scott Martin, Dave Boruff, Steve Madaio, Chuck Findley, John Liotine, Joel Peskin, Jimmy Johnson, Carlos Rios, Ndugu Chandler, Russell Ferrante, Paulinho Da Costa, Robben Ford, Vinnie Colaiuta, Nathan East, Ralf Richert, Doug Wintz, Larry Klimas, Howard Smith, Tommy Funderburk, Brian Mann, Moyes Lucas, Martin Lind, Ed Mann, Warren Stanyer, Greg Bissonette, David White, Alan Pasqua, Lisa Roberts, Grant Gullickson, Jeff Porcaro, Alphonso Johnson, Steve Forman, Jennifer Warnes, Slyde Hyde & Johan Bonine.

Michael Ruff - Feels Good "Reissue"

Ruffmix Music 2006

Tracks: Can’t Get You Out Of My Mind, Shake A Little, Girl Like You, Morning Sun, I Feel Good, You Don’t Love Me, Treat Me Like A Child, No Ordinary Day, Be So Shy, In This Life, Wishing Well.

Musicians on the Feels Good album: Michael Ruff, Joey Heradia, Marco Mendoza & Renato Neto.

Michael Ruff - Lovesong & Lullabies "Reissue"

Ruffmix Music 2006

Tracks: Wasting the Rain, Wonderful Life, More than you’ll ever know, Leave the light on, I’ll always believe in you, Listen to the moonlight, Marie, Thoughts of you, Not without you & Angels Lullaby.

Musicians on the Lovesongs + Lullabies album: Michael Ruff, Marty Walsh, Stephen Oberhoff, Lake Patey, Garin Poliahu, Joey Heredia, Andrew Gouche, Jimmy Johnson, Dave Inamini, Marty Trefe, Donald Hayes, Arnold McCuller, Rosemary Butler, Maxyn & Leslie Smith.

Michael Ruff - Waters Of Love

Ruffmix Music 2006

Tracks: On My Knees, Bring You To Jesus, If You Only Knew Him, There Is A Savior, Faith, Wonderful Jesus, Waters Of Love, Testimony, Have You Seen A Change, Pray With Me & On My Knees Jam.

Musicians on the Waters Of Love – Gospel Live! album: Michael Ruff, Joey Heradia, Marco Mendoza, Renato Neto, Andrew Gouche, James Harrah, Gannon Arnold, Jerry Shanahan, Alex Acuna, Maxi Anderson, Bridgette Bryant Blades, Alex Brown, John Holley, Maxayne Lewis, Olivia Ruff, Leslie Smith, Tata Vega, Eric Gilliom & Fiji.

Martin Stenmarck - 9 Sanningar Och En Lögn

Universal Music 2006

Tracks: 7 milarkliv, Dararne Och Jag, Ta Undulaten, Han Ar Galen, Ta Dom Javlarna, Hand I Hand, Nasta Dans, Om Du Ror Mig Dor Jag, Virvelvinden Du & Hem.

Musicians on the 9 Sanningar Och En Logn album: Martin Stenmarck, Sebastian Nylund, Claes Olofsson, Joachim Backman, David Stenmarck, Mats Lekman, Jorgen Ingestrom, Peter Kvint, Stefan Olsson, Fredrik Landh, Peer Astrom, Mikael Dahlen, Rickard Nilsson, Martin Landh, Micke Sorensen, Stefan Persson, Goral Woytek, Sarah Dawn Finer, Sos Fenger, Mia Nordstrom, Karin Thyer, Joacim Dubbelman, Tommy Andersson & Stockholm Session Strings.

West Coast All Stars - The Best

Music Garden 2006

Tracks: Your Smilin’ Face, How Deep Is Your Love, That’s The Way Of The World, God Only Knows, Sister Golden Hair, Takin’ It To The Street, My Love, Tonight The Night (Gonna Be Alright), Hotel California, We’re All Alone, Sir Duke (Live at Tower Records Nagoya), Alone Again (Live at Tower Records Nagoya), God Only Knows (TV Mix), Hotel California (TV Mix) & Sir Duke (TV Mix) & Alone Again (TV Mix).

Musicians on the Naturally album: Joseph Williams, Bill Champlin, Jason Scheff, Bobby Kimball & Tommy Funderburk.

Vertigo - 2

Frontiers Records 2006

Tracks: In The Blink Of An Eye, All For You, Hold Me, Part Of Me, Holy, I Wanna Live Forever, Save It All Alone, Picking Up The Pieces, Together (Good-bye So Long) & There´s A Reason.

Musicians on the Vertigo 2 album: Joseph Williams, Fabrizio V. Zee Grossi, Jason Scheff, Virgil Donati, Alex Masi, Masayoshi Yamasuka & David Harris.

Max Meazza - West Coast Hotel

Desolation Angels Records 2006

Tracks: The Long Goodbye, Bleeding, Alaska, Summer of 7”, Blue Heart, Duffle Jim, Complicated Life, Things To Do On Sunday When You Sleep, Electric Kiss, Watchin’ Movies & Telegram Blues.

Musicians on the West Coast Hotel album: Max Meazza, Walter Calloni, Paolo Fresu, Tiziana Ghiglioni, Tolo Marton, Tiziano Tononi, Susy Wong and others.

Joseph Williams - Two Of Us

WHD Entertainment 2006

Tracks: I Don´t Want To Miss A Thing, Unchained Melody, Because You Love Me, Now And Forever, Your Song, (Everything I Do) I Do It For You, Have I Told You Lately, Can´t Fight This Feeling, We´re All Alone, Can´t Help Falling In Love & Save The Best For The Last.

Musicians on the Two Of Us album: Joseph Williams & Jim Cox.

Toto - Falling In Between

Frontiers Records 2006

Tracks: Falling In Between, Simple Life, Dying On My Feet, Bottom Of Your Soul, Let It Go, Nowhere In Sight, Spiritual Man, Ain’t Your World, Hooked & The Reefer Man (Japanese bonus tracks).

Musicians on the Falling In Between album: Steve Lukather, David Paich, Mike Porcaro, Simon Phillips, Greg Phillinganes, Bobby Kimball, Steve Porcaro, Shenkar, Jason Scheff, Lenny Castro, James Pankow, Lee Thornburg, Ray Hermann, Joseph Williams, Tom Scott & Monet.

Toto - Bottom Of Your Soul "Tour Edition"

Frontiers Records 2006

Tracks: Bottom Of Your Soul (Radio Edit), Gypsy Train (Live), Africa/Rosanne/Bottom Of Your Soul (TV Mix Medley Live) & Bottom Of Your Soul (Album Version).

Musicians on the Bottom Of Your Soul – Tour Edition album: Steve Lukather, David Paich, Mike Porcaro, Simon Phillips, Greg Phillinganes, Bobby Kimball and others.

Bobby Caldwell - The Other Side Of Bobby Caldwell

Victor 2006

Tracks: Special To Me, It’s Over, Words, She Does It Better, Lonely Weekend, Can’t Say Goodbye (original TK Version), Take Me I’ll Follow You, Show Me, Even Now (Radio Edit), One Love, Who Are You?, Tomorrow, Tangonera, Merry X’mas, Beyond The Sea, What You Won’t Do For Love (20th Anniversary Version Eddy Yannah Remix-Radio Edit), Baby It’s Cold Outside & Never Loved Before.

Musicians on the The Other Side Of Bobby Caldwell album: Bobby Caldwell and others.

Stephen Bishop - Red Cap To Manhattan

Bishop Records 2006

Tracks: The Big House, Don’t You Worry, Thief In The Night, Send A Little Love My Way, Let Her Go, Little Moon, The Story Of A Boy In Love, Living In The Land Of Abe Lincoln, Red Cab To Manhattan, Sex Kittens Go to College, City Girl & My Clarinet.

Musicians on the Red Cap To Manhattan album: Stephen Bishop, John Tropea, Phil Collins, Art Garfunkel, Phoebe Snow, Warren Bernhardt, Don Grolnick, David Lasley, Gary Brooker, Clive Anstee, Dennis Belfield, Lenny Castro, Eric Clapton, Buzzy Feiten, Steve Gadd, John Giblin, Neil Jason, Russ Kunkel, Neil Larsen, Mike Mainieri, Hugh McCracken, Arnold McCuller, Sid McGinnis, Jeff Miranov, Andy Newmark, Chris Parker, Dean Parks, David Spinozza, Chris Stainton, Jeffrey Staton & Willie Weeks.

Stephen Bishop - Live

Duo Records 2006

Tracks: Parked Cars, Rescue You, It Might Be You, Little Italy, Sex Kittens Go To College, Promise Me The World, Separate Lives, Sinking In An Ocean Of Tears, Little Guitar Song, On And On, Picasso Played A Blue Guitar, Walking On Air, Looking For The Right One, Save It For A Rainy Day, Blue Window, Red Cab To Manhattan & Madge.

Musicians on the Live! album: Stephen Bishop and others.

Chicago - XXX

Rhino Records 2006

Tracks: Feel (Hot Single–Mix), King Of Might Have Been, Caroline, Why Can′t We, Love Will Come Back, Long Lost Friend, 90 Degrees And Freezing, Where Were You, Already Gone, Come To Me Do, Lovin′ Chains, Better & Feel (w⁄ Horns).

Musicians on the XXX album: Jason Scheff, Bill Champlin, Robert Lamm, Keith Howland, Walt Parazaider, James Pankow, Lee Loughnane, Tris Imboden, Shelly Fairchild, Garry LeVox, Jay De Marcus, Joe Don Rooney, Dan Huff, Yankton Mingua, Jack Kincaid, James Matchack, Jay DeMarcus, Steve Brewster, John Brockman, Lee Thornburg, Bobby Kimball & Joseph Williams.

James Taylor - At Christmas

Sony BMG 2006

Tracks: Winter Wonderland, Go Tell It On the Mountain, Santa Claus is Coming to Town, Jingle Bells, Baby, It’s Cold Outside, River, Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas, The Christmas Song, Some Children See Him, Who Comes This Night, In the Bleak Midwinter & Auld Lang Syne.

Musicians on the At Christmas album: James Taylor and others.

Toto - Collections

Sony BMG Music 2006

Tracks: Hold The Line, Rosanna, Africa, Georgy Porgy, Live For Today, 99, Without Your Love, St. George And The Dragon, Isolation & I´ll Be Over You.

Musicians on the Collections album: Steve Lukather, David Paich, Mike Porcaro, Steve Porcaro, David Hungate, Bobby Kimball and others.

Corin & Edman - Roc De Light

Musicmould 2006

Tracks: Damage Is Done, Never Again, Here Today Gone Tomorrow, Live On Love, Fall From Grace, Keeping You On My Mind, Black Widow, Good Luck Charm, You´ll Be Hearing From Me & True Colors.

Musicians on the Roc de Light album: Claes Corin, Goran Edman, Hakan Mjornheim, Sam Bengtsson, Oli Poulsen, Hans Poulsen, Lotta Borg, Wojtek Goral, Pontus Borg, Karl Gunér, Paolo Mendonca & Hakan Lundberg.

Robbie Dupree - S.T.

Wounded Bird Records 2006

Tracks: Steal Away, I´m No Stranger, Thin Line, It´s A Feeling, Hot Rod Hearts, Nobody Else, We Both Tried, Love Is A Mystery & Lonely Runner.

Musicians on the Robbie Dupree album: Robbie Dupree, Bill Elliot, Miguel Rivera, Bill LaBounty, Brian Ray, Dennis Herring, Bob Bordy, Jerry Peterson, Michael Boddicker, Alan Estes, Kal David, Leslie Smith, Arno Lucas, Matthew Weiner, Joe Turano,  Robert Palmer, Rick Chudacoff & Peter Bunetta.

Robbie Dupree - Live!

Duo Records 2006

Tracks: Goodbye To L.A., Miracle Mile, Real World, Desperation, Talk To You, This Is Life, Sunny Day, Steal Away, Hot Rod Hearts, Work To Do, I′ll Be Around & Driftin′ & Driftin′.

Musicians on the Live! album: Robbie Dupree, Larry Hoppen, Rick Chudacoff, David Sancious, Peter Bunetta & Geoff Brown.

Steve Ferrone´s Farm Fur - More Head

Drumroll Records 2006

Tracks: Ya Ali Madad, Schoolboy Crush, Cut The Cake, Person To Person, Interstate Love Song, Steve´s Strutt, Freedom Jazz Dance, Crazy World, Sour Girl, Pick Up The Pieces & Hatana.

Musicians on the It Up album: Steve Ferrone, Alex Ligertwood, Jeff Young, Miles Joseph, Dean DeLeo, Robert DeLeo, Gia Ciambotti, Bill Churchville, Tom Saviano, Jason Weber, Brandon Fields, Brian Auger, Andre Berry, Jeff Golub, Karen Hua-Qi, John Idris Jones, Mazati Galinda, David Woodford, Lee Thornberg, Steve Gray, Orin Lyons & Cathy Smith.

Frank Stallone - S.T. "Reissue"

Simba Records 2006

Tracks: Far From Over, Music Is Magic, Love Is A Light, Darlin´, If We Ever Get Back, Runnin´, She´s So Popular, Once More Never Again, I Do Belive In You & Fly Together.

Musicians on the Frank Stallone album: Frank Stallone, Vince DiCola, Scott Shelly, Paul Merar, George Perilli, Doane Perry, Jerry Hey, Chuck Findley, Larry Williams, Bill Reichenbach, Paulinho Da Costa, Snuffy Walden, Bob Tangrea & David Pearlman.

Bruce Gaitsch - Sincerely

Autumn Records 2006

Tracks: Miss Sam, Popcorn With Daisy, Mia´s Day, Mrs Andersson, Sally´s Prayer, Roslyn´s Dance, Covington´s Class, Jenny´s Dream, Swamp Thang, Mom & Dad, For Lynette, Janey and I & Mr Lucky.

Musicians on the Sincerely album: Bruce Gaitsch, Janey Clewer, Howard Levy & Samantha Gaitsch.

Geir Rønning - Ready For The Ride

Tylden & Co 2006

Tracks: Ready For A Ride, Heaven Right Here, It Takes A Man, Why, The Boys In The Backseat, I Don´t Wanna Throw It All Away, Tonight´s The Night, My One And Only Love, You Found Love, I Don´t Need To Say, All Alone & You´re The Voice.

Musicians on the Ready For The Ride album: Geir Ronning, Per Lindvall, Niklas Nylund, Osmo Ikonen, Nina Tapio, Hanna-Riikka Siitonen, Mika Turunen, Charles Salter, Tuomo Borman, Mike Woods, Teijo Jamsa, Tracy Lipp, Jukka Backlund, Aku Sinivato, Alexi Ahoniemi, Janne Toivonen, Jeanette Olsson, Sami Kuoppamaki, Harri Rantanen, Mika Toivanen, Peter Engberg, Christa Renwatt, Harri Ala-Kojala, Osmo Ikonen, Niklas Mansner, Niklas Rosstrom, Anssi Vaxby, Douglas Pashley, Marcus Soderstrom, Gunnar Touraknul, Jimmy Westerlund, Beata Biernikiewotz, Anna-Maria Helsing, Liisa Luttanen, Katja Peltonen & Robert Wells.

Gino Vannelli - These Are The Days

Verve Music 2006

Tracks: It´s Only Love, Venus Envy, These Are The Days, Rock Me To Heaven, Eastwest World, Great Divide, Right Were I Am, Wild Horses, Hurts To Be In Love, Black Cars, Just A Motion Away, Living Inside Myself, I Just Wanna Stop & People Gotta Move.

Musicians on the These Are The Days album: Gino Vannelli and others.

Jay Graydon - Past To Present

Sonic Thrust Records 2006

Tracks: If There´s A Way, What Good Is Love, You Can Count On Me, You´re My Day, Should We Carry On, Secret Love, She Waits For Me, Throw A Little Bit Of Love Way, I Fall In Love Every Day, Love Flows, Love Flows (Melody Guide Version), Ted´s Theme #2 (Without Ted´s Rap), Ted´s Theme #2 (With Ted´s Rap). Ted´s Theme #1, Ted´s Theme #1 (With Ted´s Rap), Ted´s Theme #1 (Only The Tail of Ted´s Rap), Sony Jingle, If There´s A Way (Instrumental Track), What Good Is Love (Instrumental Track) & It´s Right To Be In Love.

Musicians on the Past To Present – the 70s album: Jay Graydon, David Foster, Greg Mathieson, Jeff Porcaro, Willy Ornelas, Mike Baird, Ralph Humphrey, Dave McDaniel, David Hungate, Mike Porcaro, Bill Champlin, Ed Whiting, Marc Jordan, Tata Vega, Lisa DalBello, Nettie Gloud & Carmen Twillie.

Mathieson, Landau, Laboriel Jr & Laboriel Sr. - Another Night At Baked Potato

LMNOP Music 2006

Tracks: Set 1/Disc 1: The Sauce, Goyo, Song For My Grandfather, MB & Q T. Set 2/Disc 2: I Don´t Know, Slow Glide, Greg´s Groove, HB “A Nice Place To Be” & LMNOP.

Musicians on the Another Night At Baked Potato album: Greg Mathieson, Abraham Laboriel Sr., Michael Landau & Abraham Laboriel Jr.

Jan Johansen - Hits!

M&L Records 2003

Tracks: Se Pa Mig, Sidsta Andetaget, Ingenmansland, Let Your Spirit Fly, Ingenting Har Hant, Hon Gar Igen, Kommer Tid Kommer Var, X My Heart, Utan Dig, Life Goes On, Mitt Hjarta I Din Hand, Hold You, Vagar Du & Let´s Not Fade Away.

Musicians on the Hits album: Jan Johansen, Jill Johnson, Pernialla Wahlgren, Mia Lofgren and others.

Boz Scaggs - Hits

Sony Music 2006

Tracks: What Can I Say, Jojo, Miss Sun (Long Version), Hard Times, Slow Dancer, Harbor Lights, Dinah Flo, Look What You’ve Done To Me, Breakdown Dead Ahead, You Make It So Hard (To Say No), It’s Over, We’re All Alone , Heart of Mine, Lowdown & Lido Shuffle.

Musicians on the Hits album: Boz Scaggs and others.

Ådahl - Dags At Leva

Samsound 2006

Tracks: Dags Att Leva, Matteus, Det Finns (Ett Liv), Han Hor & Jag Tanker Be For Sverige.

Musicians on the Roots album: Frank Ådahl, Simon Ådahl, Christer Bjorklund & Magnus Sjolander.

Venice - A Band Called Venice

Switch Style Records 2006

Tracks: Think Again, Sweet Aloha, Precious Stone, For A Dancer, Right Where We Left Odd, Most Of Us, The Road To Where You Are, Unbreakable Heart, Guinevere, I’ll Keep My Fingers Crossed, Welcome To The Rest Of Your Life, The Family Tree, Starting Here Again (Bonus Live Track), The Man You Think I Am (Bonus Live Track), If I Were You (Bonus Live Track), One Quiet Day (Bonus Live Track).

Musicians on the A Band Called Venice album: Kipp Lennon, Mark Lennon, Michael Lennon, Pat Lennon, Jackson Browne, David Crosby, Mark Harris, Alexis Sklarevski, Matt Laug, Dan Gillen, Nick Butt, Chris Havath, John Vester & Rich Mangicaro.

Venice - Amsterdam

Universal Music 2006

Tracks: Weight Has Bee Lifted, Rewind, It´s To Late For Me Now, Joey, Radio Game, Not Enough For You, Bittersweet Life, Ashes In The Snow, My Life Is Like A Movie, The Lost Weekend, The Romance That Never Was, Jenny & One More Song.

Musicians on the Amsterdam album: Kipp Lennon, Mark Lennon, Michael Lennon, Pat Lennon, Mark Harris, Nick Butt, Jamie Wollam and others.

AOR - L.A Concession

MTM Music 2006

Tracks: Never Gonna Let Her Go, On Dangerous Ground, Caught Inside Your Heart, Worlds Away, In My Crystal Ball, The Way Of The Night, Leave Her To Heaven, Only In My Dreams, From L.A. To Tokyo, Lost In Your Eyes, Don´t Let Her Go, Love Has Found Its Way, Can One Of Your Kiss Do All This? (bonus track), Secrets In Her Heart (bonus track), The Spark Of My Soul (bonus track) & Never Gonna Let Her Go (bonus track).

Musicians on the L.A. Concession album: Frederic Slama, Frederic Slama, David Chamberlin, Doug St John, John Fluker, Kristoffer Lagerström, Tommy Denander, Peter Hume, Steve Lukather, Michael Landau, Peter Friestedt, Michael Thompson, David Diggs, Tony Franklin, Hussain Jiffry, Vinnie Colaiuta, Jeff Porcaro, Carlos Vega, Gregg Bissonette, Lenny Castro, Tom Saviano, Dan Higgins, Richard Page & Steve George.

AOR - L.A Attraction

MTM Music 2006

Tracks: How Could I Ever Forgive Her, Don´t Ever Say Goodbye, Like An Open Book, The House Of Love, Tears In The Rain, I Won´t Give Up, The Spark Of My Soul, Last Chance At Love, L.A. Winds, Give A Little Love & Lost In Your Eyes.

Musicians on the L.A. Attraction album: Frederic Slama, Tommy Denander, Steve Lukather, Michael Landau, Philip Bardowell, Dane Donohue, Peter Friestedt, Rick Riso, David Diggs, J. Lynn Johnston, David Williams, Joey Heredia, Marcus Udeba & Tobias Marberger.

Arvid - Dedicated To The Women

Wise Eagle Records 2006

Tracks: You, One Thing I Won´t Forget, I Just Want Your Love, When You Love Me, Tonight, I Believe, Ode, What Would You Lose, You Never Wanna Listen, I Gave You Everything, Wait On Me & What Love Might Do Tonight.

Musicians on the Dedicated To The Women album: Arvid Nielsen, Jon Grundtvig, Mogens Palsboll, Poul Reinmann, Daniel Fridell, Dan Hemmer, Rolf Hansen, Aske Jacoby, Daniel Heloy Davidsen, Jonas Krag, Henrik Jansson, Rune Olesen, Jesper Riis, Nis Toxvard, Peter Dahlgren & Nikolai Schultz.

Gerry Beckley - Horizontal Fall

Human Nature Records 2006

Tracks: 3am, Crying, Here & Now, Saturday Sky, Lazarus, Warm Gone Gray, I´ll Be Gone, Fireman, With My Always, Keeping The Light On, The Farmer Is A Man, Love & Leaving, Arms, 3am Reprise & Somewhere Somehow.

Musicians on the Horizontal Fall album: Gerry Beckley and others.