West Coast Music Releases Highlights from Year 2000

The West Coast AOR music is still popular and new releases, reissues and compilations.

At Blue Desert we always try to write about what is new and interesting and at the same time highlight some of the classic masterpieces. Some years a lot of material is released and other time less.

Here are some of the highlights that was released in the year 2000:

Steely Dan - 2 Against Nature

Giant Records 2000

Tracks: Gaslighting Abbie, What A Shame About Me, Two Against Nature, Janie Runaway, Almost Gothic, Jack Of Speed, Cousin Dupree, Negative Girl & West Of Hollywood.

Musicians on the 2 Against Nature album: Donald Fagen, Walter Becker and others.

Larry John McNally - Loose Ends

Leni Stern Recordings 2000

Tracks: Gypsy Club, Black Guitar, City Sing For Me, Jesse, So Good To You, Amateur, In A Lonely Place, I'll See You There, In My Indiscretion, Tar On The Roof & Katies Mood.

Musicians on the Loose Ends album: Larry John McNally, Don Heffington, Denny McDermott, James Gadson, Jerry Scheff, Linceln Schleifer, Tim Lefebvre, Leni Stern, George Whitty, Michael Ruff & Victor Feldman.

Don Henley - Inside Job

WEA Records

Tracks: Nobody Else In The World But You, Taking You Home, For My Wedding, Everything Is Different Now, Workin' It, Goodbye To A River, Inside Job, They're Not Here, They're Not Coming, Damn It Rose, Miss Ghost, The Genie, Annabel & My Thanksgiving.

Musicians on the Inside Job album: Don Henley and others.

Bill Cantos - Movie In The Night Sky

G.I.C. Productions 2000

Tracks: New Red Coat, You Can't Go Back (But You Can Go On), Give Me That Smile, Precious, Blue Intro, The Deepest Blue, Can I Help It, My Dream About Ella, Sweet And Lovely / Lady Be Good, Perfect Day, All This Love, I'll See You Tonight, Make The Storm Go Away & Movie In The Night Sky.

Musicians on the Movie In The Sky album: Bill Cantos, Pat Kelly, Ramon Stagnaro, Jerry Watts, Michael Shapiro, Vinnie Colaiuta, Bill Maxwell, Lee Thornburg, Michito Sanchez, Richie Gajate-Garcia, Kirk Whalum, Justo Almario, Charles Williams, Lauren Ellis, Rose Stone, Alison Wedding, Mari Falcone & Debbie McClendon Smith.

Michael McDonald - Blue Obsession

Chicago Records 2000

Tracks: All I Need, No Love To Be Found, Obsession Blues, Where Would I Be Now, Build Upon It, The Meaning Of Love, Open The Door, Kikwit Town, Down By The River, Someday You Will, Ain't That Peculiar & You Can't Make It Love.

Musicians on the Blue Obsession album: Michael McDonald, Bernie Chiaravalle, George Cocchini, Mark Douthit, Dan Dugmore, Tabitha Fair, Barry Green, Armand Grimaldi, Marc Harris, Mike Haynes, Joe Hogue, Gordon Kennedy, Joey Kibble, Mark Kibble, Viktor Krauss, Sam Levine, Billy Livsey, Toby McKeehan, Claude McKnight, Doug Moffet, Wendy Moten, Nashville String Machine, Dan Needham, Johnny Neel, David Pack, George Perilli, Angelo Petrucci, Tom Roady, Chris Rodriguez, Matt Rollins, Tommy Sims, Kevin Max Smith, Nicol Smith, Dennis Solee, Michael Tait, Bobby G. Taylor, Chester Thompson, Kirk Whalum & Chris Willis.

Brett Walker - Lift Up

MTM Music 2000

Tracks: Rain In My Heart, Not About To Give In, Everybody Loves To Win, No One Left To Blame, You Were Meant To Fly, Long Way Down, Far Cry, Don't Mean Much, Walking In My Sleep, It Looks A Lot Like Rain, Fooled Again, It's Coming Back To Me & Travelin Blues.

Musicians on the Lift Off album: Brett Walker, Tommy "Mugs" Cain, David Prater & Pat Leon.

Michael McDonald - The Voice Of Michael McDonald

Rhino Records 2000

Tracks: Taken´ It To The Streets, It Keeps You Runnin´, You Belong To Me, What A Fool Believes, I Keep Forgettin´(Every Time You´re Near), No Lookin´ Back, I Gotta Try, Yah Mo B There, On My Own, By Heart, Sweet Freedom, I Just Can´t Let Go, Take It To Heart, Ever Changing Times, Minute By Minute, Higher Ground (previously unissued), Blink Of An Eye & Tell It Like It Is (previously unissued).

Musicians on the The Voice of Michael McDonald album: Michael McDonald, Patti LaBelle, David Pack, James Ingram, Aretha Franklin, Doobie Brothers and others.

Eagles - Selected Works

WEA Records 2000

Tracks: Disc 01: Take It Easy, Hollywood Waltz, Already Gone, Doolin' Dalton, Midnight Flyer, Tequila Sunrise, Witchy Woman, Train Leaves Here This Morning, Outlaw Man, Peaceful Easy Feeling, James Dean, Saturday Night & On The Border. Disc 02: Wasted Time Reprise, Wasted Time, I Can't Tell You Why, Lyin' Eyes, Pretty Maids All In A Row, Desperado, Try And Love Again, The Best Of My Love, New Kid In Town, Love Will Keep Us Alive, Sad Cafe, Take It To The Limit & After The Thrill Is Gone. Disc 03: One Of These Nights (Intro), One Of These Nights, Disco Strangler, Heartache Tonight, Hotel California, Born To Boogie, In The City, Get Over It, King Of Hollywood, Too Many Hands, Life In The Fast Lane, The Long Run, Long Run Leftovers, The Last Resort & Random Victims Part 3. Disc 04: Hotel California, Victim Of Love, Peaceful Easy Feeling, Please Come Home For Christmas, Ol' 55, Take It To The Limit, Those Shoes, Funky New Year, Dirty Laundry, Funk 49, All She Wants To Do Is Dance & The Best Of My Love

Musicians on the Selected Works 1972-1999 album: Eagles and others.

Robbie Buchanan - Original Demos

Cool Sound Records 2000

Tracks: Love Always Finds A Reason, Somebody In Your Life, Heart Don't Change My Mind, Close Enough, Any Other Fool, Deeper Side Of Love, Send Me Someone, I Will Be The Last One, Someone To Watch Over Me, Bliss, Only Love & Rivals.

Musicians on the Original Demos album: Robbie Buchanan, Dann Huff, Tim Pierce, Dennis Herring, Warren Wiebe, Michael Thompson and others.

The Tubes - TWT 2001

CMC International 2000

Tracks: Introduction, Tubes World Tour, She´s A Beauty, Digi-Doll (new), TV Is King, Don´t Touch Me There, Tip Of My Tongue, Loveline (new), Wild Women Of Wongo, Mondo Bondage, White Punks On Dope & Talk To Yo Later.

Musicians on the TWT 2001 album: Fee Waybill and others.

The Doobie Brothers - Sibling Rivalry

Pyramid Records 2000

Tracks: People Gotta Love Again, Leave Me Heartache Behind, Ordinary Man, Jericho, On Every Corner, Angels Of Madness, 45th Floor, Can't Stand To Loose, Higher Ground, Gates Of Eden, Don't Be Afraid, Rocking Horse, Five Corners & Little Bitty Pretty One (Bonus Track only for Japanese Version).

Musicians on the Sibling Rivalry album: Michael Hossack, Tom Johnston, Keith Knudsen, John McFee, Patrick Simmons, Guy Allison, Marc Russo, Skylark, Bob Bangerter, George Hawkins Jr., Mano Cippolina, Yvonne Williams, Maxayne Lewis, Chris Thompson, Bill Champlin, Lil' Patrick Harley Simmons & Cris Sommer Simmons.

AirParma - S.T.

Wing Ding Records 2000

Tracks: Place In The Sun, Not Very Likely, The Best Of Times, Good Things, Andale, Still Wondering, One Less Wounded Heart, Marigold Hill, Looking For The Rain & Meet Me Halfway.

Musicians on the AirParma album: George Marinelli, Mark Prentice & Vince Santoro.

Greg Guidry - Private Session

Cool Sound Records

Tracks: You're Good For Me, I Got This Thing, I Believe, Heart To Heart, Don't Let Go, It Happens Everytime, I Get High, It's Only Love, Say When, First Time, Think About It & Suspicious Heart.

Musicians on the Private Session album: Greg Guidry, Dann Huff, Jon Goin, Tom Hemby, Keith Thomas, Phil Naish, Mark Hammond, Gary Lunn, Mike Brignardello, Cathy Guidry, Sandra Guidry, Denny Henson, Joe Hogue, Sam Levine & Mark Douthit.

Beckley-Lamm-Wilson - Like A Brother

Transparent Music 2000

Tracks: Today, Feel The Sprit, I Wish For You, Run Don't Walk, Watching The Time, Life In Motion, Sheltering Sky, They're Only Words, Without Her & Like A Brother.

Musicians on the Like A Brotherr album: Gerry Beckley, Robert Lamm, Carl Wilson, Phil Gladston, John Van Togeren, Tom Hammer, Michael Thompson, Paul Livant, Steve Tarshis, Jason Scheff, Van Dyke Parks, Sammy Merendino, Jimmy Hunter, Michael Fisher & Timmy Cappello.

Jeff Larson - Room For Summer

New Surf Records 2000

Tracks: Hey, Carol Ann, Sarah's Song, Valentine Note, Lot To Learn (Blue Pacific), Room For Summer, Lauren, Postcard, The Word Go, Goes Without Saying, Her Heart, All The Sudden Cool, Lauren (orchestral reprise), Carol Ann (vocal/guitar mix), & Room For Summer (alt. version).

Musicians on the Room For Summer album: Jeff Larson and others.

Venice - (2) Meter Sessies

Universal Music 2000

Tracks: The Road To Where You Are, Always, Never Coming Back, For A Dancer, For A Kiss, We´re Still Here, If I Were You, One Quiet Day, Landslide, Cool Me Down, Guinnevere, When I Get Over You, The Family Tree, End Of The World, Rivers Never Run, The Man You Think I Am & Woodstock (Secret Track).

Musicians on the Venice Live album: Michael Lennon, Mark Lennon, Kipp Lennon, Pat Lennon, Jackson Browne & David Crosby.


Jim Photoglo - Fly Straight Home

Grifftone Records 2000

Tracks: Fly Straight Home, Cry To Me, Spending Every Minute In Love, Maybe In A Dream, The Place Your Love Calls Home, Back To You Again, Silence Is King, Road To Jackson County, Job Well Done & You Give Me Love.

Musicians on the Fly Straight Home album: Jim Photoglo, Dennis Belfield, Mark T. Jordan, Vince Melamed, George Marinelli Jr., George Marinelli Jr., Tammy Rogers, Greg Morrow, Jeff King, Michael Spriggs, Robbie Turner, Gary Burr & Liana Manis.

Light Mellow - WEA Edition

Warner Records 2000

Tracks: You're My The Only Woman (Ambrosia), The Lady Wants To Know (Michael Franks), I Wish That I Was Making Love (To You Tonight) (Jerry Corbetta), On The Boulevard (The Manhattan Transfer), Minute By Minute (Doobie Brothers), Don't Worry Baby (Vapour Trails), Steal Away (Robbie Dupree), It's Something (Brenda Russell), All I Need (Jack Wagner), Slippin' Away (Leon Ware), Beautiful People (Marc Jordan), Fallen (Lauren Wood), Cancun (Jay Gruska), Let's Just Live Together (Brian Elliot), Put Away Your Love (Alessi), Falling (Le Blanc & Carr), Once In A Lifetime (Michael Ruff), Take Me To Your Heaven (Wilson Bros.) & Sailing (Christopher Cross).

Musicians on the Light Mellow Warner Edition album: David Pack, Michael Franks, Michael McDonald, Robbie Dupree, Brenda Russell, Jack Wagner, Marc Jordan, Lauren Wood, Jay Gruska, Michael Ruff and others.

Light Mellow - MCA Edition

Warner Records 2000

Tracks: You're My The Only Woman (Ambrosia), The Lady Wants To Know (Michael Franks), I Wish That I Was Making Love (To You Tonight) (Jerry Corbetta), On The Boulevard (The Manhattan Transfer), Minute By Minute (Doobie Brothers), Don't Worry Baby (Vapour Trails), Steal Away (Robbie Dupree), It's Something (Brenda Russell), All I Need (Jack Wagner), Slippin' Away (Leon Ware), Beautiful People (Marc Jordan), Fallen (Lauren Wood), Cancun (Jay Gruska), Let's Just Live Together (Brian Elliot), Put Away Your Love (Alessi), Falling (Le Blanc & Carr), Once In A Lifetime (Michael Ruff), Take Me To Your Heaven (Wilson Bros.) & Sailing (Christopher Cross).

Musicians on the Light Mellow Warner Edition album: David Pack, Michael Franks, Michael McDonald, Robbie Dupree, Brenda Russell, Jack Wagner, Marc Jordan, Lauren Wood, Jay Gruska, Michael Ruff and others.

Light Mellow - Cool Sound Edition

Cool Sound Records 2000

Tracks: Don't You Walk Away (Heat), Never Turnin' Back (Bruce Hibbard), There's A Song In It Somewhere (Rosie featuring Lynn Pitney), Heart Don't Change My Mind (Robbie Buchanan), Goin' Down (Greg Guidry), Lonely Weekend (David Diggs), How Do I Survive (Paul Bliss), Island Night (alternative mix) (Tony Sciuto), You Bring Me Joy (David Lasley), Consider The Greatest Love (Sibling Revelry), Is That The Way To Your Heart (Kazu Matsui Project), Letting Go (Bruce Gaitsch), Love Is Forever (Michael Gonzales), Did You Order One (Sneaker), I Didn't Do It (Joseph Williams) & Lovin' Arms (King Of Hearts).

Musicians on the Light Mellow Cool Sound Edition album: Warren Wiebe, Greg Guidry, David Diggs, Paul Bliss, Tony Sciuto, David Lasley, Bill Cantos, Kazu Matsui, Bruce Gaitsch, Tommy Funderburk, Joseph Williams, Robbie Buchanan and others.

Light Mellow - BMG Edition

BMG Funhouse 2000

Tracks: Lost In Love (Air Supply), Wait For Me (Daryl Hall & John Oates), Sara (Starship), Love Or Let Me Be Lonely (Paul Davis), Perfect World (What If), Should We Carry On (Airplay), It Will Be Alright (Odyssey), Till You Take My Love (Harvey Mason), Can't Hide Love (Dionne Warwick), I'd Rather Be Gone (Player), Safe Harbor (Rosie), Touching In The Dark (Brooklyn Dreams), Wham Bam (Silver), I Believe (Chilliwack), Nobody Said It Was Easy, (Le Roux), Waiting For A Love (Warren Hill) & Living Inside Myself (Gino Vannelli).

Musicians on the Light Mellow BMG Edition album: Daryl Hall, John Oates, Paul Davis, Tommy Funderburk, David Foster, Jay Graydon, Harvey Mason, Dionne Warwick, Peter Beckett, Warren Hill, Gino Vannelli and others.

Richard Marx - Days In Avalon

Signal 21 Records 2000

Tracks: Days In Avalon, Shine, Someone Special. Almost Everything, The Edge Of Forever, Power Of You And Me, One More Time, Waiting On Your Love, More Than A Mystery, Boy Next Door, Too Early To Be Over & Straight From My Heart.

Musicians on the Days In Avalon album: Richard Marx, Tim Akers, Eddie Bayers, Anne Bent, Shannon Brown, Joan Callaso, Constance Conway, J.T. Corenflos, Eric Darkin, Paul Franklin, Yvonne Gage, Bruce Gaitsch, George Hawkins, Peggy Hopkins, Randy “The Emperor” Jackson, Don Kirkpatrick, Alison Krauss, Michael Landau, Julie Lyons, Herman Mathews, Blue Miller, Duncan Mullins, Greg Phillinganes, Michael Rhodes, Robin Robinson, Matt Rollings, Gary Smith, Michael Thompson, C.J. Vancston, Fee Waybill & Chely Wright.

Christopher Cross - Red Room

CMC Records 2000

Tracks: In A Red Room, Walking In Avalon, Hunger, When She Smiles, It’s Always Something, Dream Too Loud, I Know You Well, Kind Of I Love You, Curled Around The World & Rainy Day In Vancouver.

Musicians on the Red Room album: Christopher Cross, Jeremy Lubbock, Judd Miller, Tollack Ollestad, Gigi Worth, Eric Johnson, Mike Finegan, Jason Scheff, Larry Klein and others.

AOR - L.A Concession

FS Records 2000

Tracks: Never Gonna Let Her Go, On Dangerous Ground, Caught Inside Your Heart, Worlds Away, In My Crystal Ball, The Way of the Night, Leave Her to Heaven, Only in My Dreams, From L.A. to Tokyo, Lost in Your Eyes, Don’t Let Her Go & Love Has Found Its Way.

Musicians on the L.A. Concession album: Frederic Slama, Peter Hume, John Fluker, Doug St. John, David D. Chamberlin, Gregg Bissonette, Lenny Castro, Steve George, Dan Higgins, Richard Page, Michael Thompson & Carlos Vega.

America - Highway 30 Years of America

Rhino Records 2000

Tracks: Disc 1: Riverside, A Horse With No Name, I Need You, Rainy Day, Here, Three Roses, Sandman, Everyone I Meet Is from California, Ventura Highway, To Each His Own, Don’t Cross the River, Cornwall Blank, Only in Your Heart, Saturn Nights, Hat Trick, Molten Love, It’s Life & Submarine Ladies. Disc 2: Muskrat Love, Green Monkey, She’s Gonna Let You Down [“Single Edit”], Rainbow Song, Tin Man, Another Try, Lonely People, Hollywood, Baby It’s up to You, Old Man Took, Simple Life, Sister Golden Hair, Daisy Jane, Woman Tonight, Who Loves You [“Alternate Mix”], Lovely Night, Amber Cascades, Can’t You See, Watership Down [“Alternate Mix”], Letter [“Alternate Mix”], Today’s the Day, Sarah, Are You There, God of the Sun & Sergeant Darkness. Disc 3: California Dreamin’, All My Life, Only Game in Town, 1960, Survival, The Last Unicorn, You Can Do Magic, Inspector Mills, My Dear, The Border, She’s a Runaway, Lullaby (Can’t Fall Asleep to A), Special Girl, Nothing’s So Far Away (As Yesterday), Young Moon, Greenhouse, Mitchum Junction, Satan, Ventura Highway, James Holladay & Riverside.

Musicians on the Highway: 30 Years Of America album: Gerry Beckley, Dewey Bunnell, Christopher Cross, David Lindley, The London Symphony Orchestra, Joe Walsh, James Newton-Howard, Chet McCracken, Tom Scott, Russ Ballard, Louis Clark, Bruce Johnston, Clydie King, Bill Mumy, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Dan Peek, Chip Davis, Dave Attwood, Michael Baird, Hal Blaine, Arthur Barrow, Emilio Castillo, Ray Cooper, David Dickey, Henry Diltz, Bill Elliott, Mic Gillette, Joey Gulizia, Robert Haimer, Kim Haworth, Hadley Hockensmith, Billy Hinsche, Tom Kelly, David Kemper, Phil Kenzie, Randy Kerber, Lee Kiefer, Stephen “Doc” Kupka, Willie Leacox, Hank Linderman, Steve Lukather, Robert Margouleff, Matthew McCauley, Fred Mollin, Jim Ed Norman, Joe Osborne, Brad Palmer, Jeff Porcaro, Dean Parks, Lenny Pickett, Raphael Ravenscroft, Timothy B. Schmit, Lee Sklar, Jessica Smith, Tom Walsh, Michael Woods, Richie Zito, Waddy Wachtel & Jai Winding.

Peter Allen - The Best Of Peter Allen

A&M Records 2000

Tracks: Bi-Coastal, Fly Away, I Go to Rio, Don’t Cry Out Loud, Everything Old Is New Again, The More I See, I Honestly Love You, I Could Have Been a Sailor, Quiet Please There’s a Lady on Stage, I’d Rather Leave While I’m in Love & Just a Gigiolo.

Musicians on the Best Of Peter Allen album: Peter Allen and others.