West Coast Music Releases Highlights from Year 2015

The West Coast AOR music is still popular and new releases, reissues and compilations.

At Blue Desert we always try to write about what is new and interesting and at the same time highlight some of the classic masterpieces. Some years a lot of material is released and other time less.

Here are some of the highlights that was released in the year 2015:

A Taste Of California

TH Music 2015

Tracks: My Lady, Song For Hansson, Brazilian Night, Stay With Me, A Dream Comes True, Vis A Vis, Falling Leaves, Standing Tall (A Tribute To Whitney Houston), T-Party, Special Friend, Mr. Westcoast, Enter 2000, Wessel Song, Magic Moments, Stay With Me, Fate, Time To Say Goodbye & My Lady (Disco Remix/Radio Edit).

Musicians on the A Taste Of California album: Tom Hansen, John “JR” Robinson, Peter Friestedt, Larry Williams, Victor Brooks, Svein Finstad, Nils Mathiesen, Kenneth Eriksen. Line Knudsen, Magne Arnesen, Rheanne Lindeberg, Oliver Tangen, Hig Lande, Trine Charlotte Askjem, Kjell Håkon Andersen, Astrid Tveitan, Halstein Larsen, Oystein Trollsas, Truls Gran, Jon Ronander and others.

Live At 2 Meter Sessies 1998

2 Meter Media Group 2015

Tracks: Side 1: Never Coming Back, For A Kiss, When I Get Over You & If I Were You. Side 2: Cool Me Down, Rivers Never Run, Landslide & We´re Still Here.

Musicians on the Live At 2 Meter Sessies 1998 album: Michael Lennon, Kipp Lennon, Mark Lennon, Pat Lennon and others.


Preservation Records 2015

Tracks: Sophie, Fake, Something, Streetgirl, Loosing You, You, The Woman I Want, Wait For Me, I´m In Love & Indian Summer.

Musicians on the Fires album: Svein Dag Hauge, Rolf Graf, Geir Langslet, Per Hillestad, Pal Kolstad, Sigurd Kohn, Per Lindvall, Randy Crawford and others.

Champlin Williams Friestedt

AOR Heaven 2015

Tracks: Runaway, Aria, Still Around, All That I Want, Carry On, Nightfly, After The Love Has Gone, Two Hearts At War, Rivers Of Fear & Evermore.

Musicians on the CWF album: Bill Champlin, Joseph Williams, Peter Friestedt, Steve Porcaro, Randy Goodrum, Tamara Champlin, Will Champlin, Per Lindvall, Johan Granström, Ingmar Åberg, Lars Säfsund, Stefan Gunnarsson, Herman Matthews, Jon-Willy Rydningen, Eirik-André Rydningen, Lars-Erik Dahle, Janne Peltoniemi, Alessandro Del Vecchio, Jonas Wall, Andreas Andersson & Jonas Lindeborg.

Prime Time Reissue

Preservation Records 2015

Tracks: Hard Times, Juliet, Empty Shadows, 2.12, Prime Time, Late At Night, Tea Beat, Holiday, DJ (Long Version), Hold On & Take Me To The Water.

Musicians on the Prime Time album: Egil Eldoen, Svein Dag Hauge, Rolf Graf, Geir Langslet, Per Hillestad, Marius Muller, Pal Kolstad, Nina Akseland, Sidsel Endresen & Tor Vister.

Long Road Home

Dakota 2015

Tracks: Long Road Home, Push, Secrets, Remember When, Heaven Or Hell, You Threw It All Away, All Through The Night, These Eyes, 1-2-3 Baby Baby, Jenny At Midnight, One From The Heart, Live It Up, Fall Like A Tear & When The Party Is Over.

Musicians on the Long Road Home album: Jerry G. Hludzik, Bill Kelly, Eli Hludizk & Jon Lorance.

Return to L.A

FS Records 2015

Tracks: Victim of My Own Desire, The Trail to Your Heart, Dangerous to Know, Angels Never Sleep, Burning Rainbows, The Sign of Fire, The Breaking Point, 99 Percent Chance of Loving You, Love Remains the Same & The Wisdom of Eve.

Musicians on the Return to L.A album: Frederic Slam, Jesse Damon (Silent Rage, Kiss), Tommy Funderburk (King Of Hearts, Airplay), Paul Sabu (Only Child, Kidd Glove), Rick Riso, Bob Harris (Axe, Steve Vai), Erika (Yngwie Malmsteen), Sarah & Mélissa Fontaine (Chasing Violets) & others.

Som En Vind

Talking Music 2015

Tracks: CD 1: Som En Vind, På Väg, Men Så Står Du Där, Alibi, Brevet, Idag, Observerad, Hjälp Dig Själv, Bättre Och Bättre, Jag Väntar På Dig, Maktfaktor, I Know, Barn, Heaven, Going Back, Wider Than The Ocean & Big Talk. CD 2: Heaven (Into My Soul), I'll Be Around, Cold As Ice, Time Of Peace, Reser Till Kärlek, Tjuv Om Natten, Jag Längtar (Till Den Dagen), Jag Lever (Genom Dig), Kom Kom Kom, Jag Kan Inte Leva Utan Dig, Kosmonaut Gagarins Rapport, Lyft Mig Upp, Tårar Från Himlen (Bonus Track: Frank Ådahl), Du Gör Mig Stark (Bonus Track: Simon Ådahl), Shine On (Bonus Track: Lasse Edin), Kärlekens Källa (Bonus Track: Bertil Edin), Jag Tänker Be För Sverige (Bonus Track: Ådahl), Mystery Of You (Bonus Track: Ådahl) & After All This Time (Bonus Track: Ådahl).

Musicians on the Som En Vind album: Frank Ådahl, Simon Ådahl, Lasse Edin, Bertil Edin and others.

David Foster - The Many Sides Of David Foster

Universal Music 2015

Tracks: You’re Still You, I Learned From the Best, After The Love Has Gone, Desperado, Runaway, Hit Me, Un-Break My Heart, Bésame Mucho, The Only One, Goodbye, Meant To Be, You’re The Inspiration, Look What You’ve Done to Me, Forever, Love Theme From St. Elmo’s Fire, The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire) & Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas.

Musicians on the Many Sides Of David Foster album: David Foster, Michael Buble, Josh Groban, Whitney Houston, Earth Wind & Fire, Diana Krall, The Corrs, Dirty Loops, Toni Braxton, Andrea Bocelli. Lionel Richie, Air Supply, Ruben Studdard, Chicago, Boz Scaggs, Kenny Loggins, Mary J. Blige, Rod Stewart and others.

Dream Walkin´"Reissue"

Pony Canyon 2015

Tracks: No One There, Marianne (I Was Only Joking), Promises Promises, Dreamwalkin´, In The Way, A Bigger Love, Crybaby, Just Another Dream, Marzipan, Maos De Afeto & Round The Corner (Bonus Track).

Musicians on the Dreamwalkin´ album: Eric Tagg, Lee Ritenour, John Robinson, Alex Acuna, Rich Shlosser, David Hungate, Abraham Laboriel, Nathan East, David Foster, Don Grusin, Greg Mathieson, Tom Scott & Jerry Hey.

Charlie Parker Loves Me

Desolation Angels 2015

Tracks: Charlie Parker Loves Me, She´s A Lover, Neon Angel, Lost In L.A., A Face In The Crowd, Forward Motion, Solid Air, Too Late For My Heart, Black and White Generation & Laurie Bird.

Musicians on the Charlie Parker Loves Me album: Maz Meazza, Mark Jordan, Mark Winkler, Tony O´Malley, Marco Taggiasco, Frank Collins, Gigi Cifarelli, GRP Pucci Bros. and others.

Various Artists - Too Slow To Disco 2

How Do You Are? 2015

Tracks: Alone Too Long, Hey Hey Baby, Be That Way, Come With Me, Stronger Love, Leave Me Alone Tonight, Keep On Holding Me, Who´ll Be A Fool Tonight, Never Gonna Stop Lovin´ You, Medicine Woman, Step On You, It You Want It, Never Turnin´Back, Shades Of Winter, Fat City & Capsule (Hello People A Hundred Years From Now).

Musicians on the Too Slow To Disco 2 album: Hall & Oates, Ben Sidran, Jimmy Gray Hall, Eric Kaz, LeBlanc & Caar, Dave Raynor, R&J Stone, Larsen/Feiten Band, Byrne And Barnes, Paul Davis, Joe Vitale, Niteflyte, Bruce Hibbard, Streetplayer, Michael Omartian & Michael Nesmith.

Jack Tempchin - Room To Run

Bluelan Records 2015

Tracks: Room To Run, Jesus And Mohammed, The High Cost Of Hate (Let´s Make Some Lawyers Rich) & Summertime Bum.

Musicians on the Room To Run album: Jack Tempchin and others.


Preservation Records 2015

Tracks: Take Your Time, Give It Up, Sunday Morning, Hideaway, The Ratter, Crusin´, Easy Come Easy Go, Sky Rocket & Tears In You Eyes.

Musicians on the Crusin´album: Svein Dag Hauge, Rolf Graf, Geir Langslet, Per Hillestad, Pal Kolstad, Sigurd Kohn, Egil Eldoen, Sidsel Endresen and others.


Bowling In Paris "Remastered"

Stephen Bishop 2015

Tracks: Walking On Air, Love On The Outside, Mister Heartbreak, Parked Cars, Think I Know What Love Is, Tip Of The Iceberg, Hall Light, Love At A Distance, Kari, Innocent Love & Sleeping with Girls.

Musicians on the Bowling In Paris Remastered album: Stephen Bishop and others.


Sony Music 2015

Tracks: Save It For A Rainy Day (Live), Pretty Baby (Live), It Might Be You (Live), Ingenue (Live), Little Italy (Live), Separate Lives (Live), On And On (Live), Never Letting Go (Live), Parked Cars (Live), Red Cab To Manhattan (Live), Madge (Live), Looking For The Right One (Live) & Soothe Me (Just When I Think) (Live).

Musicians on the 70s album: Stephen Bishop and others.

Craig Fuller & Eric Kaz “Expanded Edition”

Real Gone Music 2015

Tracks: Fell That Way Again, Cry Like A Rainstorm, You Take A Heart, Let The Fire Burn All Night, ‘Til You Come Back, Annabella, The Ways Of A Woman, Fool For You, Restless Sea, Annabella (reprise) & Annabella (single version – bonus track).

Musicians on the Craig Fuller Eric Kaz album: Craig Fuller, Eric Kaz, Russ Kunkel, Dan Dugmore, Steve Lukather, Leland Sklar, Craig Doerge, Don Grolnick, James Newton Howard, Rosemary Butler, Leah Kunkel, Michael McDonald, J.D. Souther & Leo Sayer.

Fool To Care "Japanese Version"

Columbia Records 2015

Tracks: Rich Woman, I’m a Fool to Care, Hell to Pay, Small Town Talk, Last Tango on 16th Street, There’s a Storm A’ Comin´, I’m So Proud, I Want to See You, High Blood Pressure, Full of Fire, Love Don’t Love Nobody, Whispering Pines, Gypsy Woman (Bonus Track), Talk To Me Talk To Me (Bonus Track) & M.P.B. (Bonus Track).

Musicians on the A Fool To Care album: Boz Scaggs, Ray Parker, Jr., Willie Weeks, Jim Cox, Steve Jordan, Bonnie Raitt, Lucinda Williams and others.

Fool To Care

429 Records 2015

Tracks: Rich Woman, I’m a Fool to Care, Hell to Pay, Small Town Talk, Last Tango on 16th Street, There’s a Storm A’ Comin´, I’m So Proud, I Want to See You, High Blood Pressure, Full of Fire, Love Don’t Love Nobody & Whispering Pines.

Musicians on the A Fool To Care album: Boz Scaggs, Ray Parker, Jr., Willie Weeks, Jim Cox, Steve Jordan, Bonnie Raitt, Lucinda Williams and others.


Frontiers Records 2015

Tracks: Running Out Of Time, Burn, Holy War, 21st Century Blues, Orphan, Unknown Soldier (For Jeffrey), The Little Things, Chinatown, All The Tears That Shine, Fortune & Great Expectations.

Musicians on the XIV album: Steve Lukather, Joseph Williams, David Paich, Steve Porcaro and others.

Releases in Japan on King Records with bonus track “Bend”.

Lucky 7 - Part 1

Lennon Records 2015

Tracks: Feel You Feel Me, Hollywoodland, Trying To Find America, One For The Ages, Wave After Wave, I See You There & Hibernate.

Musicians on the Lucky 7 – Part 1 album: Kipp Lennon, Pat Lennon, Michael Lennon, Mark Lennon, Monroe Jones, Mark Harris & Scott Crago.

Venetian Vinyl

Lennon Records 2015

Tracks: Side One: Rivers Never Run, When I Get Over You, The Family Tree, The Point, Hold Me & The Road To Where You Are. Side Two: Things That Always Make Me Think Of You, Father Time, Blue Ocean Park Waltz, Katrina, Two Places At One Time & That´s The Way It Is. Side Three: It´s Time, The Romance That Never Was, Ashes In The Snow, Language Of The Heart, Isabelle & What Summer Brings. Side Four: Back To The Well, Oh Bahia, We´re OK, 15 Presents & It´s To Late For Me Now.

Musicians on the Venetian Vinyl album: Kipp Lennon, Pat Lennon, Michael Lennon, Mark Lennon & Others.

Richard Page - Goin´South

Little Dume Recordings 2015

Tracks: Southern Wind, Turn Out The Light, Diamonds, Two Roads And Four Headlights, Me And My Guitar, Everybody´s Hometown, Another Day Gone By, Don´t Know Why I Miss You, Heaven Is Right Now & This Side Of The Soil.

Musicians on the Goin´ South Album: Richard Page and others.

Bill LaBounty - The Best Of Bill LaBounty

Sony Music 2015

Tracklist: Living It Up, Look Who´s Lonely Now, Trail To Your Heart (Sailing Without A Sail), Drops Of Water, In Twenty-Five Words Or Less, It Used To Be Me, Dream On (Bonus Track), Lie To Me, I´m Hurtin´, Nobody´s Fool (Bonus Track), Dancin´Tonight, Never Gonna Look Back, Who´s Gonna Hold Now, I Hope You´ll Be Very Unhappy Without Me (Bonus Track), Slow Fade, Little Rivers (Bonus Track), Comin´Back (Bonus Track) & This Night Won´t Last Forever.

Musicians on the Best Of Bill LaBounty album: Bill LaBounty and others.

Learning To Dance

Bluelan Records 2015

Tracks: Learning To Dance, Nothing With You, Living This Love, Love´s First Lesson, The End Of The Affair, I Volunteer, Ain´t Nobody Like You, What If We Should Fall In Love Again, You Can Go Home, Big Sky Country, Finally Found Me & Room To Run (Bonus Track).

Musicians on the Learning To Dance album: Jack Tempchin and others.