West Coast Music Releases Highlights from Year 2016

The West Coast AOR music is still popular and new releases, reissues and compilations.

At Blue Desert we always try to write about what is new and interesting and at the same time highlight some of the classic masterpieces. Some years a lot of material is released and other time less.

Here are some of the highlights that was released in the year 2016:

House Of Sky

Desert Rain Records 2016

Tracks: Boulevard Rain, Wyoming Wind, Thanks For The Wind, Daddy O´, All This Water, Since You Came, House Of Sky, A Good Life, These Are Heaven, You Move Me, Over The Moon, Praire Dog Moon, Seeds Of Love, Winter Ride, My Wayward Friend & Breathe It In.

Musicians on the House Of Sky album: Michael Tomlinson and others.

Session Works

Sony Music 2016

Track: Back On The Road (Earth, Wind & Fire), Breakdown Dead Ahead (Boz Scaggs), You Need Some Lovin´ (Eric Carmen), Ai No Corrida (Quincy Jones), I Want You (The Brothers Johnson), Hero With A 1.000 Eyes (Steve Lukather), Hold Me ´Til The Mornin´Comes (Paul Anka), Forever (Album Version) (Kenny Loggins), Paradise (Sarah Dash), A Clue (Boz Scaggs), Lady In The Dark (Album Version) (Valerie Carter), Lovin´And Losin´You (Dwayne Ford), Alone (I-Ten), Twist The Knife (Steve Lukather), Take Me To Your Heaven (Wilson Brothers), Whatever Happend (Dane Donohue) & Please Stay Tuned (Album Version) (Chet Atkins).

Musicians on the Session Works album: Steve Lukather and others.

Brunch Buffet

Lennon Records 2016

Tracks: Had I Known You Better Then, She´s Always A Woman, Thinking Out Loud, Happier Than The Morning Sun, Looking For A Lady, Home At Last, Keep On Tryin´, I Don´t Know Why, Free Man In Paris, After The Love Has Gone, Over The Rainbow & Everybody´s Changing.

Musicians on the Brunch Buffet album: Michael Lennon, Kipp Lennon, Mark Lennon, Pat Lennon and others.


Gateway Music 2016

Tracks: Musicolors, Ready For Take Off, Let Me Feel Your Love, Somebody Out There, Teatime For Lucy, The Woman Walking By The Sea, Color Control, Morning Mist, Fly Me To Heaven, Walk By My Side, Out Of The Blue & Slow Colors.

Musician on the Colortones album: Peter Michael, Lars Fabiansen, Klaus Menzer, Christina Boelskifte, Claus Suhr & Andre Sørensen.

John David Souther - S.T. "Reissue"

Omnivore Recording 2016

Tracks: The Fast One, Run Like A Thief, Jesus In 3/4 Time, Kite Woman, Some People Call It Music, White Wing, It´s The Same, How Long, Out To Sea, Lullaby, Kite Woman (Alternate Version), Jesus In 3/4 Time (Demo), The Fast One (Demo), Run Like A Thief (Demo), How Long (Demo), One In The Middle (Demo) & Silver Blue (Demo).

Musicians on the John David Souther album: John David Souther, Ned Doheny, Glenn Frey, Bryan Garofalo, Gary Mallaber, Gib Guilbeau, David Jackson, Mike Bowden, Mickey McGee, Joel Tepp, John Barbata & Wayne Perkins.

L.A Darkness

Escape Music 2016

Tracks: The Smartest Girl In L.A., The Locked Soul, One Foot In Heaven, Blueprint For Love, Desire Turning Into Dust, Heart In Pawn, Seven Storms, Why Girls Say No, Dangerous Fascination, Burning Rainbows (Instrumental), No Margin For Error (Duet Version) & The Trail To Your Heart (Remastered Version).

Musicians on the L.A Darkness album: Frederic Slama, Tommy Denander, Jeff Scott Soto, Kevin Chalfant, Steve Overland, Jesse Damon, Henry Small, Paul Sabu, Philip Bardowell, Rick Riso and others.


Pony Canyon 2016

Tracks: Runaway, Aria, Still Around, All That I Want, Carry On, Nightfly, After The Love Has Gone, Two Hearts At War, Rivers Of Fear, Evermore. Lavender Moon (Bonus Track) & Ocean Drive (Bonus Track).

Musicians on the CWF album: Bill Champlin, Joseph Williams, Peter Friestedt, Steve Porcaro, Randy Goodrum, Tamara Champlin, Will Champlin, Per Lindvall, Johan Granström, Ingmar Åberg, Lars Säfsund, Stefan Gunnarsson, Herman Matthews, Jon-Willy Rydningen, Eirik-André Rydningen, Lars-Erik Dahle, Janne Peltoniemi, Alessandro Del Vecchio, Jonas Wall, Andreas Andersson & Jonas Lindeborg.

Toto Live At Montreux 1991

Eagle Records 2016

Tracks: On The Run, Kingdom Of Desire, I´ll Be Over You, Africa, Jake To The Bone, Red House, Rosanna & I Want To Take You Higher.

Musicians on the Live At Montreux 1991 album: Steve Lukather, David Paich, Mike Porcaro, Jeff Porcaro, Chris Trujillo, Jenny Douglas, Jacci McGhee & Fred White.