Classics West Coast Music

The late seventies and early eighties are sometimes referred to as “The Golden Age” of West Coast Music, and the contrast to so much of what the nineties have offered us musically is remarkable.

Lots of studio recordings, especially in the Los Angeles area and with several artists or bands that released a few albums, some only a debut album and never had a follow up, also some artists moved to another music direction.

At this list you can see a selection of albums that are worthy a listening.

Gabriel - S.T.

Epic Records 1978

Tracks: Since I Met You, Take It Back, Maybe, Ooo Wee Baby, Right Track, Martha (Your Lovers Come And Go), For Quite Awhile, I Get High On You, Go Back Home & Didn't I Love You?

Musicians on the Gabriel album: Frank Butorac, Terry Lauber, Michael Kinder, Gary Ruhl, Tim Gorman, Kell Houston, Kim Eggers, Don McKinney & Danny O'Keefe.

Gabriel - Sweet Release

ABC Records 1976

Tracks: Love Disguise, Don't Tell Me No, It's Gonna Be A Hard Night, The Evening Of My Years, In The Middle Of The Night, Sweet Release, Chain Lightning, Making Her Cry, Took The Love Of A Woman & Higher And Higher.

Musicians on the Sweet Release album: Frank Butorac, Stacy Christenson, Michael Kinder, Terry Lauber & Gary Ruhl.

Gabriel - The Star On Every Heal

ABC Records 1975

Tracks: A little Bit Of Understanding, Round Round, I Wish I Were A Star, Rock And Roll Band, You Never Told Me You Loved Me, Be My Woman, Fly Away, Santa Cruz, I See You Hiding, Loving You, Idle Days & Little Darling.

Musicians on the Star On Every Heal album: Frank Butorac, Terry Lauber, Stacy Christenson, Michael Kinder, Gary Ruhl & Mark Pennick.

Henry Gaffney - On Again Off Again

Manhattan Records 1978

Tracks: This Is It, Breakout, There's No Sound, Lady, On Again Off Again, Happy End, Mack The Knife, There's A Train, City Lights & Mannequin.

Musicians on the On Again Off Again album: Henry Gaffney, Joe Caro, John Tropea, Eric Weissberg, Ron Carter, Frank Gravis, Neil Jason, Will Lee, Danny Trifan, Mike Mandel, Leon Pendarvis, Steve Jordan, Chris Parker, Bernie Pershey, Allen Schwartzberg, David Carey, Harvey Hoffman, Jimmy Maelen, Michael Brecker, David Friedman & Michael Chimes.

Henry Gaffney - Waiting For A Wind

RCA Records 1976

Tracks: I'm Waiting for a Wind, Over My Shoulder, Manhattan, Nightmare, Can I Rely on You, If Only the Weather Would Change, Superstar, For Pete's Sake (Julian Street), Seems I'm Falling & Happy Birthday to Ya.

Musicians on the Waiting For A Wind album: Henry Gaffney, Lance Quinn, Elliott Randall, John Tropea, Richard Davis, Anthony Jackson, Don Grolnick, Pat Rebillot, Allan Schwartzberg, David Friedman, Joe Jorgensen, Lew Soloff, Gary Klein, Al Dana & Lenny Roberts.

Billy And Sarah Gaines - S.T.

Benson Records 1986

Tracks: He's Risen In Me, You Are Faithful, I Am Convinced, The Part That No One Sees, In His Eyes, Turned My Mourning Into Dancing, No Greater Love, Glory To God In The Highest, Come Drink At My Table & Then The World Will Know.

Musicians on the Billy And Sarah Gaines album: Billy Gaines, Sarah Gaines, Jon Goin, Mark Hammond & Marti McCall.

Rob Galbraith - Throw Me A Bone

RCA Records 1976

Tracks: Just Be You, I Majored In Jive, 300 Pounds Of Hongry, White Boy In The Woodpile, Way He Looks At You, Damn It All, They Still Holler Boogie, Just Leave Me Alone, Throw Me A Bone & Inspire Me.

Musicians on the Throw Me A Bone album: Rob Galbraith, Tim Krekel, Don Potter, Reggie Young, Steve Brantley, Roy Goin, Joe Osborn, Bobby Ogdin, Bobby Wood, Hayward Bishop, Larrie Londin, Farrell Morris, Gayle Whitfield Horns, Michael Bacon, David DeArmond, Tommy Smith, Archie Jordan, Bergen White, The Colby Twins, Bruce Dees, The Fidgettes & The Holladays.

Gale Force - Two

Fantasy Records 1978

Tracks: Love On The Line, Hold On To The Feelin', Border Line, I've Lost My Way, Shot In A Crossfire, I Wanted It All, Show Me A Sign, Looking For Love & One Last Time.

Musicians on the Two album: Ken Gale, Len Gale, Bill Champlin, Rocke Grace, Jim Horn, William "D" Smith, Charles Souza, Michael Stewart & Ron Tutt.

Peter Gallway - On The Bandstand

Vivid Sound 1978

Tracks: Sunday Basketball, I Had A Friend, I'd Give It All To You, Liz, They Went That A Way, On The Bandstand, No Other Words, The Make Believe Mambo, Table For Two & Sally B. And Me.

Musicians on the On The Bandstand album: Peter Gallway, David Landau, Will MacFarlane, Larry John McNally, Mark Wainer, Denny Williams, Dave Conrad, James Libbey, Ron Roy, Neil Stubenhaus, David Case, Kevin DeSimone, Jon Hardy, Harry King, Murry Weinstock, Tom Blackwell, Steve Johnson, Jeff Teague, Marshall Rosenberg, Steve Fazio, Billy Novick, Mike Turk, Tom Blackwell, Steve Johnson, Ron Roy, Jane Simms & Murry Weinstock.

Glenn Garrett - It Is Written

Cut Above Music 1980

Tracks: The Liar, I Had A Reason, I'm Born Again, Lord Of All, I Can Be Me, Something So Right, Easy To Love, Words That I've Written, Forty Days, Stephen & Prophet Among Them.

Musicians on the It Is Written album: Glenn Garrett, Jon Goin, Brent Rowan, Ralph Childs, Larry Paxton, Michael Hanna, Shane Keister, Clay Claire, Joe English, Farrell Morris, Mark Morris, Dennis Solee, Chris Harris, Diana De Witt, David Roth & Gary Pigg.

Glenn Garrett - Renewed Like An Eagle

New Born Records 1979

Tracks: Jehovah-Jirah, Peter, Renewed like an Eagle, My Lord's Day, So Good to Call you Friend, Walking on with Jesus, Christmas Morn, The Mountains are Singing, Revelation 18 & By Faith.

Musicians on the Renewed Like An Eagle album: Glenn Garrett, Sonny Lallerstedt, Randy Bugg, Al Holley & Pat Terry.

Leif Garrett - My Movie Of You

Scotti Bros. Records 1981

Tracks: Every Night With You, Uptown Girl, Just Like A Brother, Santa Monica Bay, Mo Mo Way (Momoe), I Don't Want To Want You, Missin' You, Feels So Right & Movie Of You.

Musicians on the My Movie Of You album: Leif Garrett, George Doering, Fred Tackett, Billy Joe Walker, Richie Zito, Joe Chemay, Dennis Belfield, John Hobbs, Robert Marullo, David Wheatley, Ron Krasinski, Alan Estes, Randy Foote, Brett Hudson, Mark Hudson & Bill Thomas.

Leif Garrett - Can´t Explain

Scotti Bros. Records 1980

Tracks: Bare Trees, You Had To Go And Change On Me, Stuck In The Middle With You, Gimme Gimme Good Lovin', Love's So Cruel, I Can't Explain, Bits And Pieces, Thoughts, Run Run Run & Rowena.

Musicians on the Can´t Explain album: Leiff Garrett, Tony Battaglia, Richard Finch, Larry Dermer, Paul Harris, Timmy Thomas, Joe Galdo, Don Cugini & Richard Finch.

Leif Garrett - S.T.

Atlantic Records 1977

Tracks: Wanderer, California Girls, Put Your Head On My Shoulder, I Wanna Share A Dream, Johnny B. Goode, Runaround Sue, That's All, Bad To Me, Special Kind Of Girl & Surfin' USA.

Musicians on the Leif Garrett album: Leif Garrett, Jay Graydon, Mitch Holder, Art Munson, Jim Hughart, Michael Lloyd, Greg Mathieson, Ron Krasinski, Rick Shlosser, Alan Estes, John d'Andrea, Tom Bahler, Stan Farber, Jim Haas & Ron Hicklin.

Terry Garthwaite - Hands In Glove

Fantasy Records 1978

Tracks: If You Can't Love Me, You Don't Know Happiness, Some Other Spring, Bye Bye Moondance, You're Fine, What's The Matter With Love ?, Here Today & Ticket To Chicago.

Musicians on the Hands In Glove album: Terry Garthwaite, Jay Graydon, Mac Cridlin, George Mraz, Willie Weeks, Victor Feldman, Clark Gassman, Peggy Stern, John Guerin, Kenneth Nash, Dee Dee Dickerson, Sheila Glover, Vicki Randle & Willow Wray.

Larry Gatlin And The Gatlin Brothers Band - Straight Ahead

Columbia Records 1979

Tracks: All the Gold In California, Piece By Piece, The Way I Did Before, Can't Cry Anymore, Gypsy Flower Child, We're Number One, Taking Somebody With Me When I Fall, How Much Is A Man Supposed To Take, Hold Me Closer & Midnight Choir (Mogen David).

Musicians on the Straight Ahead album: Larry Gatlin, Rudy Gatlin, Steve Gatlin, Michael Smith, Steve Smith, Ralph Geddes, Jerry Cardigan, Philip Fojordo, Buddy Spicher & Charlie McCoy.

Crystal Gayle - Nobody Wants To Be Alone

Warner Bros 1985

Tracks: A Long And Lasting Love, Tonight Tonight, Nobody Wants To Be Alone, Love Does That To Fools, Coming To The Dance, You Were There For Me, Touch And Go, Someone Like You, A New Way To Say I Love You & God Bless The Childs.

Musicians on the Nobody Wants To Be Alone album: Crystal Gayle, Dann Huff, Chris Leuzinger, Dean Parks, Billy Sanford, Billy Walker, Reggie Young, Joe Allen, David Hungate, Neil Stubenhaus, Robbie Buchanan, Charles Cochran, John Hobbs, John Jarvis, Randy Kerber, Alan Steinberger, Matt Betton, Kenny Malone, John "JR" Robinson, Tom Roady, Jay Patten, Warren Luening, Lee Holdridge, Larry Muhoberac, Gene Page, Beth Anderson, Roger Cook, Laura Creamer, Angie Jaree, Darlene Koldenhoven, Ralph Murphy, Allen Reynolds, Cindy Richardson & Andrea Robinson.

Lowell George - Thanks I´ll Eat It Here

Warner Bros 1979

Tracks: What Do You Want The Girl To Do ?, Honest Man, Two Trains, I Can't Stop The Rain, Cheek To Cheek, Easy Money, 20 Million Things, Find A River, Himmler's Ring & Heartache.

Musicians on the Thanks I´ll Eat It Here album: Lowell George, Stephen Bruton, Luis Damian, Robert Gutierrez, Ron Koss, Dean Parks, Dennis Belfield, Chuck Rainey, Paul Stallworth, Gordon De Wity, Jimmy Greenspoon, Nicky Hopkins, David Foster, James Newton Howard, David Paich, Bill Payne, Michael Baird, Chilli Charles, Jim Gordon, Richie Hayward, Jim Keltner, Jeff Porcaro, Floyd Sneed, Jerry Jumoville, Joel Peskin, John Phillips, Bobby Bruce, Dennis Christianson, Darrell Leonard, Steve Madaio, Jim Price, Maxayn Lewis, Herb Pedersen, Bonnie Raitt, John David Souther & Maxine Willard Waters.

Renée Geyer - Moving Along

RCA Records 1977

Tracks: Heading In The Right Direction, Be There In The Morning, Quicker Than The Eye, Tender Hooks, Stares And Whispers, Just To Make Love To You, Touch & Moving Along.

Musician on the Moving Along album: Renée Geyer, Steve Beckmeier, Ray Parker Jr., Greg Poree, James Jamerson, Barry Sullivan, Nathan Watts, Harry Booker, Reginald Burke, Mal Logan, Jerry Peters, Raymond Pounds Percussion : Jack Ashford, Frederick Lewis, Venetta Fields, Pat Henderson, Sherlie Matthews, Tie Meier McCain, Otis Stokes & Frank Wilson.

Steve Gibb - Let My Song

Clouds Records 1979

Tracks: She Believes In Me, What Could You Know (About Love), Tell Me That You Love Me, Whiskey Dreams & Nursery Rhymes, If I Ever Had To Say Goodbye To You, Don't Blame It On Love, Look What You've Done, Just An Ordinary Man, Rock Me Off & Me & You.

Musicians on the Let My Song album: Steve Gibb, Pete Bordonali, Fred Carter, Jon Goin, Joe Osborn, Steve Schaffer, Jack Williams, Curtis Young, Buzz Carson, Randy Goodrum, Mike Lawler, Bobby Ogdin, Kenneth Buffrey, Jerry Carrigan, Farrell Morris, Mike Miller, Sheri Kramer, Lisa Silver, Diane Tidwell, Bergen White & Pamela Miller.

Jon Gibson - On The Run

Frontline Records 1986

Tracks: Metal Machine, Ain't It Pretty, On The Run, God Loves A Broken Heart, It's True, Standing On The One, Are You Gonna Stay, I Love Her Anyway, Nation In Need & Dreams.

Musicians on the On The Run album: Jon Gibson, John "JR" Robinson, Ernie Watts and others.

Jon Gibson - Standing On The One

Warner Bros 1983

Tracks: Start It All Again, She Told Me So, Standing On The One, That Ain't No Way To Live, Are You Gonna Stay With Me Again, I Love Her Anyway, It's True, So In Love With You, Nation In Need & She Told Me So.

Musicians on the Standing On The One album: Jon Gibson, Ben Bridges, Greg Doty, Micki Free, Sneaky Pete Kleinow, W.G. Walden, Nathan Watts, Clifford Coulter, Joey Gallo, Bill Wolfer, Tony Lewis, Jonathan Moffett, John "JR" Robinson, Wayne O. Millstein, Ernie Watts, Larry Williams, Crystal Blake & Phillip Ingram.

Gilberto Gil - Nightingale

Elektra Records 1978

Tracks: Sarara, Goodbye My Girl, Ella, Here And Now, Balafon, Alapala, Maracutu Atômico, Move Along With Me, Nightingale & Samba De Los Angeles.

Musicians on the Nightingale album: Gilberto Gil, Lee Ritenour, Michael Sembello, Abraham Laboriel, Nathan Watts, Don Grusin, Sergio Mendes, Alex Acuna, Oscar Castro Neves, Steve Forman, Roberto Da Silva, Rubens Sabino Da Silva, Gracinha Leporace, Carol Rogers & Marietta Waters.

Gilberto Gil - Realce

Elektra Records 1978

Tracks: Realce, Sarara Miolo, Superhomem, A Cançao, Tradiçao, Marina, Rebento, Toda Menina Baiana, Logunedé & Nao Chore Mais.

Musicians on the Realce album: Gilberto Gil, Sergio Dias, Steve Lukather, Perinho Santana, Bob Glaub, Rubao, Michael Boddicker, Mark T. Jordan, Lincoln Olivetti, Luiz Carlos, Rick Shlosser, Djamal Correa, John D'Andrea, Kim Hutchcroft, Larry Williams, Gary Grant, Larry Hall, Jerry Hey, Charlie Loper, Bill Reichenbach, Maria Aparecida, Bill Champlin, Jose Eduardo, Maria De Fatima, Venette Gloud, Maria Helena, Maria Rita, Martha Santos & Carmen Twillie.

Mic Gillette - Ear Candy

BKA Records 2005

Tracks: Funky Good Time (Intro), Tell Mama, I Like That, Before I Go, How Was I To Know, If Only For A Moment, Abaco, Open Up The Door, If, It Had Better Be Tonight & Funky Good Time (Complete).

Musicians on the Ear Candy album: Mic Gillette, Bruce Wall, Jeff Machado, John Xepolias, Jeff Redlawsk, Kelly Gravely, David Garibaldi, Rick Hendricks, Francis Rocco Prestia, Rick Duncan, Bernard Hairston, Steve Finch, Ray Wilkes, Julia Gillette, Jerry Cortez, Jeff Tamelier, Tall Morris, Rick Milan, Chester Thompson, Tom Suczek, Stevie Roseman, David Ferguson, Bill Champlin, Megan Gillette, Bob Anthony, Ronnie Law, Karl Perazzo, George Brooks, Greg Adams, Skip Mesquite, Emilio Castillo, Stephen Kupka, Marc Russo, Elmer Coles, Ms. Mone't, Lenny Williams, Fred Ross, Rick Duncan & Tony Conner.

Glad - No Less Than All

Greentree Records 1983

Tracks: Once And For All, Maker Of My Heart, More Than Just A Little Bit, Forget Me Not, Most Of The Time, Born To Be Broken, Celebrate, All Times Are His Seasons & Variations On A Hymn (That Humn Thing).

Musicians on the No Less Than All album: Brad Curry, Bob Kauflin, Don Nalle & Ed Nalle.

Glad - Captured In Time

Greentree Records 1982

Tracks: Good News, Light Up Your World, Anywhere I Go, Two Are Better Than One, Beautiful Love Song, Real Life, Hide Myself In You, Joy Comes In The Morning, Savior & Be Ye Glad.

Musicians on the Captured In Time album: Brad Curry, Bob Kauflin, Don Nalle & Ed Nalle.

Glad - Beyond A Star

Myrrh Records 1980

Tracks: The Reason, Take A Stand, Beyond A Star, Away, Iron Sharpens Iron, Lying, Lonely Love, It Is Good, Pierce My Ear & Sing A New Song.

Musicians on the Beyond A Star album: John Bolles, T. Coble, Brad Curry, Bob Kauflin, Don Nalle & Ed Nalle.

Glad - S.T.

Myrrh Records 1978

Tracks: All Things, Ephesus, Rely On Your Love, Love That Never Dies, Master Of Us All, So Hard Alone, Trilogy: Tree Voices & Psalm 121.

Musicians on the Glad album: John Bolles, Brad Currie, Bob Kauflin, Don Nalle & Ed Nalle.

Garry Glenn - GG

PPL Records 1980

Tracks: I Need You In My Life, Heaven Kind Of Love, Gonna Give You My Love, Cause I Love You, Fork In The Road, Don't Stop The Music, You're The One, Got You On My Mind & It's Love Again.

Musicians on the GG album: Garry Glenn, Ricky Lawson, Quentin Dennard, Peter Bunetta, Kenny Turman, James Vaughn, Gregg Moore, Robert Palmer, David Pruitt, Tennyson Stephens, Roderick Rancifer, Daniel Odudua, Ray Moore, John Rosemberg, Stewart Blumberg, Ernest Carlson, John Mitchell, Glen Garrett, Jimmy Carter, Gary Metz, Kristy Wheeler, Patrice Banks, Robert Glenn, Terri Hendricks & Fred Brady.

Jim Gold - I Can´t Face Another Day Without You

Tabu Records 1977

Tracks: Looking Through The Eyes Of Love, I Can' t Face Another Day Without You, Suzie Dressed In Blue, Living A Life Of Fantasy, On Broadway, Sundown (Calling Me), Midnight Lady (Hiding In The Shadows), Your Good Love Is All I Need & I Think I've Fallen In Love.

Musicians on the I Can' t Face Another Day Without You album: Jim Gold, Ben Benay, Dennis Coffey, Bruce Nazarian, Chuck Rainey, Rudy Robinson, Lee Marcus & King Errisson.

Michael Gonzales - Mountaintop

Ministry Resource Center 1983

Tracks: Thank You Jesus, Let It Go, Father, I Praise You, Come Home, Mountaintop, Waiting For Love, I Wanna Be Loved By You, Let Your Light Shine & Heaven's Home.

Musicians on the Mountaintop album: Michael Gonzales, Wayne Brasel, John Patitucci, David Diggs, Rob Watson, John Ferraro, Peter Claproth, Terry Winch, Bill Champlin, Tamara Champlin, Roby Duke & David Page.

Michael Gonzales - Fire In My Soul

Sonrise Records And Tapes 1980

Tracks: We Will Meet Again, Love Is Forever, Paradise, On Judgment Day, My God Above, Eternity, By The Jordan, God Given Love & Wait For The Day.

Musicians on the Fire In My Soul album: Michael Gonzales, David Diggs, Bud Nuanez, Dennis Belfield, Ken Wild, Willie Ornellas, Jim Coile, Ron King, Steve Madaio, Bill Reichenbach, Bill Champlin, Bob Carlisle, Joyce Everson, Shawn Eengemann, Millie Juarez & Karen Wright.

Good News - Good News II

Sonrise Mercantile Company 1977

Tracks: Wait For The Day, Run To The End Of The Highway, Lord We Feel Your Presence, Ride Along Rider, Everybody's Talkin' 'Bout Love, Singing Our Song, The Catch, You Sure Have Been Good to Me & Beside You.

Musicians on the Good News II album: Bill Batstone, Bob Carlisle), David Diggs, Keith Green & Yvonne Lewis.

Cuba Gooding - Love Dancer

Motown Records 1979

Tracks: Disco Royale, Trust Me, I'm Yours Now, Hey ! The Party's In Here, Dance Floor Lover, Tell Me How Long It's Been (Since You Had A Friend) & Running Man.

Musicians on the Love Dancer album: Cuba Gooding, Ben Benay, Paul Jackson Jr., Tim May, Eddie Watkins, Larry Farrow, Greg Phillinganes, Mike Smith, Ed Greene, Joe Clayton, Gary Coleman, Mike Smith, Julius Wechter, Julia Tillman Waters, Luther Waters, Oren Waters & Maxine Willard Waters.

Cuba Gooding - The 1st Cuba Gooding Album

Motown Records 1978

Tracks: Mind Pleaser, All I Can Give You Is Love, Where Would I Be Without You, Hold On To What You Got, Fool Of The Year, We're In Love, Ain't Nothin' To It, Someone To Go Home To & As Long As There's You.

Musicians on the 1st Cuba Gooding album: Cuba Gooding and others.

Tim Goodman - Footsteps

Columbia Records 1981

Tracks: Fara, Footsteps In The Night, Standin' On This Corner, New Romeo, Tell Your Mama, Growin' Up, Live Or Die, Little To Little, Tricycle & Johanna And The Sailor.

Musicians on the Footsteps album: Tim Goodman, John McFee, Michael O'Neill, Mark Andes, Tiran Porter, Sean Hopper, Richie Lawrence, Michael McDonald, Keith Knudsen, Chet McCracken, Billy Meeker, Cornelius Bumpus, Phil Chester, Max Gronenthal, Patrick Simmons & Chris Thompson.

Ray Gooliak - Home Away From Home

Silver Sidewalk Productions 1979

Tracks: Goodbye Aloha, Dream Lady, Making Amends, Love Is All, See, Take Good Care (Of Your Time), Maui On My Mind, Hold Her Own, All Alone & Home Away From Home.

Musicians on the Home Away From Home album: Ray Gooliak, Gerald Smith, J. Michael Henderson & Bryan Murphy.

Lesley Gore - Love Me By Name

A&M Records 1976

Tracks: Sometimes, Paranoia, Love Me By Name, Immortality, Can't Seem To Live Our Good Times Down, Don't Stop Me, Other Lady, Along The Way, Give It To Me Sweet Thing & Love Me By Name (Reprise).

Musicians on the Love Me By Name album: Lesley Gore, Dennis Budimir, Larry Carlton, George Johnson, Greg Poree, Lee Ritenour, Leslie Drayton, Clara Fischer, Dave Grusin, Herbie Hancock, Quincy Jones, David Paich, Jim Keltner, Harvey Mason, Jeff Porcaro, Eddie Brown, Ralph MacDonald, Harvey Mason, Pete Christlieb, Gene Cipriano, Tom Scott, Toots Thielemans, John Bahler, Tom Bahler, Leslie Drayton, Patricia Hodges, Quincy Jones, Jesse Kirkland, Marti McCall, Myrna Matthews, Karin Patterson, Warren Ray, Brenda Russell, Jessica Smith, Jackie Ward & Carolyn Willis.

Carl Graves - S.T.

A&M Records 1975

Tracks: Heart Be Still, Don't Throw It All Away, My Whole World Ended (The Moment You Left Me), How Can I Be A Man, Baby Don't Knock, Welcome Home, You're Gonna Be All Alone, Be Tender With My Love, Breaking Up Is Hard To Do & That's The Way Love Is.

Musicians on the Carl Graves album: Carl Graves, Ed Greene, Wilton Felder, Larry Carlton, Ray Parker, Joe Sample, Robbie Buchanan, Pla Johnson, Steve Madaio, Lew McCreary, Tom Scott, Kim Carnes, Donny Gerrard, Julia Tillman & Maxine Willard.

Al Green - Precious Lord

Myrrh Records 1982

Tracks: Precious Lord, Rock Of Ages, The Old Rugged Cross, Morningstar, How Great Thou Art, Glory To His Name, What A Friend We Have A Jesus, In The Garden & Hallelujah (I Just Want To Praise The Lord).

Musicians on the Precious Lord album: Al Green, Ken Bell, Moses Dillard, Bob Wray, David Briggs, Tony Brown, Larrie Londin, Anita Ball, Francine Belcher, Lea Jane Berinati, Kim Fleming, Vicki Hampton, Bobby Jones, Donna McElroy, Charles Miller, Temple Riser & Karen Taylor.

Lilly Green - I Am Blessed

Myrrh Records 1978

Tracks: I Am Blessed, Ain't No Turnin' Around, I Can Be What I Am, Crucify Him, Hallowed By The Name, Misty Morning, Child Of Mine, Family, Forgive Me, Psalm 139 & Jude's Benediction.

Musicians on the I Am Blessed album: Lilly Green, Dan Ferguson, Grant Geissman, Fred Tackett, Leon Gaer, Clark Gassman & Paul Leim.

Steve Green - He Hold The Keys

Sparrow Records 1985

Tracks: Praise To The King, Celebrate His Good Life, He Holds The Keys, The Lord Is Lifted Up, That's Where The Joy Comes From, I Can See, Honor The Lord, When His Kingdom Comes & Touch Your People Once Again.

Musicians on the He Hold The Keys album: Steve Green, Pete Bordonali, Jon Goin, Craig Nelson, Bill George, David Huntsinger, Dave Innis, Shane Keister, Mark Hammond, James Stroud, Farrell Morris, Nashville String Machine & Marti McCall.

Steve Green - S.T.

Sparrow Records 1984

Tracks: Lift Up A Song, Looking For The City, Bringing Back The Glory, Proclaim The Glory Of The Lord, Wounded Soldier, Lamb Of Glory, Other Side Of The Grave, Broken And Spilled Out, You Can Be (As Full As You Want To Be) & People Need The Lord.

Musicians on the Steve Green album: Steve Green, Greg Nelson, John Darnall, Mark Gersmehl, Jon Goin, Brent Rowan, Craig Nelson, Larry Paxton, Jack Williams, Lari Goss, Mitch Humphries, David Huntsinger, Mark Hammond, James Stroud, Farrell Morris, Dan Cleary, Don Hart, Kristi Cleary, Lisa Silver & Diane Tidwell.

Lee Greenwood - Streamline

MCA Records 1985

Tracks: Streamline, Lonely People, I Don't Mind The Thorns (If You're The Rose), Hearts Aren't Made To Break (They're Made To Love), A Little At A Time, Breakin' Even, Don't Underestimate My Love For You, Same Old Song, The Will To Love & Leave My Heart The Way You Found It.

Musicians on the Streamline album: Lee Greenwood, Pete Bordonali, Steve Gibson, Kenny Mims, Don Potter, Brent Rowan, Larry Sasser, David Hungate, Joe Osborn, Jack Williams, David Briggs, Dave Innis, John Jarvis, Hargus Robbins, Jerry Kroon, Larrie Londin, James Stroud, Bergen White, Carol Chase, Greg Gordon, Dennis Wilson & Curtis Young.

Lee Greenwood - Somebody´s Gonna Love You

MCA Records 1983

Tracks: I.O.U., Somebody's Gonna Love You, Going Going Gone, Call It What You Want To (It's Still Love), Barely Holding On, Love Won't Let Us Say Goodbye, Ladies Love, The Wind Beneath My Wings, Think About The Good Times & Someone Who Remembers.

Musicians on the Somebody's Gonna Love You album: Lee Greenwood, Pete Bordonali, Steve Gibson, Weldon Myrick, Jerry Shook, Andy Statman, Peter Wade, Reggie Young, David Hungate, Jack Williams, David Briggs, Hargus Robbins, Larrie Londin, James Stroud, Carol Chase, Doug Clements, Sherilyn Huffman, Lisa Silver, Diane Tidwell & Dennis Wilson.

James Griffin - S.T.

Polydor Records 1978

Tracks: Laura Lee, Hanalei, Goin' Back To Tennessee, Blood From A Stone, How Do You Say Goodbye, Treat Her Right, That's All I Need, My Love Is Mine & I Repent.

Musicians on the James Griffin album: James Griffin, Barry Burton, Dean Parks, Dave Budameyer, David Gates, Larry Knechtel, Josef Lamanno, David Paich, Michael Botts, Jim Gordon, Jim Horn, Ed Logan, Andrew Love, James Mitchell, Jack Hale, Wayne Jackson & Carol Carmichael Parks.

James Griffin - Breakin´Up Is Easy

Polydor Records 1974

Tracks: Breakin' Up Is Easy, Someday, Love You Till The Cows Come Home, She Knows, Father And Son, You'll Get Along, Lifeline, Goin' Back To Boston, Only Know & Love To Light The Way.

Musicians on the Breakin´Up Is Easy album: James Griffin, Russ Kunkel, Mike Botts, Lee Sklar, David Gates, Larry Knechtel, Jeff Baxter, Larry Knechtel, Robb Royer, Curtis Amy & Jim Horn.

Glenda Griffith - S.T.

Ariola Records 1977

Tracks: I Can't Dance, Eagle, Heavenly Island, Isn't That So ?, All My Friends, Angel Spread Your Wings, Valentine Pieces, Night Eyes, Don't Worry & Quits.

Musicians on the Glenda Griffith album: Glenda Griffith, Dan Dugmore, Walter Egan, Don Felder, Andrew Gold, John Leslie Hug, Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Danny Kortchmar, Danny O'Keefe, Waddy Wachtel, Joe Walsh, Kenny Edwards, Timothy B. Schmit, John Selk, Willie Weeks, Bob Carpenter, Craig Doerge, Jay Ferguson, Carole King, Vince Melamed, Jai Winding, Michael Botts, Don Henley, Russ Kunkel, Steve Forman, Bobbye Hall, Mark Hofstein, Tommy Morgan & Valerie Carter.

Rob Grill - Uprooted

Mercury Records 1979

Tracks: Feel The Heat, God Help The Man, Have Mercy, Rockin' On The Road Again, Strangers, Rock Sugar, When Will It Be, Open Up Your Heart & Where Were You When I Needed You.

Musicians on the Uprooted album: Rob Grill, Lindsey Buckingham, Steve Hunter, Brian Naughton, Mark Leonard, John McVie, Robbie Buchanan, Dennis Provisor, Mike Fleetwood, Mike Huey, Bill Champlin, Kathy Collier, Donnie Gerrard, Carl Graves, Jay Gruska & Annie McCloone.

Dave Grusin - Night Lines

GRP Records 1983

Tracks: Power Wave, Thankful N' Thoughtful, Theme From St. Elsewhere, Haunting Me, Secret Place, Night Lines, Tick Tock, Kitchen Dance, Somewhere Between Old And New York & Bossa Baroque.

Musicians on the Night-Lines album: Dave Grusin, Lincoln Goines, Marcus Miller, Ed Walsh, Buddy Williams, Rubens Bassini, David Sanborn, Randy Goodrum, Gary Roda & Phoebe Snow.

Don Grusin - 10K-LA

JVC Records 1984

Tracks: Majesty, Good Lookin', Danger, Electric Man, Julie Ann, Mongolia, Reggae De American Babies, One More Soldier, The Dance & Sadie.

Musicians on the 10K-LA album: Don Grusin, Lee Ritenour, Tim Weston, Nathan East, Abraham Laboriel, Dave Grusin, Harvey Mason, Bob Wilson, Steve Forman, Harvey Mason, Ernie Watts, Tom Jans, Kate Markowitz, Eric Tagg, Valerie Carter, Kate Markowitz, Phil Perry & Leslie Smith.

Arlo Guthrie - Amigo

Reprise Records 1976

Tracks: Guabi Guabi, Darkest Hour, Massachusetts, Victor Jara, Patriot's Dream, Grocery Blues, Walking Song, My Love, Manzanillo Bay, Ocean Crossing & Connection.

Musicians on the Amigo album: Arlo Guthire, Bill Green, Waddy Wachtel, Bob Glaub, Dan Velika, Leah Kunkel, Jai Winding, Rick Jaeger, Russ Kunkel, Milt Holland, Gayle Levant, Nick DeCaro & Linda Ronstadt.

Kit Hain - School For Spies

Mercury Records 1983

Tracks: Pulling Appart, Perfect Timing, Bells Of Old Paris, Cry Wolf, Too Far Too Soon, School For Spies, I Need To Be With You, Fallen Angel, After The Darkness & Wild Ones Dance.

Musicians on the School For Spies album: Kit Hain, Chris Spedding, Anthony Jackson, Mike Thorne & Alan Schwartzberg.

Kit Hain - Looking For You

Mercury Records 1982

Tracks: Looking For You, Parting Would Be Painless, Danny, Uninvited Guests, Inner Ring, Survivors, I'm The One Who's With You, Awaking Again, Aaron & Spirits Walking.

Musicians on the Looking For You album: Kit Hain and others.

Kit Hain - Spirits Walking Out

Deram Records 1981

Tracks: Force Grown, I'm The One Who's With You, Uninvited Guests, Aaron, Awaking Again, Looking For You, Danny, Spirits Walking Out, Parting Would Be Painless & You Are The One.

Musicians on the Spirits Walking Out album: Kit Hain and others.

Jimmy Hall - Cadillac Tracks

Epic Records 1982

Tracks: Hold On To My Love, Sleepin' On The Beach Tonight, It's Your Move, Carin', Fool For Your Love, Cadillac Tracks, Standing In The Fire, I Want To (Do Everything For You), Love Me Like The Last Time & Make A Miracle.

Musicians on the Cadillac Tracks album: Jimmy Hall, Larry Berwald, Larry Byrom, Jon Goin, Kenny Mims, Billy Sanford, Bob Wray, Michael Hanna, Shane Keister, Randy McCormick, James Stroud, Kenny Malone, Roger Bissell, Harrison Calloway, Quitman Dennis, Ronnie Eades, Ron Keller, Charles Rose, Dennis Solee, Harvey Thompson, George Tidwell, Steve Brantley, Thoams Cain & Gunnar Gelotte.

Jimmy Hall - Touch You

Epic Records 1980

Tracks: Private Number, Midnight To Daylight, Easy Street, Rock & Roll Soldier, Never Again, Bad News, I'm Happy That Love Has Found You, The Same Old Moon & Touch You.

Musicians on the Touch You album: Jimmy Hall, Larry Berwald, Jon Goin, Jack Hall, Mike Duke, Mike Eubank, Shane Keister, Farrell Morris, George Tidwell, Norbert Putman, Shelly Kurland, Greg Taylor, Bonnie Bramlett, Anita Hall & Dave Loggins.

Pam Mark Hall - Keeper

Reunion Records 1986

Tracks: This Is A Test, Jesus In The Street, Unexpected Places, Never Trade My Love, Keeper Of The Vision, What Can I Do, Jordan, Determined, The Longing & Love Conquers Everything.

Musicians on the Keeper album: Pam Mark Hall and others.

Pam Mark Hall - Supply And Demand

Reunion Records 1984

Tracks: The Agony And The Glory, For The Prize, Walk By Faith, Hey Child, Our God Reigns, Find The Glory There, Love Supply What Love Demands, Reach Out And Love Again & Sparrow Watcher.

Musicians on the Supply And Demand album: Pam Mark Hall and others.

Pam Mark Hall - Flying

Aslan Records, Inc 1976

Tracks: Flying, Blessed Is The Man, Jesus I Believe, I Long To Reveal, Holy Union, When We All Come Together, Dwell On These Things, Love Not The World, Teach Me Thy Ways & Wings Of The Dawn.

Musicians on the Flying album: Pam Mark Hall, Lloyd Barre, John Fischer, Mark Spoelstra, Dale Lear, Jeff McGrew, Dan Collins, Cliff Nord, Larry Mosley, Heidi Cunningham & John Fischer.

Sammy Hall - Don´t Let Anyone Steal Your Dream

Newpax Records 1977

Tracks: Turn Turn Turn, Let Your Love Flow, The Devil Is Like A Searching Wind, The World Didn't Give It To Me, Don't Let Anyone Steal Your Dream, Past The Point Of No Return, Circles Those Crazy Circles, Ode To The Outlaw, Hide' n Watch & The Best To You.

Musicians on the Don't Let Anyone Steal Your Dream album: Sammy Hall, Harold Bradley, Jimmy Capps, Peter Wade, Reggie Young, Jesse Boyce, Steve Schaeffer, Randy Goodrum, Tony Migliori, Hargus Robbins, Buddy Skipper, Kenny Malone, Mel Owins & The Shelly Kurland Section.

Dirk Hamilton - Meet Me At The Crux

Elektra Records 1978

Tracks: Mouth Full Of Suck (They Got No Life Of Their Own), Billboard On The Moon, All In All, Welcome To Toyland, Tell A Vision Time, Heroes Of The Night, Meet Me At The Crux, How Do You Fight Fire ?, Every Inch A Moon, She's Inside The Moon, Dangerous, Growing New You, Dirty Money, Citizen Of The World, Condo Rows, Don't Laught At Me Louise & Santa Cruz Mountain Monologue.

Musicians on the Meet Me At The Crux album: Dirk Hamilton, Don Evans, Ron Fransen, Bill Payne, Jai Winding, Ron Aston, Steve Forman, George Bohannon, Gary Grant, Kim Hutchcroft, Don Menza, Craig Safan, Larry Williams, Clydie King, Sherlie Matthews & James Rolleston.

Dirk Hamilton - Alias I

ABC Records 1977

Tracks: In The Eyes Of The Night, Ballad Of Dicky Pferd, For Diana, Alias I, Gatos, Joanna Ree, The Classic Sweat Pose, The Light Of Love, The Big Boo Hoo & As A Matter Of Fact.

Musicians on the Alias I album: Dirk Hamilton, Don Evans, Chuck Domanico, Bob Glaub, James Rolleston, David Aston, Ron Fransen, David Paich, John Guerin, Jeff Porcaro, Chino Valdes, Charlie Black, George Bohannon, Oscar Brashear, Jim Horn, Bill Perkins, Kenny Shroyer, Steve Paietta, Don Evans, Venetta Fields, James Jamerson, James Rolleston & Phyllis St James.

Dirk Hamilton - You Can Sing On The Left Or Bark On The Right

ABC Records 1976

Tracks: Sweet Forever, Waterfall, Little Big Time Man, She Don't Squash Bugs, I Got To Feelin', Sweet And Cold, Wasn't That One Night Good, Grow A Rose, When She Kiss Ya' Like She Loves (Ya' Know She Do) & Kidin' On A Whale.

Musicians on the You Can Sing On The Left Or Bark On The Right album: Dirk Hamilton, Larry Carlton, Dean Parks, Elliott Randall, Louie Shelton, David Hungate, Chuck Rainey, David Paich, Jeff Porcaro, Victor Feldman, Milt Holland, Ron Fransen, Venetta Fields, Jim Gilstrap, Chris Hillman, Tom Kelly & Sherlie Matthews.

Hamilton, Joe Frank & Dennison - Love And Conversation

Playboy Records 1976

Tracks: You Sold Me A One Way Ticket To Love 2 - I Was There 3 - Don't Fight The Hands (That Need You) 4 - Love And Conversation 5 - Now That I've Got You 6 - Act Of Mercy 7 - Houdini 8 - Old Habits 9 - Get On The Bus.

Musicians on the Love And Conversation album: Dan Hamilton, Joe Frank Carollo, Alan Dennison, Jeff Baxter, Paulinho Da Costa, John D'Andrea, Jimmy George, Gary Grant, Jay Graydon, Bill Greene, Ed Greene, Tom Hensley, David Hungate, James Jamerson, Charles Loper, Lew McCreary, Lee Ritenour & Ernie Watts.

Albert Hammond - Somewhere In America

Columbia Records 1982

Tracks: The Light At The End Of The Line, Sweet Defector, Rendezvous, Shoot Em Up Shoot Em Down, Hero On Parade, Oh ! What A Time, Before You Change The World, The Time, Does Was The Loving Kind & Somewhere In America.

Musicians on the Somewhere In America album: Albert Hammond, Richie Zito, Scott Chambers, Bryan Garofalo, Bob Glaub, James Newton Howard, Bill Meeker, Paulinho Da Costa, Jerry Peterson, Marsha Coy, Albert Hammond, Tom Kelly, Melissa Lundgren, Rick Roberts & Lauren Wood.

Albert Hammond - Your World And My World

Columbia Records 1981

Tracks: Your World And My World, Memories, When I'm Gone, Anyone With Eyes, World Of Love, I Want You Back Here With Me, Experience, Take Me Sailing, By The Night & I'm A Camera.

Musicians on the Your World And My World album: Albert Hammond, Matt Andes, Mike Francis, John Hug, Josh Leo, Jay Dee Maness, David Hungate, Lee Sklar, Neil Stubenhaus, Tom Hensley, John Hobbs, Jim Ed Norman, Tom Snow, Brian Whitcomb, Michael Botts, Buzz Buchanan, Jeff Porcaro, ML Benoit, Peter Krueger, Alan Broadbent, John Leslie Hug, Howars Kaylan, Nicolette Larson, Lois Szczesniak, Judy Tate, Mark Volman, Wendy Waldman & Jennifer Warnes.

Steve Harley - Hobo With A Grin

EMI Records 1978

Tracks: Roll The Dice, Amerika The Brave, Living In A Rhapsody, I Wish It Would Rain, Riding The Waves (For Virginia Wolf), Someone's Coming, Hot Youth, (I Don't Believe) God Is An Anarchist, Faith Hope And Charity, Spaced Out & That's My Life In Your Hands (Live).

Musicians on the Hobo With A Grin album: Steve Harley, Ian Bairson, Marc Bolan, Jim Cregan, Tom Moncrieff, Jo Partridge, Greg Poree, Fred Tackett, George Ford, Herbie Flowers, Bob Glaub, Alan Jones, Reggie McBride, Bill Payne, Stuart Elliott, Ricky Faatar, James Isaacson, Paul Humphrey, Rick Shlosser, Chris Caron, Lindsey Elliott, Michael James Jackson, Luis Jardim, Simon Morton, Chris Mercer, Rosemary Butler, Bill Champlin, Gloria Jones, Tom Kelly, Yvonne Kelly, Roy Kenner, Bobby Kimball, Michael McDonald, Barry St Jones & John Townsend.

Gene Harris - In A Special Way

Blue Note Records 1976

Tracks: Theme For Relana, Rebop, Zulu, Always In My Mind, Love For Sale, It's Your Love, Soft Cycles, Five / Four & Naima.

Musicians on the In A Special Way album: Gene Harris, Al McKay, Lee Ritenour, John Rowin, Chuck Rainey, Verdine White, Jerry Peters, Charlotte Pollitte, James Gadson, Harvey Mason, Philip Bailey, Mayuto Correa, Harvey Mason, Azar Lawrence, George Bohannon, Edward Green, Sidney Mukdrow, Mabel Robinson, Marni Robinson, Merry Clayton, D.J. Rogers, Stephanie Spruill & Deniece Williams.

Dan Hartman - I Can Dream About You

MCA Records 1984

Tracks: We Are The Young, I Can Dream About You, Shy Hearts, I'm Not A Rolling Stone, Rage To Live, Name Of The Game, Power Of A Good Love, Second Nature, I Can't Get Enough & Electricity.

Musicians on the I Can Dream About You album: Dan Hartman, Michael Thompson, Richie Zito, Eddie Watkins, Bill Payne, Art Wood, Bobbye Hall, Arno Hecht, Ernie Watts, Ellen Foley, Winston Ford, Charlie Midnight, Joe Pizzulo, Frank Simms & George Simms.

Lisa Hartman - Letterock

RCA Records 1982

Tracks: Hidin' From Love, Why Baby ?, Johnny's Always On My Mind, If Love Must Go, Hole In My Heart, Two To Do, Games, Miss You (Like I Do), Don't Let Me Go & New Romance (It's A Mystery).

Musicians on the Letterock album: Lisa Hartman, Josh Leo, Veyler Hildebrand, Josh Leo, Sterling Smith, Matt Betton, Vince Melamed, Brad Palmer & Timothy B. Schmit.

Lisa Hartman - Hold On

Kirshner Records 1979

Tracks: Hold On I'm Comin', Oh Me Oh My, If You Want To Come Home, Walk Away, Old Time Rock & Roll, You Keep Me Hangin' On, Livin' Without Your Love, Steal Away Again, Who's Gonna Hold You & Don't You Love Me Anymore.

Musicians on the Hold On album: Lisa Hartman, Jay Graydon and others.

Harvest - Only The Overcomers

Greentree Records 1986

Tracks: Stand, Here I Am Again, Only The Overcomers, You Alone Are Holy, Children Things We Throw Away, Not By Might, The Watchman, Choose You This Day & Sing About The Blood.

Musicians on the Only The Overcomers album: Ed Kerr, Jerry Williams, Alex Acuna, Rose Banks, Nelly Greisen, Annie Herring, Hadley Hockensmith, Abraham Laboriel, Brian Mann, Bill Maxwell, Howard McCrary, Dean Parks, John Patitucci, Harlan Rogers, Alfie Silas, Howard Smith, Steve Tavaglione, Tata Vega & Matthew Ward.

Harvest - It´s Allright Now

Milk & Honey 1982

Tracks: Because I Am, The Wedding Day, Stay In Your Love, Memories, It's Alright Now, Behold God, Freeway Preacher, Mountain Climber, Seed Of Faith & Help Me Again.

Musicians on the It's Alright Now album: Ed Kerr, Jerry Williams, Jerry McPherson, Allen Mesko, Paul Mills, Dan Smith & Terry Westbrook.

Harvest - S.T.

Everlast Spring 1979

Tracks: Love Is Calling, Holy Spirit, The Time Seems Right, Where Would I Be ?, The Love Of God, The Sound Of The Lord, Resurrection Morning, Yesterday, Thank You Jesus, It's A Rainy Day & Benediction.

Musicians on the Harvest album: Ed Kerr, Paul Wilbur & Jerry Williams.

Leon Haywood - Double My Pleasure

MCA Records 1978

Tracks: Double My Pleasure, You Bring Out The Freak In Me, Fine And Healthy Thing, She's Built She's Stacked, Life Goes On, Self Respect, Super Sexy & It's Gonna Be Alright.

Musicians on the Double My Pleasure album: Leon Haywood, Roland Bautista, Billy Ray Charles, Tony Darke, Ray Parker Jr., Richard Jones, David Shields,  Tony Coleman, Gail Detric, James Ingram, Gregory Jackson, Jack Parry, James Gadson, Ed Greene, Eddie Brown, Venetta Fields, Augie Johnson, Gregory Matta, Louie Patton, Julia Tillman Waters & Maxine Willard Waters.

Murray Head - Between Us

Philips Records 1979

Tracks: Los Angeles, How Many Ways, Rubbernecker, Mademoiselle, Sorry I Love You, Countryman, It's So Hard Singing The Blues Lady, Good Old Days, Lady I Could Serve You Well & Bye Bye Bye.

Musicians on the Between Us album: Murray Head, Geoffrey Richardson, Bob Weston, John Perry, Geoffrey Richardson, Rupert Hine, Trevor Morais & Simon Jeffes.

Rob Hegel - Hegel

RCA Victor 1980

Tracks: Tommy - Judy And Me, Give Me More, We're Lovers After All, If I Cared About You, Heartless, Out Of My Mind, I Want You, When It Hit Me & To Get What My Heart's Demanding.

Musicians on the Hegel album: Rob Hegel, Steve Love, Rob Walsh, Francisco Centeno, Jack Waldman and others.

Finis Henderson - S.T. "CD Issue"

Motown Records 1997

Tracks: Skip To My Lou, Making Love, Lovers, You Owe It All To Love, Blame It On The Night, Percussion Intro / Call Me, Vina Del Mar, Crush On You, I'd Rather Be Gone & School Girl.

Musicians on the Finis Henderson album: Finis Henderson, Gregory Doty, Paul Jackson Jr., Michael Landau, Steve Lukather, Al McKay, Nathan East, Abraham Laboriel, Neil Stubenhaus, Michael Boddicker, Erich Bulling, Frank Hamilton, Tom Keane, Randy Kerber, Steve Porcaro, Jeff Porcaro, John "JR" Robinson, Carlos Vega, Philip Bailey, Paulinho Da Costa, Ralph Johnson, George Bohannon, Steve Tavaglione, Chuck Findley, Gary Grant, Jerry Hey, Bill Reichenbach, Bill Champlin, Steve George, Gary Glenn, Adonis Hampton, Richard Page, Arleen Parks & Carmen Twillie.

Finis Henderson - S.T.

Motown Records 1983

Tracks: Skip To My Lou, Making Love, Lovers, You Owe It All To Love, Blame It On The Night, Percussion Intro / Call Me, Vina Del Mar, Crush On You, I'd Rather Be Gone & School Girl.

Musicians on the Finis Henderson album: Finis Henderson, Gregory Doty, Paul Jackson Jr., Michael Landau, Steve Lukather, Al McKay, Nathan East, Abraham Laboriel, Neil Stubenhaus, Michael Boddicker, Erich Bulling, Frank Hamilton, Tom Keane, Randy Kerber, Steve Porcaro, Jeff Porcaro, John "JR" Robinson, Carlos Vega, Philip Bailey, Paulinho Da Costa, Ralph Johnson, George Bohannon, Steve Tavaglione, Chuck Findley, Gary Grant, Jerry Hey, Bill Reichenbach, Bill Champlin, Steve George, Gary Glenn, Adonis Hampton, Richard Page, Arleen Parks & Carmen Twillie.

Kyle Henderson - More Than The Look Of Love

Kerygma Records 1985

Tracks: Gift Of Grace, Open The Lines, More Than The Look Of Love, Beautiful People, Renaissance, He's Coming Back, Sold Out, It's You, Fallen Angel & All Of My Life.

Musicians on the More Than The Look Of Love album: Kyle Henderson, Bob Marshalek, Mark Moulin, Roger Delaney, Craig Eckler, Dennis Marcellino & Warren Ham.

Patrick Henderson - Look To Jesus

Newpax Records 1981

Tracks: Look To Jesus, God Is A Mighty God, All That I Need, My Soul Says Yes, Love Lifted Me, Let Your Spirit Fall Down On Me, You Better Get Ready, I Will Praise His Holy Name, Put Your Trust In Him & Have You Received The Power.

Musicians on the Look To Jesus album: Patrick Henderson, Michael Landau, John McFee, Neil Stubenhaus, David Garfield, Keith Knudsen, Chet McCracken, Victor Feldman & David Sanborn.

Annie Herring - Search Deep Inside

Sparrow Records 1981

Tracks: Search Deep Inside, When You Come On My Mind, Before You Go Out The Door, Love Comes In Many Shapes And Colors, Killing Thousands, As A Matter Of Fact, The Day's Gone By, Father It's Me Again, Old Soldier & Earthbound.

Musicians on the Search Deep Inside album: Annie Herring, Marty Walsh, Abraham Laboriel, Michael Omartian & Paul Leim.

Annie Herring - Through A Child´s Eyes

Sparrow Records 1976

Tracks: Learn A Curtsey, Where Is The Time, Wild Child, Death After Life, Grinding Stone, Hand On Me, Dance With You, Love Drops, Days Like These, First Love, Some Days, Liberty Bird & Fly Away Burden.

Musicians on the Through A Child´s Eyes album: Annie Herring, Ben Benay, Mike Deasy, Art Munson, Lee Ritenour, David Hungate, Joe Osborn, Lee Sklar, Clark Gassman, Jay Migliori, Michael Omartian, Jim Gordon, David Kemper, Stormie Omartian, Bili Thedford & Matthew Ward.

Hero - Boys Will Be Boys

20th Century Fox Records 1978

Tracks: Boys Will Be Boys, Somebody's Calling, Rock N Roll Is Here To Stay, Back On The Street, It's Only Make Believe, Just One More Time, Heard You In The Alley, Hooray For The Children, You Take My Breath Away & Something's In The Air.

Musicians on the Boys Will Be Boys album: Neil Citron, Jeff Houle, Curt Houle, Jeff Jones & Scott Phares.

Bertie Higgins - Just Another Day In Paradise

Epic Records 1982

Tracks: Just Another Day In Paradise, Casablanca, Candledancer, Key Largo, Port O'Call, White Line Fever, Heart Is The Hunter, She's Gone To Live On The Mou, Down At The Blue Moon & Tropics.

Musicians on the Just Another Day In Paradise album: Bertie Higgins, Ken Bell, Shelton Irwin, Jeff Pinkham, Barry Richmond, Gary Baker, Arch Pearson, John Healy, Steve Nathan, Owen Hale, Bill Marshall, Mickey Buckins, Edward Higgins, Ed Leamon, Scott MacLellan, The Atlanta Strings, Gloria Higgins Burke, Mike Jones, Doug Johnson, Manny Loiacono, Phyllis Loiacono, Scott MacLellan, Lu Moss, David Powell, Mike Sullivan, Suzi Sumith & Cheryl Wilson.

Highway - Highway 1

Epic Records 1979

Tracks: (Feels Like It's) Slippin' Away, Skyline, (If I) Breakdown, Don't Wait Too Long, Winnipeg Sidestep, You Made A Fool, Cheatin' Eyes, Another Night On The Road, Take My Heart & Beg Steal Or Borrow.

Musicians on the Highway 1 album: Daryl Braithwaite, Harvey James, Tony Mitchell, Garth Porter, Alan Sandow, Michael Boddicker, Bill Cuomo, Steve Forman, David Foster, Venette Gloud, Jim Horn, Jay Lewis, Shanon Robinson & Carmen Twillie.

Marcia Hines - Ooh Child

Miracle Records 1979

Tracks: Ooh Child, Something's Missing (In My Life), You're So Good, Moments, I Wanna Make It With You Tonight, Dance You Fool Dance, April Sun In Cuba / Save The Last Dance For Me, Where Did We Go Wrong & Let The Music Play.

Musicians on the Ooh Child album: Marcia Hines, Bob Mack, Tim May, Lee Ritenour, Paul Sabu, Rick Springfield, Fred Tackett, David Hungate, Mike Porcaro, Al Capps, Jai Winding, Terry Young, Ed Greene, Willie Ornelas, Robert Conti, Steve Forman, Carl Friberg, Robbie Porter & Julius Wechter.

Becky Hobbs - Everyday

Tattoo Records 1977

Tracks: Everyday, Safe With Me, Someone To Watch Over Me, Let's Make Love, Gettin' To Me Again, That "I Love You, You Love Me Too" Love Song, Love Enough, I Don't Know Why (I Love That Guy), Best Thing I Can Do & All That I Am.

Musicians on the Everyday album: Becky Hoobs, Lewis Anderson, Jay Dee Maness, Larry McNeely, Lee Ritenour, Thom Rotella, Lee Sklar, Bill Cuomo, David Foster, Michael Omartian, Michael Baird, Ed Greene, John Raines & Ernie Watts.

Hodges, James & Smith - What Have You Done For Love ?

London Records 1978

Tracks: What Have You Done For Love ?, The San Francisco Rag (Everytime), You Can't Hide Love, Falling In Love, Hide Away, You Know Who You Are, That's The Way, Here Is Where Your Love Belongs, Seems So Long & Darling I Promise.

Musicians on the What Have You Done For Love ? album: Pat Hodges, Denita James, Jessica Smith, Michael Baird, John Barnes, Ben Benay, Bill Champlin, Quitman Denis, Scott Edwards, David Foster, Gray Grant, Jay Graydon, Jim Hughart, David Hungate, Dick Hyde, Jerry Knight, Steve Lukather, Steve Madaio, Lenny Pickett, Jeff Porcaro, Lee Ritenour, Ian Underwood, Tommy Vig, Ernie Watts & David Williams.

Holm, Sheppard & Johnson - S.T.

Greentree Records 1981

Tracks: Still Livin', The World Will Know, It's Real, Let's Go To Jesus, Driftin', Drawin' From The Well, He May Be Our Father, Jesus You Are Mine, Ready To Go & Always With Jesus.

Musicians on the Holm, Sheppard & Johnson album: Dallas Holm, Phil Johnson & Tim Sheppard.

David James Holster - Chinese Honeymoon

Columbia Records 1979

Tracks: Constant Love, Good Bye Carmelita, Take Me Back, Blame, Gambler, All My Understanding, Candlelight Satin Gown & Teenage Tragedy Queen.

Musicians on the Chinese Honeymoon album: David James Holster, Kenny Edwards, Haden Gregg, Danny Kortchmar, Waddy Wachtel, Bryan Garofalo, Bob Carpenter, Andrew Gold, Rick Marotta, Russ Kunkel, David Sanborn, Bryan Savage, Bob Carpenter & John David Souther.

Homi & Jarvis - Friend Of A Friend

GRP Records 1983

Tracks: I'm In Love Again, Friend Of A Friend, I Told You So, You Got Me Fallin', Believe In Yourself, If You See Him, It Didn't Work Out That Way, Love's Taking Over, Run That By Me & Some Hearts.

Musicians on the Friend Of A Friend album: Amanda Homi, Brian Jarvis, Joe Beck, Dave Grusin, Anthony Jackson, Steve Khan, Marcus Miller, Lee Ritenour, David Sanborn, Toots Thielemans & Buddy Williams.

Honeytree - Maranatha Marathon

Myrrh Records 1979

Tracks: Maranatha Marathon, The Pilgrim, Live For Jesus, That's When We Learn To Fly, Father Lift Me Up, Righteous Rock And Roll, Psalm 57, Bethel, Go To Church & Do You Love Me.

Musicians on the Maranatha Marathon album: Randy Mitchell, Al Perkins, Jim Stipech, Peter York, Dennis Kovarik, Herbie Melton, Richard Souther, Jack Kelly, Dale Anderson, Sid Sharp, Art Aitken, Bob Bennett, Marjorie Clifford, Bruce Herring, Peter Jacobs, David Lyon & Michele Pillar.

Hotel - Half Moon Silver

MCA Records 1980

Tracks: A Place In Time (Refugee), Cold-blooded Red Hot Love, Now That She Loves You, Ned And Mary, Half Moon Silver, Blind Side Of Love, Can't Believe, Wanting You Too My Love, How It Feels & Talk To Me.

Musicians on the Half Moon Silver album: Lee Bargeron, Michael Cadenhead, Tommy Calton, George Creasman, Mark Phillips, Michael Reid & Shane Keister.

Hotel - S.T.

MCA Records 1979

Tracks: You've Got Another Thing Coming, You'll Love Again, Right On Time, One Time Too Many, Old Silver, Not Wise To Say, Losing My Mind, City Lights, Hold On To The Night & Your Green Eyes.

Musicians on the Hotel album: Lee Bargeron, Michael Cadenhead, Tommy Calton, George Creasman, Marc Phillips, Mike Reid, Shane Keister & Farrell Morris.

Bill House - Dancing With A Smile

Decca Records 1979

Tracks: Better Than I Ever Thought It's Be, Heaven Stay In My Arms, (I Can Hardly Wait Until) Sundown, This Disco Sure Gets Lonely, You Can Make It Big, I Found You, I Don't Wanna Grow Up, Feels Like A Friday Night & Good Winners And Good Friends.

Musicians on the Dancing With A Smile album: Bill House, Jeff Allen, Steve Turner, Dil Katz, John Hobbs, Mel Collins and Friends & Kim Goody.

Bill House - Give Me A Break

RCA Records 1974

Tracks: You're No Better Than A Common Thief, Bad Luck Into Good Times, The Damage Is Done, Atlanta, Love Has Got Its Hold On Me, We Could Be So Good Together, Matthew Of The Canyon, Jenny, You're My What (I Needed All Along), He's A Bad Man & If I've Won Or If I've Lost.

Musicians on the Give Me A Break album: Bill House, Stan House, Curtis Stone, John Hobbs, Joe Romano, Steve Douglas, Dennis Dreith, Louis Gonzales, Gloria Grinel, Kenny Hinkle, Terry Melcher & John Seiter.

Thelma Houston - S.T.

MCA Records 1983

Tracks: Make It Last, Say Goodbye To Love, Running In Circles, What For, Givin It All, Standing In The Light, Take Me Through Your Lifetime, Just Like All The Rest, Handome Dudes & Working Girl.

Musicians on the Thelma Houston album: Thelma Houston, Jai Winding, Tom Saviano and others.

Howdy Moon - S.T.

A&M Records 1974

Tracks: Lovelight, Cheyenne Autumn, I’m Alone, Nora Lee, Runnaway, And You Never Knew, Machine, Cook with Honey, For Tonight & Millstream.

Musicians on the Just A Stone´s Throw Away album: Valerie Carter, Richard Hovey, Jon Lind, Eric Eisner, Dennis Budimir, Arthur Adams, Lowell George, Dennis Budimir, Andrew Gold, Sneaky Pete, Chuck Rainey, David Parlato, Wilton Felder, Roy Estrada, Van Dyke Parks, Bill Payne, Gordon De Witty, Mike Utley, Bill Payne, Jim Keltner, Fred White, Gary Mallaber, Richard Hayward, Sam Clayton, John Bargamo, Milt Holland, Bobby Hall & John Sebastian.

The Hues Corporation - Your Place Or Mine

Warner Bros 1978

Tracks: Get Up Off Your Backsides, Love Dance, Don't Forget To Woogie, Needed, With All My Love And Affection, Give Me Everything, Love Fire & Bringin' It.

Musicians on the Your Place Or Mine album: Ann Kelley, St. Clair Lee, Flemming Williams, Paulinho Da Costa, David Foster, James Gadson, Jay Graydon, Mitch Holder, Greg Mathieson, Tim May, Mike Porcaro, Lee Ritenour, Rick Shlosser, John Smith & Carlos Vega.

Hudson Brothers - Damn Those Kids

Elektra Records 1980

Tracks: Low Rider, Annie, Tell Her No, Afraid To Love, I'm Tired You're Fired, That's All Right, Sidewalk, Lonely, Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye, Any Time At All & Joni.

Musicians on the Damn Those Kids album: Bill Hudson, Mark Hudson, Bob Alcivar, John D'Andrea, Steve Dudas, Randy J. Foote, Mark Hart, Michael Lloyd, Bill Payne, Tom Scott & Billy Thomas.

Hudson Brothers - The Truth About Us

Arista Records 1978

Tracks: Runaway, I Don't Wanna Be Lonely, Don't Give Me That, Routine, Looks Like I'm A Fool Again, The Truth About Us, You Can't Make Me Cry, Help Wanted, What A Situation, Disco Queen & The Last Time I Looked.

Musicians on the Truth About Us album: Bill Hudson, Brett Hudson, Mark Hudson, Eric Bycales, David Foster, Randy Foote, Bob Metzger, Dean Parks, Jay Snyder & Billy Thomas.

Dan Huff - Solos

Home Sweet Home Records 2007

Tracks: Exception To The Rule, Winter, Love, Fire, Heart, Someone, Walnut Hill, Shake, Signs, Hot, One, Fight, Victory, Run, Alone, Light, Black, Tokyo, Solo & Down.

Musicians on the Solos album: Dann Huff, Phil Naish & Chris Christian.

Bill Hughes - Dream Master

Epic Records 1979

Tracks: Stealin' My Heart Away, Dreams Come True, Waiting For You To Fly, Only Love, Lower Lights, Gypsy Lady, Quiet Moment, Catch Me Smilin', Only Your Heart Can Say & Dream Master.

Musicians on the Dream Master album: Bill Hughes, Oscar Castro Neves, Jose Feliciano, Terry Frewer, Jay Graydon, Mitch Holder, Will McFarland, Tony Peluso, Brett Wade, Wilton Felder, Mike Porcaro, Allen Soberman, Joel Wade, Dale Jacobs, Randy Kumano, Doug Louie, Lincoln Mayorga, Mike Melvoin, Ian Underwood, John Dell, Kat Hendrikse, Russ Kunkel, Jeff Porcaro, Rick Shlosser, Victor Feldman, Jose Feliciano, Steve Forman, Gary Lyons, Michel L. Bolivar, Ray Pizzi, Ernie Watts, Ian Freebairn Smith, Rene Armand, Paulette Brown, Clark Burroughs, Laura Creamer, Venetta Fields, Ian Freebairn Smith, Terry Frewer, Sherlie Matthews, Colleen Peterson & Joanie Taylor.

Hummingbird - Diamond Nights

A&M Records 1977

Tracks: Got My Led Boots On, Spirit, Cryin' For My Love, She Is My Lady, You Can't Hide, Anaconda, Madatcha, Losing You, Spread Your Wings & Ann's Song.

Musicians on the Diamond Nights album: Robert Ahwai, Clive Chapman, Max Middleton, Bernard Purdie, Bob Tench, Quitman Dennis, Venetta Fields, Chuck Findley, Lisa Freeman Roberts, Jim Horn, Paulette McWilliams, Airto Moreira, Pancho Morales, Stephanie Spruill, Julia Tillman Waters & Maxine Willard Waters.

Engelbert Humperdinck - Don't You Love Me Anymore ?

Epic Records 1981

Tracks: Don't You Love Me Anymore ?, Stay Away, When The Night Ends, I Don't Break Easily, Say Goodnight, Maybe This Time, Baby Me Baby, Heart Don't Fail Me Now, Come Spend The Morning & Till I Get It Right.

Musicians on the Don't You Love Me Anymore ? album: Engelbert Humperdinck, Dennis Budimir, Jay Graydon, Jay Dee Maness, Dennis Belfield, David Hungate, Reinie Press, Bill Cuomo, David Foster, Michael Lang, Bill Meyers, Jai Winding, Ed Greene, Jeff Porcaro, Alan Estes, Artie Butler, Nick DeCaro, Bill Elliot, Bill Meyers, Stan Farber, Steve George, Linda Harmon, Jon Joyce, Tom Kelly, Edie Lehman, Myrna Matthews, Denise Maynelli, Richard Page & Maxine Willard Waters.

Engelbert Humperdinck - Love´s Only Love

Epic Records 1980

Tracks: Love's Only Love, Best Times Of My Life, Just Tell Me You Love Me, A Chance to Be A Hero, Don't Cry Out Loud, Please Understand, Unforgettable, Any Kind Of Love At All, Don't Touch That Dial & If You Love Me (Really Love Me).

Musicians on the Love´s Only Love album: Engelbert Humperdinck, Dan Dugmore, Fred Tackett, Waddy Wachtel, Andy Muson, Bill Payne, Jai Winding, Allan Schwartzberg, Alan Estes, Gene Estes, Sid Sharp, Julia Tillman Waters & Maxine Willard Waters.

Con Hunley - Oh Girl

Warner Bros 1982

Tracks: Just Like Old Times, Oh Girl, My Heart Will Know, Confidential, Stop You're Killing Me, Ain't No Woman (Like The One I've Got), Tonight I Took Your Memory Of, It Used To Be Me, She Never Laid Love On Me & I Still Have Dreamin'.

Musicians on the Oh Girl album: Conley Hunley, Jay Dee Maness, Fred Tackett, Billy Joe Walker Jr., Joe Chemay, Emory Gordy, Bill Cuomo, John Hobbs, Larry Muhoberac, Paul Leim, Tom Scott, Ernie Watts, Tommy Morgan, Clydene Jackson, Julia Tillman Waters & Maxine Willard Waters.

Steve Hunter - Swept Away

Atco Records 1977

Tracks: Eight Miles High, Eldorado Street, Goin' Down, Rubber Man, Of All Times To Leave, Jasper St. Viaduct Citar Rag, Sail On Sailor, Swept Away, Sea Sonata & Deep Blue.

Musicians on the Swept Away album: Steve Hunter, Prakash John, Josef Chirowski, Bob Ezrin, Jim Gordon, Jimmy Maelen, Joanne Brooks, Tony d'Amico & Carole Pope.

Idle Cure - S.T.

Frontline Records 1986

Tracks: Breakaway, Silent Hope, Take It, Feeling The Heat, Come Back To Me, Overdrive, From The Heart & Come Alive.

Musicians on the Idle Cure album: Mark Ambrose, Pete Lomakin, Steve Shannon, Bill Baumgart, Allison Beach, Tim Brown, Terrence Elliot, Mike Hamilton, Tim Heintz, Mark Hugenberger, Chuck King, Eric Marienthal & Dave Spurr.

Iguana - The Winds Of Alamar

United Artists Records 1977

Tracks: Dream Song, Eulogy (Time Waits For No Man), Sailing Ships, Fine Line, Your Love, Happy One-Sad One, Romancin' & Nighthawk.

Musicians on the Winds Of Alamar album: Arthur Bod, Don Falk, Shaw Hayes, Budge Whitherspoon, Kenny Buttrey & Liberty Overman.


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