West Coast Music Releases Highlights from Year 2004

The West Coast AOR music is still popular and new releases, reissues and compilations.

At Blue Desert we always try to write about what is new and interesting and at the same time highlight some of the classic masterpieces. Some years a lot of material is released and other time less.

Here are some of the highlights that was released in the year 2004:

Tony Sciuto - Live In Japan

Cool Sound Records 2004

Tracks: Island Nights Theme / Black And Blue Heart, Street Dancer, Captain Wonderful, Trapeze, Butterfly, Hold Back To The Night, On The Cold Street, Cafe L.A., Island Nights & You’ve Got A License (To Drive Me Crazy).

Musicians on the Live In Japan album: Tony Sciuto, Michael Sciuto, Gary Griffin, Michael Taylor, Paul Soroka & Larry Kegley.

Søren Sko - One For My Baby

CMC Entertainment 2004

Tracks: Before I Walk, One For My Baby, Three Times A Lady, You Are So Beautiful, Woman, When I Fall In Love, Your Song, Pearls And Flames, Love Will Keep Us Alive, Alfie, Lately, My Funny Valentine, All That Words Reveal, Right Here Waiting & Misty.

Musicians on the One For By Baby album: Søren Sko, Chris Mihn Doky, Adam Rogers, Georgy Whitty, Keith Carlock, Chris Potter, Grégoire Maret & Annekei.

Jørgen Thorup - Free Man

Tame Music 2004

Tracks: The Reason, Rescue Me, Conquer My Heart, Circus Of Love, Rich Girl, That´s The Way, Killing Time, So Deep In Love, I Don´t Wanna Kiss You, Free Man, World´s Best Lovesong & Won´t Go There No More.

Musicians on the Free Man album: Jorgen Thorup, Niels Poulsen, Flemming Olsen, Rune Holberg, Rasmus Schroder, Soren Skov, Jacob Andersen, Michael Hardinger, Nicolas Findsen, Jens Fredslund, Lars Nielsen, Munch, Trille Palsgaard & Hans Nygaard.

Venice - Pacific Standard Time

Flow Records 2004

Tracks: I´ll Keep My Fingers Crossed, Cotton Candy, Alive Again, Everybody´s Opium, Back To The Well, You And Me Doing Nothing, When Your Ship Comes In, Right Were We Left Off, Two Places At One Time, Blue Ocean Park Waltz, Don´t Worry Worry, All Or Nothing At All, Fifteen Presents, Pebble In A Pond (Karma´s Rewarded) & Happiness Is The Best Revenge.

Musicians on the Pacific Standard Time album: Michael Lennon, Mark Lennon, Kipp Lennon, Pat Lennon, Matt Laug, Rich Mangocaro, Chris Horvath, Mark Harris, Charles Bisharat, Nick Bult, Dann Gillen & Roy Weigand.

Alfie Zappacosta - Start Again

White Feather Rec 2004

Tracks: Start Again, Moon Tattoo, Tears Of Hercules, Passion, And We’ll Dance, Take It From Me, Do I Dare, The Dance Is Over, We Should Be Lovers, I’ll Be The One, Chloe, You Thief, Life Disciples, The Hills Of San Sebastian, You Are What You Love & Tu Si Na Cosa Grande.

Musicians on the Start Again album: Alfie Zappacosta, Vernon Dorge, Mark Kelso, George Koller, Marco Luciani, Etric Lyons, Blake Manning, Rob Piltch & Lou Pomanti.

Alessi Brothers - Our Best Of

Eden Roc Records 2004

Tracks: Oh Lori, Seabird, All For A Reason, Sad Songs, Driftin, London, Joanna, Don’t Hold Back, Avalon, You Got The Way, I Was So Sure, Do You Feel It, You Can Have It Back, Forever, What A Way To Go, Tell Her Tonight, Words And Music, As Long As I Still Have You, Make It Last, Farewell & Personal Message.

Musicians on the Alessi Brothers, Our Best Of album: Billy Alessi, Bobby Alessi and others.

AOR - Nothing But The Best

FS Records 2004

Tracks: In My Crystal Ball, Only My Dreams, Desperate Dreams, Leave Her To Heaven, On Dangerous Ground, The Way Of The Night, Teach Me How To Love You Again, Worlds Away, Don´t Let Her Go, You´re My Obsession, Never Gonna Let Her Go, Love Has Founds It Way, Sensation, Lost In Your Eyes & A Quiet Storm.

Musicians on the Nothing But The Best album: Frederic Slama, Fergie Frederiksen , Steve Overland , Goran Edman, Bill Champlin, David Roberts, Dane Donohue, Michael Ruff, Rick Riso, Chris Demming, Doug St, John, Tommy Denander, Steve Lukather, Michael Landau, Bruce Gaitsch, Michael Thompson, James Harrah, David Williams, André Harold, David Diggs, Peter Hume, Brandon Fields, Dave Boruff, Tom Saviano, Hussain Jiffry, Eddie Watkins Jr., Vinnie Colaiuta, Ed Greene, Carlos Vega, Joey Heradia, Pat Thern, Richard Page, Steve George, Janey Clewer, Rachel Diggs, Charlie Bleak, Kristogger Lagerstrom, Fredrik Antblad, Tom Bailey & Johan Sahlen.

Janey Clewer - Perfume

Cool Sound Records 2004

Tracks: Fool In Love, Perfume, She’s In The Room, Cancel April, I Have A Thing For Sting, All’s Not Fair In Love And War, Exposed, I Concentrate On You, I Had A Bad Dream, He Was With Me, It Does My Heart Good, Lovers Are Never Lost (bonus track) & I Don’t Feel Beautiful (bonus track).

Musicians on the Perfume album: Janey Clewer, Randy Waldman, Vinnie Colaiuta, Ian Wallace, Bruce Gaitsch, George Hawkins, Dave Boruff & Neal Coomer.

The Doobie Brothers - Live at Wolf Trap

Santuary Records 2004

Tracks: Rockin´Down The Highway, Jesus Is Just Alright, Dangerous, Another Park Another Sunday, Steamer Line, South City Midnight Lady, Snake Man, 5 Corners, Rainy Day Crossroad Blues, Clear As The Driven Snow, Don´t Start Me Talkin´, Take Me In Your Arms, Little Bitty, Black Water, Long Train Runnin´, China Groove & Listen To The Music.

Musicians on the Live At Wolf Trap album: Doobie Brothers and others.

Peter Friestedt - The LA Project

BMG Music 2004

Tracks: Livin´In Your Eyes, Peace Of Mind, Only Prayer, Got To Find It, Time To Play, All Alone, Take A Little Chance, Storyteller & Peace Of Mind II.

Musicians on the The LA Project album: Peter Friestedt, Bill Champlin, Jimmy Haslip, Michael Shapiro, Jeff Richman, Bill Cantos, Abraham Laboriel, Ralph Humphrey, Michael Ruff, Brandon Fields, Joseph Williams, Stefan Gunnarsson, Russell Ferrante, Sharon Perry, Bob Mintzer & L.A. Project Horn.

Marc Jordan - Make Believe Ballroom

EMI Records 2004

Tracks: Lulu The Acrobat, Let’s Waste Some Time (Ft Molly Johnson), When Rita Takes The “A” Train, Lonesome Town, Tears Of Hercules, Shot Down My Heart, Everytime We Say Goodbye, Timbutktu, Best Part Of My Life, I Must Have Said Your Name Out Loud & From A Late Night Train.

Musicians on the Make Believe Ballroom album: Marc Jordan and others.

Ole Kibsgaard - I´ll Be Around

Scanbox Entertainment 2004

Tracks: Crush On You, That´s The Way It Is, Butterfly, I´ll Be Around, A Sign, I´m Leaving Today, Close To Me, I´m Flying, You Make Me Smile, Making It Better, Reason For Me To Smile & When I´m Blue.

Musicians on the I´ll Be Around album: Ole Kibsgaard, Emil De Waal, Jacob Christoffersen, Peter Kibsgaard, Helle Hansen, Lasse Hoej Jacobsen, Sofie Olvang, Iben Lund, Sanne Graulund, Pia Kibsgaard, Flemming Osterman, Vicky Singh, Michael Bundesen, Kim Wagner, Hans Ulrik, Thomas Edinger & Jeppe Kaas.

Jeff Larson - Sepia

JVC Victor Entertainment 2004

Tracks: Windblown Mind, What About My Dreams, Cryin’, Getting Into Yesterday, Seeing Red, Suburban Lawns, Hazy Sunshine, Nothing On You, Broken Heart Smile, Blur, Never Enough Time & Getting Into Yesterday (Acoustic – Bonus).

Musicians on the Fragile Sunrise album: Jeff Larson, Hank Linderman, Gerry Beckley, Dewey Bunnell, Gary Griffin, Stuart Smith, Erik Andrews, Jeff Foskett & Randell Kirsch.

Henrik Launbjerg - Two Persons In One

Union Records 2004

Tracks: I Don´t Want You, Can´t Stop The Rain, Get Out, Fool Under Cover, These Are Days, Love Song, I Still Hate You, Run, Why, Trying To Fall & When Something Comes Alive.

Musicians on the Two Persons In One album: Henrik Launbjerg, Nicholas Findsen, Jens Fredslund, Janus Nyborg, Peter Svarre, Morten Bolvig, Rune Olesen, Julie Rugaard, Sophie Marotis, Assi Roar, Naomie E. Akvama Svarre, Maria Raff, Joachim Svarre, John Scaglione, Eddie Chcon, Mike McCormack, Carsten Lindberg, Tal Bergman & Steffen Qwist.

Richard Marx - My Own Best Enemy

Manhattan Records 2004

Tracks: Nothing Left to Say, When You’re Gone, One Thing Left, Love Goes On, Ready to Fly, Again, Colder, Everything Good, The Other Side, Someone Special, Suspicion & Falling.

Musicians on the My Own Best Enemy album: Richard Marx and others.

Greg Mathieson - West Coast Groove

Mathieson Music 2004

Tracks: QTn, Groove Buster, Take Your Time, Foreign Fire, Love Will Take You, Party Time In DC, Slippin’ On Sunday, Put Your Mind On Vacation, Thinking About Bill-E & Barbarella.

Musicians on the West Coast Groove album: Greg Mathieson, Bill Champlin, Michael Landau, Abraham Laboriel Sr., Abraham Laboriel Jr., Vinnie Colaiuta & Luis Conte.

Peter Mayer - Music Box

Little Flock Music 2004

Tracks: The Last Island, Faith In Angels, Musicbox, Cool Blue Swing, When It Rains, Sweet Nothing, Yesterday´s Fool, Jesse´s Hill, Walking To The Sun, Good To Have A Friend, Every Morning, Somewhere In Between, Approaching Caroline & Golden Light.

Musicians on the Musicbox album: Peter Mayer and others.

Michael McDonald - Motown Two

Motown Records 2004

Tracks: You’re All I Need, Baby I Need Your Lovin’, Reach Out, Stop Look Listen, I Was Made To Love Her, Loving You is Sweeter Than Ever, Traks of My Tears, What’s Going On, I Second That Emotion, After the Dance, Nowhere to Run, Tuesday Heartbreak, Mercy Mercy Me & Baby I’m For Real.

Musicians on the Motown Two album: Michael McDonald, Toni Braxton, Stevie Wonder, Tony Swain, Billy Preston, Toby Baker, Nathan East, Michael Thompson, Simon Climie, Nicky “Misschief” Shaw, Abe Labroiel, Jr., Vinnie Colaluita, Abraham Laboriel, Sr., Freddie Vigor, Dan Dugmore, Sharon White, Michelle John, Rachel Oteh, Lawrence Johnson, Darwin Hobbs, Steve Crawford, Yvette Preyer, Drea Rhenee and others.

Mysterell - Sensational

Frontiers Records 2004

Tracks: Don´t Ever Stop, I Belong To You, Why, When You Love, Bring The House Down, There Was You, Remember Me, Help Me Find A Way, Sling Shot, Take Me To The River & The Challange.

Musicians on the Sensational album: Torben Lysholm, Lene Riebau and others.

Tony Sciuto - Diamond In The Rough

Cool Sound Records 2004

Tracks: Diamond In The Rough, Love Heat The Night, We Belong Together, Answer To My Prayer, Water To A Flame, Three Sides To Every Story, I’ll Build My World Around You, The Last Sound Love Makes, One Heartbeat At A Time, All Over You, Just A Photograph, In My Life & There’s Such A Thing As Too Long.

Musicians on the Diamond In The Rough album: Tony Sciuto, Peter Beckett, Gary Griffin, John Capek, Robin Randall, Paul Soroka, John Thomakos, Michael Sciuto,  Paul Soroka, Eric Dinenna & Cathy Zebron.