West Coast Music Releases Highlights from Year 2011

The West Coast AOR music is still popular and new releases, reissues and compilations.

At Blue Desert we always try to write about what is new and interesting and at the same time highlight some of the classic masterpieces. Some years a lot of material is released and other time less.

Here are some of the highlights that was released in the year 2011:

The Norwegian Fords - Somewhere Down The Road You´ll Listen

CCAP Records 2011

Tracks: Fit In, Wonder What It Takes, Superglue Kiss, Radio In A Song, I´ll Be Dining Here Again, Plan A, Surfing On The Sun, I´ve Falling In Love & Somewhere Down The Road You´ll Listen.

Musicians on the Norwegian Fords album: Erik Enzo, Paul Call and others.

Michael Ruff - You Are My Song

Ruffmix Music 2011

Tracks: Life Is Sweet, Your Love Is Like The Rain, Message Of The Cross, Lift My Praise, Hallelujah Jesus Is The Lord, Look What The Lord Has Done, Song Of My Heart, Perfect Holy One, You Rescued Me, Power In The Blood & You Are My Song.

Musicians on the You Are My Song album: Michael Ruff, Chris Coleman, Tris Imboden, Joseph Henry Cortese, Steve Gadd, Peter Pop, Stu Sherman, Toontrack, James Harrah, Jim Hollingsworth, Kirby Keough, Marty Walsh, Danny Morris, Trey Thompson, Olivia Ruff, Celia Ruff, Fred Aki & Kent Chastain.

Contante & Sonante - Highlights & Rarities

Contante & Sonante 2011

Tracks: A Little Thing Called Life, Kindred Spirit, Somewhere In TIme, My Angel´s Voice, The Final Reason Why, If Only For A Day, Luckiest Man, When I Think Of You, The Christmas Song, This Christmas, Silent Night, Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas, In The Stone, Jojo, Through The Fire, Forever, She´s A Beauty & Look What You´ve Done To Me (2011 Version).

Musicians on the Highlights And Rarities album: Warren Wiebe, Bill Cantos, Frank Adahl, Skyler Jett, Rey Thomas, Thierry Condor, Miriam Dee, Bill Champlin, Arnold McCuller, Ole Borud, Sunho Lim, Bjarne Langhoff, Cecily Gardner and others.

Toto - II Meglio Dei

Edel Italy 2011

Tracks: CD1: Falling In Between, King Of The World, Pamela, Bottom Of Your Soul, Caught In The Balance, Don´t Chain My Heart, Hold The Line, Stop Loving You, I´ll Be Over You, Cruel & Greg Solo. CD2: Rosanna, I´ll Supply The Love, Isolation, Gift Of Faith, Kingdom Of Desire, Luke Solo, Hydra, Simon Solo, Taint Your World, Gipsy Train, Africa & Drag Him To The Roof.

Musicians on the Il Meglio Dei album: Toto and others.

Toto - Toto & Friends

Bellaphon Records 2011

Tracks: CD1: Intro, Gypsy Train, Childs Anthem, I´ll Supply The Love, I´ll Be Over You, Michael McDonald Intro, I Keep Forgettin´, Takin´It To The Streets, Home Of The Brave, David Paich Solo, Georgy Porgy, 99, If It´s The Last Night, Angela, I Won´t Hold You Back, Don´t Stop Me Now, Africa, Donald Fagen Intro & Chain Lightning. CD2: Angel Don´t Cry, Don´t Chain My Heart, Rosanna, Don Henley Intro, Dirty Laundry, You Better Hang Up, Come Rain Or Shine, Fire, Ain´t Talkin´Bout, Hold The Line, Band Intro & With A Little Help For My Friends.

Musicians on the Greatest Hits album: Toto and others.

Toto - In A Blink Of An Eye

Sony Music 2011

Tracks: CD1: Child´s Anthem, Goodbye Elenore, Rosanna, Gift Of The Faith, Miss Sun, I´ll Be Over You, It´s A Feeling, Stranger In Town, Till The End, The Other End Of Time, Jake To The Bone, I´ll Supply The Love, Carmen, 99, Wings Of Time & Don´t Stop Me Now. CD2: Pamela, Mad About You, Georgy Porgy, I Won´t Hold You Back, Melanie, Good For You, Endless, Tale Of A Man, Dune (Desert Theme), I Will Remember, Lea, Africa, Home Of The Brave, Moodido (The Match), Stop Loving You & Hold The Line.

Musicians on the In A Blink Of An Eye 1977 – 2011 album: Toto and others.

Somekind Of Heaven - One Dead Dog Away From A Country Song

Big Fish Music 2011

Tracks: Why?, Don´t Wanna Miss You, Never Felt So Good, The Girl In The Corner, My Space Is Not Your Space, Love Is A Hard Grape To Grow, Turn It Around, Back In The Trenches, Driftin´ & I Don´t Wanna Know.

Musicians on the One Dead Dog Away From A Country Song album: Alexandra Hamnede, Johan Stentorp, Pelle Jernryd & Marcus Jacobson.

Mike Porcaro - Brotherly Love

Ward Records 2011

Tracks: CD1: Rosanna, Manic Depression, Georgy Porgy, Lowdown, E Minor Shuffle, English Eyes, Human Nature, Straight No Chaser, Africa & Let’s Stay Together. CD2: Stuffy, Jeff’s Strut, Babylon Sisters, Big Bone & Corbitt Van Brauer.

Musicians on the Brotherly Love album: Mike Porcaro, David Garfield, Gregg Bissonette, Steve Gadd, Steve Porcaro, Joe Porcaro Lenny Castro, Glenn Hughes and others.

Michael Tomlinson - Live In The Pacific Northwest

MT Records 2011

Tracks: Living Things, No Bad Dreams, Sunlight, All Is Clear, Valentine, Daddy O, I Knew You Well, Desert Rose, Wild Horses Run, Seattle Skies, Run Like The River Runs, A Good Life & Asphalt Dream.

Musicians on the Live in the Pacific Northwest album: Michael Tomlinson and others.

Alessi - Special Edition

Eden Roc Records 2011

Tracks: Do You Feel It, You Can Have It, I Was So Shure, Big Deal, Don’t Hold Back, Too Long To Forget, Sad Songs, Oh Lori, Joanna, Seabird, Angelina (outtake from the 1st Alessi album) & Oh Lori (original demo).

Musicians on the Alessi album: Billy Alessi, Bobby Alessi, Hal Blaine, John Guerin, Jeff Porcaro, Frank Rivioli, Dennis Budimir, Mike Melvoin, Ray Parker, Scott Edwards, Jim Hugart, Bone Howe, Tom Scott, Victor Feldman & Emil Richards.

Gino Vannelli - A Night To Remember

Fuel 2000 Records 2011

Tracks: Alive By Science, Jehovah And All That Jazz, Walter Whitman (Where Are You), Black Cars, Living Inside Myself, Wild Horses, King For A Day, Hurts To Be In Love, Persona Non Grata, People Gotta Move, I Just Wanna Stop & Brother To Brother.

Musicians on The North Sea Jazz Festival 2002 album: Gino Vannelli and The Metropole Orchestra.

Larry John McNally - Cigarette & Smoke Deluxe Edition

Beatball Music 2011

Tracks: CD1: Just Like Paradise, Broken Down Rock’n’Roll Man, Don’t Let __ __ Do Your, Talkin’ For Ya, Lose Myself, Sleepy Town, Real Good Thing, Wasn’t I Your Friend & Sleep On It. CD2: Just Like Paradise (featuring Petra Haden), Just Like Paradise (rough mix), Broken Down Rock’n’Roll Man (rough mix), Broken Down Rock’n’Roll Man (demo), Don´t Let Johnny Walker Do Ya´Talkin For Ya´(rough mix), Lose Myself (writing tape), Lose Myself (rough mix) & Sleepy Town (rough mix).

Musicians on the Folksinger album: Larry John McNally and others.

Paul Davis - The Best Of Paul Davis

Wounded Bird Records 2011

Tracks: I Go Crazy, Keep Our Love Alive, Darlin´, Superstar, Sweet Life, Do Right, Cry Just A Little, Thinking Of You, A Little Bit Of Soap, Ride ´Em Cowboy, Let Me Know If It´s Over, I Don´t Want To Be Just Another Love, I Never Heard The Song At All, Medicine Woman, Bad Dream, All The Way, I Just Wanna Keep It Together (Single Version), Can´t You (Single Version), Boogie Woogie Man (Single Version), Cool Night (Single Version), ´65 Love Affair (Single Version) & Love Or Let Me Be Lonely (Single Version).

Musicians on the Best Of Paul Davis album: Paul Davis and others.

Bill LaBounty - Time Starts Now

Rhino Records 2011

The Tracks are: CD1 / The Good Groove: Always Be Near, Together, Lie To Me, A Tear Can Tell, I Hope You’ll Be Very Unhappy Without Me, I’m Hurtin’, Trail To Your Heart, Livin’ It Up, Comin’ Back, Look Who’s Lonely Now, Dream On, The Good Life, Mr. O, Burn Down The Night, Hwy 85, Fly Away, Golden Now & Fumes. CD2 / Late Night Secrets: Dancin’ Tonight, Room 205, Crazy, What About You, Little Rivers, Secrets, Slow Fade, It Used To Be Me, Didn’t Want To Say Goodbye, Holding Out, The Right Direction, California Turnaround, Back To Your Star, Dianne & Old Habits & Cinderella. CD3 / Different Moods: Pretty Little Angel, In 25 Words Or Less, Take A Step (Yesterday’s Waltz), This Night Won’t Last Forever, Little Girl In Blue Jeans, To Hear The Band, Another Drunk, Drops Of Water, Isn’t It A Cry, Nobody’s Fool, Never Gonna Look Back, Time Starts Now, Be There, The Wheels Are Coming Off, River Girl, Drownin’ In The Sea Of Love & Only The Strong Survive. CD4 / Buried Treasures: That’s When Something Special Starts, You’re The Only Real Thing, You’ve Got To Believe In Love, Heart Set On Loving You, Technique, New Shoes, Sleep On It, Loves My Car, She’s So Popular, Home Free, When The Magic Works, The Week End, Side Effects, Twisted, Girls, Bail Out, Sailing Without a Sail (Trail To Your Heart) & Golden Now.

Musicians on the Time Starts Now album: Bill LaBounty and others.

Rugsted & Kreutzfeldt - 5

Grand Danois 2011

Tracks: CD1: Nattur I København, Se Dig Ikke Tilbage, Hold Mig, Alting Er Magi, Tider Kommer Og Går, Højt Over Bjergene, Indtil Jeg Så Dig, Hvis Du Sender Kærlighed, Jeg Vil Helt Derop, Sommerfugl & En Anden Vej: CD2 & DVD: Godda Igen, Da Du Var Min Helt Alene, Ønsker Du Var Her, Kom Igen, Sad I Parken, Du Vil Ha Mer, Højt Over Bjergene, En At Tale Med, Ups!, Rundt Op Og Ned, Spring Op Og Tag Med, Indtil Jeg Så Dig, Sjoot Sjoot, Endnu Et Efterår, Dele Dine Drømme, Jeg Ved Det Godt & Går Gennem Tiden.

Musicians on the Rugsted Kreutzfeldt 5 album: Stig Kreutzfeldt, Jens Rugsted and others.

Franke & The Knockouts - Best Of

Friday Music 2011

Tracks: Sweetheart, She’s Runner, You’re My Girl, Running Into The Night, Comeback, You´re My Girl, One For All, Annie Goes To Hollywood, Never Had It Better, Without You (Not Another Lonely Night), Just What I Want, Morning Sun (Dream On), You Don’t Want Me (Like I Want You), Outrageous, Come Rain Or Shine, You´re All That Really Matters, One Good Reason, Blame It On My Heart, Hungry Eyes & Beat Of A Broken Heart.

Musicians on the Best Of album: Franke Previte, Billy Elworthy, Blake Levinsohn, Tommy Ayers, Leigh Foxx, Claude Lehenaff,  Ricky Hitchcock, Richie Puente and others.

Richard Marx - Stories To Tell "Wallmart Edition"

Zanzibar Records 2011

Tracks: CD1: Endless Summer Nights, One Thing Left, Hazard, Over My Head, Angelia, Now And Forever, Keep Coming Back, This I Promise You, Loved, Should´ve Know Better, Right Here Waiting & When You Loved Me. DVD: Endless Summer Nights, Take This Heart, One Thing Left, When You´re Gone, Hazard, Through My Veins, Always On Your Mind, Angelia, Everybody, Should´ve Known Better, Don´t Mean Nothing & Right Here Waiting. CD2: Don´t Mean Nothing, Should´ve Known Better, Keep Coming Back, Take This Heart, Hold On To The Nights, Angelia, Hazard, Too Late To Say Goodbye, Satisfied, Right Here Waiting & When You Love Me.

Musicians on the Stories To Tell album: Richard Marx and others.

Vejmænd - Hugget Og Stjålet Og Fundet På Vejen

Happyville Records 2011

Tracks: Hugget Og Stjålet Og Fundet På Vejen, Lykkelig Væk, Vejmænd, Sidste Nat, Holde Din Hånd, Luke The Drifter, Hjem Igen, Hold Om Mig, På Et Hotel, Giftes & Sommeraften.

Musicians on the Vejmænd album: Jørn Ole Rosendal, Karsten Lagermann, Kim Heibon, Nicolas Findsen, Kasper Foss, Pete Repete, Esben Kjær, Ole Lindgreen, Verner Thomsen, Jakob Munck & Jonas Krag.

Ole Borud - Keep Movin

OBM Records 2011

Tracks: High Time, Rock Steady, Keep Movin , Awaiting Your Reply, Broken People, Make A Change, Heaven Is On My Side, She’s Like No Other, Souls in Chains, Step Into My Light & Resting Day.

Musicians on the Keep Movin album: Ole Borud, Ruben Dalen, Lars Erik Dahle, Frode Mangen, Jens Petter Antonsen, Børge Are Halvorsen, Even Skatrud, Markus Lillehaug Johnsen & Hilde Stavnem Børud.

Greg Mathieson Project - Baked Potato Live

Cool Sound Records 2011

Tracks: Bomp Me, Thank You, First Time Around, I Don’t Know, Go, I’m Home & The Spud Shuffle.

Musicians on the Baked Potato Super Live! album: Greg Mathieson, Steve Lukather, Robert “Pops” Popwell & Jeff Porcaro.

Crossfade - Secret Love

Songwork 2011

Tracks: A Wonderful Illusion, Secret Love, Brave New World, Closer To The Fire, Don´t Ask Me Why, Heart Of A Hero, Waiting For A Miracle, Seconds And Eons, Borrowdale, In My Mind & Borrowdale Reprise.

Musicians on the Secret Love album: Lars Hallback, Richard Stenstrom, Per Lindvall, Sven Lindvall, Goran Edman and others.

Lodgic - Nomadic Sands "Reissue"

Yesterrock 2011

Tracks: Romance, Step Back, Lonely Man, Red Light, Rise & Fall, Push So Hard, In The Cards, Nomadic Sands, Linda Sue & Bringing Me Back.

Musicians on the Nomadic Sands album: Jimmy Haun, Mike Sherwood, William Sherwood, Gary Starnes, Guy Allison Steiner & Lenny Castro.

Maz Meazza - Stormy Noir

Desolation Angels Records 2011

Tracks: Stormy Noir, Airport Park, Two Weeks In Rio, Jazz & Blue, Sweet Little Mistery, That´s The Way You Act, Nightime Call (Featuring Paulo Fresu), Walking Blue Boy, Hollywoodland, Blue Day, The Sleepless City, Only Angels Have Wings, Emotional Report & Actors.

Musicians on the Stormy Noir album: Max Meazza and others.

Sascha Dupont - Sascha D

SD Records 2011

Tracks: I Know Where I Belong, You´re The One, Alone Again & Keep It Like That.

Musicians on the Sascha D album: Sascha Dupont, Kasper Voss, Nicholas Findsen, Jesper Norlev & SIRO.

Work Of Art - In Progress

Frontiers Records 2011

Tracks: The Rain, Nature Of The Game, Once Again, Never Love Again, Eye Of The Storm, Until You Believe, The Great Fall, Call On Me, Emelie, Fall Down, Castaway & One Step Away.

Musicians on the In Progress album: Lars Safsund, Robert Sall, Herman Furin and others.

Allan Thomas - Deep Water

Black Bamboo Records 2011

Tracks: Deep Water, Everything Happens For A Reason, The Longest Ride, Fall In Love Too Easy, Homegrown, Soldier Of Misfortune, The Gift, Boyish Man, The Downturn, Monkey Business, It All Comes Down To Love & Other Than That.

Musicians on the Deep Water album: Allan Thomas and others.

America - Back Pages

Entertainment One 2011

Tracks: America, A Road Song, Woodstock, Caroline No, Someday We´ll Know, Sailing To Philadelphia, Crying In My Sleep, Time Of The Season, Something In The Way She Moves, On The Way Home, Til I Hear It From You & My Back Pages.

Musicians on the Back Pages album: Gerry Beckley, Dewey Bunnell and others.

Marco Taggiasco & Friends - Things And Moments Live

MRT 2011

Tracks: Ouverture In D (Instrumental), Let My Love Grow, Thousand Things, Burning For You, This Moment, Angel Of August, April In My Heart, Before The End Of Time, Wish On A Star, Breathless, Got To Believe (This Time), Healing Rain, Radio Silence & Hangin On Tomorrow & Never Too Late (For Love). Video: Wish On A Star, Healing Rain, April In My Heart & Never Too Late (For Love).

Musicians on the This And Moments Live album: Marco Taggiasco, Andrea Sanchini, Daphne Nisi, Claus Leonhardt, Riziero RB Bixio, Fabio Penna, Pino Iodice, Giancarlo Capo, Gabriele Pistilli, Claudio Garrani & Mario Garrani.

Jørgen Thorup - Good Company For The Dog

Gateway Music 2011

Tracks: Don´t Stop, Is This For Real, Man of Her Dreams, Didn´t, More Than a Dream, Good Company For The Dog, A Little Bit of Heaven, Love Ain´t a One Man Show, Impossible Things, When You Walk Away, What Did I Do & The Way That Things Go.

Musicians on the Good Company For The Dog: Jorgen Thorup and others.

Richard Page - Solo Acoustic

Little Dume Music 2011

Tracks: Kiss On The Wind, No Tomorrow, Peculiar Life, You Are Mine, Even The Pain, I´ll Remember, Kyrie, Midnight Angel, When You Come Around, Shelter Me & Broken Wings.

Musicians on the Solo Acoustic album: Richard Page.

David Roberts - The Missing Years

Avenue Of Allies 2011

Tracks: Run Back, Misunderstood, Gone But Not Forgotten, Until Your Heart´s Content, Run Away With Me, Forbidden Fruit, Nothing Matters Tonight, I Love You So Much It Hurts, Higher Power, One Soul, No Ordinary Girl, Cry Me A River Tonight, I Still Believe, Love Waits For No-one & The Sun Will Rise Again.

Musicians on the Missing Years album: David Roberts and others.

David Roberts - Better Late Than Never

Avenue Of Allies 2011

Tracks: Best Thing That I Never Had, Better Late Than Never, Someone Else´s Song, Before I Go, Stay With Me Tonight, Be Gentle With My Heart, Eight Wonder, This Is How I Say Goodbye, If I Woulda´Been There & What I´ve Been Missing.

Musicians on the Better Late Than Never album: David Roberts, Shannon Forest, Larry Paxton, Brent Mason, J.T. Corenflos, Fred Mollin, Pat Coil, Tim Buppert, Mike Baird, Abraham Laboriel Sr., Michael Landau, Greg Mathieson, Luis Conte.

David Roberts - All Dressed Up "Reissue"

Avenue Of Allies 2011

Tracks: All In The Name Of Love, Too Good to Last, Someone Like You, Boys Of Autumn, She’s Still Mine (That’s My Girl), Wrong Side Of The Tracks, Midnight Rendezvous, Anywhere You Run To, Never Gonna Let You Go & Another World.

Musicians on the All Dressed Up album: David Roberts, Steve Lukather, Jay Graydon, Jeff Porcaro, Mike Porcaro, Greg Mathieson, Michael Boddicker, David Foster, Gary Herbig, Paulinho Da Costa, Bill Champlin & Tom Kelly.

George & G - So Much To Say

Avenue Of Allies 2011

Tracks are: So Much To Say, With Every Breath, You Know, Have I Lost My Girl, I´m Emotional, Save My Love, Touch The Sun, A Love So Right, Don´t Give It Up, Mystery Girl, Why Don´t You Stay (Bonus Track) & Save My Love (Instrumental Version) (Bonus Track).

Musicians on the So Much To Say album: George Grunwald, Oli Poulsen, Hakan Mjornheim, Jan Lysdal, Bill Champlin, Joseph Williams, Jason Scheff, Jacob Andersen, Eric Marienthal, Lou Pardini, Warren Wiebe, David Garfield, Jens Hack, Tamara Champlin, Finn Verwohlt, Trille Palsgaard, Stine Findsen, Alex Ligertwood, Allen Hinds, Mark Leadford, David Blamires, Hans Poulsen & Daniel Zimerman.

David Foster - Hit Man Returns

Warner Music 2011

Tracks: CD: In The Stone/September Medley, Forever, When A Man Loves A Woman/It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World Medley, We’ve Got Tonight, I Can Love You Like That/I Swear Medley, Pie Jesu, Caruso, Unbreak My Heart/Crazy/On The Radio Medley, Home, Through The Fire & Dream Weaver. DVD: Winter Games, Heart To Heart, Forever, Dream Weaver, Throught The Fire, I Can Love You Like That/I Swear Medley, When I Fall In Love, This Will Be, Pie Jesu/O Mid Bambino Caro Medley, Because We Believe & Secret.

Musicians on the Hit Man Returns album: David Foster, Earth Wind & Fire, Kenny Loggins, Michael Bolton, Seal, Martina McBride, All-4-One, Jackie Evancho, Lara Fabian, Donna Sommer, Ruben Studdard, Chaka Khan, Gary Wright, Brian Boitano, Kristi Yamaguchi, Kenny G, The Canadian Tenors and others.

Arnold McCuller - Soon As I Get Paid

What´s Good Records 2011

Tracks: Soon As I Get Paid, All Good, Gods And Monsters, Gasoline And Matches, There Is Something On Your Mind, The River Knows Your Name, Lonely Teardrops, Do Right Woman Do Right Man, The Whale Have Swallowed Me & Don´t Go Nowhere.

Musicians on the Soon As I Get Paid album: Arnold McCuller, Jimmy Johnson, Michael Landau, Larry Goldings, Jeff Young, Gary Novak, David Hildalgo, David Kalish, Paul Cerra, Thelma Jones, Lynn Fiddmont & Markena Jeter.

Christopher Cross - Doctor Faith

Edel Records 2011

Tracks: Hey Kid, I’m Too Old For This, When You Come, Dreamers, November, Leave It To Me, Doctor Faith, Rescue, Help Me Cry, Still I Resist, Poor Man’s Ecstasy, Everything & Prayin´.

Musicians on the Doctor Faith album: Christopher Cross, Dave Beyer, Mark Browne, David Mann, Eric Johnson, Michael McDonald & John Thomas.

J.D. Souther - Natural History

JVC Records 2011

Tracks: Go Ahead and Rain, Faithless Love, You’re Only Lonely, The Sad Café, Silver Blue, New Kid in Town, I’ll Take Care of You, Little Victories, Prisoner in Disguise, Best of My Love & I’ll Be Here at Closing.

Musicians on the Natural History album: J.D. Souther and others.