Classics West Coast Music

The late seventies and early eighties are sometimes referred to as “The Golden Age” of West Coast Music, and the contrast to so much of what the nineties have offered us musically is remarkable.

Lots of studio recordings, especially in the Los Angeles area and with several artists or bands that released a few albums, some only a debut album and never had a follow up, also some artists moved to another music direction.

At this list you can see a selection of albums that are worthy a listening.

Yellowjackets - Samurai Samba

Warner Bros 1985

Tracks: Homecoming, Deat Beat, Daddy's Gonna Miss You, Sylvania, Silverlake, Lonely Weekend, Los Mambos & Samurai Samba.

Musicians on the Samurai Samba album: Russell Ferrante, Jimmy Haslip, Ricky Lawson, Marc Russo, Bobby Caldwell, Carl Caldwell, Paulinho Da Costa, Paulo Da Costa Jr., Michael Landau, Carlos Rios & Marilyn Scott.

Dennis Yost - Going Through The Motions

Robox Records 1981

Tracks: Something I Forgot To Do, The Staying Side Of Goodbye, It All Depends On You, Raggedy Ann, The Days Of Sand And Shovels, Lover In My Mind, One More Last Chance, Flowers For The Lady, Going Through The Motions & Wonder Woman.

Musicians on the Going Through The Motions album: Dennis Yost, Bruce Dees, Ray Edenton Jr., Paul Worley, Tommy Cogbill, Walker Igleheart, Gunnar Gelotte, Mark B. Morris, Jay Patton, Richard Law & Barbara Sout.

Lenny Zakatec - S.T.

A&M Records 1979

Tracks: Do It Right, One Is A Lonely Number, Was It Easy, Keep A Little Sunshine, Memories, Viens, We Will Never Find, It's A Dancer & Couldn't We Try.

Musicians on the Lenny Zakatec album: Lenny Zakatex, Robert Ahwai, Ian Bairnson, John Giblin, Max Middleton, Stuart Elliott, Steve Gregory, George Chisholm, Ian Bairnson & Marilyn Bairnson.


At these sections you can see a selection of albums that are worthy a listening.