Classics West Coast Music

The late seventies and early eighties are sometimes referred to as “The Golden Age” of West Coast Music, and the contrast to so much of what the nineties have offered us musically is remarkable.

Lots of studio recordings, especially in the Los Angeles area and with several artists or bands that released a few albums, some only a debut album and never had a follow up, also some artists moved to another music direction.

At this list you can see a selection of albums that are worthy a listening.

Patti Dahlstrom - Livin´It Thru

20th Century Records 1976

Tracks: He Was A Writer, One Afternoon, Lullaby, Magician Of Love, I Remember You, Without Love, Wild Things, Lookin' For Love, Fool's Gold & Changing Minds.

Musicians on the Livin´It Thru album: Patti Dahlstrom, Ben Benay, Michael Deasy, Jack Conrad, Jerry Scheff, Daryl Dragon, Larry Knechtel, Michael Baird, Jeff Porcaro, Gary Coleman, Chuck Findley, Jim Horn, Jackie Kelso, Don Dunn, Shelly Knechtel, Melissa Tennille & Toni Tennille.

Lisa Dal Bello - Pretty Girls

MCA Records 1978

Tracks: Pretty Girls, Still In Love, Hollywood, (Is There) Anything I Can Do, Talisman, Make Up Your Mind Paula, Miracle Maker, Lost Without Your Love, Dreams (Are For Lovers) & Make It Last.

Musician on the Pretty Girls album: Lisa Dal Bello, Al Ciner, Steve Lukather, Richie Zito, Dennis Belfield, Ron Garant, Mike Porcaro, Michael Boddicker, Jay Gruska, Tom Hensley, Fred Mandel, Steve Porcaro, Ron Stockert, Carlos Vega, Al Ciner, Victor Feldman, Bobby Ruffino, Bill Champlin, Tom Kelly, Roy Kenner, Bobby Kimball, Liz Lauzanne & Michael McDonald.

Lisa Dal Bello - S.T.

MCA Records 1977

Tracks: Look At Me (Millions Of People), (Don't Want To) Stand In Your Way, My Mind's Made Up, Snow White, Touch Me, Talk It Over (Even Through My Baby's Cold), Stay With Me, Day Dream, Milk & Honey & Everything Money Can Buy.

Musicians on the Lisa Dal Bello album: Lisa Dal Bello, Larry Carlton, Jay Graydon, Jay Lewis, Steve Lukather, Eddie Patterson, Mike Porcaro, Richard Baker, David Foster, David Paich, Nigel Olsson, Jeff Porcaro, Phillip Bailey, Tom Scott, Israel Baker, Bill Champlin, Roy Galloway, Venette Gloud, Jay Gruska, Michel Gruska, Steve Lukather, Patrice Rushen, Brian Russell & Carmen Twillie.

Dalton & Dubarri - Choice

Hilltak Records 1979

Tracks: There Is Love In Everybody, Caught In The Act, How I Late The Nighttime, I (You) Can Dance All By My (Your) Self, Flyin' Free, Keepin' It Up, Sweet Sweet Sweet Thang & Til The Day I Started Lovin' You.

Musicians on the Choice album: Gary Dalton, Kent Dubarri, Elias Assef, Georgetta Funches, Theo Meyer, Rea Harris, Lynda Seals, Albert Schildknecht & Robert Wright.

Daniel Amos - Horrendous Disc

Solid Rock Records 1981

Tracks: I Love You, Hound Of Heaven, (Near Sighted Girl With Approaching) Tidal Wave, Sky King (Out Across The Sky), On The Line, I Believe In You, Man In The Moon, Never Leave You & Horrendous Disc.

Musicians on the Horrendous Disc album: Jerry Chamberlain, Mark Cook, Marty Dieckmeyer, Alex MacDougall, Ed McTaggart & Terry Scott Taylor.

Daniel Amos - Shotgun Angel

Maranatha Music 1977

Tracks: Days And Nights, Black Gold Fever, Praise Song, Father's Arms, Meal, Shotgun Angel, Finale: Bereshith Overture, Lady Goodbye, The Whistler, He's Gonna Do A Number On You, Better, Sail Me Away & Posse In The Sky.

Musicians on the Shotgun Angel album: Jerry Chamberlain, Mark Cook, Marty Dieckmeyer, Ed McTaggart, Terry Scott Taylor, Dom Franco, Pete Jacobs, Alex MacDougall, Frank Marocco, Robert Petry, Terry Scott Taylor & Jim Stipech.

Daniel Amos - S.T.

Maranatha Music 1976

Tracks: Jesus Is Jehovah To Me, The Bible, Abidin', William, Prelude: Servant's Prayer, Don't Light Your Own Fire, Losers And Winners, Walking On The Water, Ridin' Along, Dusty Road, Love In A Yielded Heart & Skeptics' Song.

Musicians on the Daniel Amos album: Steve Baxter, Jerry Chamberlain, Marty Dieckmeyer, Terry Scott Taylor, Dave Angel, Michael Baird, Jonathan David Brown, Brian Carroll, David Diggs, Joann Grauer, Alex MacDougall, Al Perkins, Jerry Waller, John Ware, Bobby Warford & John Wickham.

Tim Daniels - A Vision Beyond

Passage Records 1985

Tracks: In The Wind, Come To Meet The Master, Rejoice And Be Glad, Come Lord Jesus, Someday Soon, A Vision Beyond, Love Them Home To Me, The Marriage Feast, Are You Ready & Celebration Song.

Musicians on the A Vision Beyond album: Tim Daniels, Jon Goin, Russ Hicks, Mike Brignardello, Phil Naish, Dennis Holt, Farrell Morris, Steven Curtis Chapman, Wayne Hilton, Helen Cosmas, Greg Fisher, Janet Hadaway, Gary Janney, Gary Pigg, Jeff Rea & Alyssa Swiney.

Rick Danko - S.T.

Arista Records 1977

Tracks: What A Town, Brainwash, New Mexicoe, Tired Of Wainting, Sip The Wine, Java Blues, Sweet Romance, Small Town Talk, Shake It & Once Upon A Time.

Musicians on the Rick Danko album: Rick Danko, Jim Atkinson, Gerry Beckley, Blondie Chaplin, Eric Clapton, Michael De Temple, Robbie Robertson, Doug Sahm, Ron Wood, Tim Drummond, James Gordon, Ken Lauber, Richard Manuel, David Paich, Walt Richmond, George Weber, Terry Danko, Denny Seiwell, Rob Fraboni, Joe Lala, Charlie DeChant, Joey Stann, Lewis Bustos, Charles McBurney, Rocky Morales, Jim Price, Garth Hudson, Levon Helm & Wayne Neuendorf.

Danniebelle - Let Me Have A Dream

Sparrow Records 1977

Tracks: Let Me Have A Dream, Theme On The 37th (He Can Work It Out), Because I'm Me/Jesus Loves Me, I'm A Believer, Ordinary People, I'll Be Right There, We All Need Each Other, God Leads Us Along, It's Freedom & You're The Only One.

Musicians on the Let Me Have A Dream album: Danniebelle and others.

Ron Dante - Street Angel

Handshake Records 1981

Tracks: Street Angel, Show And Tell, I Can't Stop, Letter From Zowie, God Bless Rock'N'Roll, Jane, Makin' Up, Stay All Night, Don't Do That To Me Anymore & Sea Cruise.

Musicians on the Street Angel album: Ron Dante, Anthony Barraglia, Hiram Bullock, Jeff Layton, Hugh McCracken, Sid McGinnis, Elliott Randall, Francisco Centeno, Will Lee, George Perry, Paul Schaffer, Jose Galdo, Allan Schwartzberg, Jimmy Maelen, Artie Kaplan, George Young, Kacey Cisyk, Kevin Di Simone, Lani Groves, Ula Hedwig, James Jolis, Lisa Michaelis & Valerie Simpson.

Gail Davies - What Can I Say

Warner Bros 1983

Tracks: Boys Like You, Following You Around, On A Real Good Night, Hallelujah I Love Him So, What Can I Say, You're A Hard Dog, It's You Alone, If You Can Lie A Little Bit, The Boy In You Is Showing & Setting Me Up.

Musicians on the What Can I Say album: Gail Davies, Jerry Douglas, Lloyd Green, B. James Lowry, Billy Walker Jr., Reggie Young, Lee Sklar, Bill Payne, Michael Baird, Rick McCollister, Farrell Morris, Jim Horn, Muscle Shoals Horns, Bergen White, Terry McMillian, Walker Igleheart, Mike Joyce, Sheri Huffman, Ricky Skaggs & Jack Sundrud.

Gail Davies - Givin´Herself Away

Warner Bros 1982

Tracks: Round The Clock Lovin', Movin', Hold On,It's Amazing What A Little Love Can Do, Dream Baby (How Long Must I Dream), Givin' Herself Away, All The Fire Is Gone, Singing The Blues, You Turn Me On I'm A Radio & Dawn.

Musicians on the Givin´Herself Away album: Gail Davies, Tom Kimmel and others.

Gail Davies - I´ll Be There

Warner Bros 1980

Tracks: I'll Be There, It's a Lovely Lovely World, Mama's Gonna Give You Sweet Things, Kentucky, Honky Tonk Waltz, Farewell Song, Object of My Affection, I'm Hungry I'm Tired, Grandma's Song & No One to Welcome Me Home.

Musicians on the I´ll Be There album: Gail Davies, Lloyd Green, Jay Dee Maness, Dean Parks, Marty Walsh, Lee Sklar, Shane Keister, Jai Winding, Michael Baird, Farrell Morris, Buddy Skipper, Shelly Kurland Strings, Terry McMillan, Mickey Raphael, Byron Berline, Buddy Spicher, Paulette Carlson, Emmylou Harris, The Jordanaires & Jeff Tassin.

Mac Davis - It´s Hard To Be Humble

Casablanca Records 1980

Tracks: It's Hard To Be Humble, Greatest Gift Of All, Let's Keep It That Way, It Was Time, Gravel On The Ground, Tequila Sheila, I Will Always Love You, Why Don't We Sleep On It, I Wanta Wake Up With You & I Know You're Out There Somewhere.

Musicians on the It´s Hard To Be Humble album: Mac Davis, Jimmy Catts, Peter Drake, Ray Edenton, Billy Sanford, Tommy Allsup, Bob Moore, David Briggs, Hargus Robbins,Jerry Carrigan, Kenny Malone & Sheldon Kurland Strings.

DeBarge - Rhythm Of The Night

Gordy Records 1985

Tracks: Prime Time, The Heart Is Not So Smart, Who's Holding Donna Now, Give It Up, Single Heart, You Wear It Well, The Walls (Came Tumbling Down), Share My World & Rhythm Of The Night.

Musicians on the Rhythm Of The Night album: Bunny DeBarge, El DeBarge, James DeBarge, Mark DeBarge, Randy DeBarge, Michael Baird, Glen Ballard, Dave Boruff, Robbie Buchanan, Bill Champlin, Paulinho Da Costa, Bobby DeBarge, Tommy DeBarge, Nathan East, David Foster, Paul Fox, Steve George, Jim Gilstrap, Venette Gloud, Jay Graydon, Michael Hightower, Dann Huff, Bunny Hull, Paul Jackson Jr., James Jamerson Jr., Jesse Johnson, John Keane, Abraham Laboriel, Ricky Lawson, Jeff Lorber, Clif Magness, Steve Mitchell, Andy Narell, Michael Omartian, Richard Page, Steve Porcaro, Howie Rice, John "JR" Robinson, Marcus Ryle, Carlos Vega & Benjamin Wright.

El DeBarge - S.T.

Gordy Records 1986

Tracks: Don't Say It's Over, Who's Johnny, Secrets Of The Night, I Wanna Hear It From My Heart, Someone, When Love Has Gone Away, Private Line, Love Always, Lost Without Her Love & Thrill Of The Chase.

Musicians on the El DeBarge album: El DeBarge, Jay Graydon, Dann Huff, Dean Parks, Marty Walsh, Neil Stubenhaus, Laythan Carl Amor, Burt Bacharach, Michael Boddicker, Robbie Buchanan, David Foster, Randy Goodrum, Marcus Ryle, Peter Wolf, Michael Baird, John "JR" Robinson, Paulinho Da Costa, Dave Boruff, Ernie Watts, Bill Champlin, Tommy Funderburk, Siedah Garrett, Jim Gilstrap, Bunny Hull, Phillip Ingram, Tom Kelly, Dennis Lambert, Michael McDonald, Richard Page, Phil Perry, Julia Tillman Waters, Tata Vega, Oren Waters & Ina Wolf.

Kiki Dee - Stay With Me

Rocket Records 1978

Tracks: One Step, Talk To Me, Don't Stop Loving Me, Dark Side Of Your Soul, Stay With Me, One Jump Ahead Of The Storm, You're Holding Me Too Tight, Love Is A Crazy Feeling & Safe Harbor.

Musicians on the Stay With Me album: Kiki Dee, Davey Johnstone, Steve Lukather, Bob Glaub, David Hungate, Bias Boshell, James Newton Howard, David Paich, Greg Phillinganes, Steve Porcaro, Tom Snow, Jim Keltner, Jeff Porcaro, Victor Feldman, Chuck Findley, Jim Horn, Steve Madaio, Donny Gerrard, Davey Johnstone, David Lasley, Arnold McCuller, Brenda Russell & Carmen Twillie.

Stephen Dees - Hip Shot

RCA Victor 1977

Tracks: Counting On You, Wacky Together, Kerry, You Defy The Law Of Gravity, Got My Eyes On You Babe, Too Close For Comfort, Out-A My Skin & Beat The Devil.

Musicians on the Hip Shot album: Stephen Dees, Steve Mele, Todd Sharp, Larry Fast, Daryl Hall, David Kent, Ralph Schuckett, Steve Shive, Eddie Zyne, Rubens Bassini, Charlie DeChant, Joey Stann & Tasha Thomas.

Deliverance - Tightrope

Global Records And Tapes 1979

Tracks: Foolish Hearts, Tightrope, Farewell, Prince Of The Galaxies, Leaving L.A., Back Seat Rider, Can You Survive?, Face The Lady & Re-Creation.

Musicians on the Tightrope album: Jacques Emanuel Belzing, Danny Janz, Ken Janz, Paul Janz, Dave McSparren, Guy Roellinger, Lee Harper, Elmer Louis, Scott Newton & Bobby Stern.

Delta - S.T.

MCA Records

Tracks: Someone Is Gonna Love Me Tonight, Night After Night, Prove It, This Time, Till You're Mine, Where Are You Tonight?, Takin' a Chance, Change of Heart, Endless Change & Take Me Home.

Musicians on the Delta album: Andrea Brauer, Paul Mauro, Waddy Wachtel, Nathan East, Jeff Stillman, Willie Weeks, Jeff Forehan, Scott Plunket, Staff Fiedhouse, Tom Ferguson, Maureen McDonald, James Ingram & Michael McDonald.

Denne And Gold - S.T.

MCA Records 1978

Tracks: Let's Up Our Love Back Together, It Hurts To Watch A Good Time Die, Midnite Creeper, Don't Go Away (And Take Your Love Out Of Town), You've Got To Give Me All Your Lovin', We've Got It Jumpin' Now, I Can't Ask For Anymore Than You, Why Do We Hurt Each Other, Uncertain & If I Could Just Be With You Tonight.

Musicians on the Denne And Gold album: Micky Denne, Ken Gold, Ray Cooper, Paul Keoch, Dave Lawson, Lynton Naiff, Ray Russell, Alan Tarney & Nigel Wilkinson

Deodato - Love Island

Warner Bros 1978

Tracks: Area Code 808, Whistle Bump, Tahitti Hut, San Juan Sunset, Love Island, Chariot Of The Gods, Pina Colada & Take The "A" Train.

Musicians on the Love Island album: Eumir Deodato, George Benson, Larry Carlton, Ray Gomez, Al McKay, George Parrish, John Tropea, Gordon Edwards, Robert Popwell, Verdine White, Joe Correro, Rick Marotta, Harvey Mason, Freddie White, Ray Armando, Philip Bailey, Charlie Conrad, Victor Feldman, Jimmy Maelen, Randy Brecker, Charles McCracken & Erica Norimar.

Karla DeVito - Wake´Em Up In Tokyo

A&M Records 1986

Tracks: Money Can't Buy Love, Little America, Hard Way, Whatever Will Be, Love I Can Taste, We Accelerate, Can't Change My Heart, Nobody Makes Me Crazy (Like You Do), I Rocked The Boy & The Weakness In Me.

Musicians on the Wake´Em Up In Tokyo album: Karla DeVito, Mike Hoffman, Craig Hull, Steve Hunter, Jesse Johnson, Michael Landau, Jeff Southworth, Waddy Wachtel, Jay Davis, Bob Getter, Bob Ezrin, Joey Gallo, Steve Goldstein, Todd McKinney, Chris Page, Kevin Savigar, Tony Brock, Craig Krampf, Gail Farrell, Darlene Goldenhoven, Mary Ellen Quinn & Jane Wiedlin.

Karla DeVito - Is This A Cool World Or What?

Epic Records 1981

Tracks: Is This A Could World Or What?, I Still Remember It... (I Can't Stand To Reminisce), Heaven Can Wait, Midnight Confessions, Big Idea, Almost Saturday Night, Boy Talk, Just One Smile, I'm Just Using You, Work, Bloody Bess & Just Like You.

Musicians on the Is This A Could World Or What? album: Karla DeVito, Bill House, G.E. Smith, Steve Perry, Billy Joe Walker, Mark Berger, Joe Chemay, Larry Paxton, John Hobbs, Paul Schaffer, Anton Fig, Steve Turner, Steve Forman, Jimmy Maelen, Mark Rivera, Joe Romano, Grant Gullickson & Lance Gullickson.

Dennis DeYoung - Desert Moon

A&M Records 1984

Tracks: Don't Wait For Heroes, Please, Boys Will Be Boys, Fire, Desert Moon, Suspicious, Gravity & Dear Darling (I'll Be There).

Musicians on the Desert Moon album: Dennis DeYoung, Tom Dziallo, Dennis Johnson, Vince Guttman, Gary Loizzo, Tom Radtke, Maurice Lynn Simmons, Steve Eisen, Tom Radtke, Rosemary Butler, Sandy Caulfield, Dawn Feusi, Pat Hurley & Gary Loizzo.

DFK Band - S.T.

CBS Records 1980

Tracks: Angels Fall, Just Like The Weather, Drinkin' Alone, I Know You're In There, It's All About You, Just Be Happy, That's Wrong, You Cut So Deep, Livin' In Hollywood & The Stranger.

Musicians on the DFK Band album: Les Dudek, Mike Finnigan, Jim Krueger, Bill Meeker, Trey Thompson, Max Gronenthal, Bobbye Hall & James Newton Howard.

Neil Diamond - Headed For The Future

Columbia Records 1986

Tracks: Headed For The Future 2 - The Man You Need 3 - I'll See You On The Radio (Laura) 4 - Stand Up For Love 5 - It Should Have Been Me 6 - Lost In Hollywood 7 - The Story Of My Life 8 - Angel 9 - Me Beside You 10 - Love Doesn't Live Here Anymore.

Musicians on the Headed For The Future album: Neil Diamond, Richard Bennett, Bobby Caldwell, Hadley Hockensmith, Dann Huff, Michael Landau, Steve Lukather, Doug Rhone, Nathan East, Reinie Press, Jason Scheff, Neil Stubenhaus, Robert A. Arbittier, Burt Bacharach, Bob Bralowe, Robbie Buchanan, Todd Cochran, David Foster, Herbie Hancock, Tom Hensley, Randy Kerber, Alan Lindgren, Greg Phillinganes, Nyle Steiner, Bo Tomlyn, Stevie Wonder, Vince Charles, Tris Imboden, John "JR" Robinson, Ron Tutt, Carlos Vega, Stevie Wonder, Paulinho Da Costa, King Errisson, Dave Boruff, Clare Fisher, Marva Barnes, Bobby Caldwell, Bill Champlin, David Lasley, Linda Press, Dwayne Robertson, Stephanie Spruill, Vincent Unto, Julia Tillman Waters, Maurice White, Maxine Willard Waters & Philip Williams.

Neil Diamond - Primitive

Columbia Records 1984

Tracks: Turn Around, Primitive, Fire On The Tracks, Brooklyn On A Saturday Night, Sleep With Me Tonight, Crazy, My Time With You, Love's Own Song, It's A Trip (Go For The Moon), You Make It Feel Like Christmas & One By One.

Musicians on the Primitive album: Neil Diamond, Richard Bennett, George Doering, Dennis Herring, Doug Rhone, Marty Walsh, Reinie Press, Neil Stubenhaus, Burt Bacharach, Michael Boddicker, Robbie Buchanan, Michel Colombier, David Foster, Tom Hensley, Alan Lindgren, Steve Mitchell, Greg Phillinganes, John "JR" Robinson, Ron Tutt, Lenny Castro, Vince Charles, Paulinho Da Costa, King Errisson, Jeremy Lubbock, Steve George, Richard Page, Linda Press, Doug Rhone, Ron Tutt & Larry Williams.

Neil Diamond - Heartlight

Columbia Records 1982

Tracks: Heartlight, Lost Among The Stars, Hurricane, I'm Alive, Comin' Home, In Ensenada, A Fool For You, Starflight, I'm Guilty, Front Page Story & First You Have To Say You Love Me.

Musicians on the Heartlight album: Neil Diamond, Richard Bennett, Dean Parks, Doug Rhone, Lee Ritenour, Fred Tackett, Marty Walsh, Reinie Press, Neil Stubenhaus, Burt Bacharach, Michael Boddicker, David Foster, Tom Hensley, Craig Hundley, Michael Lang, Alan Lindgren, Michael Masser, Michael Omartian, Alex Acuna, Michael Baird, Jim Keltner, Ron Tutt, Vince Charles, Paulinho Da Costa, King Errisson, Victor Feldman, Dave Boruff, Jeremy Lubbock, Clydene Jackson, Richard Page, Linda Press, Doug Rhone, Stephanie Spruill, H.L. Voelker, Julia Tillman Waters & Maxine Willard Waters.

David Diggs - Streetshadows

TBA Records 1984

Tracks: Last Night, Rachel, Playin' The Fool, Framed, Somethin' Might Be Burnin', Don't Be So Shy, Holding On To Love, Sky Singer & Dancing With His Shadow.

Musicians on the Streetshadows album: David Diggs, George Johnson, Paul Jackson Jr., Lee Ritenour, David Williams, Louis Johnson, Eddie Watkins, John Schuller, Harvey Mason, John "JR" Robinson, George Howard, Ernie Watts, Doug Cameron, Bob Carlisle, Dianne Reeves & Mary Ella Meek.

Cheryl Dilcher - Blue Sailor

Butterfly Records 1977

Tracks: Run And Hide, Ellie, Shake Me Up, What Do I Do Now ?, Here Comes My Baby, Blue Sailor, Keep On Walkin', Lovin' Woman & Follow The Love.

Musicians on the Blue Sailer album: Cheryl Dilcher, Rick Beilke, Steve DeLacey, Lowell George, Joey Larson, Stephen Restaino, Rusty Young, Randy Koontz, Erik Scott, Steve Hardin, Al Kooper, Michael Lewis, Clarence McDonald, Joe Aglio, Craig Krampf, Joe Lala, Nino Tempo, Michael Lewis, Ginger Blake, Linda Dillard, Frances Knott & Randy Koontz.

Michael Dinner - Tom Thumb The Dreamer

Fantasy Records 1976

Tracks: Tom Thumb The Dreamer, Julye, The Promised Land, Thrown Out Of The Paradise Ballroom, The Swallow, Sitting In The Limbo, Apple Annie, Silver Bulletts & Pale Fire.

Musicians on the Tom Thumb The Dreamer albuym: Michael Dinner, Waddy Wachtel, Dee Murray, Bill Champlin, David Foster, Nigel Olsson, Alan Estes, Chuck Findley, Dick Hyde, Lenny Pickett, Laura Allan, Timothy B. Schmit & Waddy Wachtel.

Michael Dinner - The Great Pretender

Fantasy Records 1974

Tracks: The Great Pretender, Jamaica, Yellow Rose Express, Sunday Morning Fool, Last Dance In Salinas, Tattooed Man From Chelsea, Woman of Aran, Pentacott Lane, Icarus & Texas Knight.

Musicians on the Great Pretender album: Michael Dinner, Bob Warford, Ed Black, Sneaky Pete, Al Perkins, Don Felder, John Boylan, Andrew Gold, Larry Knechtel, Mike Utley, Michael Bowden, Mickey McGee, Gary Mallaber, Russ Kunkel, Milt Holland, Linda Ronstadt, Doug Haywood, Herb Pedersen & Gail Davies.

The Dirt Band - Jealousy

Liberty Records 1981

Tracks: Jealousy, Too Close For Comfort, Fire In The Sky, Love Is The Last Thing, Crossfire, Circular Man, Catch The Next Dream, So You Run, Forget It & Easy Slow.

Musicians on the Jealousy album: Bob Carpenter, Jimmie Fadden, Michael Gardner Al Garth, Jeff Hanna, Richard Hathaway, John McEuen, Vic Mastrianni, Rosemary Butler, David James Holster, Kenny Loggins, Steve Lukather, John Macy, Bryan Savage, Rick Shlosser, Lisa Silver & Karen Silver.

The Dirt Band - Make A Little Magic

United Artists Records 1980

Tracks: Make A Little Magic, Badlands, High School Yearbook, Leigh Anne, Riding Alone, Anxious Heart, Do It ! (Party Lights), Harmony, Too Good To Be True & Mullen's Farewell To America.

Musicians on the Make A Little Magic album: The Dirt Band : Bob Carpenter, Jimmie Fadden, Al Garth, Jeff Hanna, Richard Hathaway, John McEuen, Haden Gregg, Nicolette Larson, Geoffrey Morris & Rick Shlosser.

The Dirt Band - An American Dream

United Artists Records 1979

Tracks: An American Dream, In Her Eyes, Take Me Back, Jas' Moon, Dance The Night Away, New Orleans, Happy Feet, Do You Feel The Way That I Do, What's On Your Mind & Wolverton Mountain.

Musicians on the An American Dream album: Bob Carpenter, Jimmy Fadden, Al Garth, Jeff Hanna, Richard Hathaway, John McEuen, Merle Brigante, Bobby Campo, Marty Gwinn, Tony Haselden, Al Kooper, Leah Kunkel, Bobby LaKind, Funky Lester, Bob Mason, Leon Medica, David Peters, Jeff Pollard, Rod Roddy & Linda Ronstadt.

Jessy Dixon - Silent Partner

Power Discs 1985

Tracks: Radiate 2 - I Won't Bow Down, Spiritual Solution, Destined To Win, My Heart Is His, Celebrate The Lord, Reunited, Silent Partner & Face To Face.

Musicians on the Silent Partner album: Jessy Dixon and others.

Jessy Dixon - You Bring The Sun Out

Light Records 1979

Tracks: Christ Has Made The Difference, He Never Let Me Down Before, I Can't Thank Him Enough, Your Love, Love Lifted Me, You Bring The Sun Out, Nobody But You, He's Precious To Me, More Than Anything & We Praise You.

Musicians on the You Bring The Sun Out album: Jessy Dixon and others.

Jessy Dixon - It´s All Right Now

Light Records 1977

Tracks: I Expect To See Him, He'll Be Right There, Father Me, I'm Satisfied, Hold On, It's All Right Now, Come To Me, Lord You've Been So Good To Me, Born Again & He Has Done Great Things.

Musicians on the It´s All Right Now album: Jessy Dixon, Gary Denton, Jay Graydon, Fred Tackett, David T. Walker, David Hungate, Harlan Rogers, Joe Sample, Bill Maxwell, Everett Bryson Jr., Bili Thedford, Ernie Watts, George Bohannon, Allen Gregory & Glen Myerscough.

Djavan - Lilás

Discos CBS 1984

Tracks: Lilas, Infinito, Esquinas, Transe, Obi, Miragem, Canto De Lira & Liberdade.

Musicians on the Lilás album: Djavan, Paul Jackson Jr., Michael Landau, Nathan East, Sizao Machado, Mike Porcaro, Luiz Avelar, Erich Bulling, David Foster, Randy Kerber, Greg Phillinganes, Téo Lima, John "JR" Robinson, Carlos Vega, Paulinho Da Costa, Ernie Watts, Jerry Hey, Jeremy Lubbock & Oscar Castro Neves.

The Dodgers - S.T.

Polydor Records 1978

Tracks: Love On The Rebound, Little Darlin', Anytime, Come Out Fight, It Was You, Mr. Music, Don't I Know What You're Doing, For Your Love, I Call Your Name, Take Another Piece, Don't Let Me Be Wrong & All I Do.

Musicians on the Dodgers album: Paul Hooper, Roger Lomas, Bob Jackson & John Wilson.

Danny Douma - Night Eyes

Warner Bros 1979

Tracks: Hurt To Pride, Dontcha Break My Heart, Endlessly, Broken Wing, Carnival Boy, Hate You, No Meaning Without You, Beauty Has An Ache, Love Now & Sweet Home.

Musicians on the Night Eyes album: Danny Douma, Lindsey Buckingham, Eric Clapton, Amos Garrett, Todd Sharp, Nick Van Maarth, Peter Freiberger, John McVie, Jay Gruska, Christine McVie, Mike Fleetwood, Claude Pepper, David Woodford, Garth Hudson & Michele Gruska.

Ed Drake - Friend Of Mine

Holy Kiss Records 1977

Tracks: Friend Of Mine, As I Walk Those Roads, Come On Back, Others, Wonderful Words, Walk The Walk, So Many Ways, Tick Tock & Some Cloud.

Musicians on the Friend Of Mine album: Ed Drake, Eddy Biddy, Mike Johnson, Randy Goodrum, Ron Oates, Bobby Daniels, Don Sanders, Monty Matthews & Randy Matthews.

Drama - Scene From A Distance

MCA Records 1985

Tracks: Paralyze, Mind Over Matter, Moment To Moment, Why Did Forever Have To End, Street Life, Heartache After Heartache, I Would Rush (To Your Love), Perfect Crime, Static & Here Comes Love.

Musicians on the Scene From A Distance album: Jack Holder, Tomy Humeke, Larry Klein, Suzanne Jerome Taylor, Pat Taylor, Tommy Faragher, Randy Goodrum, Paulinho Da Costa, Peggy McAfee, Lon Price & John Van Tongeren.

Dr. Hook - Sometimes You Win

Capitol Records 1979

Better Love Next Time, In Over My Head, Sexy Eyes, Oh ! Jesse, Years From Now On, I Don't Feel Much Like Smilin', When You're In Love With A Beautiful Woman, What Do You Want, Love Monster, Mountain Mary & Help Me Mama.

Musicians on the Sometimes You Win album: Billy Francis, Dennis Locorriere, Ray Sawyer, John Wolters and others.

Dr. Hook - Pleasure & Pain

Capitol Records 1978

Tracks: Sharing The Night Together, Sweetest Of All, Storms Never Last, I Don't Want To Be Anone Tonight, Knowing She's There, Clyde, When You're In Love With A Beautiful Woman, Dooley Jones, I Gave Her Comfort, All The Time In The World & You Make My Pants Want To Get Up And Dance.

Musicians on the Pleasure & Pain album: Rik Elswitt, Billy Francis, Jance Garfat, Dennis Locorriere, Ray Sawyer, John Wolters, Barry Beckett, Ken Bell, Mickey Buckins, Larry Byrom, Pete Carr, Cherry Sisters, Roger Hawkins, Bob Henke, David Hood, Jimmy Johnson, Sheri Kramer, Mike Lewis, Billy Puet, Tom Roady, Lisa Silver, Buddy Skipper, Dennis Solee & Diane Tidwell.

Phil Driscoll - Covenant Children

Sparrow Records 1983

Tracks: The Spirit, World Overcomer, Blow The Trumpet In Zion, He Will Deliver, I'll Be There, Sing A New Song, Covenant Children, Perfect Place, In The Beginning & Awake My Captain.

Musicians on the Covenant Children album: Phil Driscoll, Mike Deasy, Dann Huff, Ricky Keller, Jerry Cleveland, Larry Goss, Jim Keltner, Buster Phillips, Alex Acuna, Beverley Baxter, Terry Blackwood, Donna McElroy, Sharon Scott & Melodie Tunney.

Dr. John - City Lights

Horizon Records & Tapes 1978

Tracks: Dance The Night Away With You, Street Side, Wild Honey, Rain, Snake Eyes, Fire Of Love, Sonata / He's A Hero & City Lights.

Musicians on the City Lights album: Dr. John, Hugh McCracken, John Tropea, Will Lee, Richard Tee, Steve Gadd, Arthur Jenkins, Ronnie Cuber, David Sanborn, George Young, Barry Rogers, Ronnie Barron, George Jones, Nancy Jones, Tammy Lynn & Alvin Robinson.

Duke Jupiter - The Line Of Your Fire

Motown Records 1985

Tracks: Dancing On The Ice, We Might Fall In Love, Only You, You're My Hero, The Line Of Your Fire, Since You've Been Gone, Turnin' Me On, Never Say Goodbye & Sounds Like Love.

Musicians on the Line Of Your Fire album: David Corcoran, Rick Ellis, Marshall James Styler & Greg Walker.

Duke Jupiter - White Knuckle Ride

Morocco Records 1984

Tracks: She's So Hot, Rescue Me, Don't Turn Your Back, Top Of The Bay, Backfire, Little Lady, A Woman Like You, Work It Out, Me And Michelle & (I've Got A) Little Black Book.

Musicians on the White Knuckle Ride album: David Corcoran, Rickey Ellis, Marshall James Styler & Greg Walker.

The Dukes - S.T.

Warner Bros 1979

Tracks: Hearts In Trouble, Leaving It All Behind, All In A Game, Billy Niles, Crazy Fool, Who's Gonna Tell You, Time On Your Side, I'll Try To Help & Heartbreaker.

Musicians on the Dukes album: Miller Anderson, Ronnie Leahy, Jimmy McCulloch & Charlie Tumahai.

Lesley Duncan - Moon Bathing

GM Records 1975

Tracks: I Can See where I'm Going, Heaven Knows, Moon Bathing, Rescue Me, Lady Step Lightly, Wooden Spoon, Pick Up The Phone, Helpless, Fine Friends, Jumped Right In The River & Rocking Chair.

Musicians on the Moon Bathing album: Lesley Duncan, Glen LeFleur, Peter Dennis, Chris Spedding, Jim Ryan, Jimmy Horowitz, Glen LeFleur, Derek Grossmith, Joanna Newman & Liza Strike.

Gary Dunham - The Pearl

Newpax Records 1982

Tracks: Highway To Paradise, Who Put That Light In Your Eyes, Your Way, You can't Run Away From Your Heart, Heaven Knows, Carry On, Because Of Your Love, So Much, Hell To Pay & The Pearl.

Musicians on the Pearl album: Gary Dunham, Jon Goin, Don Roth, Ralph Childs, Shane Keister, Jerry Carrigan, Jerry Kroon, Quitman Dennis Strings : Nashville Strings Machine, Buzz Cason, Donna McElroy & Bergen White.

Dunn & Rubini - Diggin´It

Prodigal Records 1976

Tracks: Diggin' It, Imaginary Girl, Love Is Blind, Two, Words Could Never Say, I'm Blue, Back From The Fire, Just Keep Laughin', You Gotta Give It To Me, Turn On The Radio & You Gotta Give It To Me.

Musicians on the Diggin' It album: Don Dunn, Michael Rubini, Keith Barber, Matt Betton, Sonny Burke, Colin Cameron, Dash Croft, Henry E. Davis, Jess Ed Davis, Mike Deasy Sr., Bob Glaub, Thelma Houston, David Hungate, Rick Jaeger, King Errisson, Jim Krueger, Dean Parks, Donald Peake, Wayne Perkins, John Raines, Lee Ritenour, Jim Seals, George Sopuch, James Lee Stanley, Waddy Wachtel & Michael Warren.

Earth Wind And Fire - Faces

Columbia Records 1980

Tracks: Let Me Talk, Turn It Into Something Good, Pride, You, Sparkle, Back On The Road, Song In My Heart, You Went Away, And Love Goes On, Sailaway, Take It To The Sky, Win Or Lose, Share Your Love, In Time & Faces.

Earth Wind & Fire : Philip Bailey, Larry Dunn, Johnny Graham, Ralph Johnson, Al McKay, Fred White, Maurice White, Verdine White, Andrew Woolfolk, Paulinho Da Costa, Rahmlee Michael Davis, David Foster, Gary Glenn, Michael Harris, Marlo Henderson, Jerry Hey, Steve Lukather, Steve Madaio, Don Myrick, Jerry Peters & Louis Satterfield.

David Eastman - The Hands Of God

Window Records 1985

Tracks: Hands Of God, Remember I'm Comin' Back Soon, Something To Believe In, Let All Israel Rejoice, The Power Of Love, Don't Stop Don't Give Up, Time Steals By, Resurrection Day, You Came Along, Forgiven & Hands Of God (Reprise).

Musicians on the Hands Of God album: David Eastman and others.

Sheena Easton - A Private Heaven

EMI Records 1984

Tracks: Strut, Sugar Walls, Hungry Eyes, It's Hard To Say It's Over, Swear, Love And Affection, Back In The City, You Make Me Nervous, All By Myself & Double Standard.

Musicians on the A Private Heaven album: Sheena Easton, Michael Landau, Steve Lukather, Lee Ritenour, Abraham Laboriel, Michael Boddicker, Greg Mathieson, Carlos Vega, Lenny Castro, Gary Herbig, Larry Williams, Gary Grant, Jerry Hey, Bill Reichenbach, Steve George, Tom Kelly, Richard Page.

Sheena Easton - Best Kept Secret

EMI Records 1983

Tracks: Telefone (Long Distance Love Affair), I Like The Fright, Almost Over You, Devil In A Fast Car, Don't Leave Me This Way, Let Sleeping Dogs Lie, (She's In Love) With Her Radio, Just One Smile, Sweet Talk & Best Kept Man.

Musicians on the Best Kept Secret album: Sheena Easton, Jay Graydon, Michael Landau, Lee Sklar, David Foster, Greg Mathieson, Michael Baird, Carlos Vega, Gary Herbig, Steve George & Richard Page.

Dennis Edwards - Don´t Look Any Further

Gordy Records 1984

Tracks: I'm Up For You, Don't Look Any Further, (You're My) Aphrodisiac, Can't Fight It, Another Place In Time, Shake Hands (Come Out Dancin'), I Thought I Could Handle It & Just Like You.

Musicians on the Don´t Look Any Further album: Dennis Edwards, Paul Jackson Jr., Nathan East, Freddie Washington, Robbie Buchanan, Paul Fox, Duane Hitchings, Dennis Lambert, John "JR" Robinson, Paulinho Da Costa, Kim Hutchcroft, Larry Williams, Gary Grant, Jerry Hey, Bill Reichenbach, Siedah Garrett, Franne Golde, Phillip Ingram, Dennis Lambert, Paulette McWilliams & Darryl Phinnessee.

Jonathan Edwards - Rockin´Chair

Reprise Records 1976

Tracks: How Long, Hearts Overflowing, Favorite Song, White Line, Ain't Got Time, Hello, Song For The Life, Rockin' Chair (Gonna Get You), The Christian Life & Lady.

Musicians on the Rockin´Chair album: Jonathan Edwards, Brian Ahern, James Burton, Rodney Crowell, David Grisman, Emory Gordy, Emmylou Harris, Herb Pedersen, Emory Gordy, Glen D. Hardin, Bill Payne, John Ware, Byron Berline, Glen D. Hardin, Milan Kymlicka, Dianne Brooks, Lynnie Edwards & Emmylou Harris.

Priscilla Engle - S.T.

Frontline Records 1986

Tracks: To Live Is Christ, Don't Dance, Frozen Heart, Turn The Light, Add Up The Wonders, Fencerider, Things Are Lookin' Up, Distant Heart, Gold In The Fire & Kingdom Love.

Musicians on the Priscilla Engle album: Priscilla Engle and others.

Scott English - S.T.

EMI Records 1978

Tracks: I'm Just A Little Bit Crazy, Refugee From Love, Ramona, Voyeur, Stay, Dance ('Till You've Out Of My Life), Satisfy Me, Yesterday's Gone, People To People, Sad Eyes & Smile Soft On The Capricorn.

Musicians on the Scott English album: Scott English, Ben Benay, Jay Graydon, David Hungate, Mike Porcaro, Robbie Buchanan, David Foster, Steve Kipner, Michael Baird, Willy Ornelas, Randy Bishop, Carl Graves & Eugene McDaniels.

The Entertainers - Don't Let Your Love Grow Cold

Metro Records 1987

Tracks: Let's Make Love, Do You Like It Baby, Don't Let Your Love Grow Cold, All We Got To Lose Is Love, Behind Your Lies, Baby I Will, All I Need, Pennies From Heaven, Honest Emotion & Love You Like I Never Loved Before.

Musicians on the Don´t Let Your Love Grow Cold album: Mark Goins, Hugh Blanton, Danny Baker, Ric Sanders, Richard Robertson, John Franklin & Earl Dawkins.

The Entertainers - S.T.

HMC Records 1983

Tracks: Hot On A Thang, Pour Your Little Heart Out, In This Moment, It's Not What You Got, I'm Leavin', I'm In Love With You, I Won't Cry Anymore, Kidnapper, What Are We Gonna Do & Livin' For The Summer.

Musicians on the Entertainers album: Mark Goins, Hugh Blanton, Danny Baker, Ric Sanders, Richard Robertson, John Franklin & Earl Dawkins.

John Entwistle - Too Late The Hero

Atco Records 1981

Tracks: Try Me, Talk Dirty, Love Bird, Sleeping Man, I'm Coming Back, Dancing Master, Fallen Angel, Love Is A Heart Attack & Too Late The Hero.

Musicians on the Too Late The Hero album: John Entwistle, Joe Walsh, Joe Vitale & Billy Nichols.

Espionage - E S P

Elektra Records 1985

Tracks: I Couldn't Get To Sleep Last Night, In The Name Of Love, It's Easter, Make It On A Love, Deliver Me, Couldn't Hold Back Yje Tears, Cinema Majic, Always, Turn Around & Imagination.

Musicians on the E S P album: Chazz Coghlan, Gordon Goodwin, Paul Hutchinson, Nielson Kearon, Lindsey Buckingham, Dennis Conway, Elliot Easton, Chuck Findley, Gordon Fordyce, Gary Grant, Larry Hall, Tommy Lee, Hilly Michaels, Bill Reichenbach, Grover Washington Jr. & Larry Williams.

Euclid Beach Band - S.T.

Epic Records 1979

Tracks: Don't Play That Song, There's A Moon Out Tonight, Karen, I Need You, There's No Surf In Cleveland, End Of The World, You Make It Easy, Don't You Know What You Mean To Me, So Hard To Say Goodbye & You're The One.

Musicians on the Euclid Beach Band album: Dan Hardlicka, John Hart, Peter Hewitt, Bob Babbitt, John Barranco, Richard Bell, Ronald Bell, Eric Carmen, Charles Collins, Steve Gelfand, Juan Gomez, Diva Gray, Paul Griffin, Don Kriss, Don Krueger, Yvonne Lewis, Suzanne Lynch, Hugh McCracken, Ullanda McCullough, Jimmy Maelen, Rick Marotta, Jeff Mironov, Rob Mounsey, Don Payne, Rodney Psyka, Richard Reising, Erik Robertson, David Sanborn, Stanley Sheldon, George Sipl & Joe Ward.

Linda Evans - You Control Me

Ariola Records 1978

Tracks: You Control Me, You Got Me Dreaming, Last Goodbye, Don't You Need, I've Been Searching & I Can't Chance It.

Musicians on the You Control Me album: Linda Evans, Steve Lukather, David Williams, James Jamerson, Sonny Burke, David Paich, Earl Van Dyke, Frank Wright, Jeff Porcaro, Eddie Brown, James Jamerson, Don Myrick, Barbara Korn, Marti McCall, Julia Tillman Waters & Maxine Willard Waters.

Phil Everly - S.T.

Capital Records 1983

Tracks: She Means Nothing To Me, God Bless Older Ladies, Sweet Pretender, Never Gonna Dream Again, I'll Mend Your Broken Heart, Better Than Now, A Woman And A Man, Louise, When I'm Dead And Gone, Sweet Suzanne & Oh Baby Oh.

Musicians on the Phil Everly album: Phil Everly, Billy Bemner, Dash Croft, John David, Mickey Gee, Mark Knopfler, Jay Lacy, Michael Landau, Roger McKew, Stuart Coleman, Robbie Buchanan, Pete Wingfield, Howard Tibble, Terry Williams, Rod Houison & Cliff Richard.

Evie - Come On, Ring Those Bells

Word Records 1977

Tracks: Come On Ring Those Bells, Away In A Manger, Medley : No Room / Have You Any Room For Jesus ?, Mary's Boy Child, Silent Night, O Hoy Night, What Child Is This ?, Some Children See Him, One Small Child & A Thousand Candles.

Musicians on the Come On Ring Those Bells album: Evie Tornquist, Peter Bordonali, Weldon Myrick, Billy Sanford, Jerry Shook, Jack Williams, Randy Goodrum, Billy Puet, Lennart Sjoholm, Jerry Carrigan, Billy Harris, Farrell Morris, Bobby Taylor, Charlie McCoy & Janie Fricke.

Faith Band - Face To Face

Mercury Records 1979

Tracks: Touchy Situation, You're My Weakness, Big City Lights, Hopeless Romantic, Diamond In The Rough, Leave This Love, Fools Love, Long Distance Runner & Forever.

Musicians on the Face To Face album: David Barnes, David Bennett, John Cascella, Mark Cawley & Carl Storie.

Far Corporation - Division One The Album

Arista Records 1985

Tracks: Stairway To Heaven, You Are The Woman, One Of Your Lovers, Live Inside Your Dreams, Johnny Don't Go The Distance, Fire And Water, If You Could See You Through My Eyes, No One Else Will Do & Rock 'N' Roll Connection.

Musicians on the Division One The Album: Bernd Berwanger, Mats Björklund, Johan Daansen, Steve Lukather, Dieter Petereit, Harry Baierl, Pit Löw, David Paich, Curt Cress, Simon Phillips, Mel Collins, David Barreto, Henry Gorman, Bobby Kimball, Robin McAuley, Peter Bischof, Frank Farian, Bertl Gebhard, The Jackson Singers & Bimey Oberreit.

Sandy Farina - All Alone In The Night

MCA Records 1979

Tracks: All Alone In The Night, Takin' The Easy Way Out, Telephone, Anytime, Dirty Old Town, Superstar, Walkin' In The Sunshine, If Only I Could Face The Music & Broken Pieces.

Musicians on the All Alone In The Night: Sandy Farina, Jeff Baxter, Sal DeTroia, Bob Feldman, Dan Ferguson, Paul Jackson Jr., Michael Landau, Steve Lukather, Eric Weissberg, David Wolfert, Neil Stubenhaus, Craig Hundley, Greg Mathieson, Bill Payne, Peter Reiheh, Ed Greene, Jeff Porcaro, Rick Shlosser, Lenny Castro, Tom Saviano, Chuck Findley, Dick Hyde, Steve Madaio, Judd Miller, Bob Payne, Ralph Rickert, Phil Steele, Doug Wintz, Sal Arico, Glenn Morosohk & Christie Walker.

Mark Farner - S.T.

Atlantic Records 1977

Tracks: Dear Miss Lucy, Street Fight, Easy Breezes, Social Disaster, He Let Me Love, You And Me Baby, Second Chance To Dance, Lorraine, Lady Luck & Ban The Man.

Musicians on the Mark Farner album: Mark Farner, Bob Kulick, Dick Wagner, Bob Babbit, Phil Aaberg, Al Wotton, Jimmy Maelen, Dennis Bellinger & Ricky Farner.

Mark Farner Band - No Frills

Atlantic Records 1978

Tracks: He Sent Me You, If It Took All Day, When A Man Loves A Woman, Faith Keeps It Away, Crystal Eyes, Just One Look, All The Love You Give Me 8 - Cool Water & Without You.

Musicians on the No Frills album: Mark Farner, Dennis Bellinger, Andy Newmark & Karen Lawrence.

Joe Farrell - Night Dancing

Warner Bros 1978

Tracks: Kathrine, Silver Lace, How Deep Is Your Love, Come Rain Or Come Shine, Another Star, Casa De Los Sospensos, Night Dancing & You're In My Heart.

Musicians on the Night Dancing album: Joe Farrell, Jay Graydon, Lee Ritenour, Robert W. Daugherty, Abraham Laboriel, Mike Porcaro, Chuck Rainey, Michael Boddicker, Victor Feldman, Herbie Hancock, John Guerin, Harvey Mason, Jeff Porcaro, Paulinho Da Costa, Airto Moreiram Quitman Dennis, Joe Romano, Oscar Brashear, Garnet Brown, Chuck Findley, Richard Greene, Lew McCreary, Bill Bedford, Alex Brown, Flora Purim, Andrea Robinson & Lynda Tucker Lawrence.

Fast Forward - Living In Fiction

Island Records 1984

Tracks: Living In Fiction, Play To Win, What's It Gonna Take, Tonite, She Broke Your Heart, Don't Walk Away, You're A Mystery To Me, Draw The Line, Where Did The Time Go & Watermusic II.

Musicians on the Living In Fiction album: Bruce Fairbairn, Rodney Higgs, Andrew Kirin, Ian Lloyd, Jimmy Lowell, Patrick Mahassen, Larry Fast, Lou Gramm, Beau Hill, Mick Jones, Robert Minden, Brian Newcombe, Dave Pickell, Bob Rock, David Sinclair, Keith Scott & Jim Vallance.

Mackey Feary - Touch Sensitive

Sea West Records 1984

Tracks: Follow Every Dream, Goals, I'm Not Worth The Hurt, Paradise Is Twice As Nice, At The Risk Of Being Burned, You Are Best Friend, Climb The Sky, Colder Than The Rain,  'Neath The River Thames, Shadow Boxing, You Are Best Friend (Rick's Island Remix).

Musicians on the Touch Sensitive album: Mackey Feary, Adam Brenner, Rick Asher Keefer, Jose Flores & Jerry Martini.

Mackey Feary & Nite Life - S.T.

Sea West Records 1983

Tracks: Stop Running From Love, Marci, Don't Change Your Mind Tonight, Such Hot Stuff, You In My Life, Biggest Part Of Me, Love Is Blind, I Will Always Be For You, Love Is On My Mind & Apartment #703.

Musicians on the Mackey Feary & Nite Life album: Mackey Feary, Maurice Bega, Kenji Sano, Gerry Davis, George Tavy & Gordon Uchima.

Macky Feary Band - S.T.

Rainbow Records 1978

Tracks: You're Young, Catherine, Lullaby, I Remember You, A Million Stars, My Hand Do Play, It Takes Two, Interlude In Mood & Powerslide.

Musician on the Macky Feary Band album: Kevin Daley Mackey Feary, Gaylor Holomalia, David Yoshiteru, Gabe Baltazar, Nohelani Cypriano, Creed Fernandez, Jimmy Funai, Bonnie Gearheart, Azure McCall & Johnny Madrid.

Fonda Feingold - Finally

Doityourself Records 1980

Tracks: Livin' Without You, Would You Mind Too Much? (mp3), Taking Our Own Sweet Time & She Cries Like A Rainy Night.

Musicians on the Finally album: Fonda Feingold, Jerry Fields, James Stroud, Allison Prestwood, Don Barrett, Barry Richman, Dino Zimmerman, Alan Feingold, Bill DeLoach, Sonny Killebrew, Jay Norem, Bernardine Mitchell, Carol Veto & Iris Farmer.

Fonda Feingold - S.T.

Polygram Records 1978

Tracks: Warm In The Night, Feelin' Your Love, Gift Of A Love Song, What Is It, Anyway ?, Day Dreamin', Whatever Happened To Harry ?, I'll Never Let You Know You're Breaking My Heart, The Catchin', Abby Knows, Livin' Without You, Would You Mind Too Much ?, Taking Our Own Sweet Time & She Cries Like A Rainy Night.

Musician on the Fonda Feingold album: Fonda Feingold, Sid McGinnis, David Shapiro, Leon Pendarvis, Bob Weiner, George Devens, Jimmy Maelen, Hank Medress, George Young, David Lasley & Arnold McCuller.

Victor Feldman´s Generation Band - Smooth

TBA Records 1986

Tracks: Smooth, Inside Out, Noon Moon, You Bring Me Up, So Much Time, Elbowroom, Make It Right, Speechless & Villa Nueva.

Musicians on the Smooth album: Victor Feldman, Trevor Feldman, Joseph Conlan, Nathan East, Kipp Lennon, Lee Ritenour & Tom Scott.

Victor Feldman´s Generation Band - High Visibility

TBA Records 1985

Tracks: Cafe Lido, High Visibility, Brazilia, Candy Dance, Low Visibility, Downtown Dallas, China Blues & Seven Steps To Heaven.

Musicians on the High Visibility album: Victor Feldman, Trevor Feldman, Max Bennett, Joseph Conlan, Abraham Laboriel, Dean Parks & Tom Scott.

Jose Feliciano - S.T.

Motown Records 1981

Tracks: I Wanna Be Where You Are, I Second That Emotion, Ain't That Peculiar, Let's Make Love Over The Telephone, Everybody Loves Me, Free Me From My Freedom, Find Yourself & The Drought Is Over.

Musicians on the Jose Feliciano album: Jose Feliciano, Paul Jackson Jr., Ira Newborn, Louie Shelton, David T. Walker, Wah Wah Watson, Arthur Wright, Scott Edwards, Freddie Washington, Nathan Watts, Michael Boddicker, Michael Lang, Clarence McDonald, Alan Oldfield, James Gadson, Jim Gordon, Ed Greene, Eddie Summers, Paulinho Da Costa, Melvin Webb, Terry Harrington, Gary Herbig, Jim Horn, John Lehman, Chuck Findley, Gary Grant, Walt Johnson, Alan Kaplan, Bill Reichenbach, Lynn Davis, Jim Gilstrap, John Lehman, Myrna Matthews, Marti McCall, Sherrie Payne, Mona Lisa Young & Terry Young.

Jose Feliciano - Sweet Soul Music

Private Stock 1978

Tracks: I Love Making Love To You, Every Woman, The Hungry Years, Marguerita, Loving Her Was Easier, Sweet Soul Music, Love Comes From Unexpected Places, That Woman, The Air That I Breathe & Funny-Night Life.

Musicians on the Sweet Soul Music album: Jose Feliciano, Pete Carr, Jimmy Johnson, David Hood, Barry Beckett, Roger Hawkins, Tom Roady, Kim Carnes, Julia Tillman Waters & Maxine Willard Waters.

Lanier Ferguson - Nothin´Could Be Better

Myrrh Records 1980

Tracks: Will You Be There, Lord I Need You, Nothin' Could Be Better, You Just Call On Me, The Only Man, Made Things In Heaven, Second Coming, White Horse, Beautiful Music, The Son That Will Set No More & No I've Never.

Musicians on the Nothin´Could Be Better album: Lanier Ferguson, Steve Gibson, Jon Goin, Shane Keister & Roger Clark.

The Fifth Avenue Band - Really

Village Green Records 1990

Tracks: Look Who's On Fire Now, Out Of The Past, Leap Of Faith, Kiss To Kiss, Windblow, I Love My Car, Burn, Nothing To Do With The Weather, Heaven Made Love & Look Who's On Fire (Reprise).

Musicians on the Really album: Jon Lind, Kenny Altman, Peter Gallway, Murray Weinstock. Clint DeGanon, Will Lee, Paul Adamy, Eric Pressley, Michael Thompson, Tim Pierce, Ira Siegal, Jeff Pevar, Robbie Kondor, Hamish Stuart, Phil Galdston, Bill Meyers & Lani Groves.

Tracks: Look Who's On Fire Now, Out Of The Past, Leap Of Faith, Kiss To Kiss, Windblow, I Love My Car, Burn, Nothing To Do With The Weather, Heaven Made Love & Look Who's On Fire (Reprise).

The Fifth Avenue Band - S.T.

Reprise Records 1969

Tracks: Fast Freight, One Way Or The Other, Good Lady Of Toronto, Eden Rock, Country Time Rhymes, Calamity Jane, Nice Folks, Cockeyed Shame, Faithful Be Fair, In Hollywood & Angel.

Musicians on the Fifth Avenue Band album: Pete Haywood, Jon Lind, Kenny Altman, Peter Gallway, Jerry Burnham, Murray Weinstock, Ray Brown, Buddy Emmons, Plas Johnson, Jackie Celso & Dalton Smith.

Barry Finnerty - New York City

Victor Records 1982

Tracks: New York City, Hangtime, Love In Vain, I Found A Lady, Just My Luck, Stonescape, Love Far Away & Dawn Of A New Day.

Musicians on the New York City album: Barry Finnerty, Tim Landers, Will Lee, Neil Stubenhaus, Mark Gray, Vinnie Colaiuta, Richie Morales, Buddy William, Rafael Cruz, Sammy Figueroa, Carole Steele, Michael Brecker, Bob Mintzer, Dennis Morouse, Barry Rogers, Randy Brecker, Mac Gollehon, Keith O'Quinn, Lew Soloff, Sally Fox & Maggie Swank.

Mike Finnigan - Black & White

Columbia Records 1978

Tracks: Just One Minute More, How Wrong Can You Be, The Words, Can't Keep A Secret, I Could Never Leave, Sailfish, Expressway To Your Heart, Love Might Keep Us Forever, Let Me Love You & Hideway From Love.

Musicians on the Black & White album: Mike Finnegan, Les Dudek, Jim Krueger, Bob Glaub, Gerald Johnson, Max Gronenthal, Dave Mason, James Gadson, Rick Jaeger, Jeff Porcaro, Bobbye Hall, Melissa MacKay, Marti McCall & Myrna Matthews.

Mike Finnigan - S.T.

Warner Bros 1976

Tracks: Saved By The Graced Of Your Love, Performance, Baby I Found Out, The Room Nobody Lives In, New York State Of Mind, Ace In The Hole, Southern Lady, Everything Will Work Out Right, Misery Loves Company, Holy Cow & Mississippi On My Mind.

Musicians on the Mike Finnigan album: Mike Finnigan, Pete Carr, Amos Garrett, Johnny Gimble, Jimmy Johnson, David Hood, Barry Beckett, Roger Hawkins, Tom Roady, Don Butterfield, Ron Eades, Pee Wee Erwin, Buddy Morrow, Charles Rose, Harvey Thompson, Bob Wilder, Ava Aldridge, James Griffin, Maria Muldaur, Suzy Storm & Barbara Wyrick.

First Call - Undivided

Dayspring Records 1986

Tracks: Messiah, Undivided, Campmeetin' Tonight, Bless Ye The Lord, God Is Greater, One Step At A Time, Step Of Faith, The Future, Snap To It & Just As True For You.

Musicians on the Undivided album: Bonnie Keen, Marty McCall, Melody Tunney, Mike Brignardello, Gary Burnette, John Darnell, Mark Hammond, Tom Hemby, Jim Horn, David Huntsinger, Greg Jennings, Paul Leim, Gary Lunn, Terry McMillan, Farrell Morris, Phl Naish, Craig Nelson, Sandi Patty, Jimmy Lee Sloas, Denis Solee, Keith Thomas & Dick Tunney.

John Fischer - Johnny´s Cafe

Light Records 1979

Tracks: Johnny's Cafe, One Lane Road, Nothin' In This World, Circle of Blessing, Talking Faces, Pawn In The Game, Right On Time, Hard Line, Blessed & Midnight On Main Street.

Musicians on the Johnny´s Cafe album: John Fischer, Dan Ferguson, Tim May, Thom Rotella, Rick Vito, Leon Gaer, Clark Gassman, David Kemper, Paul Leim, Steve Forman, Don Menza & Dan Collins.

John Fischer - Naphtali

Light Records 1976

Tracks: Naphtali, We Are His Workmanship, Don't Veil The Door, Work Out The Life, Naphtali Arise, Angel's Song, Mary And Joseph, Song For The Good Times, Live In The Power & Arise My Beloved.

Musicians on the Naphtali album: John Fischer, Jay Graydon, Dean Parks, Al Perkins, Reinie Press, Clark Gassman, Joe Sample, Hal Blaine, Ron Tutt, Joe Porcaro, Dan Collins & Walt Harrah.

Robert Fleischman - Perfect Stranger

Arista Records 1979

Tracks: All For You, Far Too Long, Southern Lights, Ace In The Hole, One More Time, Part Of Me, Never Never Land & Heartstrings Delight.

Musicians on the Perfect Stranger album: Robert Fleischman, Phil Brown, Jimmy Crespo, Roger Linn, Neal Schon, Will Lee, John McVie, Stanley Sheldon, Tom Stephenson, Andy Newmark, Vince McCool & Rocke Grace.

The Flying Burrito Bros – Airborne

Columbia Records 1976

Tracks: Out Of Control, Waitin' For Love To Begin, Toe Tappin' Music, Quiet Man, Northbound Bus, Big Bayou, Walk On The Water, Linda Lu, Border Town, She's A Sailor & Jesus Broke The Wild Horses.

Musicians on the Airborne album: Skip Battin, Gib Guilbeau, John Scott Hill, Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Gene Parsons, Luis Cabaza, Jamie Faunt, Warren Pemberton, Jim Seiter & Stevie Wonder.

Follazay - Once In A Million

A&M Records 1984

Tracks: Oh What A Night, One In A Million, This Time, Don't Give Up On Dreamin', Heartache, It's A matter Of Love, Teasin' Only, I Can't Recall Your Face, On The Shelf, Around The World & Can't Get It Through My Head.

Musicians on the Once In A Million album: Adrienne Follazay, Keith Follazay, Michael Baird, Jim Cox, John d'Andrea, Steve Dodis, Randy Foote, John Hobbs, Mark Hudson, Lawrence Juber, Ron Krasinski, Paul Leim, Michael Lloyd & Bobby Martin.

Oden Fong - Come For The Children

Maranatha Music 1979

Tracks: The Mask, Natural Man, Crazy Voices, White Eagle, Selfish Man, Again And Again, Ready To Fly, Come For The Children & She Begins To Sing.

Musicians on the Come For The Children album: Oden Fong, Joe Cadrecha, Don Gerber, Hadley Hockensmith, John Wickham, Mark Wickham, Darrel Cooke, Jonathan David Brown, Gabriel Katona, Keith Edwards, John Mehler, Alex MacDougall, Stan Endicott, Bob Bennett, Jim Fletcher & Michele Pillar.

Garnett Ford - Postcard

Maze Records 1982

Tracks: Stay The Way, Can′t Do Without It, Words Of Love, Looking For You, Time Won′t Let Me, Live It Up, When I′m Beside You, Can′t Slow Down, You And I, Something In Her & Second Chances.

Musicians on the Postcard album: Garnett Ford, Mike Frances, Don Gaze, Bernie LaBarge, Kim Mitchell, Pat Rush, Danny Weis, Mike Kahn, Dennis Pinhorn, Dennis Keldi, Grant Slator, Jon Anderson, Paul Armstrong, Peter Appleyard, Leon Stevenson, Bernie LaBarge, B.B. Gabor, Shawn Jackson, Colina Philips, Leon Stever, Doug Templeton & Sharon Lee Williams.

Garnett Ford - Under The Influence

WEA Records 1978

Tracks: Out In The Streets, Takin' The Easy Way, Confusion, In Your Dreams, Leading You On, New Sensations, Hustler, Mama Two-Step & Robbery.

Musicians on the Under The Influence album: Garnett Ford and others.

Robben Ford - Love´s A Heartache

Polydor Records 1983

Tracks: Standing On The Outside, Time Flies, Save Your Nights For Me, Me On The One Side, Wheels Of Love, Tell That Girl, Illusions, Sunset Memory, Love's A Heartache & Sun Lake.

Musicians on the Love´s A Heartache album: Robben Ford, Carlos Rios, Nathan East, Abraham Laboriel, Neil Stubenhaus, Freddy Washington, Russell Ferrante, Bill Meyers, Derek Nakamoto, Randy Waldman, Vinnie Colaiuta, Michael Fisher, Dave Boruff, Larry Klimas, Ralf Rickert, Doug Wintz, Claudia, Phillip Ingram, Robert Jason, Howard Smith, Maxi Anderson, Marlena Jeter & Darryl Phinnessee.

Forerunner - (a.k.a.)

Refuge Records 1984

Tracks: Jesus Is Saviour, Faith Walk, Hard Times, Victory, Nowhere To Run, River Of Life, Hold On, Words Of The Wise & Albola (A Little Bit Of L.A.).

Musicians on the (a.k.a.) album: Paul Brannon, George Cocchini, John Lawry, Lisa Bevill, Brenda Brannon, Jay C. Coble Jr., Phil Elliott, Joe English, Mike Feller, Tom Flora, Mark Helstein, Angie Innis, Sam Levine, Doug Moffett, Gary Pigg, Tim Smith, Dave Spear, Lisa Tucker & Ned Wimmer.

Fortune - S.T.

MCA Records 1985

Tracks: Thrill Of It All, Smoke From A Gun, Stacy, Bad Blood, Dearborn Station, Lonely Hunter, Deep In The Heart Of The Night, Stormy Love, Out On The Streets & 98 In The Shade.

Musicians on the Fortune album: Bob Birch, Mick Fortune, Richard Fortune, L.A. Greene, Roger Scott Craig, Mark Davis, Jeff Eyrich, Colleen Fortune, Jimmy Hunter, Booker T. Jones, Steve Lagana, Michael Nash, Alvin Taylor & Maureen Thornton.

The Four Tops - Tonight!

Casablanca Records 1981

Tracks: When She Was My Girl, Don't Walk Away, Tonight I'm Gonna Love You All Over, Who's Right Who's Wrong, Let Me Set You Free, From A Distance, Something To Remember, All I Do & I'll Never Ever Leave Again.

Musicians on the Tonight! album: Renaldo Benson, Abdul Fakir, Lawrence Payton, Levi Stubbs, Ron Carter, Richard Crooks, David Friedman, Nathan East, George Marge, Bill Meyers, Shelson Powell, Carlos Rios, Tom Saviano, Joe Shepley, Ralph Schuckett, Lew Soloff, Neil Stubenhaus, Ed Walsh, David Williams & David Wolfert.

Peter Frampton - Breaking All The Rules

A&M Records 1981

Dig What I Say 2 - I Don't Wanna Let You Go 3 - Rise Up 4 - Wasting The Night Away 5 - Going To L.A. 6 - You Kill Me 7 - Friday On My Mind 8 - Lost A Part Of You 9 - Breaking All The Rules.

Musicians on the Breaking All The Rules album: Peter Frampton, Steve Lukather, Ed Manteleone, John Regan, Jeff Porcaro & Arthur Stead.

Peter Frampton - Where I Should Be

A&M Records 1979

Tracks: I Can't Stand It No More, Got My Feet Back On The Ground, Where I Should Be (Monkey's Song), Everything I Need, May I Baby, You Don't Know Like I Know, She Don't Reply, We've Just Begun, Take Me By The Hand & It's A Sad Affair.

Musicians on the album Where I Should Be: Peter Frampton, Steve Cropper, Bob Mayo, Donald Dunn, Stanley Sheldon, Jamie Oldaker, Steve Forman, David Duke, Tower Of Power, Julia Tillman Waters, Joe Vitale, Luther Waters, Oren Waters & Maxine Willard Waters.

Peter Frampton - I´m In You

A&M Records 1977

Tracks: I'm In You, (Putting My) Heart On The Line, St. Thomas (Don't You Know How I Feel), Won't You Be My Friend, Don't Have To Worry, Tried To Love, Rocky's Hot Club, (I'm A) Road Runner & Signed Sealed Delivered I'm Yours.

Musicians on the I´m In You album: Peter Frampton, Bob Mayo, Stanley Sheldon, John Siomos, Ringo Starr, Richard Hayward, Stevie Wonder & Mike Finnegan.

Aretha Franklin - Love All The Hurt Away

Arista Records 1981

Tracks: Love All The Hurt Away, Hold On ! I'm Comin', Living In The Streets, There's A Star For Everyone, You Can't Always Get What You Want, It's My Turn, Truth And Honesty, Search On, Whole Lot Of Me & Kind Of Man.

Musicians on the Love All The Hurt Away: Aretha Franklin, Buzz Feiten, Steve Lukather, David Williams, Louis Johnson, Abraham Laboriel, Marcus Miller, Robbie Buchanan, David Foster, Marcus Miller, David Paich, Greg Phillinganes, Jeff Porcaro, Paulinho Da Costa, Steve Ferrone, Eddie Daniels, Gary Herbig, Jim Horn, Ronnie Cuber, Jon Faddis, Gary Grant, Jerry Hey, Bill Reichenbach, Larry Williams, George Benson, Margaret Branch, Estelle Brown, Jo Ann Harris, Cissy Houston, David Lasley, Linda Lawrence, Marcy Levy, Darlene Love, Arnold McCuller, Myrna Smith & Mark Stevens.

Rodney Franklin - It Takes Two

Columbia Records 1986

Tracks: Motion, Look What's Showing Through, Broken Wings, Eagle And The Condor, It Takes Two, Rollin' In Our Love, My Wish & Let There Be Peace.

Musicians on the It Takes Two album: Rodney Franklin, Paul Jackson Jr., Michael Landau, Joaquin Lievano, Nathan East, Robbie Buchanan, Gary Chang, Michel Colombier, Rodney Franklin, Jeff Lorber, Michael Baird, Tony St. James, Chester Thompson, Paulinho Da Costa, Leonard Gibbs, Gerald Albright, Gary Herbig, Chuck Findley, Phillip Ingram, Elizabeth Lamers, Frank Musker, Brenda Russell, Lynn Davies, Stuart Dubey, Siedah Garrett, Jim Gilstrap, Edie Lehman, Marti McCall, Darryl Phinnessee & Hamish Stuart.

Rodney Franklin - In The Center

Columbia Records 1978

Tracks: Spanish Flight, Yours, I Like The Music Make It Hot, On The Path, Spring Suite Festival, 1st Movement, Sunrise, 2nd Movement, May Lady, 3rd Movement & Life Moves On.

Musicians on the In The Center album: Rodney Franklin, Dennis Budimir, Chuck Domanico, David T. Walker, David Shields, Ian Underwood, John Guerin, Jeff Porcaro, Paulinho Da Costa, George Devens, Victor Feldman, Kim Hutchcroft, Ernie Watts, Larry Williams, Lamar Alsop, Seymour Barab, Oscar Brashear, Harold Coletta, Jerry Hey, Freddie Hubbard, Jesse Levy, Charles Libove, David Luell, Aaron Rosand, Paul Winter, Harry Zaratzian, Bernard Ighner & Sandra Ighner.

Tom Franzak - Shadowboxing

Myrrh Records 1985

Tracks: We Can Make A Difference, Theology 101, I'll Come After You, Stuff, David Danced, Shadowboxing, Where's Love For Susie, Soon To Be A Major, Attraction & Without Love.

Musicians on the Shadowboxing album: Tom Franzak and others.

Tom Franzak - Walk That Talk

Myrrh Records 1983

Tracks: Walk That Talk, The Call, Messiah, (You're Only As) Sick As Your Secrets, Piece Of The Mountaintop, HGT (Heavy Guilt Trip), Thank You For Loving Me, I Know What Love's About, Live On In My Love & Just Passing Through.

Musicians on the Walk That Talk album: Tom Franzak and others.

Andy Fraser - Fine Fine Line

Island Records 1984

Tracks: Fine Fine Line, Branded By The Fire, Chinese Eyes, Knocking At Your Door, A Million Miles Away, Do You Love Me, Night To Last Forever, Danger, One Night Love Affair & Living This Eternal Dream.

Musicians on the Fine Fine Line album: Andy Fraser, Michael Thompson, Davey Faragher, Bob Marlette & Tony Braunagel.

Rob Frazier - This Town

Light Records 1986

Tracks: It's The Heart That Matters, Hide And Seek, Break My Heart, This Town, It's Alright To Cry, Get Into Motion, Army Of Love, Starting Over, Hey Frankie & Where Love Begins.

Musicians on the This Town album: Rob Frazier, Michael Landau, Marty Walsh, Rick Cua, Smitty Price, Paul Leim, Mel Watts, Barbara Catanzaro, Margaret Becker, Steve Camp, Marti McCall, Gary Pigg & Shawn Welling.

Rob Frazier - Cut It Away

Light Records 1984

Tracks: Cut It Away, Come On Elaine, He Is All You Need, Stolen Love, You Know What's Right, Tonight, Weight Of The Worlds, Train Up A Child & 666.

Musicians on the Cut It Away album: Rob Frazier, Dave Mansfield, Marty Walsh, Bill Batstone, Smitty Price, Jack Kelly, Scott Moser, Brandon Fields, Rosemary Butler, Steve Camp, Rob Frazier, Carol Buckley Frazier & Sherry Larson.

Glenn Frey - The Allnighter

MCA Records 1984

Tracks: The Allnighter, Sexy Girl, I Got Love, Somebody Else, Lover's Moon, Smuggler's Blues, Let's Go Home, Better In The U.S.A., Living In Darkness & New Love.

Musicians on the Allnighter album: Gleen Freay, Duncan Cameron, Josh Leo, Jack Tempchin, Hawk Wolinski, Bryan Garofalo, David Hood, Barry Beckett, Vince Melamed, Hawk Wolinski, Michael Huey, Larrie Londin, John "JR" Robinson, Victor Feldman, Steve Forman, Bill Bergman, Al Garth, Heart Attack Horns, Greg Smith, Lee Thornburg, Nick DeCaro, Duncan Cameron, Roy Galloway, Jack Tempchin, Luther Waters & Oren Waters.

Glenn Frey - No Fun Aloud

Asylum Records 1982

Tracks: I Found Somebody, The One One You Love, Partytown, I Volunteer, I've Been Born Again, Sea Cruise, That Girl, All Those Lies, She Can't Let Go & Don't Give Up

Musicians on the No Fun Aloud album: Glenn Frey, Duncan Cameron, Clayton Ivey, Josh Leo, Wayne Perkins, Bryan Garofalo, Bob Glaub, David Hood, Roberto Pinon, David Wolinski, Allan Blazek, Roger Hawkins, Michael Huey, John "JR" Robinson, Steve Forman, Ronnie Eades, Al Garth, Jim Horn, Harvey Thompson, Ernie Watts, The Heart Attack Horns, Bill Champlin, Tom Kelly, Marcy Levy, The Monstertones, Julia Tillman Waters, Luther Waters, Oren Waters & Maxine Willard Waters.

Steven Fromholz - Frolick In The Myth

Capitol Records 1977

Tracks: Sweet Janey, Sophia, Just a Waltz, Early Mornin' Riser, Where Are They Now ?, Hawkeye, Magic Princess, Sea-Goin' Junkie, Just Let Me Be & Fool's Paradise.

Musicians on the Frolick In The Myth album: Steven Fromholz,Jay Graydon, Larry Nye, Joe Renzetti, Red Rhodes, Jim Schulman, Michael McKinney, Andy Muson, John Barnes, Stanley Schwartz, Kirk Bruner, Steve Forman, Jim Schulman & David Luell.

The Front - S.T.

Refuge Records 1984

Tracks: It’s Hard To Take, Holy Night, All Under Him, King Of Glory, The Promise, Silent Night, Tonight & How Long.

Musicians on the The Front album: Tommy Funderburk, Bob Wilson, Larry Williams, Dann Huff, Dennis Bellfield, Kevin Clark, Tom Kelly, Linda McCreary, Tata Vega, Andraé Crouch, Phyllis St. James & Kristie Edwards.

Micki Fuhrman - Look Again

Dayspring Records 1981

Tracks: Look Again, People Call Him Jesus, I Stick With Winners, God Is Missing A Child, I Would Never Have Made It Without You, Hold On, Biblesong (Open Me), Trouble You Can't Fool Me, You're The Reason, You Lead The Way & Now That I've Found Your Love.

Musicians on the Look Again album: Micki Fuhrman, Peter Boronali, Robert Byrne, Jon Goin, Mac McAnally, Kenny Mims, Tom Robb, Tony Brown, Clayton Ivey, Shane Keister, Bobby Ogdin, Hayward Bishop, Kenny Buttrey, Bob Gelotte, Buster Phillips, Mickey Buckins, Harrison Calloway, Ronnie Eades, Charles Rose, Harvey Thompson, Sheldon Kurland, Charles Rose, Kristen Wilkinson, Robert Byrne & Marie Clark.

Funky Communication Committee - Do You Believe In Magic

RCA Records 1980

Tracks: Give Me A Reason, Do You Believe In Magic, Falling Out Of Love, Where Did You Come From, Jump Into The Fire, How Do You Like Your Love, Changes, Don't Hold Back, More Than Love & Let The Love On Through.

Musicians on the Do You Believe In Magic album: Wayne Chaney, J.B. Christman, Dennis Clifton, Jim Evans, Steve Gooch, Lonnie Ledford, Guy Higginbotham & Clayton Ivey.

Funky Communication Committee - Baby I Want You

RCA Records 1979

Tracks: Baby I Want You, How Great A Love Can Be, Ghost Of Love, It Took A Woman Like You, Ain't Givin' Up On Love, Woman, Shot From The Saddle, Sunshine, That Didn't Hurt Too Bad & Dreamer.

Musicians on the Baby I Want You album: Wayne Chaney, Dennis Clifton, J.B. Christman, Jim Evans, Steve Gooch,  Lonnie Ledford, Clayton Ivey, Charles Rose & Harvey Thompson

Funky Kings - S.T.

Arista Records 1976

Tracks: Singing In The Streets, My Old Pals, So Long, Highway Song (Drive, Drive, Drive), Nothing Was Exchanged, Slow Dancing, Let Me Go, So Easy To Begin, Help To Guide Me, Mattress On The Roof  & Anywhere But Jimmie's.

Musicians on the Funky Kings album: Bill Bodine), Frank Cotinola, Greg Leisz, Richard Stekol, Jack Tempchin, Barry Beckett, Mike Finnigan, Katy Moffatt & Jules Shear.


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