West Coast Music in Italia

About the site:

Welcome to the first Italian site dedicated to the music that is West Coast to that particular genre of music that originated in California in the early 70s and lasted, at its best, until the early 80s.

You will find in any case, even artists and discs before or after the period specified above as they have, for various reasons, ties with the music here taken into account.

The Californian music is formed mainly by the country rock in the late ’60s, but then develops, depending on the author, to various musical horizons so touching pop, soul and fusion or creating a real union of these genres, creating jobs difficult to place and difficult to define.

There are many west coast music artists, but few are those who have had a real feedback on a commercial level or fame to the general public. The main ones are Eagles, Christopher Cross, Toto, Michael McDonald, to name only the most famous names, but behind them is an endless list of singers and groups who despite having to press the masterpieces remained virtually unknown and their records appreciated by a select group of fans of the genre.

The site will be considered in the discography of all these artists, trying to highlight and then advise the best records, those who cannot miss a good collection of music in the West Coast.

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