Classics West Coast Music

The late seventies and early eighties are sometimes referred to as “The Golden Age” of West Coast Music, and the contrast to so much of what the nineties have offered us musically is remarkable.

Lots of studio recordings, especially in the Los Angeles area and with several artists or bands that released a few albums, some only a debut album and never had a follow up, also some artists moved to another music direction.

At this list you can see a selection of albums that are worthy a listening.

Ralph MacDonald - Counterpoint

Marlin Records 1979

Tracks: I Need Someone, You Are In Love, Tell The Truth, Discolypso, Always Something Missing & East Dry River.

Musicians on the Counterpoint album: Ralph MacDonald, Eric Gale, Joe Brown, Will Lee, Arthur Jenkins, Richard Tee, Steve Gadd, Harvey Mason, Joe Brown, Robert Greenidge, Michael Brecker, David Sanborn, Tom Scott, Grover Washington Jr., Randy Brecker, Ronnie Cuber, Jon Faddis, Howard Johnson, Tom Malone, Barry Rogers, Harold Vick, Zachary Sanders, William Eaton, Frank Floyd & Ken Williams.

Mary MacGregor - S.T.

RSO Records 1980

Tracks: Dancin' Like Lovers, You're Just Between Love, Somebody Please, Love What Took You So Long, Anything But Yes Is Still A No, Good Friend, Randy, I Can't Hold On, Dominoes & Never Give Up.

Musicians on the Mary MacGregor album: Mary MacGregor, Ronald Cook, Larry Guzy, Michael Landau, Steve Lukather, Marc Boeddeker, Mike Porcaro, Neil Stubenhaus, David J. Holman, Peter Robinson, Jai Winding, Brian Whitcomb, Michael Botts, David J. Holman & Bryan Savage.

Mary MacGregor - In Your Eyes

Ariola Records 1978

Tracks: Memories, Alone Too Long, If You Evere Believed, Satisfied, In Your Eyes, Hold Tight, Just The Way You Are, Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight, Seashells On The Windows, Candles And A Magic Stone & I've Never Been To Me.

Musicians on the In Your Eyes album: Mary MacGregor, Ben Benay, Jay Graydon, Tabatt Laven, Doug McLeod, Lee Ritenour, Thom Rotella, Fred Tackett, Bobby Bartone, Reinie Press, Mike Porcaro, Lee Sklar, John Barnes, Artie Butler, David Foster, Michael Lang, Harold Smith, Wilbert Dugas, Jim Gordon, Ed Greene, Jeff Porcaro, Alan Estes, Victor Feldman, Joe Ghiglia, Bud Shank, Ernie Watts, James Atkinson, Ernest Carlson, Marion Childers, Gene Cipriano, John Ellis, Jerry Hey, Dick Hyde, Steve Madaio, Richard Noel, William Peterson, Gale Robinson, Sheridon Stokes, Robert Yeager, Alexandra Brown, Stephanie Spruill & Ann White.

Joanne Mackell - S.T.

United Artists Records 1978

Tracks: Used To Think It Was Easy, Fire Down Below, Christmas Day, Trip The Light Fantastic, Pushin' Bad To Worse, You Receive Me, I Don't Want A Lover, Ain't About To Love You, My Cryin' Didn't Wake Ya & Dr. Feelgood.

Musicians on the Joanne Mackell album: Joanne Mackell, Auburn Barry, James Burton, Steve Cropper, Joe Falsia, Peter Jameson, Donald Dunn, Bob Glaub, Emory Gordy, Wayne Cook, Barry Goldberg, Jimmy Greenspoon, Jai Winding, Ed Greene, Michael Huey, Joe Falsia, Barbara Bennett, Dianne Brooks, Matha Reeves, Julia Tillman Waters & Miles Wilkinson.

Magnum - Hot Nights

Allentown International Recording Artists 1983

Tracks: Hot Nights, Public Enemy # 1, 3 - Second Chance, Unanswered Love & Video Girl.

Musicians on the Hot Nights album: Roy Castellano, Mike Defrank, Robert Mason, Lonnie Warner & Dave Werkhiser.

Chris Mancini - No Strings

Atlantic Records 1983

Tracks: City Girl, (Here Comes That) Hurt Again, Gonna Find Me A Girl Tonoght, Lovers In Love, Wild Eyes, Suspicions, Where's That Feelin', Hot Streets, Let Down Easy & I Never Believed.

Musicians on the No Strings album: Chris Mancini, Rick Derringer, Stephen Geyer, Waddy Wachtel. Lequint Jobe, Mike Porcaro, Roy Bittan, Carmine Appice, Anton Fig, Jeff Porcaro, Roy Bittan, Clark Garman, Stephen Geyer, Bobby Siller & Gary Stockdale.

Jim Mandell - No More Illusions

Elektra Records 1982

Tracks: No More Illusions, Fashinette, You'll Always Be The Same To, Shootin' In The Dark, She's In Trouble With Her Boy, Until I Sail Again, Rosebud, Facts Of Life & Part Of Me Part Of You.

Musicians on the No More Illusions album: Jim Mandell, Steve Hunter, Davey Johnstone, Richie Zito, Veylor Hilderbrandt, Trey Thompson, Joey Carbone, James Newton Howard, Art Wood, Everett Bryson, Bobbye Hall, Jim Keltner, Jim Horn, Chuck Findley, Marie Caien, Michael Cruz, Bryan Cumming, Yvonne Elliman & Leah Kunkel.

Barry Mann - S.T.

Casablanca Records 1980

Tracks: Up From The Streets, Brown-Eyed Woman, So Hot, In My Own Way, We're Over, You're The Only One, Me Without You, Slow Motion, If I Left It Up To You & Don't Know Much.

Musicians on the Barry Mann album: Barry Mann, Al Gorgoni, Max Bennett, David Hungate, Lee Sklar, Charles Larkey, Andy Muson, Michael Boddicker, Daryl Dragon, John Hobbs, Carole King, Tom Snow, Ed Greene, John Guerin, Steve Neador, Alan Estes, Paulinho Da Costa, Gary Herbig, Jerry Hey, Bill Reichenbach, Paulette Brown, Venetta Fields, Franne Golde & Joanne Harris.

Darrell Mansfield Band - The Vision

A&S Records 1983

Tracks: Lay Down This World, No More Blues, Hard Times, The Vision, Radio, Walk Across Heaven, Empty Hearts, Can't Do Nothin', Jerusalem & Have You Been Listenin'.

Musicians on the Vision album: Darrell Mansfield, Dennis Carothers, Anthony Dean, Don Gerber, Hadley Hockensmith, Steve Kara, Jerry Swallow, Eric Turner, Abraham Laboriel, Jeff Nicholson, John Patitucci, Charlie Sousa, David Garland, Tom Howard, Harlan Rogers, Paul Angers, Bill Lordan, Bill Maxwell, Alex Acuna & Rosemary Butler.

Darrell Mansfield - S.T.

Maranatha Music 1979

Tracks: Children Don't Run, The Prize, That's All Right, He Has Overcome, No More Blues, Love Conquers All, Giver Of Life, Every Night Every Day & Higher Power.

Musicians on the Darrell Mansfield album: Darrell Mansfield, Anthony Dean, Don Gerber, Steve Kara, Marc Levine, Skip Konte, John Mehler, Paul Angers, Denny Correll & Tim Correll.

Jeane Manson - S.T.

Portrait Records 1980

Tracks: Stand By Me, I'd Rather Leave While I'm In Love, Is It Too Late ?, What Would I Do Without My Music, Rainbow Round (Let The Children Fly), Gentle Explosion, Annie's Song, Malaguena Salerosa, Love Is The Answer & Pray For Me.

Musicians on the Jeane Manson album: Jeane Manson, Dennis Budimir, John Morell, Lee Ritenour, Fred Tackett, David Hungate, Neil Stubenhaus, John Berkman, Alan Broadbent, Michael Lang, Randy Waldman, Steve Schaffer, Rick Shlosser, Alan Estes & Bob Zimmitti.

Steve March - Lucky

United Artists Records

Tracks: Ease Down Line, Concerto For The Times, These Are The Times, I Don't Claim To Be A Writer, Croom, Sweet For The Dutchman, Damage, Hooray For Hollywood, Little Hollywood Nightmare Music, Lucky, This Is A Love Song, Torque Mada, Stop It !, It's Been Real & Sweet Reprise.

Musicians on the Luckly album: Steve March, Arthur Adams, Paul Barrere, Fred Tackett, Max Bennett, Jim Ed Brown, Wilton Felder, Jim Grady, Jim Gordon, Victor Feldman, Pete Christlieb, Plas Johnson, Jack Nimitz, Paul Novros, Bill Perkins, Gary Barone, Jay DaVersa, Jock Ellis, Chuck Findley, Gary Grant, Wayne Henderson, Dick Hyde, Frank Rosolino, Ernie Tack, Sid Sharp, Rik Pekkonen, Tommy Morgan, Rich Cassabonne & Mick McKinnis.

Steve Marrs - Somebody Somewhere

Columbia Records 1982

Tracks: Don't Come Back A Stranger, Say It Again, How Was I To Know, Talkin' About My Baby, Somebody Somewhere, Why Did I Wait So Long, Just A Dreamer, I Can't Take It No More & One More Loser.

Musicians on the Somebody Somewhere album: Steve Marrs, Tris Imboden, Neil Stubenhaus, Steve Lukather, Jai Winding, Richard Page, Kenny Loggins & Bill Champlin.

Meri D. Marshall - My Obsession

Atlantic Records 1985

Tracks: My Obsession, Goodbye, Tried To Be A Man, Haunt You, Circles, We Stand Alone, I'm Thru With Him, Watcha Gonna Do, Feel Like I'm Fallin' & Tears.

Musicians on the My Obsession album: Meri D. Marshall, Kevin Dukes, Michael Landau, Michael Thompson, Bob Parr, Kim Bullard, Mitchell Froom, Bob Parr, Alan Pasqua, Ken Rarick, Steve Williams, Jai Winding, Aaron Zigman, Jack Kelly, Louis Molino III, Michael Fisher, Gary Herbig, Larry Williams, Chuck Findley, Gary Grant, Jerry Hey, Charles Loper, Bill Reichenbach, Tommy Funderburk, Tom Kelly, Carl Parks & Tyana Parr.

Marshall Hain - Free Ride

Harvest Records 1978

Tracks: Different Point, Dancing In The City, You Two, Real Satisfaction, Coming Home, Take My Rumber, Free Ride, Take My Number, Mrs. The Train & Back To The Green.

Musicians on the Free Ride album: Kit Hain, Julian Marshall, Harold Fisher, Chris Mercer, Chris Neill, Glenn Nightingale, David Olney, Phil Palmer, Frank Ricotti, Peter Van Hooke & Geoff Westley.

Bobby Martin - S.T.

MCA Records 1983

Tracks: Bringing Out The Man In Me, Is That All You Get From A Broken Heart, Years Of Trying, Never Should Have Let You Go, Get Ready People, Show Me The Light, Doin' It Out Of Love, No Strings Attached, Don't Give Up & Open Letter.

Musicians on the Bobby Martin album: Bobby Martin, Steve Dodis, Buzz Feiten, Michael Sembello, Dennis Belfield, Don Freeman, Michael Lloyd, Paul Leim, Kal David, Geof Leib, Julia Tillman Waters & Maxine Willard Water.

Eric Martin - S.T.

Capitol Records 1985

Tracks: Call Of The Wild, Pictures, Secrets In The Dark, Information, She's Out For Blood, Eyes Of The World, Can't Hold On Can't Let Go, Finders Keepers, Lyin' A Bed Of Fire & Just One Night.

Musicians on the Eric Martin album: Eric Martin, Danny Kortchmar, Steve Lukather, Waddy Wachtel, Randy Jackson, Michael Boddicker, Mike Mani, Bill Payne, Paul Schaffer, Stan Lynch, Jerry Marotta, Rick Marotta, Lenny Castro, Ernie Watts, Herbie Herbert, Julia Tillman Waters, Maxine Willard Waters & Terry Wood.

Marilyn Martin - S.T.

Atlantic Records 1986

Tracks: Night Moves, Body And The Beat, Too Much Too Soon, Turn It On, The Dream Is Always The Same, One Step Closer, Beauty Or The Beast, Move Closer, Wildest Dreams & Here Is The News.

Musicians on the Marilyn Martin album: Marilyn Martin, John Astley, David Brown, Peter Glennister, Mike Heir, Chris Marra, Nicky Morach Jr., Phil Palmer, John Parr, George E. Smith, Gary Stevensen, Jim Williams, Jon Carin, Rod Curtis, Neil Jason, Brad Lang, Pino Palladino, Simon Climie, John Cook, Richard Cottle, Rob Fisher, David Gamson, David Lebolt, Dave West, Graham Broad, Mark Brzezicki, Liberty De Vitto, Steve Ferrone, Fred Maber, Jimmy Bralower, Ronnie Cuber, Charles Dechant, George Young, Randy Brecker, Steve Elson, John Faddis, Mac Gollenhon, Tawatha Agee, Jocelyn Brown, Steve Butler, Peter Cox, Cissy Houston & Will Lee.

Ricci Martin - Beached

Epic Records 1977

Tracks: Stop Look Around, Moonbeams, Belle Of The Ball, Everybody Knows My Name, Streets Of Love, Spark Of Me, My Old Radio, Precious Love, I Don't Like It, I Had A Dream & Here I Go Again.

Musicians on the Beached album: Ricci Martin, Ed Carter, Jimmy McCulloch, Stephen Ross, Carl Wilson, Wayne Tweed, Richard Martin, Carlos Munoz, Van Dyke Parks, Ricky Faatar, Richard Martin, Ed Teduri, Dennis Wilson, Chili Charles, Bobby Figueroa, Billy Hinsche, Lee Loughnane, James Pankow, Walter Parazaider, Gerry Beckley, Peter Cetera, Bobby Figueroa & Billy Hinsche.

Hirth Martinez - Big Bright Street

Warner Bros 1977

Tracks: Nothin' Is New, Love Songs, Big Bright Street, The Star, The Mothman Samba, The Moone Toone, The Driver, Cold And Silver Moment, Valley Of The Music, The Circle Song & Only In America Jim.

Musicians on the Big Bright Street album: Hirth Martinez, Billy Darnell, Michael De Temple, Max Bennett, Herb Bushler, Ron Carter, Bob Cranshaw, Chuck Domanico, Jerry Jemmott, John Siegler, John Simon, Mac Rebennack, Steve Gadd, John Guerin, Jim Keltner, Herb Lovelle, Chris Parker, Rubens Bassini, Mac Rebennack, George Marge, Dave Bargeron, Randy Brecker, Harry Lookofsky, Garth Hudson, Keith Kreger & Holly Penfield.

Kenny Marks - Attitude

Dayspring Records 1985

Tracks: Life After High School, Attitude, It Doesn't Hurt That Much, Heroes, It's a Good Thing, The Party's Over, Heart Trouble, Soul Reviver & Friends.

Musicians on the Attitude album: Kenny Marks, Jon Goin, Greg Jennings, Dave Perkins, Jimmie Lee, David Innis, Phil Naish, Chad Cromwell, Bubba Smith, Cole Burgess, Mark Douthit, Sam Levine, Mike Haynes, Mike Holton, Chris McDonald, Kim Boyce, Cindy Carlson, Pete Carlson, Angie Innis, Greg Jennings, Neal Joseph, Jimmie Lee, Marty McCall, Phil Madeira, Allegra Marks, Pamela Marks, Joan Page, Richard Page & Tricia Walker.

Kenny Marks - Right Where You Are

Myrrh Records 1983

Tracks: Right Where You Are, One Small Voice, The Prisoner, It's Incredible, Gift From God, Growing Up Too Fast, Single-Minded Love, Still Be Believing, You're The Best & Sing For Joy.

Musicians on the Right Where You Are album: Kenny Marks, Jon Goin, Mike Brignardello, Keith Thomas, Dennis Holt, Terry McMillan, Mark Douthit, Greg Guidry, Denny Henson, Patti Leatherwood & Pamela Marks.

Kenny Marks - Follow Him

Myrrh Records 1982

Tracks: Lean On Him, Lovin' Me for Myself, You Need Love, You Don't Have To Try And Be Somebody, In The Middle Of The Night, He'll Finish What He Has Started, Follow Him, I Give It All To You, Ringin' The Bells & When I Least Expected It.

Musicians on the Follow Him album: Kenny Marks, Jon Goin, Dann Huff, Mike Brignardello, Jimmy Lee Sloas, Bobby Ogdin, Keith Thomas, Bob Gelotte, Mark Hammond, Tommy Wells, Terry McMillan, Dennis Solee, Cindy Reynolds, Don Hart, Doana Cooper, Diana DeWitt Hanna, Patti Leatherwood & Pamela Marks.

David Martin - Stronger Than The Weight

Home Sweet Home Records 1985

Tracks: Take Him To Heart, Stronger Than The Weight, Adonai, Lookin' For The Light, Miracle Man, Let The Wind Blow, How Can I Repay ?, The Carpenter, Heart Of The Shepherd & He Holds Tomorrow.

Musicians on the Stronger Than The Weight album: David Martin, Jon Goin, Mike Brignardello, Phil Naish, Dennis Holt, Farrell Morris, Sam Levine, Greg Guidry & Dennis Henson.

Harvey Mason - Groovin´ You

Arista Records 1979

Tracks: I'd Still Be There, Groovin' You, The Race, We Can, Never Give You Up, Say It Again, Here Today Gone Tomorrow, Wave & Kauai.

Musicians on the Groovin´ You album: Producers : Harvey Mason, Jay Graydon, Steve Lukather, Ray Parker Jr., Lee Ritenour, David Spinozza, Phil Upchurch, Wah Wah Watson, David Williams, Dennis Belfield, Stanley Clarke, Tony Dumas, Neil Jason, Mike Porcaro, David Shields, Verdine White, David Foster, Bob James, Bill Meyers, Richard Tee, Randy Waldman, Jai Winding, Sheila E., Ralph MacDonald, Kenny Mason, Wilfredo Wilson, Bill Meyers, Charles Veal Jr., Bill Champlin, Jim Gilstrap, Jim Haas, Ron Hickland, Bunny Hull, Roger Saint Kennerly, Stephanie Spruill, Jerry Withman & Bob Wirtz.

Matinee - S.T.

Matinee 1986

Tracks: I Can't Wait, Girl I Want You Back, Don't Break My Heart & I Need You.

Musicians on the Matinee album: Keith Ard, Scott B. Holcomb, Jim Howard, Timothy Ray Manfredi & Nick Phillips.

Kathy Mattea - Walk The Way The Wind Blows

Mercury Records 1986

Tracks: Walk The Way The Wind Blows, Train Of Memories, Reason To Live, Evenin', Leaving West Virginia, Love At The Five And Dime, You Plant Your Fields, Back Up Grinnin' Again, You're The Power & Song For The Life.

Musicians on the Walk The Way The Wind Blows album: Kathy Mattea, Bruce Bouton, Ray Flacke, Bela Fleck, Pat Flynn, Chris Leuzinger, Tim O'Brien, Brent Rowan, Susan Taylor, Bob Wray, Bill Donohue, Bobby Wood, Tommy Cozart, Milton Sledge, Kenny Malone, Quitman Dennis, Jim Horn, Wayne Jackson, Charlie Anderson, Bessyl Duhon, Mark O'Connor, Buddy Spicher, Craig Bickhardt, Vince Gill, Jim Photoglo, Wendy Waldman & Don Williams.

Randy Matthews - S.T.

Spirit Records 1980

Tracks: Which Side Are You On, Jesus Revive Me, Out On A Limb, Small Circle Of Friends, Miracle Man, I Had A Dream, I Think He's Proud, Sweet Relief, Thin Line & Lonely Stranger.

Musicians on the Randy Matthews album: Randy Matthews, Paul Brannon, Allen Holmes, David McCaskel, Joe Wilson, Bobby Edmonds, Shane Keister, Dean Pastin, Louie Weaver, Terry McMillan, Donny Sanders, Janna Hershberger, Vicki Hampton, Yvonne Hodges, Jonathan McCaskel, Donna McElroy & Monty Matthews.

Dave Mattson - Lead Me Home

Myrrh Records 1978

Tracks: Claudia's Hour, Look To The Cross, Fourth Of December, Open My Eyes, Never Understood, Texas Love Song, Holly Lake, Jesus Lifts Me Up, Tonight & In The Air.

Musicians on the Lead Me Home album: Dave Mattson, Jon Linn, Trevor Veitch, David Coy, Dave Padotto, Bill Hoppe, Tom Howard, Peter Johnson, Cindy Bullens, Billy Merritt & Larry Norman.

John Mayall - Bottom Line

DJM Records 1979

Tracks: Bottom Line, Dreamboat, Desert Flower, I'm Gonna Do It, Revival, Game Of Love, Celebration & Come With Me.

Musicians on the Bottom Line album: John Mayall, Ben Benay, Cornell Dupree, Jeff Layton, Steve Lukather, Sid McGinnis, Jeff Mironov, Lee Ritenour, John Tropea, Bob Babbitt, Francisco Centeno, Tim Drummond, Gordon Edwards, David Shields, John Jarvis, Bernie Krause, Rob Mounsey, Leon Pendarvis, Paul Shaffer, Steve Jordan, Jeff Porcaro, Alex Acuna, Rubens Bassini, Errol Bennett, Steve Forman, Arthur Jenkins, Alejando Neciosup, Michael Brecker, Ronnie Cuber, Howard Johnson, George Young, Randy Brecker, Jon Faddis, Virgil Jones, Alan Raph, Lew Soloff, Lee Holdridge, Beckie Burns, Vivian Cherry, Delbert Langston, Cheryl Lynn, Ullanda McCullough, Janice Pendarvis & Pepper Watkins.

Mac McAnally - Nothing But The Truth

Geffen Records 1983

Tracks: How Cool, Middle Man, On The Line, Minimum Love, Lookin' For The Good, Like Your Mother, The City, Nothin' But The Truth, Other People Say & Dark Ages.

Musicians on the Nothing But The Truth album: Mac McAnally, Duncan Cameron, Hugh McCracken, Kenny Mims, John Willis, David Hood, David Hungate, Brandon Barnes, Clayton Ivey, Steve Nathan, Roger Hawkins, James Stroud, Tom Roady, Randall Bramlett, Robert Byrne, Mike Cunningham, Lenny LeBlanc, Sarah McAnally & Terry Woodford.

Mac McAnally - Cuttin´Corners

RCA Victor 1980

Tracks: It's My Job, Holdin' On, Cuttin' Corners, Miracle, Second Fiddle, It's Easy, Tryin' To Make The Yellow Lights, Til' The New Wears Off, Party, California Is A Mental State & Run My Life.

Musicians on the Cuttin´Corners album: Mac McAnally, Duncan Cameron, Dennis Clifton, Bill Hinds, Bob Wray, Brandon Barnes, Clayton Ivey, Steve Nathan, Roger Clark, Tom Roady, Eberhart Hamm, Shelly Kurland, Gary Baker, Robert Byrne, Mike Cunningham & Lenny LeBlanc.

Peter McCann - One On One

Columbia Records 1979

Tracks: Just One Woman 2 - Love This Time 3 - What's He Got 4 - Damned If I Love You 5 - Don't Take It Out On Me 6 - Step Right Up 7 - Road To Love 8 - Come By Here 9 - All You Got To Do 10 - That's Just The Way That I Feel.

Musicians on the One On One album: Peter McCann, Richard Green, George Marinelli, Tim Weston, Scott Chambers, Peter Freiberger, Bryan Garofalo, Kevin Bassinson, Jim Ehinger, Mike Utley, Brian Whitcomb, Michael Botts, Claude Pepper, David Woodford, David Stout, Steve Dorff, Matthew McCauley, Mary Hylan, Ginger Holiday, Nick Uhrig & Al Yoergler.

Peter McCann - S.T.

20th Century 1977

Tracks: Do You Wanna Make Love, Everybody's Got To Hold On To Something, I Can't Live Without You, It's Easy, The Things You Left Behind, Save Me Your Love, Suicide And Vine, Broken White Line, Right Time Of The Night & If You Can't Find Love.

Musicians on the Peter McCann album: Peter McCann, George Marinelli, Dennis Belfield, Mike Utley, Brian Whitcomb, Michael Botts, Ernie Watts, Mary Hylan, Ginger Holiday, Nick Uhrig & Hal Yoergler.

David McCluskey - A Long Time Coming

GRT Records 1978

Tracks: Lady Of The Night, What You're Doin' To Me, I'd Like To Say I Love You, So In Love With You, A Long Time Coming, Let Me Be Alone, One More Time, All The Time & I'll Be Back.

Musicians on the A Long Time Coming album: David McCluskey, Dan Dugmore, Steve Lukather, Robert Mann, Fred Mollin, Brian Russell, Tim Wynween, Bob Boucher, Mike Porcaro, Lee Sklar, Tom Szczesniak, John Capek, John Jarvis, Jon Goldsmith, Doug Riley, Jorn Andersen, Bob Disalle, Andy Newmark, Jeff Porcaro, Jim Horn, Ernie Watts, Jimmy Faragher, Bobby Kimball, David McCauley, Matthew McCauley, Fred Mollin, Rachel Palement & Herb Pedersen.

The McCrarys - Just For You

Capitol Records 1980

Tracks: Just For You, Your Love, Fall In Love Again, Any Ol' Sunday, The Letdown, You Are My Happiness, On And On, Gotta Be In, Never Get Away & The Rite Of Love.

Musicians on the Just For You album: Alfred McCrary, Charity McCrary, Howard McCrary, Linda McCrary, Sam McCrary, Donald Boyette, Charles Creath, Paulinho Da Costa, Tony Davis, Marlo Henderson, Patrick Henderson, Welton Gite, Davey Johnstone, Bill Maxwell, John McFee, Derrick Schofoeld, George Sopuch & Ernie Watts.

The McCrarys - Loving Is Living

Portrait Records 1978

Tracks: You, Givin' It Up, Thinking About You, Don't Wear Yourself Out, Loving Is Living, Here's That Feeling, Take Me To Your Leader, You Are The Key, Wonderful Feeling & Looking Ahead.

Musicians on the Loving Is Living album: Alfred McCrary, Charity McCrary, Linda McCrary, Sam McCrary, Michael Baird, George Bohannon, Denny Christianson, David Foster, James Gadson, Jay Graydon, Marlo Henderson, James Jamerson, Bobby Keys, Trevor Lawrence, Steve Madaio, Jim Price, Chuck Rainey, Kenneth Rice, Sylvester Rivers, Nathan Watts, Melvin Webb & Stevie Wonder.

Howard McCrary - So Good

Good News Records 1985

Tracks: So Good, Keep On Shinin', Mansions Of Glory, Yahweh, Greater Is He, Hold Steady, Sold Out, This Jesus & My Incorruptible Crown.

Musicians on the So Good album: Howard McCrary and others.

Taffy McElroy - The Heartbreak Kid

MCA Records 1981

Tracks: Who's That Look In Your Eye, The Heartbreak Kid, When It's Gone, I Want You To Be The First, If I Hadn't Met You, You Can Always Count Me, That Didn't Hurt Too Bad, What's On Your Mind, Out Of My Mind & Then You Can Tell Me Good-Bye.

Musicians on the Heartbreak Kid album: Taffy McElroy, Larry Byrom, Bruce Dees, Sonny Garrish, Don Roth, Reggie Young, Steve Brantley, Warren Gowers, Rob Galbraith, Bobby Ogdin, David Accorso, Larrie Londin, Kenny Malone, Farrell Morris, Dennis Solee, Wayne Harrison, George Tidwell, Lea Jane Berinat, Bruce Dees, Donna McElroy & Marcia Routh.

Will McFarlane - Right From The Start

Refuge Records 1982

Tracks: Number One Command, This Is The Message, You Call Me A Dreamer, That Your Grace May Abound, Faith Is Not A Formula, Set Your Heart On Things Above, Carry On Soldier, Where You Gonna Run To, Now That You've Heard The Truth & Who I Am In You.

Musicians on the Right From The Start album: Will McFarlane, Gary Baker, Ralph Ezell, Lonnie Ledford, Clayton Ivey, Steve Nathan, Jerry L. Wallace, Owen Hale, Roger Hawkins, David Hood, Jerry L. Wallace, Ronnie Eades, Carole Cabler, Joey Holder & Lenny LeBlanc.

Parker McGee - S.T.

Big Tree Records 1976

Tracks: Goodbye Old Buddies, You Got Me Runnin', This Magic Night, Talkin' 'Bout Loving You, Angel Dancing, Got That Feeling, I Just Can't Say No To You, Boy Meets Girl, Feather Lite And Honey Smooth, Rock-A-Bye Baby & Family Reunion.

Musicians on the Parker McGee album: Parker McGee, Steve Gibson, Doyle Grishman, Bobby Thompson, Kyle Lehning, Joe Osborn, Ted Reynolds, Shane Keister, Larrie Londin, Skip Lane, Billy Puet, Shelly Kurland, Sheri Kramer, Lisa Silver & Diane Tidwell.

Bob McGilpin II - Get Up!

MCA Records 1979

Tracks: Get Up!, Butterfly 3104, DJ Stamp, '79... Sexy Thing, 54, Get Loose, Kitten On the Keys/Ready To Get Heavy, Get Up and Do It Again, Disco Dancer & Too Much Of a Good Thing.

Musicians on the Get Up! album: Bob McGilpin, John Hoke, Greg Poree, John Rowen, Jeff Eyrich, Pat DeVuono, Randy Walden, Ralph Humphrey, Jerry Steinholz & Rusty Higgins.

Roger McGuinn - Thunderbyrd

Columbia Records 1977

Tracks: All Night Long, It's Gone, Dixie Higway, American Girl, We Can Do It All Over Again, Why Baby Why, I'm Not Lonely Anymore, Golden Loom & Russian Hill.

Musicians on the Thunderbyrd album: Roger McGuinn, Rick Vito, Bruce Barlow, Charlie Harrison, Roger McGuinn, Marty Grebb, Greg Thomas, Steve Forman, Greg Thomas, Tom Scott, Jennifer O'Neill, Janis Oliver & Kristine Oliver.

McGuinn, Clark & Hillman - S.T.

Capitol Records 1979

Tracks: Long Long Time, Little Mama, Don't You Write Her Off, Surrender To Me, Backstage Pass, Stopping Traffic, Feelin' Higher, Sad Boy, Release My Girl & Bye Bye Baby.

Musicians on the McGuinn, Clark & Hillman album: Gene Clark, Chris Hillman, Roger McGuinn, Charles Chalmers, Sandra Chalmers, Paul Harris, Joe Lala, Mike Lewis, Donna Rhodes, John Sambataro, George Terry & Greg Thomas.

McGuinn & Hillman - S.T.

Capitol Records 1980

Tracks: Mean Streets, Entertainment, Soul Shoes, Between You And Me, Angel, Love Me Tonight, King For A Night, A Secret Side Of You, Ain't No Money & Turn Your Radio On.

Musicians on the McGuinn-Hillman album: Chris Hillman, Roger McGuinn, Barry Beckett, Scott Kirkpatrick, Joe Lala, Wayne Perkins & John Sambataro.

McGuinn & Hillman - McGuinn & Hillman Featuring Gene Clark

Capitol Records 1980

Tracks: Who Taught The Night, One More Chance, Won't Let You Down, Street Talk, City, Skate Date, Givin' Herself Away, Deeper In, Painted Fire & Let Me Down Easy.

Musicians on the McGuinn & Hillman Featuring Gene Clark album: Gene Clark, Chris Hillman, Roger McGuinn, Chuck Crane, Skip Edwards, Scott Kirkpatrick & John Sambataro.

Barry McGuire - Cosmic Cowboy

Sparrow Records 1978

Tracks: Cosmic Cowboy, What Good Would It Do, The Presence, Walkin, Flying Merry-Go-Round, Mystery Of Life, Good News Shoes, My King, You An' Me, White Swan & Face To Face.

Musicians on the Cosmic Cowboy album: Barry McGuire, Mike Deasy, Al Perkins, Abraham Laboriel, Michael Omartian, Harlan Rogers, Bill Maxwell, Fred Petry, Fred Selden, David Diggs, Mike Deasy, Venetta Fields, Shirley Matthews & Bili Thedford.

Peter McIan - Playing Near The Edge

Arc Records 1980

Tracks: Playin' Near The Edge, Light In Your Eyes, With Every Beat Of My Heart, It's Only Love, Solitaire, True Believer, Runnin', Listen To Your Heart & Clear Sailin'.

Musicians on the Playing Near The Edge album: Peter McIan, Steve Lukather, Bill Steel, Erik Scott, Duane Hitchings, James Newton Howard, Scott Wilk, Craig Krampf, Rick Shlosser, Lenny Casto, Erik Scott, Phil Kenzie, David Luell, Paulette Brown, Steve Diamond, Venetta Fields, Franne Gold, Max Gronenthal, Richard Hovey, Jon Lind, Chuck Ray, Emmitt Siniard & John Townsend.

Lonette McKee - Words And Music

Warner Bros 1978

Tracks: Sometimes, Maybe There Are Reasons, Blues, Colors (Of The Love Of My Life), Train Tracks, Delayed Reaction, At Least I Had You One Time, Come To Me Softly & I Wanna Be With You.

Musicians on the Words And Music album: Lonette McKee, Dennis Budimir, Ray Parker Jr., Lee Ritenour, Scott Edwards, Abraham Laboriel, Michael Boddicker, Patrice Rushen, Larry Williams, James Gadson, Harvey Mason, Mike Turner, Freddie Jackson, Oscar Brashear, Garnett Brown, Bobby Bryant, Johnny Pate & Lonette Pate.

Gerard McMahon - No Looking Back

Full Moon Records 1983

Tracks: Count On Me, I Wouldn't Take It From You, No Looking Back, She's The Woman, Talking 'Bout Girls, (You're) Wearing My Heart Out, No Sweat (It's Alright), When She Was Mine, Nickel Charm Jack & So Many Nights.

Musicians on the No Looking Back album: Gerard McMahon, Dwayne Bailey, Michael Landau, Kenny Lewis, Richie Zito, Bobby Gianetti, Kenny Lewis, Stanley Sheldon, Albert Campbell, Jimmy Hunter, Gary Mallaber, Jerry Marotta, Albert Campbell, Dave Boruff, Christiane, Bobby Gianetti, Jon Lind, Lita, John Massaro, Neil Merryweather & Michael Ostin.

Gerard McMahon & Kid Lightning - Blue Rue

ARC Records 1981

Tracks: Taxi (Nightdriver), Night Woman, Gone Tomorrow, Town Girls, All I Really Need, You Know Me Better Than I Do, Run Into Your Shadow, One More Goodbye, Blind Love & What've You Gotta Lose.

Musicians on the Blue Rue album: Gerard McMahon, John Massaro, Steve Sykes, Kenny Lewis, Al Campbell & Gary Mallaber.

Jack McMahon - Better Late

Encore Records 1982

Tracks: Don't Look bBack, In The Islands. On The Ledge, Fakin' Romance, In The Morning, The Way You Love Me Will Do, Oh Sister, What Kind Of Fool, I Don't Wanna Cry & Keep Some Love In Your Heart.

Musicians on the Better Late album: Jack McMahon, Carlton Jackson, Ron Marraccini, Denny Bixby, Todd Carver, Ron Stephens, Glen Holstrom, Tom Grant, Brian Davis, Larry Pindar & Gary Ogan.

Gerard McMann - Foreign Papers

Atco Records 1986

Tracks: Everytime I See You, Stuff It, True To You, Ain't Too Many More Like You, Message (I'm With You), All The Way, Lovers Of A Tender Fire, Dance Like A Warrior & Check Out.

Musicians on the Foreign Papers album: Gerard McMann, Michael Landau, Stuart Ziff, Mark Egan, Danny Keogh, Tony Levin, David Lubolt, Scott Martin, Jimmy Bralower, Steve Ferrone, Gary Mallaber, Andy Newmark, Jimmy Maelen, Lee Loughnane, James Pankow, Walter Parazaider, Philip Bailey, Michael Camacho, Mare Cohn, Julie Eigenberg, Bob Gianetti, Lani Groves, Peter Hewlitt, Robert Lamm, Bruce Martin, John Massaro & Caz Silver.

Gary McSpadden - It Was Enough

Paragon Records 1981

Tracks: He Is The King, I Am, Imagine, In This Very Room, He Gave Me Music, We Teach The Children, It Was Enough, Jesus Is The Rock & There Is A Light.

Musicians on the It Was Enough album: Gary McSpadden, Jon Goin, Dann Huff, Kenny Mims, Larry Paxton, Mitch Humphries, David Huntsinger, Alan Steinberger, Clay Caire, Joe English, Bob Mater, Sheri Huffman, Gennie Kerr, Joey Kerr, Donna McElroy, Jason Mulligan, Sarah Nelson, Regina Settle, Lisa Silver, Dianne Tidwell & Gregory Trowse.

Christine McVie - S.T.

Warner Bros 1984

Tracks: Love Will Show Us How, The Challenge, So Excited, One In A Million, Ask Anybody, Got A Hold On Me, Who's Dreaming This Dream, I'm The One, Keeping Secrets & The Smile I Live For.

Musicians on the Christine McVie album: Christine McVie, Lindsey Buckingham, Eric Clapton, Todd Sharp, George Hawkins, Eddy Quintela, Steve Ferrone, Mick Fleetwood, Ray Cooper & Todd Sharp.

Rob Mehl - Taste And See

Ministry Resource 1980

Tracks: House On The Rock, Overboard, Love Somebody, Be Gentle, Laurie´s Song, Waterfall, Ordinary Man, Daddy´s Hands, Taste And See & Goodnight.

Musicians on the Taste And See album: Rob Mehl, Mike Mathis, Scott Parrish, Gerry Limpic, Tom Howars, Steve O´Conner, John Rekevics & Michele Pillar.

Bob Meighan Band - (Me´hun)

Capitol Records 1977

Tracks: Under The Falling Sky, Every Night, From Who, Only Living Son, White Lies, Almost Saturday Night, So Long, Lover's Eyes, Judge & Emergency.

Musicians on the (Me´hun) album: Bob Meighan, David Dost, Dick Furlow, Dave Mason, Milt Miller, Ed Black, Valerie Carter, Richie Cavanaugh, Bobby Cochran, Mike Condello, Tim Downs, Steve Forman, Bruce Fowler, Jeff Gilkinson, Doug Haywood, Jerry Hey, Kim Hutchcroft, Richard Littlefield, Jerry Manfredi, John Palladino, Jerry Swallow & Larry Williams.

Melanie - Phonogenic Not Just Another Pretty Face

Midsong International 1978

Tracks: Knock On Wood, Bon Apetite, Spunky, Runnin' After Love, We Can Work It Out, I'd Rather Leave While I'm In Love, Let It Be Me, Yankee Man, Record People & California Dreamin'.

Musicians on the Phonogenic Not Just Another Pretty Face album: Melanie, Hugh McCracken, Will Lee, Richard Tee, Chris Parker, Michael Brecker, David Sanborn & Randy Brecker.

Melanie - Photograph

Atlantic Records 1976

Tracks: Cyclone, If I Needed You, Letter, Groundhog Day, Nickel Song, Photograph, I'm So Blue, Secret Of The Darkness (I Believe) 9 - Save Me 10 - Rain Dance & Friends & Co.

Musicians on the Photograph album: Melanie, Dave Doran, Dean Parks, Louie Shelton, Sal DeTroia, David Jackson, Jerry Scheff, Jay Wolfe, James Drennen, David Paich, Jim Gordon, John Guerin, Jeff Porcaro, Victor Feldman, Milt Holland, Angelo Mauceri, Art Pepper, David Campbell, Richard Greene, Dennis Bell & Carol Carmichael Parks.

Andy Mendelson - Maybe The Good Guy´s Gonna Win

Arista Records 1978

Tracks: Lifetime Woman, Fire In The Night, We All Fall Down, Free Is Free, Maybe The Good Guy's Gonna Win, Hold On, Sweet Persuasion, Outside My Window, Fortunately & What Makes Me The One.

Musicians on the Maybe The Good Guy´s Gonna Win album: Andy Mendelson, David Shapiro, Frank DeFonda, Richard Mendelson, Andy Hart, Joe Hart, John Hart, Harry Hary, Bobby Rook, Joe Farrell, Greg Hawkes, Tom Scott, Ernie Watts, Harry Kim, Laura Creamer, Mary Haslim, Gail Heideman & Andy Pratt.

Messenger - Bringin´The Message

Light Records 1978

Tracks: Bringin' The Message, Our Love Will Grow, Livin' In Love, Pressin' On, Song In The Night, Changin' Me, All You Need, I Still Love You, Now Is The Time & Home To You.

Musician on the Bringin´The Message album: Mike Feller, Rick Riso, Si Simonson, Jerry Hey, Kim Hutchcroft, David Marotta, Fred Petry, Bill Reichenbach, Rebecca Sue Sherburn, Larry Troxel & Larry Williams.

Messenger - The New Has Come

Light Records 1976

Tracks: The New Has Come, I Feel Secure, Jesus Died For Me, I Love My Jesus, My Savior's Love, Set Your Mind, Take My Yoke Upon You, Fill Me With Your Spirit, Wings Of Salvation & Live In Jesus' Light.

Musicians on the New Has Come album: Jim DeLong, Rick Riso, Si Simonson, DeAnza Brock, Cathy Cornell, Ken Lopez, David Marotta & Vicky McDermott.

Bill Meyers - Images

Spindletop Records 1986

Tracks: AM/PM, Voyager, Liftoff, Heartland, Time Warp & Pastorale.

Musicians on the Images album: Bill Meyers, Larry Carlton, Michael Landau, Tim Barr, Chuck Domanico, Richard Feves, Neil Stubenhaus, Michael Boddicker, Dan De Souza, Patrick Leonard, Jeff Rona, Craig Segal, Randy Waldman, Vinnie Colaiuta, Alex Acuna, Michael Fisher, William Malouf, Emil Richards, Brandon Fields, Gary Herbig, Ernie Watts, Larry Williams, Chuck Findley, Gary Grant, Jerry Hey, Dick Hyde, Steve Madaio, Lew McCreary & Bill Reichenbach.

Gordon Michaels - Stargazer

Horizon Records & Tapes 1979

Tracks: Stargazer, Monkey Mother, Indoor Lovers, This Is Love, Turnin' Brown, Find The Angle, Bermuda, Ugly Ramona, Danny Dies In Dublin & Favorite Songs.

Musicians on the Stargazer album: Gordon Michaels, Hugh McCracken, Tony Levin, Ed Walsh, Rick Marotta, Arthur Jenkins, Mike Mainieri, George Marge, David Sanborn, George Young, Bill Brown, Guillermo Figueroa, Judy Geist, Richard Hendrickson, Richard Sher, Fred Sherry, Lucy Stolzman, Mike Mainieri, Lisa Gilkyson & Linda Reddwolf.

Bruce Miller - Magic Night

Capitol Records 1982

Tracks: Magic Night, Cecelia, She´s A Mistery, She´s Gonna Break You Heart, I Won´t Let You Go, Not My Fault, I Work For The FBI, I Sell My Soul & Yes You Do.

Musicians on the Magic Night album: Bruce Miller and others.

Bruce Miller - Rude Awakening

A&M Records 1975

Tracks: Summer Of Our Love, Sweet Dreams Tonight, Way Up On The Mountain, Roly Poly, Gimme One Day, Rude Awakening, Rebecca, Hobo On Home, Fairy Tales On The Highway & Garden Of Leisure.

Musicians on the Rude Awakening album: Bruce Miller, Jim Keltner, Moe Price, Lee Sklar, Harry Krawchuck, Gaye De Lorme, Rusty Young, David Foster, Airto, Tom Scott, Keith Olsen, Cathy, Nette & Carmen.

Millington - Ladies On The Stage

United Artists 1978

Tracks: Ladies On The Stage, Love Brought Us Together, How Can I Make It Better, Dream Desire, Heaven Is In Your Mind, Young And In Love, You Need A Woman, Fantasy, Bird In Flight & So Good To Be Home.

Musicians on the Ladies On The Stage album: June Millington, Jean Millington, Leo Adamian, Ed Greene, Mickey McMeel, Larry Carlton, Lee Ritenour, Dean Parks, Christopher Bond, Earl Slick, Sneeky Pete, Scott Edwards, Jackie Robins, Ralph Schuckett, Colleen Stewart, Tom Sellers, Kenny Nemiroff, Gary Coleman, Tom Scott, Irene Cara, Vicki Randle, Faith Fusillo, Gordon Grody, Ellen Shipley, Cris Williamson & Fleming Williams.

Ronnie Milsap - One More Try For Love

RCA Records 1984

Tracks: One More Try For Love, She Loves My Car, Still Losing You, Suburbia, Prisoner Of The Highway, She's Always In Love, I Might Have Said, I Guess I Just Missed You, I'll Take Car Of You & Night By Night.

Musicians on the One More Try For Love album: Ronnie Milsap, Bruce Dees, Jon Goin, Warren Gowers, David Hungate, Mitch Humphries, Clayton Ivey, Shane Keister, Kyle Lehning, John Willis, Brandon Barnes, Roger Hawkins, Larrie Londin, James Stroud, Farrell Morris, Don Williams, Jim Horn, Nashville String Machine & Lisa Silver.

Ronnie Milsap - Keyed Up

RCA Records 1983

Tracks: Stranger In My House, Show Her, Don't You Mem'ry Ever Sleep At Night, Don't You Know How Much I Love You, Like Children I Have Known, Is It Over & We're Here To Love.

Musicians on the Keyed Up album: Ronnie Milsap and others.

Ronnie Milsap - Milsap Magic

RCA Records 1980

Tracks: Why Don't You Spend The Night, She Thinks I Still Care, My Heart, Silent Night (After The Fight), It's A Beautiful Thing, Misery Loves Company, I Let Myself Believe, If You Don't Want Me To, What's One More Time & Still in Love With You.

Musicians on the Milsap Magic album: Ronnie Milsap, Jimmy Capps, Steve Chapman, Bruce Dees, Hal Rugg, Jack Watkins, Warren Gowers, Mike Leech, Bob Moore, Beegie Adair, David Briggs, Bobby Ogdin, Hargus Robbins, Brian Keith Thomas, Bobby Wood, Kenny Buttrey, Rick Connell, Larrie Londin, Kenny Malone, Buster Phillips, Farrell Morris, Shelley Kurland Strings, Charlie McCoy, Bruce Dees, Lea Jane & Sheri Kramer.

Craig Mirijanian - A Perfect Fit

Warner Bros 1980

Tracks: Throwing It All Away, Shuttle To Mars, High On Love, Can't Do Without It, After Hours, Be True, She's Waiting, All Talk, Our Last Change & How Long.

Musicians on the A Perfect Fit album: Craig Mirijanian, Mark Goldenberg, Rusty Young, Scott Chambers, Leon Gaer, Bob Glaub, Lee Sklar, Philip Fisher, Tony Kaye, David Kemper, Steve Forman, Pete Christlieb & Phil Kenzie.

Mistress - S.T.

RSO Records 1979

Tracks: Situations, High On The Ride, Mistruted Love, Dixie Flyer, China Lake, Whose Side Are You On, You Got The Love, Tellin' Me Lies, Cinnamon Girl & Letter To California.

Musicians on the Mistress album: Danny Chauncey, Kenny Hopkins, Chris Paulsen, David Warner Brown, Charlie Williams, Rick Clark, Douglas Dillard, John McFee & Michael Utley.

Adam Mitchell - Redhead In Trouble

Warner Bros 1979

Tracks: Fool For Love, Higher Ground, Doctor Doctor, Clear Light, French Waltz, Dancin' Round And Round, Don't Let Papa Know, Redhead In Trouble & Out Among The Stars.

Musicians on the Redhead In Trouble album: Adam Mitchell, Dan Dugmore, Buzz Feiten, Roger Linn, Steve Lukather, Fred Tackett, Waddy Wachtel, Willie Weeks, Michael Boddicker, Bill Elliot, Neil Larsen, Jai Winding, Andy Newmark, Rick Shlosser, Victor Feldman, Nick DeCaro, Valerie Carter, Linda Dillard, Marcy Levy, Arno Lucas, Herb Pedersen, Linda Ronstadt & Jennifer Warnes.

Joni Mitchell - Dog Eat Dog

Geffen Records 1985

Tracks: Good Friends, Fiction, The Three Great Stimulants, Tax Free, Smokin' (Empty, Try Another), Dog Eat Dog, Shiny Toys, Ethiopia, Impossible Dreamer & Lucky Girl.

Musicians on the Dog Eat Dog album: Joni Mitchell, Michael Landau, Steve Lukather, Larry Klein, Thomas Dolby,  Vinnie Colaiuta, Alex Acuna, Michael Fisher, Kazu Matsui, Wayne Shorter, Larry Williams, Gary Grant, Jerry Hey, Don Henley, Amy Holland, Michael McDonald & James Taylor.

Joni Mitchell - Heijra

Asylum Records 1976

Tracks: Coyotte, Amelia, Furry Sings The Blues, A Strange Boy, Hejira, Song For Sharon, Black Crow, Blue Motel Room & Refuge Of The Roads.

Musicians on the Heijra album: Joni Mitchell, Larry Carlton, Max Bennett, Chuck Domanico, Jaco Pastorius, Victor Feldman, John Guerin, Victor Feldman, Bobbye Hall, Tom Scott, Chuck Findley, Abe Most & Neil Young.

Katy Moffatt - Kissin´In The California Sun

Columbia Records 1977

Kissin' In The California Sun, Um Um Um Um Um Um , Didn't We Have Love, Up On The Roof, I'd Rather Leave While I'm In Love, Walkin' After Midnight, Kansas City Morning, Saved By The Grace Of Your Love, (Waitin' For) The Real Thing & Take Me Back To Texas.

Musicians on the Kissin´In The California Sun album: Katy Moffatt, Dickey Betts, Steve Beckmeier, John Leslie Hug, Jay Lacey, Don Sawyer, Rick Vito, Waddy Wachtel, Calvin Arline, Bob Glaub, Chuck Leavell, Neil Larsen, William "D" Smith, Glen Spreen, Michael Baird, Bill Stewart, Steve Forman, Ronnie Eades, Jim Horn, Harvey Thompson, Harrison Calloway, Charles Rose, Rodney Armstrong, Venetta Fields, Charles May, David Pridgen & Sherwood Sledge.

The Moirs - State Of Shock

The Rocket Record Company 1978

Tracks: Lately If Seems, Who Needs A Man, State Of Shock, We Could Have Been Together, Winter You've Caught Me Out Again, Jody, So Hard To Be A Woman, Love Will Find A Way, House Of Secrets & State Line.

Musicians on the State Of Shock album: Jean Moir, Lesley Moir, Margot Moir, Pete Christlieb, Chuck Domanico, Peter Donald, John Farrar, Victor Feldman, Jay Graydon, Greg Mathieson, James Newton Howard & Mike Porcaro.

Eddie Money - Can´t Hold Back

Columbia Records 1986

Tracks: Take Me Home Tonight/Be My Baby, One Love, I Wanna Go Back, Endless Nights, One Chance, We Should Be Sleeping, Bring On The Rain, I Can't Hold Back, Stranger In A Strange Land & Calm Before The Storm.

Musicians on the Can´t Hold Back album: Eddie Money, John Nelson, Richie Zito, Arthur Barrow, Nathan East, Randy Jackson, Greg Lowry, Arthue Barrow, Gary Chang, Steve George, Eddie Ulibarri, Michael Baird, Pat Mastelotto, Paul Hanson, Danny Hull, Jenny Meltzer, Richard Page, Joe Pizzulo, Henry Small, Ronnie Spector, Sandy Sukhov & Becky West.

Eddie Money - Where´s The Party

Columbia Records 1983

Tracks: Maybe Tomorrow, Bad Girls, Club Michelle, Back On The Road, Don't Let Go, Big Crash, Where's The Party?, Leave It To Me & Back Track.

Musicians on the Where´s The Party album: Eddie Money, Ralph Carter, Steve Farris, Frank Linx, Jimmy Lyons, John Nelson, Mitchell Froom, Duane Hitchings, Randy Nichols, Alan Pasqua, Michael Botts, Gary Ferguson, Gary Mallaber, Art Wood, Paulinho Da Costa, Frank Linx & Annie Simpson.

Geoff Moore - Over The Edge

Power Discs 1986

Tracks: Tear Down The Walls, Marianne, Why Should The Devil Have All The Good Music?, Lost Or Found, Over The Edge, Make Up Your Mind, Love The One You Live In, Rock Steady Believers, Tough Love & Nothing But Holy.

Musicians on the Over The Edge album: Geoff Moore, Dann Huff, Gordon Kennedy, Gary Lunn, Thomas Dorsey, Mark Gersmehl, John Slick, Billy Smiley, Chris McHugh, James Stroud, Terry McMillan, Tom Roudy, Gary Janney, Brian Kennedy, Gordon Kennedy, Shelby Kennedy, Brent King, Marty McCall, Gary Pigg, Billy Smiley & Arlin Troyer.

Geoff Moore - Where Are The Other Nine?

Power Discs 1984

Tracks: Build The House, Royal Priesthood, Where Are the Other Nine? (Let Me Be The One), When You Get There (Love Will Take You In), One Heart, Open Your Eyes, Bread Of Life, He Shall Be Praised, Lonely Hearts Need Love & The Fight Song.

Musicians on the Where Are The Other Nine? album: Geoff Moore and others.

Kevin Moore - Rainmaker

Casablanca Records 1980

Tracks: I Intend To Love You, Break Down The Walls, Anybody Seen My Girl, Speak Your Mind, Rainmaker, The Way You Hold Me, Rainy Day People (Rainy Day Lady, Rainy Day Man) & Holding On To You.

Musicians on the Rainmaker album: Kevin Moore, Jeremy Collier, Greg Mathieson, Ian Underwood, Ricky Lawson, Paulinho Da Costa, Gary Grant, Jerry Hey, Kim Hutchcroft, Bill Reichenbach, Bill Champlin, Carmen Grillo, Venette Gloud, Tom Kelly & Carmen Twillie.

Matthew Moore - The Sport Of Guessing

Caribou Records 1979

Tracks: Space Captain, Be My Love Tonight, I Broke Down, Tortuga, Goodbye, Leave Me Be, I Gotta Be With You, That´s What I Like, I Give In, Just In Time & Hold On To Me.

Musicians: Matthew Moore, Matt Betton. Don Preston, Tom Kosta, Bobby Cochran, Red Young, Gerry Peterson, M. L., Vocals: Daniel Moore & Dee Murray.

Matthew Moore - Winged Horses

Caribou Records 1978

Tracks: Savannah, Stay A Little Longer, Thinking About You Again, One More Time Around, Come On Home, Moon Dew, Jamaica, Apologize, Looking For Love, When I See Your Face, I'm Your Home & You Made Me Realize.

Musicians on the Winged Horses album: Matthew Moore, Steve Cropper, Davey Johnstone, Tom Kosta, Don Preston, Richie Zito, David Jackson, Dee Murray, Paul Stallworth, Tom Canning, Jim Gordon, Tom Hensley,  Bill Payne, Matthew Betton, Richie Hayward, Jim Keltner, Russ Kunkel, Gary Coleman, Joe Porcaro, Trevor Lawrence, Tom Scott, Steve Madaio, Jim Price, Jimmie Haskell, Reese Clifford, Kathy Collier, Venette Gloud, Matthew Moore & Carmen Twillie.

Airto Moreira - Touching You... Touching Me

Warner Bros 1979

Tracks: Amajour, Partido Alto, Open Space, Heartbeat, Toque de Cuica, Move It On Up, And Then We Touched The Sky, Tempos Atras, It's Not A Ballad & Introduction To The End.

Musicians on the Touching You... Touching Me album: Airto Moreira, Al Ciner, Richard Feldman, Bob Robles, George Sopuch, Alphonso Johnson, Jose Bertrami, Michael Boddicker, Michel Colombier, George Duke, Hugo Fattoruso, William "D" Smith, Marcos Valle, Peter Bunetta, Manolo Badrena, Laudir De Oliveira, Joe Farrell, Nivaldo Ornellas, Herb Alpert & Flora Purim.

Rick Moses - Face The Music

20th Century Fox Records 1979

Tracks: Baby You Move Me, Face The Music, Part Of The Game, Susannah '73, Somethin' Going On, Miracle Man, Everyday, Lay Your Head Against My Pillow (Endless Night), John Frum America & Highway.

Musicians on the Face The Music album: Rick Moses, James Burton, Lee Freeman, Emory Gordy, Emory Gordy, Richard T. Bear, Jimmy Frank, Marc Donahue, Rush Robinson, Willie Ornelas, Alan Estes, Rick Jarrard, Alexandra Brown, Paulette McWilliams, Lisa Roberts, Stephanie Spruill, Julia Tillman Waters & Maxine Willard Waters.

Geoff Muldaur - Blues Boy

Flying Fish 1979

Tracks: Nothing In The World, Bad Feet, Meanest Woman, Walking To New Orleans, Tears Came Rolling Down, Sloppy Drunk Blues, Forty-Four, That's All Right, Feelin' Good, Old Train 29, Chicken Stew, Pt. 1 & Dance Of The Coloured Elves.

Musicians on the Blues Boy album: Geoff Muldaur, Stephen Burton, Amos Garrett, Michael Melford, Bill Rich, Mike Utley, Sammy Creason, Richard Dishman, Scott Matthews, Dennis Whitted, Chris Cioe, Peter Beauregard, David Burgin, Peter Ecklund, Amos Garrett, Sarah Brown, Stephen Burton, Steve Burdett, David Burgin, Whit Griswold, George Leh, Jenni Muldaur & Fritz Richmond.

Geoff Muldaur - Motion

Reprise Records 1976

Tracks: Let It Out, Since I've Been With You Babe, What Do You Want The Girl To Do ?, Motion, When You Touch Me This Way, Why Don't We Live Together, Southern Nights, I Don't Want To Talk About It & Hooray For Hollywood.

Musicians on the Motion album: Geoff Muldaur, Dennis Coffey, Jesse Ed Davis, Jay Graydon, John Morell, Dean Parks, David Wolfert, Mike Anthony, James Jamerson, Bill Rich, Klaus Voormann, Michael Boddicker, Tom Coster, Dr John, David Foster, Jane Getz, Michael Baird, Ed Greene, Jim Keltner, David Kemper, Bobbye Hall, Bobby Keys, Trevor Lawrence, Steve Madaio, Jim Price, Martin Mull, Greg Prestopino & Bonnie Raitt.

Geoff Muldaur & Amos Garrett

Flying Fish 1978

Tracks: My Tears Came Rolling Down, River's Invitation, Prelude In E Minor, Op. 28, No. 4, Sloopy Drink, La Juanda, Carolina Sunshine Girl, Washboard Blues, Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy, Chicken Stew, Pt. 1, Dance Of The Coloured Elves & Beautiful Isle Of Somewhere.

Musicians on the Geoff Muldaur & Amos Garrett album: Amos Garrett, Geoff Muldaur, Dwight Brainerd, David Burgin, Scott Matthews, Michael Melford, Barbara Mendelson, Jenni Muldaur, Lem Nitmar, Billy Rich, Fritz Richmond & Nicholas Ten Broeck.

Rich Mullins - S.T.

Reunion Records 1986

Tracks: A Few Good Men, A Place To Stand, Live Right, New Heart, Elijah, Nothing But A Miracle, Both Feet On The Ground, These Days, Prisoner & Save Me.

Musicians on the Rich Mullins album: Rich Mullins, Greg Jennings, Gary Lunn, Reed Arvin, Phil Naish, David Adams, Keith Edwards, Amy Grant, Chris Harris, Mark Heimermann & Chris Rodriguez.

Kristle Murden - I Can´t Let Go

Light Records 1980

Tracks: I'll Go, Because He Loves Us, I Just Wanted To Say I Love You, I Have Heard Of A Place, I Can't Let Go, Lord We Believe, Rejoice, Don't Let This Moment Pass You By & I Will Sing Praises.

Musicians on the I Can´t Let Go album: Kristle Murden, Hadley Hockensmith, Greg Poree, David Williams, Abraham Laboriel, Howard McCrary, Clarence McDonald, Harlan Rogers, Greg Phillinganes, Bill Maxwell, Alex Acuna, Steve Tavaglione, Allen Gregory, Hy Lesnick, Kathy Hazzard, Howard McCrary & Linda McCrary.

Michael Murphey - Lonewolf

Epic Records 1978

Tracks: Nothing Is Your Own, Paradise Tonight, No Man's Land, Loners, Song Dog, Arrows In The Darkness, Hard To Live Together, Night Patrol & Loving Time.

Musicians on the Lonewolf album: Michael Murphey, Sam Broussard, Bob Glaub, Bill Payne, Jai Winding, Michael Botts, Victor Feldman, Lon Price, Dennis Christianson, Dick Hyde, Jerry Jumonville, Steve Madaio, John Boyland, Joey De Lauro & Wendy Webb.

Michael James Murphy - No Kidnap Today

Home Sweet Home Records 1986

Tracks: No Kidnap Today, Healer, He Is Our God, After Your Eyes, The Blind Lead The Blind, Black Or White, Secret Admirer, Two Edged Sword, Death Died & Vigilant.

Musicians on the No Kidnap Today album: Michael James Murphy and others.

Michael James Murphy - Tender Heart

Milk & Honey 1984

Tracks: Believers, Even The Stones, Tender Heart, The Darker The Night, Crimson Stream (Reprise), Crimson Stream, Another Song Of Praise, Say So, I Have Returned & Alleluia Praise The Lamb.

Musicians on the Tender Heart album: Michael James Murphy, Brian Tankersley, Dan Smith, Paul Mills, John Andrew Schreiner, Chris Manners, Terry Westbrook, Russell Dunlop, Rick Crawford, Lisa McClellan & Wayne Watson.

Michael James Murphy - Never Let Me Go

Milk & Honey 1981

Tracks: All That Really Matters, Give A Little Bit Of Your Love, Why Did I Wait So Long ?, Song Of Emmanuel, So Glad, Never Let Me Go, We Will Rejoice, Wonderful Day, Throw Out The Lifeline & Forgiven.

Musicians on the Never Let Me Go album: Michael James Murphy, Mike Demus, Rocky Gribble, John Patitucci, David Huntsinger, Lynn Williams, Drew Barlow, Johnny Gonzalez, Jim Rachel, David Stearman, Wayne Boosahda, David Stearman, Stephanie Boosahda, Wayne Boosahda & Steve Merkel.

Music Magic - S.T.

GMT Records 1979

Tracks: Crystal Blue, Unspoken Love, Finger Dance, Ray Alan, Daydreams & Avocado Obbligato.

Musicians on the Music Magic album: Jay Molina), Al Pasqua, Fred Schreuders & Peter Satora.

Graham Nash - Innocent Eyes

Atlantic Records 1986

Tracks: See You In Prague
, Keep Away From Me, Innocent Eyes
, Chippin’ Away
, Over The Wall, Don’t Listen To The Rumours , Sad Eyes
, Newday
, Glass And Steel & I Got A Rock.

Musicians on the Innocent Eyes album: Graham Nash, Michael Landau, David Lindley, Jeff Southworth, Waddy Wachtel, Paul Bliss, Tim Drummond, George Perry, Lee Sklar, Bill Boydston, Craig Doerge, Alan Pasqua, David Plantshon, Ian Wallace, Mark Towner Williams, Michael Fisher, Joe Lala, Kenny Loggins, James Taylor & Kate Yester.

Graham Nash - Earth & Sky

Capitol Records 1980

Tracks: Earth & Sky, Love Has Come, Out On The Island, Skychild, Helicopter Song, Barrel Of The Pain (Half-Life), T.V. Guide, It's All Right, Magical Child & In The 80's.

Musicians on the Earth & Sky album: Graham Nash, Joel Bernstein, John Brennan, Danny Kortchmar, David Lindley, Steve Lukather, Stephen Stills, Joe Walsh, Tim Drummond, George Perry, Craig Doerge, Russ Kunkel, Joe Vitale, Joe Lala, Joe Vitale, Cece Bullard, Jackson Browne, Gloria Coleman, David Crosby, Brenda Eager, Armando Hurley, Cleo Kennedy, Leah Kunkel & Nicolette Larson.

Nancy Nash - Letting Go

Avalon Records 1982

Tracks: When Love Has A Hold, Beginners Luck, Doesn't Anybody Know, Nobody, Take It, Surrender, Say Goodbye, Do It All Again & Am I.

Musicians in the Letting Go album: Nancy Nash, David Sinclair, Bob Smart, Andre Kunkel & Craig Zurka.

Navarro - Straight To The Heart

Capitol Records 1978

Tracks: Run Away, Straight To The Heart, Mystery, Realengo, There's A War, Already Here, Can You See Me, Night Falls, It's About Time & Save Your Goodbyes.

Musicians on the Straight To The Heart album: Rob Galloway, Mark Hallman, Richard Hardy, Robert McEntee), Miguel Rivera, Michael Wooten, Joey Conway & Steve Sirotkin.

Navarro - Listen

Capitol Records 1977

Tracks: Listen, Newborn Highway, Both Ends Of The Game, Trying For The Sun, About You, You, One Of These Days, Caught In The Door, Laying My Life Down & What It Is.

Musicians on the Listen album: Mark Hallman, Robert McEntee, Rob Galloway, Miguel Rivera, Michael Wooten, Richard Hardy, Ben Carnes, James Tuttle, Carole King & David Muse.

Erick Nelson - Flow River Flow

Maranatha Music 1976

Tracks: Flow River Flow, Soldiers Of The Cross, Prelude, The Gift, Sunlight, Something Happened To You, Movin' On, Beside You, One Last Night & Progigal's Return.

Musicians on the Flow River Flow album: Erick Nelson, Ben Benay, Al Perkins, Scott Edwards, David Foster, Michael Omartian & Marti McCall.

Erick Nelson And Michele Pillar - The Misfit

A&S Records 1979

Tracks: The Misfit, Carry Me Along, Stand, Sail On, Can't Find My Way Home, The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress, He's Asleep, Hurting People, Take Me To The Light, First Prayer, Love Hurts, He Gave Me Love & Martyr Song.

Musicians on the Misfit album: Erick Nelson, Michele Pillar, Darrell Cook, Denny Correll, Tim Correll, Jonathan David Brown, Keith Edwards, Hadley Hockensmith, Phil Kristianson, Alex MacDougall, George Marinelli, Dean Parks, Dave Storrs, Kelly Willard & John Wickham.

Tracy Nelson - Time Is On My Side

MCA Records 1976

Tracks: Anything You Want, Time Is On My Side, The Woman In Your Heart, I Could Have Been Your Best Friend, Sudden Changes, I've Never Loved You More, Let The Memory Fade, An Arm And A Leg, You Just Can't Forget Her (Can You Fool) & Couldn't Do Nothin' Right.

Musicians on the Time Is On My Side album: Tracy Nelson, Larry Carlton, Jesse Ed Davis, Danny Kortchmar, Dean Parks, Jim Hughart, David Foster, Clarence McDonald, Larry Muhoberac, Jim Gordon, Ed Greene, Jim Horn, Laura Creamer, Mark Creamer, Oma Drake, Gerald Garrett, Darlene Groncki, Irma Routen, Susan Stewart, Julia Tillman Waters & Maxine Willard Waters.

Michael Nesmith - Infinite Rider On The Big Dogma

Pacific Arts 1979

Tracks: Dance, Magic, Tonite, Flying, Carioca, Cruisin', Factions, Light, Horserace & Capsule.

Musicians on the Infinite Rider On The Big Dogma album: Michael Nesmith, Al Perkins, David MacKay, John Hobbs, Paul Leim, Lenny Castro, Tom Saviano & Joe Chemay.

Robbie Nevil - S.T.

Capitol Records 1986

Tracks: Just A Little Closer, Dominoes, Limousines, Back To You, C'est La Vie, Wot's It's To Ya, Walk You Talk, Simple Life, Neighbors & Look Who's Alone Tonight.

Musicians on the Robbie Nevil album: Robbie Nevil, Tommy Faragher, John Van Tongeren, Boris Williams, Mike Nocito, Frank Ricotti, Alex Sadkin, Ian Richie, Judd Lander, Elaine Griffiths, Fiona Griffiths, Carol Kenyon, Stevie Lange & Chris Thompson.

Randy Newman - Trouble In Paradise

Warner Bros 1983

Tracks: I Love L.A., Christmas In Capetown, The Blues, Same Girl, Mikey's, My Life Is Good, Miami, Real Emotional Girl, Take Me Back, There's A Party At My House, I'm Different & Song For The Dead.

Musicians on the Trouble In Paradise album: Randy Newman, Steve Lukather, Dean Parks, Waddy Wachtel, Nathan East, Michael Boddicker, Ralph Grierson, Neil Larsen, David Paich, Jeff Porcaro, Lenny Castro, Paulinho Da Costa, Jim Horn, John Smith, Ernie Watts, Larry Williams, Jerry Hey, Steve Madaio, Lindsey Buckingham, Don Henley, Rickie Lee Jones, Arno Lucas, Christine McVie, Linda Ronstadt, Bob Seger, Paul Simon, Leslie Smith, Wendy Waldman & Jennifer Warnes.

Randy Newman - Born Again

Warner Bros 1979

Tracks: It's Money That I Love, The Story Of A Rock& Roll Band, Pretty Boy, Mr. Sheep, Ghosts, They Just Goy Married, Spies, The Girls In My Life, Pt. 1, Half A Man, William Brown & Pants.

Musicians on the Born Again album: Randy Newman, Buzz Feiten, Waddy Wachtel, David Shields, Willie Weeks, Michael Boddicker, Victor Feldman, Andy Newmark, Lenny Castro, Carlos Vega, Tom Scott, Chuck Findley, Stephen Bishop, Valerie Carter & Arno Lucas.

Randy Newman - Little Criminals

Warner Bros 1977

Tracks: Short People, You Can't Fool The Fat Man, Little Criminals, Texas Girl At The Funeral Of Her Father, Jolly Coppers On Parade, In Germany Before The War, Sigmund Freud's Impersonation Of Albert Einstein In America, Baltimore, I'll Be Home, Rider In The Rain, Kathleen (Catholicism Made Easier) & Old Man On The Farm.

Musicians on the Little Criminals album: Randy Newman, Ry Cooder, Glenn Frey, Waddy Wachtel, Joe Walsh, Klaus Voormann, Willie Weeks, Michael Boddicker, Ralph Grieson, Jim Keltner, Rick Marotta, Andy Newmark, Milt Holland, Don Henley, Timothy B. Schmit & John David Souther.

Nicholas - Dedicated

Command Records 1985

Tracks: Nearer My God To Thee, Tell Somebody, Dedicated, All Things Work Together For Good, Stop Your Searching (Try God), Good To Get Away, Ooh God's Love & The Invitation (Think About It).

Musicians on the Dedicated album: Brenda Nicholas, Philip Nicholas, Aladrain Elmore and others.

Stevie Nicks - Rock A Little

Modern Records 1985

Tracks: I Can't Wait, Rock A Little (Go Ahead Lily), Sister Honey, I Sing For The Things, Imperial Hotel, Some Become Strangers, Talk To Me, The Nightmare, If I Were, No Spoken Word & Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You.

Musicians on the Rock A Little album: Stevie Nicks, George Black, Mike Campbell, Les Dudek, Donny Kortchmar, Michael Landau, Chas Sandford, Waddy Wachtel, Kenny Edwards, Bob Glaub, Chas Sandford, Charles Judge, Rick Nowels, Bill Payne, Greg Phillinganes, Chas Sandford, Jamie Sheriff, Benmont Tench, Steve Jordan, Russ Kunkel, Andy Newmark, Bobbye Hall, David Kemper, Barney Willen, George Black, Carol Brooks, Sharon Celani, Marilyn Martin, Rick Nowels, Lori Perry & Maria Vidal.

Stevie Nicks - The Wild Heart

Modern Records 1983

Tracks: Wild Heart, If Anyone Falls, Gate And Garden, Enchanted, Nightbird, Stand Back, I Will Run To You, Nothing Ever Changes, Sable On Blond & Beauty And The Beast.

Musicians on the Wild Heart album: Stevie Nicks, Mike Campbell, Don Felder, Steve Lukather, David Monday, Dean Parks, Tom Petty, Waddy Wachtel, David Williams, Kenny Edwards, Howie Epstein, Bob Glaub, Roger Jausz, Roy Bittan, David Foster, Sandy Stewart, Ben Tench, David Bluefield, Marvin Caruso, Mike Fleetwood, Russ Kunkel, Stan Lynch, Chet McCracken, Brad Smith, Bobbye Hall, Brad Smith, Ian Wallace, Phil Kenzie, Paul Buckmaster, Kenneth Whitfield, Tom Petty, Carolyn Brooks & Sandy Stewart.

Stevie Nicks - Bella Donna

Modern Records 1981

Tracks: Bella Donna, Kind Of Woman, Stop Draggin' My Heart Around, Think About It, After The Glitter Fades, Edge Of Seventeen, How Still My Love, Leather And Lace, Outside The Rain & The Highwayman.

Musicians on the Bella Donna album: Stevie Nicks, Mike Campbell, Dan Dugmore, Don Felder, Davey Johnstone, Tom Petty, Waddy Wachtel, Richard Bowden, Donald Dunn, Bob Glaub, Tom Moncrieff, David Adelstein, Roy Bittan, Bill Elliott, Ben Tench, Don Henley, Russ Kunkel, Stan Lynch, Bobbye Hall, Phil Jones, Sharon Celani, Lori Perry, Tom Petty, Sharon Celani & Lori Perry.

Night - Long Distance

Planet Records 1980

Tracks: Doctor Rock, Don't You Break My Heart, Love On The Airwaves, The Letter, Calling Me Back, You Cried Wolf, Stealin', Miss You, Day After Day & Good To Be In Your Arms.

Musicians on the Long Distance album: Bobby Guidotti, Billy Kristian, Stevie Lange, Robbie McIntosh, Chris Thompson, Bobby Wright, Vickie Brown, Kay Garner, Morris Pert, Kevin Savigar & Graham Todd.

Night - S.T.

Planet Records 1979

Tracks: Hot Summer Nights, Cold Wind Across My Heart, If You Gotta Make A Fool Of Somebody, Ain't That Peculiar, If You Remember Me, Come Around, You Ain't Pretty Enough, Shocked, Love Message & Party Shuffle.

Musicians on the Night album: Nicky Hopkins, Billy Kristian, Stevie Lange, Robbie McIntosh, Rick Marotta, Chris Thompson, Derek Austin, James Johnson, Bobby LaKind, Michael McDonald, Vince Melamed, Bill Payne & Steve Porcaro.

Night Plane - S.T.

Handshake Records 1982

Tracks: Night Plane, Slow Down, Out Of Control, Tried Too Hard, Cheated, Don't Be Fool, Illusions, Line Of Fire, Another Hotel & Who Knows.

Musicians on the Night Plane album: Jim Dykann, Haden Gregg, Rosemary Butler, Craig Doerge, Kenny Edwards, Bob Glaub, Danny Kortchmar, Russ Kunkel, Steve Lukather & Bryan Savage.

Harry Nilsson - ...That´s The Way It Is

RCA Victor 1976

Tracks: That Is All, Just One Look/Baby I'm Yours, Moonshine Bandit, I Need You, A Thousand Miles Away, Sail Away, She Sits Down On Me, Daylight Has Caught Me, Zombie Jamboree (Back To Back) & That Is All (Reprise).

Musicians on the ...That´s The Way It Is album: Harry Nilsson, Keith Allison, Mike Anthony, Dennis Budimir, Jesse Ed Davis, Peter Jameson, Danny Kortchmar, John Morell, Fred Tackett, Derek Van Eaton, David Wolfert, Jimmy Bond, Peter Mercurio, Mickey Nadel, Klaus Voorman, Jane Getz, Dr. John, James Newton Howard, David Paich, Van Dyke Parks, Chilli Charles, Robert Greenidge, Jim Keltner, Doug Hoefer, Gene Cipriano, Buddy Collette, William Green, Jim Horn, Bobby Keys, James Roberts, John Rotella, Joe Lyle, Steve Madaio, Lew McCreary, Sid Sharp, Deidra Askey, Richard Glasser, Joseph Green, Abigale Haness, Mona Lisa Harrington, Lynda Lawrence, John Lehman, Sherlie Matthews & Bill Thedford.

Nightwork - S.T.

Nightsongs 1986

Tracks: Hit On The Radio, Another Night, Steal Away, Let Me In, Hold On To Paradise, Stealing Your Heart & Like I Do.

Musicians on the Nightwork album: Jeffrey Doyle, Tim Saunders, Ric Swanson, Jamie Vallejo & Chris Watkins.

Niteflyte - II

Ariola Records 1981

Tracks: You Are, You're Breaking My Heart, Anyway You Want, Sexy Dancer, On Your Own, Shoot From The Hip, Alicia's Song & I Knew It Couldn't Happen.

Musicians on the Niteflyte album: Howard Johnsons, Sandy Torano, George Blitzer, Franck Cornelius, Steve Ferrone, Joe Galdo, Jeff Kirk, Joe Lala & George Perry.

Niteflyte - S.T.

Ariola Records 1979

Tracks: All About Love, If You Want It, Sunshine, Make It Right, Get On The Fun, Tryin' To Find, I Wonder, Easy Come & No Two Alike.

Musicians on the II album: Howard Johnson, Sandy Turano, Rubens Bassini, Michael Brecker, Randy Brecker, Frank Cornelius, Angelo Di Braccio, Stephen Ferrone, Joe Galdo, Franck Garvis, Phyllis Hyman, Lamont Johnson, Gene Orloff, Richie Puente, David Sanborn, Bob Schumacher, Hamish Stuart, Jack Waldman & Cedrick Wright.

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - Plain Dirt Fashion

Warner Bros 1984

Tracks: Long Hard Road, High Horse, Face On The Cutting Room Floor, Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad, Must Be Love, I Love Only You, Run With Me, Cadillac Ranch, Til The Fire's Burned Out & Video Tape.

Musicians on the Plain Dirt Fashion album: Bob Carpenter, Jimmy Fadden, Jeff Hanna, Jimmy Ibbotson, John McEuen, Eddie Bayers, Dennis Burnside, Jerry Douglas, Sonny Garrish, Steve Gibson, Mark O'Connor, Joe Osborn, Larry Paxton, Ricky Scaggs, Blaine Sprouse, James Stroud & Paul Worley.

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - Let´s Go

Liberty Records 1982

Tracks: Heartaches In Heartaches, Special Look, Shot Full Of Love, Never Together (But Close Sometimes), Goodbye Eyes, Maryann, Too Many Heartaches In Paradise, Don't Get Sand In It, Let's Go & Dance Little Jean.

Musicians on the Let´s Go album: Jimmie Fadden, Jeff Hanna, Jimmy Ibbotson, John McEuen, Kenny Loggins & Rick Shlosser.

No Nukes - S.T.

Asylum Records 1979

Tracks: Dependin' On You, Runaway, Angel From Montgomery, Plutonium Is Forever, Power, The Times They Are A-Changin', Cathedral, The Crow On The Cradle, Before The Deluge, Lotta Love, Little Sister, A Woman, We Almost Lost Detroit, Get Together, You Can't Change That, Once You Get Started, Captain Jim's Drunken Dream, Honey Don't Leave L.A., Mockingbird, Heart Of The Night, Cry To Me, Stay, Devil With A Blue Dress Medley, You Don't Have to Cry, Long Time Gone, Teach Your Children & Takin' It To The Streets.

Musicians on the No Nukes album: Ed Brady, Jackson Browne, Mike Campbell, Ry Cooder, Paul Cotton, Charles Fearing, John Hall, Danny Kortchmar, David Lindley, Will McFarlane, John McFee, Jeff Mironov, Tom Petty, Bonnie Raitt, Patrick Simmons, Bruce Springsteen, Stephen Stills, James Taylor, Phil Upchurch, Steven Van Zandt, Waddy Wachtel, Rusty Young, Tim Drummond, Freebo, Bob Glaub, Robbie Gordon, Charlie Harrison, Anthony Jackson, Ray Parker Jr., Tiran Porter, David Schwartz, Lee Sklar, Mark Stevens, Gary Tallent, Roy Bittan, Kim Bullard, Arnell Carmichael, Darren Carmichael, Carl Cromwell, Craig Doerge, Danny Federici, Don Grolnick, Arthur Jenkins, Jeff Labes, Louis Levin, Michael McDonald, Graham Nash, Bill Payne, Gil Scott Heron, William "D" Smith, Ben Tench, Steve Chapman, John Hall, Jim Keltner, Keith Knudsen, Russ Kunkel, Stan Lynch, Chet McCracken, Chris Parker, Larry Tolbert, Max Weinberg, Dennis Whitted, Joe Lala, Jody Linscott, Rick Marotta, Ted Templeman, Cornelius Bumpus, Clarence Clemons, David Sanborn, John Schneider, Carl Cromwell, Phillip Balou, Kim Bullard, Rosemary Butler, Arnell Carmichael, Darren Carmichael, Gloria Coleman, Ry Cooder, David Crosby, Charles Fearing, Freebo, John Hall, Evelyn Harris, Charlie Harrison, Bernice Johnson, Cleo Kennedy, Chaka Khan, Brenda Lee Eager, Michael McDonald, Will McFarlane, Graham Nash, Ray Parker Jr., Tom Petty, Lynn Pitney, Bonnie Raitt, Gil Scott Heron, Carly Simon, Bruce Sringsteen, Stephen Stills, Larry Tolbert, Yasmeen Bheti Williams Johnson, Jesse Colin Young, Roy Bittan, Jackson Browne, Rosemary Butler, Clarence Clemons, Charlotte Crossley, John Hall, Doug Haywood, Nicolette Larson, David Lasley, Brenda Lee Eager, Stan Lynch, Arnold McCuller, Graham Nash, Bonnie Raitt, Carly Simon, Mark Stevens, Steven Van Zandt & Suzi Young.

Kenny Nolan - Head To Toe

MCA Records 1982

Tracks: Love Song (That'll Shake The World), Soft Rock Hard Love, You, Easily, Come Live My Love, I'm In Love Again, How Many More Nights ?, Help Me, Broken Dreams Broken Promises & Baby Come Home (It's Not The Same Old Me).

Musicians on the Head To Toe Album: Kenny Nolan, Charles Crew, Ian Gardner, James Phillips, Beau Segal, Gene Cipriano, Rick Baptist, Vincent DeRosa, Dick Hyde, Lew McCreary, Tommy Faragher, Wendy Haas, Mary Hyland, Joe Pizzulo, Stephanie Spruill, Julia Tillman Waters & Maxine Willard Waters.

Oak - Set The Night On Fire

Mercury Records 1980

Tracks: Story For You/Nothing To Lose, Set The Night On Fire, She's An 11, Only A Rumour, Melissa, Seeing Is Believing, I Lied, Off The Record, Your Love & Before I Met You.

Musicians on the Set The Night On Fire album: Danny Caron, John Foster, Rick Pinette, David Stone, Scott Weatherspoon, Walt Aldridge, Ronnie Eades & Rick Hall.

Oak - S.T.

Mercury Records 1979

Tracks: Let It All Begin, Going Nowhere Fast, Listen To Your Heart, And You Win, King Of The Hill, Draw The Line, Song To Sing, This Is Love, Friends & Gimme More.

Musicians on the Oak album: George Borden, Danny Caron, Rick Pinette, David Stone & Scott Weatherspoon.

Danny O´Keefe - The Global Blues

Warner Bros 1979

Tracks: The Global Blues, Livin' In The Modern Age, Falsetto Goodbye, The Street, On The Wheel Of Love, The Jimmy Hoffa Mem. Bldg. Blues, (Keep Your) Back To The Wall, Square Run, Save The Whales & Atlas.

Musicians on the Global Blues album: Danny O´Keefe, Jay Lewis, Danny O'Keefe, Scott Strong, Joel Tepp, Veyler Hildebrand, Michael Boddicker, Bill Cuomo, Charles Irwin, Roger Kellaway, Vince Melamed, Larry Muhoberac, John Rotella, Michael Baird, Jim Gordon, Jim Keltner, Thom Mooney, Tony Williams, Bill Braun, Steve Forman, Jay Lewis, Kazu Matsui, John Ewing, Richard Taylor, Paul Woltz, Frank Marocco, Ronnie Barron, Rusty Buchanan, Venette Gloud, Bobby King, Linda Lawley, Biggy McFadden, George McFadden, Sue Richman, Sharon Robinson & Carmen Twillie.

Danny O´Keefe - American Roulette

Atlantic Records 1977

Tracks: The Runaway, Islands, On Discovering A Missing Person, The Hereafter, You Look Just Like A Girl Again, All My Friends, Plastic Saddle, In Northern California (Where The Palm Tree Meets The Pine), American Roulette & Just Jones.

Musicians on the American Roulette album: Danny O´Keefe, David Lindley, Scott Strong, Peter Woodford, Reggie McBride, Dave Parlato, John Hobbs, Charles Irwin, Roger Kellaway, Vince Melamed, Mike Melvoin, Roger Bethelmy, Gary Mallaber, Steve Schaeffer, Alvin Taylor, Tom Scott & Laudir De Oliveira.

Ozark Mountain Daredevils - S.T.

Columbia Records 1980

Tracks: Take You Tonight, Jump At The Chance, Sailin' Around The World, Lovin' You, Tuff Luck, Oh Darlin', Empty Cup, Rosalie, Runnin' Out & Fool's Gold.

Musicians on the Ozark Mountain Daredevils album : Steve Cash, John Dillon, Michael Granda, Larry Lee, Michael Botts, John Boylan, Paulette Brown, Rosemary Butler, Gary Coleman, Buddy Emmons, Venetta Fields, Jon Goin, Paul Grupp, Tom Kelly, Clinton Thompson, Rune Walle & Jai Winding.

Ozark Mountain Daredevils - Don´t Look Down

A&M Records 1977

Track: River To The Sun, Crazy Lovin', Giving It All To The Wind, The Fox, Backroads, Snowbound, Following The Way That I Feel, Love Makes The Lover, True Believer, Moon On The Rise & Stinghead.

Musicians on the Don´t Look Down album: Steve Canaday, Steve Cash, Ruell Chappell, John Dillon, Mike Granda, Larry Lee, Jerry Mills & Rune Walle.

Kenny Nolan - Night Miracles

Casablanca Records 1979

Tracks: Motor Workout (You Got Horsepower), Wine Women And Champagne, Dancin' To Keep From Cryin', Ride A Wild Horse, Night Miracles, Maybe I'm Mindless, Us And Love (We Go Together) & You're So Beautiful Tonight.

Musicians on the Night Miracles album: Kenny Nolan, Mats Bjoerklund, Carmen Grillo, Andrew Mitukoff, Myer D. Millwood, Thor Baldursson, Greg Mathieson, Peter M. Relich, Keith Forsey, David Morby, Shondu Akiem, Bob Conti & Gary Herbig.

Kenny Nolan - A Song Between Us

Polydor Records 1978

Tracks: Song Between Us, I'd Love You To Love Me Back, Connect The Dots, But Love Me, Your Love (It Takes My Breath Away), Take The Time To Know Me, Stranger Things Have Happened, One Beautiful Day At A Time, Stolen Moments (Are Precious Moments) & You Started Something.

Musicians on the A Song Between Us album: Kenny Nolan, Kenny Asher, Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Jeff Layton, Steve Lukather, Jeff Mironov, Ira Newborn, Lee Ritenour, John Tropea, Trevor Viche, Bob Babbitt, Max Bennett, David Hungate, Greg Mathieson, Michael Omartian, David Paich, Steve Porcaro, John Stroll, Allan Schwartzberg & Rick Shlosser.

Gary Ogan - Let Go The Heart

Seagull Records 1982

Tracks: Never Say Never, Into My Heart Out Of My Mind, Don't Burn Your Fingers, Held In Your Arms Forever, Roadrunner, Talk, The Wonder Of, Can We Go Together (You and I), Lovemaker Jawbreaker & Let Go The Heart.

Musicians on the Let Go The Heart album: Gary Ogan and others.

Gary Ogan - S.T.

Paradise Records 1977

Tracks: Make Me Sing, The Road, Wonderland (Take It Away), Sold On You, Nothing's Right When Love's Gone Wrong, Foolish Love, Over And Over, Everybody Whats Your Love, Once More For Me & The Road At Stains.

Musicians on the Gary Ogan album: Gary Ogan and others.

Jane Olivor - The Best Side Of Goodbye

Columbia Records 1980

Tracks: Manchild Lullaby, A Long And Lasting Love, Golden Pony, Weepings Willows Cattails, To Love Again, Don't Let Go Of Me, Love This Time, The Best Side Of Goodbye 9 - Greatest Love Of All & Vagabond.

Musicians on the Best Side Of Goodbye album: Jane Olivor, Frank Owens, Julia Tillman Waters, Oren Waters & Maxine Willard Waters and others.

Olomana - And So We Are

Seabird Sound 1977

Tracks: Kanaka Waiwai, Brother's Got A Problem, Mele O Kaho' Olawe, Kula, Honey's Tune (Hilo's Such A Rainy Old Town), Walk Throught A Rainbow, Beautiful Rainbow, And So Are We & Shine On Angel.

Musicians on the And So We Are album: Robert Beaumont, Jerry Santos, Travis Fullerton, Gaylord Holomalia, Bob Kindler, Peter Moon, Eddie Palama & Melvin Whitney.

Olomana - Like A Seabird In The Wind

Seabird Sound 1976

Tracks: The Lion, Ku'u Home O Kahalu'u, Home, Grandfather's Music, Ku'u Lei Awapuhi, O Malia, So Free, Seabird & Lullabye.

Musicians on the Like A Seabird In The Wind album: Robert Beaumont, Jerry Santos, Cindy Combs, Kim Hutchcroft, Bob Kindler, Ken Wild, Larry Williams & Bob Wilson.

Sharon O´Neill - Foreign Affair

CBS Records 1983

Tracks: Danger, Maxine, One Of A Crowd, Radio Lover, Kids In Our Town, Losing You, I've Got You To Thank, Take The Fall, Hearts On The Run & All The Way Down.

Musicians on the Foreign Affair album: Sharon O´Neill, Andrew Gold, Randy Thomas, Scott Chambers, Bob Glaub, Bill Payne, Michael Baird, Michael Botts, Bobbye Hall, Brent Thomas, Tom Scott, Karla Bonoff, Tommy Funderburk, Carmen Grillo, Tom Kelly, David Lasley, Marcy Levy, Arnold McCuller & Timothy B. Schmit.

Tony Orlando - S.T.

Elektra Records 1978

Tracks: Don't Let Go, I Count The Tears, Save The Last Dance For Me, That Is Rock & Roll, You're So Fine, Let The Good Times Roll, A Lover's Question, Bring It On Home To Me & Since I Met You Baby.

Musicians on the Tony Orlando album: Tony Orlando, Pete Carr, Jimmy Johnson, David Hood, Barry Beckett, Roger Hawkins, David Carey, Jimmy Maelen, Tom Roady, Ronnie Eades, Harvey Thompson, George Young, Muscle Shoals Horns, Lani Groves, Wanda McCullough, Bobby Martin, Maretha Stewart, Julia Tillman Waters, Luther Waters, Oren Waters & Maxine Willard Waters.

Jamie Owens-Collins - Straight Ahead

Sparrow Records 1980

Tracks: Fooled By a Feelin', Look How Far You've Come, I Have, Liar on the Loose, Walkin' On, How Could I Ever Say No, I'm Yours, A Perfect Heart, Holy Fire & Shine Through Me.

Musicians on the Straight Ahead album: Jamie Owens-Collins, Hadley Hockensmith, Phil Keaggy, Al Perkins, Billy Walker, Leon Gaer, John Hobbs, Phil Kristianson, Doug Livingston, Larry Muhoberac, Richard Souther, Paul Leim, Rick Shlosser, Alex Acuna, Dan Collins, Jerry Barnes, Venetta Fields, Gary Lambert & Matthew Ward.

Jamie Owens-Collins - Love Eyes

Light Records 1978

Tracks: Love Eyes, Daniel, Radio Man, Hidden Treasure, It's Been Quite A Year, Pleasure Servin' You, Only You, New Day, Waters Of Rest & Mighty River.

Musicians on the Love Eyes album: Jamie Owens-Collins, Tim May, Art Munson, Al Perkins, Steve Steffy, Rick Vito, Jim Fielder, Dennis Kovarik, Pete Hallin, John Hobbs, Richard Souther, David Kemper, Steve Forman, Jimmy Owens, Tim Archer & Terry Talbot.


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