Classics West Coast Music

The late seventies and early eighties are sometimes referred to as “The Golden Age” of West Coast Music, and the contrast to so much of what the nineties have offered us musically is remarkable.

Lots of studio recordings, especially in the Los Angeles area and with several artists or bands that released a few albums, some only a debut album and never had a follow up, also some artists moved to another music direction.

At this list you can see a selection of albums that are worthy a listening.

Valentine - S.T.

RCA Records 1977

Tracks: I Just Don't Know, Light Of My Life, I've Got It, Send Your Love, Take You Back, Here I Am, Tonight Tonight, So Sad To Break Up, Just Another Lonely Day, Madame Blue, Angel Voice & There's A Need.

Musicians on the Valentine album: Robin Garb, Jody Giambellucia, Bill Ring, Frank Stallone, Bob Tangrea & Steve Bernstein.

Frankie Valli - Heaven Above Me

MCA Records 1980

Tracks: Where Did We Go Wrong, Let It Be Whatever It Is, If It Really Wasn't Love, Passion For Paris (An American In Paris), Soul / Heaven Above Me, Just Tell Me You Love Me & Eat Your Heat Out.

Musicians on the Heaven Above Me album: Frankie Valli, Paul Jackson Jr., Lee Ritenour, David Hungate, Greg Mathieson, James Gadson, Paulinho Da Costa, Tom Scott, Ernie Watts, Tower Of Power, Jerry Corbetta, Julia Tillman Waters, Oren Waters & Maxine Willard Waters.

Tata Vega - Givin´All My Love

Tamla Records 1980

Tracks: Giving All My Love, You Keep Me Hangin' On, Abandoned, Reachin' All Around My Love, There's Love In The World, You Better Watch Out, Love Your Neighbour, Second Wind & I Got So Used To You Being.

Musicians on the Givin´All My Love album: Tata Vega, Paul Jackson Jr., Tim May, Freddie Washington, John Barnes, Sonny Burke, Andre Lewis, James Gadson, Jeff Porcaro, Melvin Webb, Paulinho Da Costa, Winston Moneseque, Al Johnson, Stephanie Spruill, Julia Tillman Waters, Oren Waters & Maxine Willard Waters.

Rosie Vela - Zazu

A&M Records 1986

Tracks: Fool's Paradise, Magic Smile, Interlude, Tonto, Sunday, Taxi, 2nd Emotion, Boxs & Zazu.

Musicians on the Zazu album: Rosie Vela, Walter Becker, Michael Been, Rick Derringer, Jimmy Haslip, Tony Levin, Neil Stubenhaus, Donald Fagen, Larry Fast, Aaron Zigman, Jimmy Bralower, Yogi Horton, Jim Keltner, Chat Vela, Jimmy Bralower, Joey Askew & Jenny Peters.

James Vincent - Enter In

Caribou Records 1980

Tracks: You'll Be Right There, Don't Trust Your Feelings, In You I'm Free, Take My Life, Spiritual Israel, Make A Joyful Noise, Hearken, Come Follow Me, Enter In, What's Goin' On & Walkin' In The Light.

Musicians on the Enter In Album: James Vincent, Kenny Wilde, John Rosasco, Bob Wilson, Pat Murphy, Chuck Findley, Gary Herbig, Bill Reichenbach, Larry Williams, Michael Conlan, Tamara Conlan & Carla Vincent.

James Vincent - Waiting For The Rain

Caribou Records 1978

Tracks: What Does It Profit A Man?, Resistance, Etude #20 / Daniel Daniel, People Of The World, How Can I Thank You Enough, Soon Comes The Son, Waiting For The Rain, The Seventh Day & Babylon Is Fallen.

Musicians on the Waiting For Rain Album: James Vincent, Steve Evans´, Ron Stockert, Tom Dondelinger, Pat Murphy, Jerry Hey, Kim Hutchcroft, Bill Reichenbach, Larry Williams & Carla Vincent.

James Vincent - Space Traveler

Caribou Records 1976

Tracks: The Garden / Manking, Drifting Into Love, Alone / Space Traveler, Firefly, Song For Jamie, How I'm Gonna Miss You, Stepping Us / Walking On Higher Ground & Moonday.

Musicians on the Space Traveler album: James Vincent, Verdine White, Ron Stockert, David Wolinski, Harvey Mason, Clyde Stubblefield, Freddy White, Leon Ndugu Chancler, Carla May, Patrick Murphy, Steve Douglas, Larry Klimas, Jay Migliori, Peter Cetera, Venetta Fields, Clydie King, Shirley Matthews, Carla May & Ron Stockert.

Joe Vitale - Plantation Harbor

Asylum Records 1981

Tracks: Plantation Harbor, Never Gonna Leave You Alone (Crazy 'Bout You Baby), Laugh-Laugh, Man Gonna Love You, Theme From Cabin Weirdos, Lady On The Rock, Bamboo Jungle, Sailor Man & I'm Flyin'.

Musicians on the Plantation Harbor album: Joe Vitale, Willie Beaver Hale, Don Felder, Joe Walsh, George Perry, Paul Harris, Bob Mayo, Joe Lala, Joe Vitale, Marty Grebb, Walter Parazaider, Lee Loughnane, James Pankow, Jimmie Haskell, Greg Droman, Marilyn Martin, Graham Nash, George Perry, Timothy B. Schmit, Stephen Stills & Mickey Thomas.

Karen Voegtlin - He´s My Leader

Light Records 1984

Tracks: He's My Leader, Hosanna, His Eyes Can see That Way, Faithfulness, Love That's True, To The One I Love, Ain't No Harm, Lone Ranger & Into Your Hands.

Musicians on the He´s My Leader album: Karen Voegtlin and others.

Karen Voegtlin - Love Explosion

Greentree Records 1981

Tracks: Hit Bound, Only In The Cross, With His Love, Here He Stands, All Your Love For Me, Love Explosion, Island In My Soul, He Is My Father, Home Safe & Living Sacrifice.

Musicians on the Love Explosion album: Karen Voegtlin, Bruce Gaitsch, Steve Rodby, Terry Fryer, Wayne Stewart, Mark Colby, Sherman Andrus & Sue Tucker.

Greg X. Volz - The River Is Rising

Myrrh Records 1986

Tracks: Barrier, Joyous Grave, Livin' For The Bell, Still Waters, All I Can Do, Heaven Is Within You, The River Is Rising, Break Out Of The Trance, Hold On To The Fire & Man Like You.

Musicians on the River Is Rising album: Greg X. Volz, Kirk Henderson, Phil Keaggy, Jimmie Lee Sloas, Tim Akins, Mike Demus, John Lawry, Carl Marsh, Steve Schaeffer, Mark Farner & Matthew Ward.

Greg X. Volz - Xavier

Myrrh Records 1982

Tracks: Outside Lookin' In, Heart Songs, The Next Move Is Yours, If You Come To Me, Falling In Love With Me Again, Don't Look Back, Someone Needing Someone, Last Song, Who Loves You, You Still Got The Time, Waiting For You & I Believe In You.

Musicians on the Xavier album: Greg X. Volz, Joel Balin, Bruce Bookshire, Chip Meyers, George Atwell, Randy Nichols, Raul Bibiano, Teresa Atwell, Trace Balin & Carole Becker Yarian.

Voudouris & Kahne - Street Player

Capitol Records 1976

Tracks: Street Player, Wonder Of Wonders, It Will Happen With Us, Were You Alone Last Night, Monterey, Tour Song, Flamingo Sky & Ladies In Mercedes Rock.

Musicians on the Street Player album: David Kahne, Roger Voudouris, Mike Butera, Chuck Domanico, James Gadson, Bobbye Hall & William "D" Smith.

Voudouris & Kahne - There´s A Secret Goin´ On

Capitol Records 1975

Tracks: There´s A Secret Goin´On, Lying To Me You, Take Your Music To The People, Good Friend Of Mine, Run Eddie Run, I Only Wanted To Know Your Name, Time Is Love, Sidney, Beautiful Love Betwwen Beautiful People, Rock Me Baby & I´ll Come Ridin´.

Musicians on the There´s A Secret Going On: David Kahne, Roger Voudouris, Ron Tutt, Emory Gordy, Victor Feldman & Mike Butera.

Wendy Waldman - Which Way To Main Street

Epic Records 1982

Tracks: Heartbeat, We'll See In The End, X-ray Eyes, You Said It Wasn't Me, Time Like Your Wire Wheels, Fighting It Out In The Heart Of The City, Lovin' You Out Of My Life, Gotta Get Over You, Does Anybody Want To Marry Me & Which Way To Main Street.

Musicians on the Which Way To Main Street album: Wendy Waldman, Peter Frampton, Mark Goldenberg, John Regan, Harry Stinson & James House.

Wendy Waldman - Strange Company

Warner Bros 1978

Tracks: Fool To Let Him Slip Away, Long Hot Summer Nights, Train Runnin', You'll See, The Wind In New York City, Strange Company, Hard Times, Since Love Is Gone, The Man Is Mine & Love Is The Only Goal.

Musicians on the Strange Company album: Wendy Waldman, Mark Goldenberg, Craig Hull, Peter Bernstein, Peter Robinson, Peter White, Steve Beers, Cat Hendrikse & Debbie Dobkin.

Wendy Waldman - The Main Refrain

Warner Bros 1976

Tracks: Eagle And The Owl, The Main Refrain, Soft And Low, Is He Coming At All, West Coast Blues, Goodbye Summerwind, Prayer For You, The Frenchman, Living Is Good & Back By Fall.

Musicians on the Main Refrain album: Wendy Waldman, Kenny Edwards, Steve Cropper, Steve Ferguson, Andrew Gold, Waddy Wachtel, Peter Bernstein, Steve Ferguson, David Foster, Jai Winding, Michael Botts, David Kemper, King Errisson, Victor Feldman, Milt Holland, Chuck Findley, Jim Horn, Don Menza, Jay Migliori, Nick DeCaro, Karla Bonoff, Taj Mahal & Linda Ronstadt.

James Ward - Faith Takes A Vision

Lamb & Lion Records 1982

Tracks: Child Of Bethlehem, Not How, Maybe I'll Trust You Now, Make A Joyful Noise (Shout), Make Me A Vessel, Faith Takes A Vision, Take Hold, Don't Blame It On My God, No Bad News & You Are My Child.

Musicians on the Faith Takes A Vision album: James Ward, Peter Bordanelli, Jon Goin, Dann Huff, Larry Paxton, Bob Wray, Shane Keister, John Rosasco, Joe English, Mark Hammond, Buster Phillips, Terry McMillan, Farrell Morris, Dennis Good, Ron Keller, Sam Levine, Dennis Solee, George Tidwell, Jessica Boucher, Sheri Huffman, Joey Jeff, Turley Richards, Lisa Silver & Diane Tidwell.

Matthew Ward - Armed & Dangerous

Live Oak Records 1986

Tracks: Red And Yellow Black And White, Trust In You, By Your Side, Armed And Dangerous, Glory To God, Moment By Moment, Put On The Armour & Love.

Musicians on the Armed & Dangerous album: Matthew Ward, Curt Bartlett, Dann Huff, Lee Jones, Jim Tenneboe, Michael Baird, Kim Hutchcroft, Keith Jourdan, Rene Saenz, Chuck Smith & Eric Tagg.

Matthew Ward - Toward Eternity

Sparrow Records 1979

Tracks: It's All Right, Soft Spot, Noah's Song, Till The Walls Fall Down, Gotta Do Better Than This, Your Love Came Over Me, Hold On, Angels Unaware, Summer Snow & The Vineyard.

Musicians on the Toward Eternity album: Matthew Ward, Jay Graydon, Phil Keaggy, Ray Parker Jr., Scott Edwards, Abraham Laboriel, Keith Green, Tom Keane, Michael Omartian & David Kemper.

Jennifer Warnes - The Hunter

Private Music 1992

Tracks: Rock You Gently, Somewhere Somebody, Big Noise New York, True Emotion, Pretending To Care, The Whole Of The Moon, Lights Of Lousianne, Way Down Deep, The Hunter & I Can´t Hide.

Musicians on the Hunter album: Jennifer Warnes, Vinnie Colaiuta, John Robinson, Roscoe Beck, Jorge Calderon, Michael Landau, David Mansfield, Robben Ford, David Grissom, Russell Ferrante, Kim Bullard, Rob Meurer, Lenny Castro, Paulinho Da Costa, Steve Forman, Bill Ginn, Randy Kerber, Rob Meurer, Bob Malach, Jerry Hey, Larry Williams, Bill Reichenbach, Max Carl, Perla Batalla, Donald Fagen, Frank Floyd, Arnold McCuller, Kevin Dorsey & Phillip Ingram.

Jennifer Warnes - Shot Through The Heart

Arista Records 1979

Tracks: Shot Through The Heart, I Know A Heartache When I See One, Don't Make Me Over, You Remember Me, Sign On The Window, I'm Restless, Tell Me Just One More Time, When The Feeling Comes Around, Frankie In The Rain, Hard Times & Come Again No More.

Musicians on the Shot Through The Heart: Jennifer Warnes, Blondie Chaplin, Buzz Feiten, Andrew Gold, Bob Glaub, Abraham Laboriel, Kenny Edwards, Bill Elliot, Marty Grebb, Doug Livingston, Mark Olson, Walt Richmond, Brock Walsh, Ricky Fataar, Jim Gordon, Denny Seiwell, Chico Goldsmith, Mike Finnigan, Rob Fraboni, Penny Nichols & Brian Russell.

Jennifer Warnes - S.T.

Arista Records 1976

Tracks: Love Hurts, Round And Round, Shine A Light, You're The One, I'm Dreaming, Mama, Right Time Of The Night, Bring Ol' Maggie Back Home, Don't Lead Me On, Daddy Don't Go & O God Of Loveliness.

Musicians on the Jennifer Warnes album: Jennifer Warnes, Ben Benay, Kenny Edwards, Jay Graydon, John Leslie Hug, Danny Kortchmar, Dan Sawyer, Michael Bowden, Dave McDaniel, Reinie Press, Nicky Hopkins, Allen Lindgren, Jim Price, Peggy Sandvig, Brian Whitcomb, Max Betton, Joe Correro, Ralph Humphrey, Russ Kunkel, Dennis St. Jones, Laudir De Oliveira, Max Haskett, Jim Horn, Steve Madaio, Skip Mesquite, Doug Haywood, Daniel Moore, Jim Moore, Matthew Moore & Herb Pedersen.

Paul Waroff - California Son

Casablanca Records 1980

Tracks: Laughing Eyes, Cinderella, Can't Make It Alone, Good Time Band, I Cry, Here I Am Again, California Son, A Prisoner Of Love & I Believe In You.

Musicians on the California Son album: Paul Waroff, George Hawkins Jr., Michael Boddicker, Jean Pierre Garau, Rory Kaplan, Steve Wood, Tris Imboden, Steve Forman, Jill Hilburn, Steve Isham, Tom Kelly, Linda Lawley, Richard Page, Sue Richman & Andrea Robinson.

The Waters - Watercolors

Arista Records 1980

Tracks: Dance With Me, Heard Lead The Way, I Can Make You Smile, Throw A Little Bit Of Love My Way, Party People, Come To Me, Dance The Night Away & Let Him Prove It.

Musicians on the Watercolors album: Julia Tillman Waters, Luther Waters, Oren Waters, Maxine Willard Waters, John Barnes, Victor Conte, Wayne Douglas, Tony Drake, Sheila Escovedo, James Gadson, Don Myrick, Nate Neblett, Ray Obiedo, John Rowin, Louis Russell, Robert Russell, Michael Stanton & David Straughter.

The Waters - S.T.

Warner Bros 1977

Tracks: The Other Side Of Midnight, I Just Wanna Be The One (In Your Love), What Am I Doing Wrong, One Good Reason, If There's Away, Could It Be The Magic, Party Party, We Can Change It & Peace At Last.

Musicians on the Waters album: Julia Tillman Waters, Luther Waters, Oren Waters, Maxine Willard Waters, Scott Edwards, Victor Feldman, Chuck Findley, Jay Graydon, Ed Greene, Steve Madaio, Michael Omartian, Ray Parker Jr., Jeff Porcaro, Fred Selden & Nino Tempo.

Ira Watson - Shining Star

Sozo Records 1982

Tracls: Shining Star, Please Come Back To Me, Nobody But Jesus, You Belong To Me, Breakin´Away, I´ve Got To Praise His Holy Name, Are You Runnin´& We Shall Be Like Him.

Musicians on the Shining Star album: Ira Watson, Keith Benson, Johnny Ingram, Harold Young, Mark Gillman, Ricky Wellman, Jimmy Williams, Everitt Brooks, Eugene Curry, Norman Harris, Harold Hall, Arnell Byrd, Hilton Felton, Matthew Allen, Warren Jones, Harold Sutton, Carl Grey, Dave Cruze, Tim Eyerman, Barbara Ingram, Evette Benton & Caris Benson.

Wax - Magnetic Heaven

RCA Records 1986

Tracks: Right Between The Eyes, Hear No Evil, Shadows Of Love, Marie Claire, Ball And Chain, Systematic, Breakout, Only A Visitor, Rise Up & Magnetic Heaven.

Musicians on the Magnetic Heaven album: Andrew Gold & Graham Gouldman.

Fee Waybill - Read My Lips

Capitol Records 1984

Tracks: You're Still Laughting, Nobody's Perfect, Who Loves You Baby, Don't Even Know Your Name (Passion Play), Who Said Life Would Be Pretty, Thrill Of The Kill, Saved My Life, Caribbean Sunsets, Star Of The Show & I Could' ve Been Somebody.

Musicians on the Read My Lips album: Fee Waybill, Paul Jackson Jr, Michael Landau, Steve Lukather, Larry Klein, Will Alexander, Michael Boddicker, Erich Bulling, David Foster, Tom Keane, Jeremy Lubbock, Steve Porcaro, Bill Wolfer, Tris Imboden, Jerry Marotta, Jeff Porcaro, John "JR" Robinson, Paulinho Da Costa, Humberto Gatica, Gary Herbig, Marc Russo, Larry Williams, Gary Grant, Jerry Hey, Jeremy Lubbock, Bill Champlin, Bobby Kimball & Richard Marx.

Frank Weber - S.T.

RCA Records 1980

Tracks: Take It To The Limit, The Old Man, You Can Come Home To Me, Between N.Y. And L.A., Who Wrote The Answers, Reflections Of Myself, Just Like Everyone Else, Only For Tonight & Between N.Y. And L.A. (Reprise).

Musicians on the Frank Weber album: Frank Weber, Tim DeHuff, David Spinozza, John Tropea, Harvey Auger, Tony Levin, Chris Palmaro, Ron Tierno, Rubens Bassini, Errol Bennett, Armen Halburian, Frank Elmo, Ronnie Cuber, Frank Elmo, Jon Faddis, Barry Rogers, Lew Soloff, Gregg Hollister, David Lasley, Alan LeBoeuf, Arnold McCuller & Tom Teely.

Frank Weber - As The Time Flies

RCA Records 1978

Tracks: 71, Regina, So Many Sides, As The Times Flies, Complicated Times, I Know, You Know, Straighten Up And Fly Right, Parents & Shining In You.

Musicians on the As The Time Flies album: Frank Weber, David Spinozza, John Tropea, Anthony Jackson, Will Lee, Richard Tee, Steve Gadd, Freddy Diaz, Armen Halbburian, Mike Mainieri, Leonard Hambro, Ron Janelli, Lou Marini, George Young, Jonathan Abramowitz, Burt Collins, Louis Eley, Barry Finclair, Diana Halprin, Richard Locker, Charles McCracken, David Nadien, Richard Perry, Tony Posk, Robert Rosek, Herert Sorkin, Richard Sortmme, Ula Hedwig, David Lasley, Arnold McCuller & Luther Vandross.

Bob Weir - Heaven Help The Fool

Arista Records 1978

Tracks: Bombs Away, Easy To Slip, Salt Lake City, Shade Of Grey, Heaven Help The Fool, This Time Forever, I'll Be Doggone & Wrong Way Feelin'.

Musicians on the Heaven Help The Fool album: Bob Weir, Waddy Wachtel, Dee Murray, Mike Porcaro, Bill Champlin, David Foster, David Paich, Peggy Sandvig, Michael Baird, Nigel Olsson, Tom Scott, Venette Gloud, Tom Kelly & Carmen Twillie.

Tim Weisberg - Party Of One

MCA Records 1980

Tracks: Katie, Magic Lady, I'm The Lucky One, Everyone Loves A Mystery, Page One, Party Of One, What's Going On ?, Don't Keep Me Waiting, Girl, Amber & Power Flower.

Musicians on the Party Of One album: Tim Weisberg, Buzz Feiten, John Leslie Hug, Michael Sembello, Abraham Laboriel, Neil Stubenhaus, Michael Boddicker, Russell Ferrante, John Jarvis, Neil Larsen, Greg Phillinganes, William "D" Smith, Ed Greene, Steve Forman, Lynn Blessing, Bill Champlin, Laura Creamer & Carmen Grillo.

Cory Wells - Ahead Of The Storm

A&M Records 1979

Tracks: Comin' Home, Why-Oh-You, Hold On And Do It Right, Jail Break, One Jump Ahead Of The Storm, Hard Times, Maggie, You Don't Know Like I Know, Goin' Down Down Down & I Just Can't Turn My Habit Into Love.

Musicians on the Ahead Of The Storm album: Cory Wells, Jeff Baxter, Jay Graydon, Steve Lukather, Peter McRae, Dany Weis, John Pierce, Lee Sklar, David Foster, Jay Gruska, Bob Hogins, Booker T. Jones, Steve Porcaro, Jai Winding, Michael Baird, Steve Forman, Jim Gilstrap, Venette Gloud, Carmen Twillie, Luther Waters & Oren Waters.

Cory Wells - Touch Me

A&M Records 1978

Tracks: Waiting For You, When You Touch Me This Way, You're My Day, Everything's Right For Love, Midnight Lady, Starlight, Throw A Little Bit Of Love My Way, I Know You're Willin' Darlin', Change Of Heart & Lady Put The Light Out.

Musicians on the Touch Me Album: Cory Wells, Dan Ferguson, Jay Graydon, Steve Lukather, Dean Parks, Dennis Belfield, David Foster, Jay Graydon, Jay Gruska, Mike Utley, Michael Baird, Jack Ashford, Steve Forman, Chuck Findley, Dean Parks, Bill Champlin, Kathy Collier, Rita Coolidge, Jim Gilstrap, Venette Gloud, Carmen Twillie, Jennifer Warnes, Luther Waters & Oren Waters.

Kevin Wells - Little Acts Of Treason

Beverly Glen Music Inc. 1985

Tracks: I'm Still Waiting, Stronger Than The City, Agoney & Ecstacy, Never Too Late, Night Life, Out Of My Hands, Time Heals & Love Is On The Line.

Musicians on the Little Acts Of Treason: Kevin Wells, Dann Huff, Vinnie Colaiuta, Bill Cuomo, John McFee, Jim Photoglo, Leslie Smith, Hamish Stuart, Larry Hoppen, Matthew Wilder and others.

Wendy And Mary - Battle Of The Heart

Birdwing Records 1985

Tracks: Battle Of The Heart, Around The Walls, No Other Name, I Am My Beloved's, In Your Footsteps, Lullaby For Grown-Ups, If I Could Love You Better, You Are My Righteousness, Sword And Shield, He Who Dwells & Sing Alleluia.

Musicians on the Battle Of The Heart album: Wendy Francisco, Mary Rice Hopkins, Denny Bouchard, Abraham Laboriel & Rhett Lawrence.

Wendy And Mary - The Wind Came Singing

Birdwing Records 1983

Tracks: The Wind Came Singing, Lion And Lamb, Without You, Voice Of Joy, You Brought Me Back, Welcome Home, The Glory, Psalm 62, Simeon's Lullaby & A New Song.

Musicians on the Wind Came Singing album: Wendy Francisco, Mary Rice Hopkins and others.

Lisa Whelchel - All Because Of You

Nissi Records 1984

Tracks: Love Believer, Just Obey, How High How Deep How Wide, Real Possibility, Good Girl, Shelter, Set Me Free, Cover Me Lord, All Because Of You & He Sings Me To Sleep.

Musicians on the All Because Of You album: Lisa Whelchel, Marty Walsh, Leon Gaer, John Patitucci, Rhett Lawrence, Smitty Price, John Rosasco, John Ferraro, Bob Wilson, Brandon Fields, Sandy Hall, Melissa MacKay, Susan McBride, Howard McCrary, Linda McCrary & Charity McCrary.

Maurice White - S.T.

Columbia Records 1985

Tracks: Switch On Your Radio, Jamboree, Stand By Me, Sea Of Glass, I Need You, Believe In Magic, Lady Is Love, Invitation, The Sleeping Flame, Children Of Africa & Alpha Dance.

Musicians on the Maurice White album: Maurice White, Paul Jackson Jr., Michael Landau, Marlon McClain, Sheldon Reynolds, David Williams, Gerald Brown, Donald Griffin, Abraham Laboriel, Martin Page, Michael Boddicker, Robbie Buchanan, Brian Fairweather, Dean Gant, Rupert Greenall, Jeff Lorber, Greg Phillinganes, Wayne Vaughn, Peter Wolf, Vinnie Colaiuta, Ricky Lawson, Paul Leim, John "JR" Robinson, Paulinho Da Costa, Gerald Albright, Jerry Hey, Bill Reichenbach, Brian Fariweather, Marva Holcolm, Martin Page, Wanda Vaughn, Julia Tillman Waters & Maxine Willard Waters.

White Horse - S.T.

Capitol Records 1977

Tracks: It Doesn't Take Much, Give It Up, Over And Done With, Love In A Mist, Lost And In Trouble, Can't Stop Loving You (Though I Try), Through Thick And Thin, Without Your Love, Everloving Arms & Take Me Back.

Musicians on the White Horse album: Kenny Altman, Jon Lind, Billy Nicholls, Paul Barrere, Chuck Domanico, Bob Glaub, Milt Holland, Reggie Knighton, Russ Kunkel, Doug Livingston, Gary Mallaber, David Paich, Bill Payne, Jeff Porcaro, Joe Porcaro, Caleb Quaye & Fred Tackett.

Wild Blue - No More Jinx

Chrysalis Records 1986

Tracks: Only You, Fire With Fire, Nowhere Left To Run, When I Think About You, Blue Daze, Give Me A Reason, Leather Blues, Taboo & International Language Of Dance.

Musicians on the No More Jinx album: Frank Barbalace, Gene Black, Ken Harck, Mark Leonard, Renee Varo, Graham Broad, Mel Collins, David West & Joe Zanora.

Matthew Wilder - Bouncin´Off The Walls

Private Records 1984

Tracks: Mad For You, Bouncin' Off The Walls, Hey Little Girl, Scandal, Naked Truth, Open Up (Let Me In), Cry Just A Little, Love Of An Amazon & Fortune Cookie.

Musicians on the Bouncin' Off The Walls album: Matthew Wilder, Dann Huff, Danny Jacob, Brian Ray, Nathan East, Reggie McBride, Brad Buxer, Bill Cuomo, Richard Gibbs, Peter Bunetta, Vinnie Colaiuta, Armand Grimaldi, Arno Lucas, Lloyd Moffitt, Kurt McGettrick, Doug Norwine, Dick Hyde, John Liotine, Steve Madaio, Dee Dee Bellson, Mary Hylan, Maxayn Lewis, Rick Nelson, Anna Pagan, Sharon Robinson, Leslie Smith, Joe Turano & Amy Weston.

Matthew Wilder - I Don´t Speak The Language

Private Records 1983

Tracks: Break My Stride, The Kid's American, I Don't Speak The Language, Love Above The Ground Floor, World Of The Rich And Famous, Ladder Of Lovers, I Was There, Dreams Keep Bringing You Back & I Don't Speak The Language (Reprise).

Musicians on the I Don't Speak The Language album: Matthew Wilder, Donald Griffin, Dennis Herring, Alphonso Johnson, John McFee, Tim Weston, Rick Chudacoff, Reggie McBride, Bill Cuomo, Bill Elliot, Peter Bunetta, Paulinho Da Costa, Jerry Peterson, Lon Price, Bill Armstrong, Gary Grant, DeDe Bellson, Mary Hylan Edie Lehman, Arno Lucas, Anna Pagan, Greg Prestopino, Anita Sherman, Leslie Smith, Joe Turano & Amy Weston.

Rusty Wier - Stacked Deck

Columbia Records 1977

Tracks: Walkin' Thru New Orleans, Sundown Sally, Good Good Lovin', Black Queen, Midnight Angel, Black Molly Blues, Think About It, Burned, Lola & Don't Let Me Down Again.

Musicians on the Stacked Deck album: Rusty Wier, Leonard Arnold, Todd Potter, Waddy Wachtel, Bob Glaub, George Rarey, Shane Keister, Kim Snider, Glen Spreen, Judy Spreen, Michael Baird, Jimmy Marriott, Steve Forman, Brenda Briant, Addie Clement, Venetta Fields, Todd Potter, Patrisha Smith & William "D" Smith.

Fletch Wiley - Nightwatch

Star Song 1981

Tracks: Fiesta, Are You Ready ?, Started Right, I Am That I Am, Nightwatch, People Get Ready, Joy Dance & On My Way Home.

Musicians on the Nightwatch album: Fletch Wiley, Hadley Hockensmith, Jerry McPherson, Abraham Laboriel, Paul Mills, Larry Muhoberac, Harlan Rogers, Bill Maxwell, Alex Acuna, Andraé Crouch & The McCrarys.

Kelly Willard - Willing Heart

Maranatha Records 1981

Tracks: Willing Heart, To Obey Him, Comfortable With You, Faithful Love, A Million Ways, Hold On, Jesus, Only You, Yesterday's Gone & The Narrow Way.

Musicians on the Willing Heart album: Kelly Willard, Anthony Dean, Hadley Hockensmith, Al Perkins, Darrel Cook, Abraham Laboriel, Harlan Rogers, Keith Edwards, Alex MacDougall, John Phillips, Stan Endicott, Janice Archer, Steve Archer, Bob Bennett, Bruce Hibbard & Michele Pillar.

Kelly Willard - Blame It On The One I Love

Maranatha Records 1979

Tracks: A Friend So True, You're Welcome Here, Dear Jesus, Similes, Cares Chorus, My Myself In Christ, Oh Gentle Love, Blame It On The One I Love, Walk With Me, Pass The Salt, Dad Song, Rest & Heart's Prayer.

Musicians on the Blame It On The One I Love album: Kelly Willard, Hadley Hockensmith, Al Perkins, Tony Sena, Randy Stonehill, Bill Batstone, Abraham Laboriel, Harlan Rogers, Keith Edwards, Alex MacDougall, Glen Myerscough, Phil Ayling, Darrel Gardner, Thurman Green, Allen Gregory, Verlye Mills, Gloria Strassner, John Wittenberg, Stan Endicott, Darrell Mansfield, Frank Marocco, Bob Bennett, Bryan Duncan, Harlan Rogers & Michele Zarges.

David Williams - Take The Ball And Run

Ocean Front Records 1983

Tracks: When You Dreams Come True, Take The Ball And Run, Let It Be You, Teasin', Look Away, I Don't Want To Say Goodbye, Here To Stay & She's That Lady.

Musicians on the Take The Ball And Run album: David Williams, Nathan East, George Johnson, Mike Porcaro, Freddie Washington, Dean Grant, Bill Meyers, James Newton Howard, David Paich, Steve Porcaro, Peter Reilich, Jai Winding, Keith Edwards, Rick Marotta, Jeff Porcaro, Carlos Vega, Lenny Castro, Joe Lala, George Howard, Don Myrick, Phoenix Horns, Moon Calhoun, Tito Jackson, George Johnson, Yolanda Smith & Maxine Willard Waters.

Paul Williams - Classics

A&M Records 1977

Tracks: Waking Up Alone, You And Me Against The World, We’ve Only Just Begun, Loneliness, Evergreen, An Old Fashioned Love Song, With One More Look At You, That’s Enough For Me, Rainy Days And Mondays & I Won’t Last A Day Without You.

Musicians on the Classics album. Paul Williams, Dan Ferguson, Danny Kortchmar, Art Munson, David Spinoza, Fred Tackett, Colin Cameron, David Parlato, Lee Sklar, Ken Ascher, Craig Doerge, Dave Garland, David Paich, Bill Payne, Jai Winding, Keith Knudsen, Russ Kunkel, Gary Mallaber, Jeff Porcaro, Gene Cipriano, Tom Scott, Al Aarons, Bob Brookmeyer, Dick Hyde, Marty Paich, Rosemary Butler, Kerry Chater, Stan Farber, Jim Gilstrap, Ron Hicklin, Jon Joyce, Clydie King, Marti McCall, Michael McDonald, Laurel Masse, Sherlie Matthews, Gene Morford, Pat Simmons, Jessy Smith, John Townsend, & Jerry Whitman.

Allee Willis - Childstar

Epic Records 1974

Tracks: Childstar, I Have, Ain´t No Man Worth It, I Don´t Know How, If You Were Only Robert Young, Into Feeling Lonely, What Kind Of Shoes Does September Wear, Children´s Day People, Who You Gonna Be & Missing Something Special.

Musicians on the Childstar album: Allee Willis, Steve Gadd, Andrew Smith, Robert Kreinar, Tony Levin, Jerry Friedman, David Spinozza, Leon Pendarvis, Warren Bernhardt, Kerry Ascher, Carl Hall, Tasha Thomas, Lani Groves, Barbara Massey, Joel Steigler & Nancy Steigler.

Nicole Wills - Tell Me

Bearsville Records 1983

Tracks: Fallin', Tell Me How To Make You Love Me, Some Guys Have All The Luck, It Wouldn't Have Made Any Difference, Tenderness On The Block, What You Do To Me, Isn't It Always, Maybe, It'll Be Me & Never Take The Place Of You.

Musicians on the Tell Me album: Nicole Wills, Shane Fontayne, John Holbrook, Leigh Foxx, Murray Weinstock, Mike Braun, Wells Kelly, Arno Lucas, George Young, John Hall, Bob Leinbach, Ann Lang & John Troy.

Bob & Pauline Wilson - Somebody Loves You

Myrrh Records 1981

Tracks: I´ll Keep My Eyes On Jesus, With Love In Your Eyes, Joyful Melody, Vision: Power And Glory, You Can´t Hide, Somebody Loves You, Lullabye Of Love, In The Spirit & Jesus Is My Lord.

Musicians on the Somebody Loves You album: Pauline Wilson, Bob Wilson, Bud Nuanez, Kevin Clark, Ken Wild, Larry Williams, Paulinho Da Costa, Kim Hutchcroft, Jerry Hey, Bill Reichenbach, Mark Vieha, Edie Lehman & John Bahler.

Carl Wilson - Youngblood

Caribou Records 1983

Tracks: What More Can I Say, She's Mine, Givin' You Up, One More Night Alone, Rockin' All Over the World, What You Do To Me, Young Blood, Of The Times, Too Early to Tell, If I Could Talk to Love & Time.

Musicians on the Youngblood album: Carl Wilson, Jeff Baxter, John Daly, Bill Hinsche, Elliot Randall, Trevor Veitch, Gerald Johnson, Neil Stubenhaus, Jim Ehinger, Nicky Hopkins, Vinnie Colaiuta, Ed Greene, Alan Krigger, Bryan Cummings, Jerry Peterson, Lon Price, Lee Thornberg, Ron Viola, Billie Barman, Burton Cummings, Krohn McHenry, Phyllis St James, Myrna Smith Schilling & Timothy B. Schmit.

Dennis Wilson - Pacific Ocean Blue

Carabou Records 1977

Tracks: River Song, What's Wrong, Moonshine, Friday Night, Dreamer, Thoughts Of You, Time, You And I, Pacific Ocean Blues, Farewell My Friend, Rainbows & End Of The Show.

Musicians on the Pacific Ocean Blue album: Dennis Wilson, Ed Carter, John Hanlon, Earle Mankey, Ed Tuleja, Chuck Domanico, James Jamerson, Hal Blaine, Ricky Faatar, Bobby Figueroa, Michael Andreas, Lance Buller, Janice Hubbard, Bill Lamb, Charlie McCarthy, Jimmie Haskell, Curt Becher, Joe Chemay, Jim Dutch, Billy Hinsche, Gregg Jakobson, Bruce Johnston, Jon Joyce, Karen Lamm Wilson, Trisha Roach & Baron Stewart.

Nancy Wilson - Take My Love

Capitol Records 1980

Tracks: Take My Love, Someone Else, Welcome Home, The Sadness In My Eyes, Let's Hold On To Love, I Loved You All The Time, Not Afraid To Love, I'm Coming Home & Bows.

Musicians on the Take My Love album: Nancy Wilson, Paul Jackson Jr., Lee Ritenour, Michael Baird, James Gadson, Harvey Mason, Paulinho Da Costa & Bill Champlin.

The Winans - Tomorrow

Light Records 1983

Tracks: Secret Place, Tomorow, You Just Don't Wanna Be Loved, Uphold Me, Everything You Touch Is A Song, Love Is A Spirit, Bring Back The Days Of Year And Nay, Lord I Believe, Trust In God & Golden Opportunity.

Musicians on the Tomorrow album: Carvin Winans, Marvin Winans, Michael Winans & Ron Winans.

The Winans - Introducing The Winans

Light Records 1981

Tracks: The Question Is, Self, Are We Really Doing You Will ?, I Know Someone, Goodness Mercy And Grace, Fallow Ground, How Good It Feels To Be Loved, Flyin' Away & Restoration.

Musicians on the Introducing The Winans album: Carvin Winans, Marvin Winans, Michael Winans & Ron Winans.

Stephanie Winslow - Crying

Curb Records 1979

Tracks: Say You Love Me, Don't Want To Know You That Well, I've Been A Fool, I Can't Remember, If It's So Easy, Crying, Oh Mister, Don't Go, Let's Talk It Over In The Morning & Let This Child Sleep Tonight.

Musicians on the Crying album: Stephanie Winslow, Al Bruno, Frank Fabio, Brad Felton, Ray Pohlman, Don Randi, Miles Robinson, Lucky Carle, Jim Dugan & Pam Johnze.

Wisdom - Dreamer

Not On Label 1985

Tracks: Dreamer, Call Jesus, He´ll Make Everything Right, I Know The Lord Will Fix It, Let The Lord Come In Your Life. It´s So Easy, Change & Wisdom´s Prayer.

Musicans on the Dreamer album: Wisdom and others.

Wondergap - S.T.

A&M Records 1978

Tracks: Give Me One Last Chance, Elise, You Slicky My Heart, Mambo Lady, Sing Hi Sing Lo, Too Wise, Go On And Take A Bow, I've Never Been So Happy, Isn't It Crazy (Starting All Over) & Viking.

Musicians on the Wondergap album: Andy Goldmark, Holly Sherwood, Jim Ryan, Billy Alessi, Francisco Centeno, Cornell Dupree, Leonard Gibb, Paul Glanz, Anthony Jackson, Arthur Jenkins, Will Lee, Gene Page, Chris Parker, Leon Pendarvis, David Sanborn, Rick Shlosser, Richard Tee & Greg Winter.

Lauren Wood - Cat Trick

Warner Bros 1981

Tracks: Breakin' Too Many Hearts, In The Dark, Work On It, Half As Much, Never Been So In Love, What I'd Give For Love, Fallen, We're On To Something, Ain't Got Nothin' For Me & Dark December Night.

Musicians on the Cat Trick album: Lauren Wood, Joe Kelly, Sumner Mering, Brian Ray, George Sopush, Larry Treadwell, Carrie Barron, Rick Chudacoff, Michael Boddicker, Bill Elliot, Peter Bunetta, Alan Estes, Arno Lucas, Airto Moreira, Phil Ayling, Gary Herbig, David Woodford, John Bergamo, Gary Grant, Jerry Hey, Bill Reichenbach, Robbie Dupree, Tommy Funderburk, Kindra Koury, Arno Lucas, Arnold McCuller, Leslie Smith & Tata Vega.

Lauren Wood - S.T.

Warner Bros 1979

Tracks: Please Don´t Leave, Save The Man, Hollywood, Nothin´But A Heartache, Gotta Lotta, Where Did I Get These Tears, Dirty Works, Time Zone & Overload.

Musicians on the Lauren Wood album: Lauren Wood, Jeff Porcaro, Jim Keltner, Alvin Taylor, Michael Baird, Rick Shlosser, Ernie Eremita, Abraham Laboriel, David Hungate, Jay Graydon, Steve Lukather, Ronnie Montrose, Sumner Mering, Fred Tackett, Bill Payne, Jai Winding, Novi Novog, Duncan Mackay, Paul Lani, Steve Forman, Bobby LakInd, Michael Jackson, John Klemmer, Andrew Love, Michael McDonald, John Townsend, Bill Champlin, Rosemary Butler, Pat Simmons, Bobby LaKind, Arno Lucas & Bobby Kimball.

Lauren Wood Featuring Novi & Ernie - Lauren Wood

Warner Bros 1979

Tracks: Please Don't Leave, Save The Man, Hollywood, Nothin' But A Heartache, Gotta Lotta, Where Did I Get These Tears, Dirty Works, Time Zone & Overload.

Musicians on the Lauren Wood album: Lauren Wood, Jay Graydon, Steve Lukather, Sumner Mering, Ronnie Montrose, Fred Tackett, Ernie Eremita, David Hungate, Abraham Laboriel, Duncan MacKay, Novi Novog, Bill Payne, Jai Winding, Michael Baird, Jim Keltner, Jeff Porcaro, Rick Shlosser, Alvin Taylor, Steve Forman, Michael James Jackson, Bobby LaKind, Paul Lani, Sinclair Rogers Lott III, Jerry Jumonville, John Klemmer, Andrew Love, Ben Cauley, Rosemary Butler, Ricardo De Campos, Bill Champlin, Bobby Kimball, Kindra Koury, Paul Lani, Nicolette Larson, Arno Lucas, Michael McDonald, Adam Mitchell, Patrick Simmons, Ted Templeman, John Townsend.

Ren Woods - Out Of The Woods

ARC Records 1979

Tracks: Hooked On A Love Groove, I Love The Way Out You Do It, I Need Someone To Touch Me, Stick And Stones, Everybody Get Up, Sweeter As The Days Goes By, I'm In Love With You & Straight To Love.

Musicians on the Out Of The Woods album: Ren Woods, Jon Lind, Al McKay, David Williams, Leon Sylvers, Harvey Mason, Jeff Porcaro, Paulinho Da Costa, Victor Feldman, Ben Wright & David Crawford.

Stevie Woods - Attitude

Cotillion Records 1983

Tracks: Heart (Stop Beatint In Time), Outrageous, You Blow Me Away, A Love So Right, Make Up Break Up, Ain't That Peculiar, Outside Myself, State Of Our Affair & Loving You.

Musicians on the Attitude album: Stevie Woods, Dann Huff, Paul Jackson Jr., David Williams, Nathan East, Robbie Buchanan, Carlos Vega, Paulinho Da Costa, Kim Hutchcroft, Larry Williams, Larry Hall, Jerry Hey, Bill Reichenbach, Steve George, Tom Kelly, Richard Page & Carmen Twillie.

Stevie Woods - The Woman In My Life

Cotillion Records 1982

Tracks: The Woman In My Life, Love You Back To Sleep, The Other Way Around, In Way Over My Heart, Never Gonna Let You Go, Ladies Of The 80´s, Into The Light, When Love Goes Right, Can´t Keep It Lit & One Love To Live.

Musicians on the Woman In My Life album: Stevie Woods, Ndugu Chancler, Ed Greene, Fred Washington, Cornelius Mims, Charles Fearing, Paul Jackson Jr., Marlo Henderson, Clarence McDonald, Ronald Coleman, Michael Boddicker, Paulinho Da Costa, Lofton Gray, Ernie Watts, Oscar Brashear, Gary Grant, Larry Hall, George Bohannon, Alan Kaplan, Fred Wesley, Jim Horn, Fred Jackson, Christy Light, Maxine Willard, Stephanie Spruill, Phyllis St. James, Julia Tillman, Darlene Love, Oren Waters, Luther Waters & Donny Gerrard.

Stevie Woods - Take Me To Your Heaven

Ariola Records 1981

Tracks: Fly Away, Just Can't Win 'Em All, Take Me To Your Heaven, Steal The Night, Throught The Years, Wanna' Be Close To You, Read Between The Lines, Throw A Little Bit Of Love My Way & Gotcha.

Musicians on the Take Me To Your Heaven album: Stevie Woods, Charles Fearing, Paul Jackson Jr., Steve Lukather, Tim May, Ray Parker Jr., Trevor Veitch, Nathan East, Les Hurdle, David Shields, Ed Wartkins, Michael Boddicker, Greg Mathieson, Clarence McDonald, Michael Baird, Ngudu Chancler, Keith Forsey, James Gadson, Ed Greene, Paulinho Da Costa, Gary Herbig, Val Selvan, Ernie Watts, Randy Allroff, Chuck Findley, Gary Grant, Larry Hall, Jerry Hey, Charlie Loper, Bill Reichenbach, Israel Baker, Lee Thompson, Bill Champlin, Carmen Grillo, Jim Haas, Jon Joyce, Tom Kelly, Marti McCall, Paulette McWilliams, Stephanie Sruill, Sally Stevens, Julia Tillman Waters, Luther Waters, Oren Waters & Maxine Willard Waters.

Lorna Wright - Circle Of Love

The Rocket Record Company 1978

Tracks: I'm Gonna Love You Tonight, Circle Of Love, My Song, What's Gonna Happen, Stranger, Night Music, Love Is Forever, Get A Little Crazy, Magic In Your Eyes, You Have Me & You Can't Find Yesterday.

Musicians on the Circle Of Love album: Lorna Wright, Larry Carlton, Bill Cuomo, Jay Graydon, Jay Lewis, Fred Tackett, Dennis Belfield, Jay Lewis, Mike Porcaro, Lee Sklar, Klaus Voormann, David Foster, André Fischer, Ralph Humphrey, Jim Keltner, Chet McCracken, Victor Feldman, Steve Forman, Ernie Watts, Gayle Levant, Edgar Lusgarten, Kim Carnes, David Pomeranz, Betty Sweet, Hiroshi Upshur & Gary Wright.

The Writers - All In Fun

Columbia Records 1979

Tracks: No Tears (In The End), Share You Love, How Was I To Know, I Wanna Get The Feelin' Again, All In Fun, What's Come Over Me & A Shift In The Wind.

Musicians on the All In Fun album: Frank Floyd, Anthony Jackson, Ralph MacDonald, Hugh McCracken, Jeff Mironov & Jerry Peters.

Michael Wycoff - Come To My World

RCA Victor 1980

Tracks: Feel My Love, Someone Standing By, One Alone, Do Ya Think, Come To My World, Just As Long & Love Makes Me Sing.

Musicians on the Come To My World album: Michael Wycoff, Bob Mann, Andy Muson, Michael Boddicker, Christopher Dedrick, Bob Mann, Lewis Webster, Ed Greene, Ricky Lawson, Paulinho Da Costa, Robert Zimmitti, Charles Loper, Lou Marini, Gary Grant, Jerry Hey, Bill Reichenbach, Merry Clayton, Stephanie Spruill, Julia Tillman Waters & Maxine Willard Waters.


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