West Coast Music Releases Highlights from Year 2009

The West Coast AOR music is still popular and new releases, reissues and compilations.

At Blue Desert we always try to write about what is new and interesting and at the same time highlight some of the classic masterpieces. Some years a lot of material is released and other time less.

Here are some of the highlights that was released in the year 2009:

Ted Gärdestad - Helt Nära Dig

Universal Music 2009

Tracks: Disc1: Helena, Sommarlängtan, Jag vill ha en egen måne, Räcker jag till, Ett stilla regn, När du kommer, Snurra du min värld, Så mycket bättre, Hela världen runt, I dröm och fantasi, Beat It Girl. Disc2: Jag ska fånga en ängel, Sol vind och vatten, Skolsång, Kaliforniens guld, Come Give Me Love, Ramanagaram, Oh vilken härlig da’, Kom i min fantasi, Universum, Gitarren och jag & Stenansiktet. Disc3: Silver, Öppna din himmel, Viking, Buffalo Bill, Love Comes, Eiffeltornet, Goliat från Gat, Cant’t Stop The Train, Fantomen & Regnbågen. Disc 4: Angela, Franska kort, Helt nära dig, Humbuggie-woogie, Betlehem, Chapeau-claque, Magical Girl, Kejsarens kläder, Ring Ding Dingeling Dae, När showen är slut & Klöversnoa. Disc5: Satellit, 505 To Casablanca, Blue Virgin Isles, Love You’re Makin’ All The Fools, Baby Blue Eyes, Wanna Live – Got To Give, Take Me Back To Hollywood, Back In Business, Puddle Of Pain, Love Lies Free, Just For The Money & Satellite. Disc6: Himlen är oskyldigt blå, För kärlekens skull, Rockin’ ’N’ Reelin, I’d Rather Write A Symphony, Mindblower, Let The Sun Shine Through, Love Light, Down At The Zoo, Nobody Loves You Now & I’d Rather Write A Symphony. Disc7: Ge en sol, Hon är kvinnan, Om du ville ha mig, Lyckliga dagar, Hoppets eld, Tid faller hårt, Äntligen på väg, I min radio, Natt efter natt, Jag bygger ett torn, Champagnegatan, Ruva min själ, Kärleken är störst & I den stora sorgens famn. Disc8: Låt kärleken slå rot, Stormvarning!, Don’t Treat Me This Way, Slingan, You Got Me Dancing, The Reason, Ingen annan än du, Låt solen värma dig, How Do You Wanna Make Love, It’s You, Down At The Zoo & Orättvisan.

Musicians on the Helt Nära Dig album: Ted Gärdestad and others.

Michael McDonald - This Christmas

Razor & Tie 2009

Tracks: That’s What Christmas Means To Me, This Christmas , White Christmas, Wexford Carol, God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, Peace, On This Night, Children Go Where I Send Thee, Every Time Christmas Comes Around, O Come O Come Emanuel, I’ll Be Home For Christmas & Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas.

Musicians on the This Christmas album: Michael McDonald and others.

America - Live In Concert Wildwood Springs

Rhino Records 2009

Tracks: Riverside, Ventura Highway, Daisy Jane, Windwave, Pages, Chasin´The Rainbow, One Chance, I Need You, Cornwall Blank/Hollywood, Tin Man, Submarine Ladies, Inspector Mills, Only In Your Heart, Ride On, Baby It´s Up To You, Sandman, Sister Golden Hair, All My Life & A Horse With No Name.

Musicians on the Live In Concert: Wildwood Springs album: Gerry Beckley, Dewey Bunnell and others.

Morten Woods - Not Too Dark For Dancing

Gateway Music 2009

Tracks: If I Miss You Tonight, On Your Side, Allow Me, The Habit, Love Is A Wonderful Thing, Into The Light, Little Miss D, Leaving Again, Young Lust, I Don’t Like Peace, For You My Dear & Dangerous.

Musicians on the Not To Dark For Dancing album: Morten Woods, Thorbjorn Appehl, Mikkel Damgaard, Thomas Duus & Andreas Markus.

West Of Sunset - S.T. "Reissue"

Universal Music 2009

Tracks: Giving My Heart Away, West Of Sunset, Ocean Boulevard, Now You´re Gone, Gimme Your Love, Time Is All We Need, Gotta Have It All, I Just Wanna Hold You, Homeward Bound, Taking A Chance & Before I Trust My Heart.

Musicians on the West Of Sunset album: Bjorn Strom, Thomas Axelsson, Per Lindvall, Joan Franzon, Patrick Lindell, Lars Wellander, Anders Hansson, Torbjorn Stener, Jan Oldeus, Henrik Hansson, Anders Hansson, Jorgen Ingestrom, Kjell Ohman & Anders Hansson.

Toto - The Very Best Of Toto "Playlist"

Sony Music 2009

Tracks: Hold The Line, Rosanna, Africa, 99, Make Believe, I´ll Supply The Love, Georgy Porgy, I Won´t Hold You Back, I´ll Be Over You, Without Your Love, Pamela, The Turning Point, Mindfields & On The Run (Live).

Musicians on the Very Best Of Toto album: Steve Lukather, David Paich, Mike Porcaro, Jeff Porcaro, Steve Porcaro, David Hungate, Fergie Frederiksen, Bobby Kimball and others.

Toto - Africa The Best Of Toto

Sony Music 2009

Tracks: CD1: Africa, Rosanna, Hold The Line, I Won´t Hold You Back, Make Believe, 99, I´ll Supply The Love, Stranger In Town, Georgy Porgy, St. George And The Dragon, All Us Boys, Goodbye Elenore, Live For Today, Angel Don´t Cry, Rockmaker & Turn Back. CD2: I´ll Be Over You, Pamela, I Will Remember, You Got Me, Anna, Stop Loving You, Endless, Holyanna, How Does It Feel, Without Your Love, If You Belong To Me, Goin´Home, Out Of Love, Don´t Chain My Heart & Mushanga.

Musicians on the Very Best Of Toto album: Steve Lukather, David Paich, Mike Porcaro, Jeff Porcaro, Steve Porcaro, David Hungate, Fergie Frederiksen, Bobby Kimball and others.

Joni Mitchell, James Taylor & Phil Ochs - Amchitka

Greenpeace 2009

Tracks: CD1: Phil Ochs: Intro Irving Stowe, Intro Phil Ochs, The Bells, Rhythms Of Revolution, Chords Of Fame, I Ain´t Marching Anymore, Joe Hill, Changes, I’m Gonna Say It Now, No More Song. James Taylor: Intro James Taylor, Something In The Way She Moves, Fire and Rain, Carolina In My Mind, Blossom, Riding On A Railroad, Sweet Baby James & You Can Close Your Eyes. CD2: Joni Mitchell: Intro Joni Mitchell, Big Yellow Taxi/Bony Maroney, Cactus Tree, The Gallery, Hunter, My Old man, For Free, Woodstock, Carey/Mr. Tambourine Man, A Case Of You & The Circle Game.

Musicians on the Amchitka album: James Taylor, Joni Mitchell, Phil Ochs and others.

Marco Taggiasco & Robbie Dupree - Got To Believe This Time

MRT 2009

Tracks: Got To Believe This Time.

Musicians on the Got To Believe This Time single: Marco Taggiasco, Andrea Sanchini, Robbie Dupree, Riziero Bixio, Giancarlo Capo, Carlo Testa, Costantino Ladisa, Andrea Sanchini & Claus Leonhardt.

Gino Vannelli - The Best And Beyond

Azzurra Music 2009

Tracks: People Gotta Move, Wild Horses, Hurts To Be In Love, Brother To Brother, I Just Wanna Stop, Crazy Life, Black Cars, Living Inside Myself, Venus Envy, Wheels Of Life, Just A Motion Away, The Surest Things Can Change & Put The Weight On My Shoulders.

Musicians on The Best And Beyond album: Gino Vannelli and others.

Mark McMIllen - Keenyo

MM Music 2009

Tracks: Perfect Days, Summer Days, If It All Goes Down, All This, Live And Learn, A Little Prayer, Hey Luv, All About You & Got Your Back.

Musicians on the Mark McMillen album: Mark McMilllen, Alan Hinds, Patrick Lamb, Haley McMillen & Danny Gottlieb.

Lava - Symphonic Journey

Tylden & Co 2009

Tracks: Disc 1: Empty Shadows, Closet, The Rhythm Of Love, Cover Me, I Guess You Broke My Heart, Shine A Little Light, Aquilo Blow, Breaking Away, Hard Times, Take Your Time, Losing You, Journey, Transition Man & You. Disc 2: Aquilo Blow, Fly Like An Arrow, Another Yesterday, The Woman I Want, Closet, Cover me, Tears are not enough, Alibi, 2.12, Transition Man, Boogie Down, The Rhythm Of Love, Sophie, The Ratter & You.

Musicians on the Symphonic Journey album: Egil Eldoen, Rolf Graf, Svein Dan Hauge, Per Hillestad, Per Kolstad and others.

Jan Johansen - Minnen

Universal Music 2009

Tracks: Fri, Se på Mej, Ett Sår In Min Själ, Sista Andetaget, När Allting Dör, Kommer Tid Kommer Vår, Om Det Var Jag, Mitt Hjärta I Din Hand, Sol Vind Och Vatten, En Fri Kvinna, Ingenmannsland, Vi Tänder En Låga, Ingenting Har Hänt, Camelia & Minnen.

Musicians on the Minnen album: Jan Johansen, Ola Johansson, Nalle Pahlson, Micke Wennborn, Tommy Denander, Patrik Tibell, Hakan Almqvist, Per Lindvall, Uffe Jansson, Antonio Saluena, Maria Arredondo, Pontus Ageryd, Per Bjornling, Jan Ericsson, Elonor Ageryd, Lars Andersson, Thomas Thornholm, Elisabeth Andreasen, Sven Lindvall, Staffan Astner, Richard Evelind, Janne Schaffer, Saltaöbarnen, Mikael Haggstrom, Johan Bengtsson, Christian Bergqvist, Anders Nyman, Asa Stove Paulsson, Christina Wirdegren, Tommy Knutson, Andreas Aarflot, Ann Gyllner, Lisa Ostergren and others.

Lionel´s Dad - You Got That Movie

Andromeda Discs 2009

Tracks: You’re The One, Forget Me Nots, Need A Miracle, Black Eyes Blue Tears, I Was Runnin’ Away From You, Now I Know, Still My Girl, You Got That Movie, When I Fell In Love With You, That Girls Heart, Turn Away, I’ve Made Lovin’ You A Habit, The Truth & Blue Eyes.

Musicians on the You Got That Movie album: Mark Towner Williams and others.

Brandon Fields - Part Time Lover

Venus Records 2009

Tracks: Higher Ground, Bird Of Beauty, I Wish, Go Home, My Cherie Amour, Kiss Lonely Goodbye, I Can´t Help it, Too High, Part Time Lover, Lookin´For Another Pure Love & Too Shy To Say.

Musicians on the Part Time Lover album: Brandon Fields, Mitchel Forman, James Harrah, John Pena & Abraham Laboriel Jr.

Jim Photoglo - Is It Me?

Grifftone Records 2009

Tracks: Jesus Saves, Is It Me?, Barlights, Connected, Partners, It Used To Take A Little, Kudzu, Here For You Now, That’s What I’m Talkin´ About & Daddy’s Lullaby.

Musicians on the Is It Me? album: Jim Photoglo and others.

Maz Meazza & Pueblo - Race Against Destiny

Desolation Angels Records 2009

Tracks: Solid Air, Down And Dirty, Gamblin´City Blues, Nightime Call, Something Special, Crime Scene, No One Cares, That´s The Way You Act (Radio Edit), As A Falling Leaf (Nick Drake), American Revolver, Big Knife (Live), Desert Ride & Rock Steady.

Musicians on the Race Against Destiny album: Max Meazza, Gigi Cifarelli, Fabio Roveroni, Mirko Giani, Stefano Pulga, Enrico Ferraresi, Rob Tognoni, Roby Venturello, Claudio Bazzari, Massimo Spinosa, Walter Calloni, The Arlettes, Attilio Zanchi, Tiziano Tonini, Silvano Bolzoni, Timo Jones, Ferdinando Arno, Nicola Demontis, Silvio Pozzoli & Mike Newman.

Rob Bolton Band - S.T. "Reissue"

Avenue Of Allies Music 2009

Tracks : Maybe I´m Dreamin´, Do It All For Love, Friends, Search Of The Kind, “21”, Livin´On The Line, Midnight Lover, Little Girl, Play Your Game & We´re Gonna Make It.

Musicians on the Ron Bolton Band album: Ron Bolton, Mike Peters, Dean Schulenberg & George Kosta.

Firefall - Reunion

Winged Horse Records 2009

Tracks: It Doesn´t Matter, Livin´Aint Livin´, Just Remember I Love You, Cinderella, So Long, Sweet And Sour, Goodbye I Love You, Someday Soon, You Are The Woman, Walk More Softly, Get You Back, Strange Way & Mexico.

Musicians on the Reunion Live album: Firefall and others.

Various Artists - Royal Years 1978-2008 "Black Box"

MEP Records 2009

Tracks: CD1: LARRY NORMAN: Soul on fire, Righteous rocker, Stop this flight, Gonna write a song about you for the radio, Don’t wanna talk about it, If the bombs fall, Sweet dreams, Woman of God, Shot down, Out of my system, Messiah & I hope I’ll see you in heaven. CD2: SALT: Nobody knows me like the Lord, Dannes boogie, Förlorat, När jag ser, Guld som glimmar, Är det du, Bäste konsument, Med fötterna på jorden, Innan, Hjälp mig, Idag är jag din, Blues, Ord ord ord, På väg, En del med allt, Vi ska ses igen & City by the sea. CD3: KOINONIA: Funky bumbkins, Frontline, Divina, Pilgrim’s progression, Goodbye, You can’t hide, Gazoot, Sno cone, Chuncho, Senor, Agapao, Celebration & On my way home. CD4: JAN GROTH: Ready to ride, Same old story, Dying world, Easy to say I love you, Passing it on, Don’t ruin my dream, Stuff that never change, Near to you, Song to sing & Sweetheart like you. CD5: ANDRAE CROUCH: Through it all, Jesus the sweetest name I know, It don’t take long & You gave to me. CD6: Q. STONE: Blue view, Sweet dreams, You did it for me, Open door, Blues man, Black water, High winds, Behind the bars, And I wait, Tomorrow with you & Give me something else. CD7: LIVE IN SCANDINAVIUM: It’s mad – Jerusalem, Surrogat – Edin & Ådahl, Passiv – Edin & Ådahl, Better late than never – Per Erik Hallin, Att vänta – Per Erik Hallin, Bäste konsument – Salt, Vem har sagt – Salt, Ge Jesus en chans – Ingemar Olsson, Pappa vem har gjort – Jerusalem, Home – Duanne Loken (Vargtass). CD8: CENNETH ALMGREN: Eldar (brinner i mej), Sätt min själ i brand, Vem är jag då, En röst, Öppnar dörren, Du bär mej, Nånstans inuti, Himlen är här, Kom ljus & Jag har hopp. CD9: THE FRONT: It’s hard to take, Holy light, All under him, King of glory, The promise, Silent night & Tonight & How long.

Musicians on the Royal Years 1978-2008 album: Larry Norman, Salt, Koinonia, Jan Groth, Andrae Crouch, Q. Stone, Cenneth Almgren, The Front and others.

Various Artists - Royal Years 1978-2008 "Blue Box"

MEP Records 2009

Tracks: CD1: SALT: Mosaik, Fridlyst och fri, Ingen av oss, Med fötterna på jorden, Bandy Benny, Innan, Upp och hoppas, Låt inte skenet bedra, Hjälp mej & Tre dagar. CD2: LARRY NORMAN: Why can’t you be good, I feel like dyin’, More than a dream, Zimmy finds his father, Broken bonds fallen friendship, If you don’t love the Lord you’ll fall, Woman of God, Voices in the night, A dream come true, Gonna write a song about you for the radio, It’s only today that counts & Galaxy. CD3: KOINONIA: Pilgrim’s progression, Hidden beauty, Agapao, Celebration, Countin’ the cost, Sno-cone, From you, Goodbye means God be with, All the time & Miracle. CD4: EDIN & ÅDAHL: Going back, Missin’ you, Wider than the ocean, Man of the street, Big talk, Mystical moments, Write it on the wall, Utopia & Lonely without you. CD5: ANDRAE CROUCH: Quiet times, That’s why I needed you, We need to hear from you, Praises, Sweet communion, All that I have, We are not ashamed, Touch me, Bringing back the sunshine, I’m gonna keep on singin’, Dreamin’, Polynesian praise song, I’ll still love you & Bless his holy name. CD6: LEVITICUS: Born again, The world goes ’round, Isn’t it love, Oh Lord, Feel so good, Strong love, Messiah, Over the hills, For once in my life & Love on fire. CD7: JESSY DIXON: Trouble won’t last always, Glorify the Lord, Give God the glory, Everlasting life, Sunday Monday Tuesday he’s the Lord, I know what prayer can do, Destined to win, Lord I lift my spirit to you, Greatly to be praised & Magnify the Lord. CD8: GRÄNSLÖS SOUL GOSPEL: God’s got it – Jessy Dixon & Chicago Community Choir, Georgia on my mind – Georgie Fame, Gospel train – Carola & Per Erik, Vi skall ses igen – Choralerna, The day you set me free – Jessy Dixon & Chicago Community Choir, Yes indeed – Georgie Fame, Vilken värld det skall bli – Carola & Per Erik, Sången hag ger dig – Choralerna, Sweet perfection – Georgie Fame, Feel like goin’ home – Per Erik Hallin, We give praise – Jessy Dixon & Chicago Community choir & Vinträdet – Choralerna. CD9: NYA TRACKS: Spegel spegel – Cenneth Almgren, Like a motion picture – Edin & Ådahl, Time – Jerusalem, Relation – Salt, I feel like going home – Dan Ådahl, Vi fick lusten att leva – Salt, Countin’ the cost – Koinonia, Sommaren – Cenneth Almgren, Schackpartiet – Salt & Som en blixt – Dan Ådahl.

Musicians on the Royal Years 1978-2008 album: Salt, Larry Norman, Koinonia, Edin Ådahl, Andrae Crouch, Leviticus, Jessy Dixon, Chicago Community Choir, Geogire Fame, Carola, Per-Erik Hallin, Cenneth Almgren and others.

Various Artists - Royal Years 1978-2008 "Red Box"

MEP Records 2009

Tracks:CD1: SALT:  Guld som glimmar, Marken gungar, Är det du, Funk 5, Ge mej, Tonspråk, Bäste konsument, Om man är en kristen, Tacka vet jag fläderbär & Nära. CD2: LARRY NORMAN: Riding in the saddle (spoken), Hard luck bad news blues, Country church country people, Riding high, Somebody tell me my name, Soul on fire, Righteous rockers, Shot down, Watch what you’re doing, Give it up, Why should the – punk, More precious than jewels, If the bombs fall & Trinity (spoken). CD3: KOINONIA: Talk about it, We know the way by heart, Alegria, Mistral, Is it too late, We’re all in this together, Come share my world, You are my love, Straight to paradise & Lyn. CD4: EDIN & ÅDAHL: Hägring, Observerad, Alibi, Spelet, Idag, Storm in my heart, Look out, Brevet, Hjälp dej själv & Hemåt igen. CD5:ANDRAE CROUCH: This is another day, Please come back, Finally, Perfect peace, It ain’t no new thing, Oh saviour, All the way, Jesus is Lord, It’s gonna rain, Lookin’ for you, The choice, You can depend on me, I’ve got the best & Let’s worship him. CD6: TATA VEGA: Maybe tonight, Never let die, Your love is live, Ain’t no such things as in between, Just walk on in, It’s a jungle out there, Living in paradise, Touch somebody, This is a man’s man’s man’s world & Jesus is the rock of my salvation. CD7: ALEX ACUNA: Te amo, Joe’s red eye, Marionettes, Hoppin’ it, Nice, Cocho san, Van Nuys jam, Thinking of you (pensando en ti), Psalms & Ten o’clock groove. CD8: Q. STONE: Waiting for the dawn, You should know, Shake the tree, Walk in the rain, Farewell Berlin, Freedom (knocking on your door), Rocking chair, Western paradise, Talking about love, Air pie & Get up. CD9: JESSY DIXON: Praise the name of Jesus, We give you praise, Call Jesus, This may be your last time, Lift the savior up, I am redeemed, God’s got it, The day you set me free & We give you praise…reprise.

Musicians on the Royal Years 1978-2008 album: Salt, Larry Norman, Koinonia, Edin Ådahl, Andrae Crouch, Tata Vega, Alex Acuna, Q. Stone, Jesse Dixon and others.

Various Artists - Royal Years 1978-2008 "Yellow Box"

MEP Records 2009

Tracks: CD1: SALT: The moose is loose, Idag är jag din, Vi lever upp till varandra, Äppelträd, Se in i mina ögon, Blues, Jag vet, From me to you, Ord ord ord & Tre bilder. CD2: LARRY NORMAN:Finchian etude, Stop this flight, A woman of God (proverbs 31), What’s wrong with this body, Don’t you wanna talk about it, And we sing “the tune”, Out of my system #1, I hope I’ll see you in heaven & Messiah. CD3: KOINONIA: More than a feelin’, Rescue, Graceful, Cuando, Divina, Give your love, Valentine, Funky bumpkins & On my way home. CD4: EDIN & ÅDAHL: Bättre och bättre, Hold on, Jag väntar på dej, Blind (en ny dag imorgon), Man i tiden, Maktfaktor, Ögats symfoni, Nya tankar, Bara du & I love you. CD5: ANDRAE CROUCH: Just like he said he would, Take me back, Sweet love of Jesus, Jesus is the answer, It won’t be long, Tell them, Through it all, Soon and very soon, I don’t know why, I’m gonna keep on singin’, I’ll be thinking of you, I’ve got confidence, They shall be mine & My tribute. CD6: LEVITICUS: Flames of fire, Saved, The first and the last, I’m a believer, Don’t go out, Elijah on carmel, The suffering servant, Get up & Love is love. CD7: SIDEWALK: Flyg iväg, Tiden är här, Över bron, Lågan (brinner än), Min blick, Hem igen, Våra vingar, Vill du, Fallen ängel & Och havet är tyst. CD8: WE LOVE GOSPEL MUSIC: Tänd en eld – Per Erik Hallin & Ann Alinder, It’s not in vain – Olivia McClerkin, In your light – Grethe Svensen, Hem – Lars Mörlid, He gave me sunshine – Richard Smallwood & Reflex, Are we waiting for the son – Peter Hallström, Det skall bli en bättre plats – Roland Utbult & Oslo Gospel Choir, I want to be ready – Olivia McClerkin, Make us one – Jan Groth, Vilken dag – Björn Hedström & Marie Tessin, Far min far – Roland Utbult, Oh happy day – Oslo Gospel Choir, Holy spirit – Ray Walter & Credokören, I världen – Solveig Leithaug & Sollentuna Gospel, Feel like goin’ home – Per Erik Hallin & Att lämna allt – Frank Ådahl & Credokören. CD9: CENNETH ALMGREN: Kärlek & glöd, Mitt öga mot världen, Ensam, Sakta faller mörkret, Vargtimmen, Mannen med två liv, En dag till, Känslor, Åren har förändrat mina hjältar & En betraktares sympati.

Musicians on the Royal Years 1978-2008 album: Salt, Larry Norman, Koinonia, Edin Ådahl, Andrae Crouch, Leviticus, Sidewalk, Per-Erik Hallin, Ann Alinder, Olivia McClerkin, Lars Morlid, Jan Groth, Bjorn Hedstrom, Marie Tessin, Roland Utbult, Oslo Gospel Choir, Cenneth Almgren and others.

Tollak - Across The Rubicon

Tollak Music 2009

Tracks: Earthshine, Into Your Silence, Walk With Me, Come Together, Brookland Street, Undertow, Somewhere Living, Midnight´s Sun, Paper Doll, Wifi Dream 27 & Home.

Musicians on the Across The Rubicon album: Tollak and others.

James Taylor - Other Covers

Hear Music 2009

Tracks: Oh What A Beautiful Morning, Get A Job, Memphis, Shiver Me Timbers, Wasn’t That A Mighty Storm, In The Midnight Hour & Knock On Wood.

Musicians on the Other Covers album: James Taylor and others.

James Taylor - Sings Covers

Hear Music 2009

Tracks: It’s Growing, (I’m A) Road Runner, Wichita Lineman, Why Baby Why, Some Days You Gotta Dance, Seminole Wind, Suzanne, Hound Dog, Sadie, On Broadway, In The Midnight Hour, Knock On Wood, Memphis, Summertime Blues, Not Fade Away, Wasn’t That A Mighty Storm, Oh What A Beautiful Morning & Shiver Me Timbers.

Musicians on the Other Covers album: James Taylor and others.

Bill LaBounty - Back To Your Star

T.A.C.S. 2009

Tracks: California Turnaround, Back To Your Star, Dianne, Hwy 85, Stay High, Old Habits, Fumes, Cinderella, Golden Now, The Wheels Are Coming Off, Fly Away, River Girl & Livin’ It Up (new acoustic version).

Musicians on the Back To Your Star album: Bill LaBount, David Hungate, Michael Rhodes, Danny Parks. Larry Carlton, Brian Fullen, Tommy Wells, Gordon Mote, Sam Levine, Robbie Dupree, Suzanne Young, Tom Flora & Steve Wariner.

Seawind - Reunion

Village Records 2009

Tracks: He Loves You,Kept By Your Power, Sunshadow, Hold On To Love, Follow Your Road, Wayne, Free, Everything Needs Love, Pearl, You’re My Everything, Devil Is A Liar & Liquid Spies.

Musicians on the Reunion album: Pauline Wilson, Larry Williams, Kim Hutchcroft, Bob Wilson, Bud Nuanez, Ken Wild, Larry Hall, Al Jarreau, Gary Grant, Bill Reichenbach & Michito Sanchez.

Carl Anderson - Absence Without Love/On & On "Reissue"

Expansion Music 2009

Tracks: A.W.O.L., Going Out Again, Amour, Fooled Myself Again, Buttercup, C’es la Vie, Got To Find A Way To Get To You, Lose That Girl, Don’t Make Me Wait, Magic, It’s The Love, Try, Keep It Alive, On & On, Time To Win & Lately.

Musicians on the Absence Without Love/On & On album: Carl Anderson, Vaneese Thomas, Krystal Davis, Keeley Curtis, Phillip Ballou, Ike Floyd, Carmen Lundy, Dennis Collins, John Anderson, Wayne Brathwaite, Nathan East, Omar Hakim, Yogi Horton, J.T. Lewis, Steve Williams, Sammy Figeroua, Steve Kroon, Jerry Hey, Chuck Findley, Gary Grant, Bill Reichenbach, Larry Williams, Lou Cotelezzi and others.

Beverly Hills Orchestra - Den Afrikanske Balle

Noiz Music 2009

Tracks: Stand By Me, Late In The Evening, Du Tænder Lys, All Night Long, Love Is In The Air & Regndans.

Musicians on the Den Afrikanske Balle album: Henrik Launbjerg, Hans Henrik Egestorp, Lars Elswing, Mikkel Soby, Stig Skovlind and others.

The Bossa Nova Hotel - Moon Island

EMI Music 2009

Tracks: It’s All In The Game, After The Love Is Gone, Maniac, A Day In The Life Of A Fool, Tainted Love, Lovin’ You, Let’s Groove, Feelin’ Alright, La Isla Bonita, Inside My Love, What You Won’t Do For Love, That’s The Way Of The World, Through A Child’s Eyes & Lovin’ You.

Musicians on the Moon Island album: Michael Sembello, Bruce Gaitsch, Janey Clewer and others.

Allan Thomas - Brooklyn Boy In Paradise

Black Bamboo Records 2009

Tracks: The Gift, Rock The World, Lost In Your Touch, Fear Of Falling, Troubled Times, The Journey, Intimate Strangers, Soldier Of Misfortune, Bad Behavior, She´s Starlight, After The Storm, Need Your Love, Love Can Change Your World & Unlock Your Heart.

Musicians on the Brooklyn Boy In Paradise album: Allan Thomas, Bryan Kessler, David Anderson, Michael Ruff, Pete Wasner, Charles Judge, Chris Templeton, Armando Compean, Dave Inamine, Michael Buono & Diane Michelle.

Various Artists - California Groove

Warner Music 2009

Tracks: CD1: Ventura Highway, Las Vegas Turnaround (The Stewardess Song), Lotta Love, Dismal Day, Dance With Me, Border Town, Some People Call It Music, Summer Breeze, You’re So Vain, Long Hot Summer Nights, Chuck E’s In Love, Easy For You To Say, It Doesn’t Matter, I’m Easy, Junkman, I Saw The Light, Willin’, Suzy, Ghost Town & Life’s Been Good (Original Long Version). CD2: Oh Lori, Damn You Girl, Break The Chain, Mama Coco, Future Train, Swearin’ To God, Too Young, Nighttime In The Switching Yard, On The Swing Shift, What A Fool Believes, Survival, Night People, This Is It, Ticket To My Heart, Genevieve, Casablanca, Gotta Get Back To Love, Thunder Island & Ride Like The Wind. CD3: Livin’ It Up, Hot Rod Hearts, I Keep Forgettin (Every Time You’re Near), You’re The Only Woman (You & I), Get Used To It, Who’ll Be The Fool Tonight, Cool Night, I’d Really Love To See You Tonight, Falling, Fly Away, Nite Crawler, Got A Hold On Me, California 1, That’s Why I Came To California, What Cha’ Gonna Do For Me, Stop Look Listen, Please Don’t Walk Away, We’re In This Love Together & 99. CD4: When Sly Calls (Don’t Touch That Phone), Nice Girls, On the beach, Ocean Bay, More Than You’ll Ever Know, I Love L.A., The Higher You Rise, She Waits For Me (Early Airplay demo), Where – There’s No Tomorrow, The Big House, First Time, Countdown (Captain Fingers), Sister’s Beautiful, Hard To Say I’m Sorry, My Baby, Cure Kit & French Music Par Excellence.

Musicians on the California Groove album: America, Daryl Hall And John Oates, Nicolette Larson, Bread, Orleans, The Souther Hillman Furay Band, John David Souther, Seals & Croft, Carly Simon, Wendy Waldman, Rickie Lee Jones, Linda Ronstadt, Firefall, Boz Scaggs, Danny O’Keefe, Todd Rundgren, Little Feat, Terence Boylan, Poco, Joe Walsh, Alessi Brothers, Barnaby Bye, Jim Messina, Gino Vannelli, Felix Cavaliere, Frankie Valli, Crackin’, Warren Zevon, Ned Doheny, The Doobie Brothers, Marc Jordan, Vapour Trails, Kenny Loggins, The Wilson Brothers, Andrew Gold, Dane Donohue, Bill Champlin, Jay Ferguson, Christopher Cross, Bill LaBounty, Robbie Dupree, Michael McDonald, Ambrosia, Roger Voudouris, Larsen-Feiten Band, Paul Davis, England Dan & John Ford Coley, Leblanc and Carr, Peter Allen, Larry Carlton, Christine McVie, Con Funk Shun, Leon Ware, Chaka Khan, Patti Austin, George Benson, Al Jarreau, Toto, Michael Franks, Eye To Eye, Chris Rea, Nightshift, Michael Ruff, Randy Newman, Maxus, Jay Graydon, Peter Cetera, Stephen Bishop, Michael Sembello, Lee Ritenour, Geyster, Chicago, David Pack, Jar & Week End Millionnaire.

Dwayne Ford - On The Other Side

Dwayne Ford Publishing 2009

Tracks: Please Don´t Say You Care, Any Fool With A Gun, Rio Stat (Instrumental), On The Other Side, Somebody Ought To, Any Fool With A Gun (Instrumental) & Who Did You Do To Us.

Musicians on the Some Day album: Dwayne Ford, Louis Sedmac, Steve Hoy, Bobby Cameron, Ken Chalmers, Mike Lent, Paul Shihada, Kent Sankster & Keith Zink.

Venice - Electric Live And Amplified

Lennon Records 2009

Tracks: The Water, Bleeding, Circus in Town, My Woman, Pushed Her Too Far, Evolve, Things You Are, Baby’s Calling, High So High, Very Real, My Own House, One Quiet Day, Think Again, All My Life & If I Were You.

Musicians on the Electric Live And Amplified album: Kipp Lennon, Pat Lennon, Michael Lennon, Mark Lennon and others

Richard Marx - Emotional Remains

Zanzibar Records 2009

Tracks: From The Inside, Better Or Worse, Part Of Me, Through My Veins, Save Me, Come Running, Flame In Your Fire, When November Falls, Take You Back, Over My Head & Done To Me.

Musicians on the Emotional Remains album: Richard Marx, Greg Bissonette, Sean Hurley, Michael Landau, Matt Scannell, Steve Brewster, Mark Hill, Tom Bukovac, Chip Matthews, Clif Colnot, Brandon Marx, Nate Morton, Teddy Landau, Michael Thompson, Jennifer Hanson, Jerry McPherson, Kenny Loggins, Glenn Word & J.T. Corenflos.

One Two - Si´r Farvel

EMI Records 2009

Tracks: Billy Boy, Midt I En Drøm, Smukke Anna, Si´r Farvel, Hvornår, Sker Så Tit, Hvis Du Kom Ud, Jeg Ka´Gi´Hva´Du Vil Ha´, Den Bedste Tid, Hvide Løgne, Det Er For Sent Nu, Hold Fast, Getting Better, The Wind Whispers You, Sha La La La & Don´t Follow That Road.

Musicians on the Si´r Farvel album: Cæcilie Nordby, Nina Forsberg, Søren Bentzen, Frank Stangerup, Frede Ewert, Jesper Mattson, Jan Lysdahl, Rune Olesen, Jesper Mejlvang and others.

Larry John McNally - Folksinger

LJM Music 2009

Tracks: Folksinger, Mystery Girls, Moving Day, Flowers Girl, Legged Dog, Muddy Waters Can’t Be Satisfied, Amagansett, My Brother Mike, Faces You Loved, Beautiful Child & Ghost Who Dreams.

Musicians on the Folksinger album: Larry John McNally Jennifer Kimball, Leni Stern, Jesse Harris, Timothy Hill, Denny McDermott & Lincoln Schleifer.

Larry John McNally - BQE

LJM Music 2009

Tracks: BBQ, King Street, Jesse At 10, Mia Bella, The View From Brooklyn Bridge, Michael, Rainy Night In Red Hook, Cathedral Parkway, Last Week Of August & Peace.

Musicians on the BQE album: Larry John McNally and others.

Larry John Mcnally - Buddy Holly

LJM Music 2009

Tracks: Buddy Holly, Sunday Morning In New York, New York New York, Bethlehem, Roses Have Thorns, Through With The Circus, Smashed, Somewhere West, Everything Comes Easy To Me, Few Came To See Chet Baker & The Music Mattered.

Musicians on the Buddy Holly album: Larry John McNally and others.

Fly Away - A Tribute To David Foster

Contante & Sonante 2009

Tracks: Interlude, In To The Stone, No Explanation, Jojo, The Colour Of My Love, Heart To Heart, Fly Away, Look What You´ve Done To Me, Through The Fire, The Best Of Me, Nothin´You Can Do About It, Whatever We Imagine, When Will The World Be Like Lovers & Live Each Day.

Musicians on the Song Of David Foster album: Bill Champlin, Bill LaBounty, Arnold McCuller, Frank Adahl, Jeff Pescetto, Robbie Dupree, Cecily Gardner, Ole Borud, Lisa Lovbrand, Bill Cantos, Warren Wiebe, David Foster, Tomi Malm, Ramon Stagnaro, Brandon Fields, The Varmland Opera Sinfonietta, Lenni-Kalle Taipale, John “JR” Robinson, Nathan East, Paul Jackson Jr., Janne Lehikoinen, Peter Friestedt, Michito Sanchez, Lisa Lavie, Gabriel Raya, Rafa Hernandez, Eli Hernandez, The Danish All Stars Horns, Jan Glæsel, Rick Chudacoff, Dan Warner, Tollak Ollestad, Aidan Zammit, Neil Stubenhaus, Joaquin Gonzales, Jarmo Valmari, Porty, Alberto Hernandez, Bjarne Langhoff, Fabrizio Mandolini, Dan Bornemark, Michael Landau, Joe Pizzulo, Jeremy Lubbock, Soren Reiff, Jaakko Pesola, Jyrki Manninen, Michael Millfield, Mads Haaber, Pelle Fridell, Steen Hansen & David Foster.

Various Artists - Summer Breeze

Rhino Records 2009

Tracks: Summer Breeze, Dream Weaver, Baby Come Back. Biggest Part Of Me, Sailing, Sara Smile, When I Need You, Hello It’s Me, Moonlight Feels Right, I’d Really Love To See You Tonight, What A Fool Believes, It Might Be You, Ooh Baby Baby, Africa, Waiting For A Girl Like You, I’m Not In Love & Baby What A Big Surprise.

Musicians on the Soft Rock Classics album: Seals & Crofts, Gary Wright, Player, Ambrosia, Christopher Cross, Daryl Hall & John Oates, Leo Sayer, Todd Rundgren, Starbuck, England Dan & John Ford Coley, The Doobie Brothers, Stephen Bishop, Linda Ronstadt, Toto, Foreigner, 10CC & Chicago.

Peter Mayer - Goodbye Hello

Little Flock Music 2009

Tracks: Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da, Come Together,  Here Comes The Sun,  Penny Lane,  Michelle,  I Feel Fine,  Fixing a Hole,  Norwegian Wood, Strawberry Fields Forever,  Fool on the Hill,  We Can Work It Out,  Rocky Raccoon,  Blackbird,  Hello Goodbye & Something.

Musicians on the Goodbye Hello album: Peter Mayer, Roger Guth, Jim Mayer, Mac McAnally, Dan Rublight, Mike Utley, Chris Walters, Jeff Taylor, Jim Feist, Mark Holland, John Lovell, Robert Greenridge, R. Scott Brian, Amy Oshiro, Angie Smart Magie Estes, Juliana Walter, Morris Jacob, Linda Davis, Melissa Brooks, David Vanderkool, Jimmy Buffett, Tim Gullickson & India Mayer.

Gino Vannelli - A Good Thing

CMM Records 2009

Tracks: A Good Thing, This Day On, Night Drive, The DutchBeat, Gypsy Days, Knight Of The Road, Evermore, The Measure of a Man & Don’t Give Up on Me.

Musicians on A Good Thing album: Gino Vannelli and others.

Jeff Larson - Heart Of The Valley

Human Nature Records 2009

Tracks: Heart Of The Valley, Sudden Soldier, Airport Smiles, Minus Marci, Calling, One Way Ticket, Five Mile Road, Southern Girl, Two People At Once, Wishing Well & One Lit Window.

Musicians on the Heart Of The Valley album: Jeff Larson and others.

Don Henley - The Very Best Of Don Henley

Geffen Records 2009

Tracks: Dirty Laundry, The Boys Of Sommer, All She Wants To Do Is Dance, Not Enough Love In The World, Sunset Grill, The End Of The Innocence, The Last Worthless Evening, New York Minute, I Will Not Go Quietly, The Heart Of The Matter, Everybody Knows, For My Wedding, Everything Is Different Now & Taking You Home.

Musicians on the The Very Best Of Don Henley album: Don Henley and others.

I-Ten - Taking A Cold Look "Reissue"

Rock Candy Records 2009

The Tracks are: Taking A Cold Look, Quicksand, Alone, Workin’ For A Lovin’, Lonely In Each Other’s Arms, I Don’t Want To Lose You, Time To Say Goodbye, The Easy Way Out, I’ve Been Crying & Pressing My Luck.

Musicians on the Taking A Cold Look album: Tom Kelly, Billy Steinberg, Steve Lukather, Chas Sanford, Dennis Belfield, Alan Pasqua, David Paich, Steve Porcaro, Peggy Sandvig, Mike Baird & Lenny Castro.

Kenny Loggins - All Join In

Walt Disney Records 2009

Tracks: Underneath The Same Sky, All Together Now, You’ve Got A Friend In Me, Two Of Us, Come Go With Me, There Is A Mountain, Puppy Song, You Can All Join In, Ghandi/Buddha, Long Tailed Cat, Your Lollipop, Moose N’ Me, 1234 & Go Fish.

Musicians on the All Join In album: Kenny Loggins and others.

AOR - Journey To L.A

Escape Music 2009

Tracks: Waiting In The Darkness, Don´t Turn Back, Love Remains The Same, Read The Signs, Just For Love, Desperate Dreams (New Version), Never Surrender, The View Of You, Heartless, West Into The Sun, Lost In Your Eyes (New Version) & You´re The Obsession (Instrumental).

Musicians on the L.A. Attraction album: Frederic Slama, Tommy Denander, Steve Lukather, Philip Bardowell, Steve Overland, Fergie Frederiksen, Steve Lukather, Bill Champlin, Dane Donohue, David Williams, Joey Heredia, David Diggs, Bruno Levesque, Hohan Sahlen, David Getrau, Eric Barkdull and others.