A series of west coast and AOR music featuring the classic songs and latest from the artists. From the smoothest breeze to the classic licks.


Breeze Of Kalapana

Blues Interactions 2012

Tracks: The Hurt, Love´em, Freedom, What Do I Do, Sunny Days, Girl, Rainy Day, Everything Is Love, Hard Times, Seasons, Going Going Gone, Moon And Stars, Many Classic Moments, Up To You, Juliette, Down To The Sea, When The Morning Comes, Songbird, Got To Find Your Girl & You Make It Hard.

Musicians on the Breeze Of Kalapana album: Kalapana and others.

Sunnyside Feelin´

Blues Interactions 2012

Tracks: Pick Up Your Heart, Don´t Talk, Give Me A Sing, Never Gonna Let You Go, Lowdown, Throught The Tears, I Won´t Change, Sensitive Soul, Shine Like You Should, Got You Where I Want You, Wait A Little While, Free To Be Me, Chemistry, Complicated Times, Each Time You Pray, Lovely Day, Don´t Wanna See You Cry, Woman, Do Right & Love To Have Your Love.

Musicians on the Sunnyside Feelin´album: Rosie, Larry Lee, Toby Beau, China, Boz Scaggs, Kere Buchanan, John Valenti, Jerry Corbetta, Melissa Manchester, Dionne Warwick, Johnny Mathis, Kenny Loggins, Pages, Frank Weber, Ned Doheny, Bill Withers, Clifford Coulter, Dane Donohue, Paul Davis & Alessi.

Island Breeze

Blues Interactions 2011

Tracks: Going Going Gone, New And Different Way, Let´s Just Live Together, Countryside Beaty, Kona Day, Ebony Rain, Goodbye Aloha, I´ll Remember You, Light Unto The World, A Million Stars, The Drifter, Oh Oh (Think I´m Fallin´In Love), In The Islands, Lihue & Tango.

Musicians on the Island Breeze album: Archie James Cavanaugh, Kalapana, Jimmy Messina, Brian Elliot, Tender Leaf, Summer, Mark Winkler, Ray Gooliak, Aura, Mackey Feary Band, The Bee´s Knees, Lui, Jack McMahon, Nohelani Cypriano & Don Brown.

Sunshine Avenue

Blues Interactions 2010

Tracks: Foolin´, Don´t Cha Love Me, In The Stone, Peace Of Mind, Glamorous Hollywood, The Hits Just Keep On Comin´, Whatever I Do, The Hurt, Save It For A Rainy Day, Mutual Feeling, Soldier Of Fortune, Caught In A Whirlwind, For David, Nobody Else, We´re In Love, Never Stop Loving You & I Got To Know.

Musicians on the Sunshine Avenue album: Archie James Cavanaugh, Crackin´, Bill Champlin, Peter Friestedt, Daniel Andersson, Far Cry, Samuel Purdey, Kalapana, Stephen Bishop, Eric Tagg, Alan O´Day, Richard Stepp, Martee Lebous, Robbie Dupree, Patti Austin, Caviar & Starbuck.


Blues Interactions 2009

Tracks: Happy Morning, Let´s Be Friends, Lucky Radion, Video Band, Freedom, You´re Young, Yesterday´s Love, Words To A Song, Just Begun, We Dance And Sing, Why Don´t We Fall In Love, Pour Your Little Heart Out, People Of The World, I´ve Got My Second Wind & Rendezvous.

Musicians on the Mellowgroove album: Peter Fessler, Marilyn Scott, Samuel Purdey, Smooth Reunion, Kalapana, Macky Feary Band, Aura, Babadu, Stylus, Craig Donaldson, John Valenti, The Entertainers, James Vincent, Al Johnson & Matthew Larkin Cassell.