A collection of west coast songs from Thoughtscape Records.


Sampler CD 2

Thoughtscape Records 1997

Tracks are: Land of Dreams, Mayfly, I Married an Angel, Coffee At Midnight, Celtic Warrior, Surprise Yourself, Bad News (Previously Unreleased), Lessons Of Love, In So Many Words, After the Love is Gone (Live), Day By Day, Nova, Seapray, This Morning in Amsterdam, We Don't Talk Anymore (Previously Unreleased) & Into Your Arms.

Musicians on the Sampler CD 2 album: Bruce Gaitsch, Tommy Funderburk, Cy Curnin, Janey Clewer, Jeff Larson, Stephen Housden, Fee Waybill, Bill Champlin, Broken Voices and others

Sampler CD 1

Thoughtscape Records 1997

Tracks: Bruce Gaitsch - Letting Go, Call Me Romantic, Tall Dark And Harmless, Love Is Gonna Find You, Making Up Lost Time, Doctor In The House, Two Thousand Down, Diane, Sarah (Newly Recorded Acoustic Version), Leap Of Faith (Unreleased), Fool's Cry, God's Perfect Plan, If I Could Only, Come To A Decision, A Hero's Canticle, Southern Serenade & JP's Groove.

Musicians on the Sampler CD 1 album: Bruce Gaitsch, Jason Scheff, Janey Clewer, Fee Waybill, Bill Champlin, Tom Saviano, Karla Bonoff, Kerry Livgren, Carmen Grillo, Donna Delory and others.