Royal Music

The Swedish label Royal Music have over the years released several west coast CCM albums with brilliant artists and group. Furthermore they have released a series of compilations.


Royal Years 1978-2008 Yellow Box

MEP Records 2009

Tracks: CD1: SALT: The moose is loose, Idag är jag din, Vi lever upp till varandra, Äppelträd, Se in i mina ögon, Blues, Jag vet, From me to you, Ord ord ord & Tre bilder. CD2: LARRY NORMAN:Finchian etude, Stop this flight, A woman of God (proverbs 31), What's wrong with this body, Don't you wanna talk about it, And we sing "the tune", Out of my system #1, I hope I'll see you in heaven & Messiah. CD3: KOINONIA: More than a feelin', Rescue, Graceful, Cuando, Divina, Give your love, Valentine, Funky bumpkins & On my way home. CD4: EDIN & ÅDAHL: Bättre och bättre, Hold on, Jag väntar på dej, Blind (en ny dag imorgon), Man i tiden, Maktfaktor, Ögats symfoni, Nya tankar, Bara du & I love you. CD5: ANDRAE CROUCH: Just like he said he would, Take me back, Sweet love of Jesus, Jesus is the answer, It won't be long, Tell them, Through it all, Soon and very soon, I don't know why, I'm gonna keep on singin', I'll be thinking of you, I've got confidence, They shall be mine & My tribute. CD6: LEVITICUS: Flames of fire, Saved, The first and the last, I'm a believer, Don't go out, Elijah on carmel, The suffering servant, Get up & Love is love. CD7: SIDEWALK: Flyg iväg, Tiden är här, Över bron, Lågan (brinner än), Min blick, Hem igen, Våra vingar, Vill du, Fallen ängel & Och havet är tyst. CD8: WE LOVE GOSPEL MUSIC: Tänd en eld - Per Erik Hallin & Ann Alinder, It's not in vain - Olivia McClerkin, In your light - Grethe Svensen, Hem - Lars Mörlid, He gave me sunshine - Richard Smallwood & Reflex, Are we waiting for the son - Peter Hallström, Det skall bli en bättre plats - Roland Utbult & Oslo Gospel Choir, I want to be ready - Olivia McClerkin, Make us one - Jan Groth, Vilken dag - Björn Hedström & Marie Tessin, Far min far - Roland Utbult, Oh happy day - Oslo Gospel Choir, Holy spirit - Ray Walter & Credokören, I världen - Solveig Leithaug & Sollentuna Gospel, Feel like goin' home - Per Erik Hallin & Att lämna allt - Frank Ådahl & Credokören. CD9: CENNETH ALMGREN: Kärlek & glöd, Mitt öga mot världen, Ensam, Sakta faller mörkret, Vargtimmen, Mannen med två liv, En dag till, Känslor, Åren har förändrat mina hjältar & En betraktares sympati.

Musicians on the Royal Years 1978-2008 album: Salt, Larry Norman, Koinonia, Edin Ådahl, Andrae Crouch, Leviticus, Sidewalk, Per-Erik Hallin, Ann Alinder, Olivia McClerkin, Lars Morlid, Jan Groth, Bjorn Hedstrom, Marie Tessin, Roland Utbult, Oslo Gospel Choir, Cenneth Almgren and others.

Royal Years 1978-2008 Red Box

MEP Records 2009

Tracks:CD1: SALT:  Guld som glimmar, Marken gungar, Är det du, Funk 5, Ge mej, Tonspråk, Bäste konsument, Om man är en kristen, Tacka vet jag fläderbär & Nära. CD2: LARRY NORMAN: Riding in the saddle (spoken), Hard luck bad news blues, Country church country people, Riding high, Somebody tell me my name, Soul on fire, Righteous rockers, Shot down, Watch what you're doing, Give it up, Why should the - punk, More precious than jewels, If the bombs fall & Trinity (spoken). CD3: KOINONIA: Talk about it, We know the way by heart, Alegria, Mistral, Is it too late, We're all in this together, Come share my world, You are my love, Straight to paradise & Lyn. CD4: EDIN & ÅDAHL: Hägring, Observerad, Alibi, Spelet, Idag, Storm in my heart, Look out, Brevet, Hjälp dej själv & Hemåt igen. CD5:ANDRAE CROUCH: This is another day, Please come back, Finally, Perfect peace, It ain't no new thing, Oh saviour, All the way, Jesus is Lord, It's gonna rain, Lookin' for you, The choice, You can depend on me, I've got the best & Let's worship him. CD6: TATA VEGA: Maybe tonight, Never let die, Your love is live, Ain't no such things as in between, Just walk on in, It's a jungle out there, Living in paradise, Touch somebody, This is a man's man's man's world & Jesus is the rock of my salvation. CD7: ALEX ACUNA: Te amo, Joe's red eye, Marionettes, Hoppin' it, Nice, Cocho san, Van Nuys jam, Thinking of you (pensando en ti), Psalms & Ten o'clock groove. CD8: Q. STONE: Waiting for the dawn, You should know, Shake the tree, Walk in the rain, Farewell Berlin, Freedom (knocking on your door), Rocking chair, Western paradise, Talking about love, Air pie & Get up. CD9: JESSY DIXON: Praise the name of Jesus, We give you praise, Call Jesus, This may be your last time, Lift the savior up, I am redeemed, God's got it, The day you set me free & We give you praise...reprise.

Musicians on the Royal Years 1978-2008 album: Salt, Larry Norman, Koinonia, Edin Ådahl, Andrae Crouch, Tata Vega, Alex Acuna, Q. Stone, Jesse Dixon and others.

Royal Years 1978-2008 Orange Box

MEP Records 2009

Tracks: CD1: KOINONIA: Gazoot, Gruncho, Greatest Love, Frontline, Senor, You Can't Hide, Around The Corner, Easy Morning & Making Room. CD2: JERUSALEM: Så Va De Då, Krigsman, It's Mad, Dagarna Går, Pappa Vem Har Gjort, Jag Längtar Efter Mer Av Dig, Sodom, Moderne Man, Neutral, Jag Vill Ge Dig En Blomma, Ständig Förändring, Noa, Ajöss Med Dig Värld & Kom Till Mej. CD3: PER-ERIK HALLIN: Let It Out, Gospel Train, You Put Another Song In My Heart, Do You Know What You Are Missing, What A World It Would Be, Better Late Than Ever, Don't You Put It Off Until Tomorrow, The Golden Rule Jingle, Nothing To Fear & Summer Is Not Over. CD4: ANDRAÉ CROUCH & SOLID GOSPEL: Soon and Very Soon, Take Me Back, Just Like He Said He Would, I Will Bless The Lord, Jesus Is The Answer, It's Gonna Rain, Tell Them, Perfect Peace, Like The Rushing Of A Mighty Wind, All The Way, My Tribute (To God Be The Glory) & It Wont Be Long. CD5: CAROLA & PER-ERIK: Vilken Värld Det Ska Bli, Put Your Hand In The Hand, Du Vet Väl Om Att Du Är Värdefull, Mitt Liv - Min Lovsång, Herren, Herren Är Gud, Det Lilla Ljus, Min Dikt Gäller En Konung, You've Got A Friend, Step By Step, Forgiven, Down By The Riverside, Vilken Värld Det Ska Bli, Amazing Grace & Jesus Is the Answer/Jesus Är Svaret. CD6: SALT: På Väg, En Del Med Allt, Res Ig Upp, Hope Of Life, Vi Ska Ses Igen, Tidlöst Spel, Vän Med Livet, Som Ett Barn, City By The Sea & I Centrum Av Ett Pulsslag. CD7: BJÖRN STIGSSON: Free, Come On, Lovin' My Women, I'm Gonna Rock, It's Alright, My Way Of Living, Stand Up, Come Together, Majestic In Power, King Of Glory, Here It Comes & I'm Free. CD8: RUSS TAFF: God Don't Never Change, Search Me Lord, God's Unchanging Hand, Life's Railway To Heaven, Where You There?, As An Eagle Stirreth Her Nest, Just Believe, Everybody Shoulda Really Oaghta Been There, There's A Hand & Ain't No Grave. CD9: PER-ERIK HALLIN: S.O.S., Morgonlugt, Movin' On, Cabbage Patch Kids, Att Vänta, Labyrint, Forgiven, Fågelsång, The Glorious Outfit & Open Up Your Heart.

Musicians on the Royal Years 1978-2008 album: Koinonia, Per-Erik Hallin, Carola, Salt, Andrae Croucht, Jerusalem, Björn Stigsson, Russ Taff and others.

Royal Years 1978-2008 Blue Box

MEP Records 2009

Tracks: CD1: SALT: Mosaik, Fridlyst och fri, Ingen av oss, Med fötterna på jorden, Bandy Benny, Innan, Upp och hoppas, Låt inte skenet bedra, Hjälp mej & Tre dagar. CD2: LARRY NORMAN: Why can't you be good, I feel like dyin', More than a dream, Zimmy finds his father, Broken bonds fallen friendship, If you don't love the Lord you'll fall, Woman of God, Voices in the night, A dream come true, Gonna write a song about you for the radio, It's only today that counts & Galaxy. CD3: KOINONIA: Pilgrim's progression, Hidden beauty, Agapao, Celebration, Countin' the cost, Sno-cone, From you, Goodbye means God be with, All the time & Miracle. CD4: EDIN & ÅDAHL: Going back, Missin' you, Wider than the ocean, Man of the street, Big talk, Mystical moments, Write it on the wall, Utopia & Lonely without you. CD5: ANDRAE CROUCH: Quiet times, That's why I needed you, We need to hear from you, Praises, Sweet communion, All that I have, We are not ashamed, Touch me, Bringing back the sunshine, I'm gonna keep on singin', Dreamin', Polynesian praise song, I'll still love you & Bless his holy name. CD6: LEVITICUS: Born again, The world goes 'round, Isn't it love, Oh Lord, Feel so good, Strong love, Messiah, Over the hills, For once in my life & Love on fire. CD7: JESSY DIXON: Trouble won't last always, Glorify the Lord, Give God the glory, Everlasting life, Sunday Monday Tuesday he's the Lord, I know what prayer can do, Destined to win, Lord I lift my spirit to you, Greatly to be praised & Magnify the Lord. CD8: GRÄNSLÖS SOUL GOSPEL: God's got it - Jessy Dixon & Chicago Community Choir, Georgia on my mind - Georgie Fame, Gospel train - Carola & Per Erik, Vi skall ses igen - Choralerna, The day you set me free - Jessy Dixon & Chicago Community Choir, Yes indeed - Georgie Fame, Vilken värld det skall bli - Carola & Per Erik, Sången hag ger dig - Choralerna, Sweet perfection - Georgie Fame, Feel like goin' home - Per Erik Hallin, We give praise - Jessy Dixon & Chicago Community choir & Vinträdet - Choralerna. CD9: NYA TRACKS: Spegel spegel - Cenneth Almgren, Like a motion picture - Edin & Ådahl, Time - Jerusalem, Relation - Salt, I feel like going home - Dan Ådahl, Vi fick lusten att leva - Salt, Countin' the cost - Koinonia, Sommaren - Cenneth Almgren, Schackpartiet - Salt & Som en blixt - Dan Ådahl.

Musicians on the Royal Years 1978-2008 album: Salt, Larry Norman, Koinonia, Edin Ådahl, Andrae Crouch, Leviticus, Jessy Dixon, Chicago Community Choir, Geogire Fame, Carola, Per-Erik Hallin, Cenneth Almgren and others.

Royal Years 1978-2008 Black Box

MEP Records 2009

Tracks: CD1: LARRY NORMAN: Soul on fire, Righteous rocker, Stop this flight, Gonna write a song about you for the radio, Don't wanna talk about it, If the bombs fall, Sweet dreams, Woman of God, Shot down, Out of my system, Messiah & I hope I'll see you in heaven. CD2: SALT: Nobody knows me like the Lord, Dannes boogie, Förlorat, När jag ser, Guld som glimmar, Är det du, Bäste konsument, Med fötterna på jorden, Innan, Hjälp mig, Idag är jag din, Blues, Ord ord ord, På väg, En del med allt, Vi ska ses igen & City by the sea. CD3: KOINONIA: Funky bumbkins, Frontline, Divina, Pilgrim's progression, Goodbye, You can't hide, Gazoot, Sno cone, Chuncho, Senor, Agapao, Celebration & On my way home. CD4: JAN GROTH: Ready to ride, Same old story, Dying world, Easy to say I love you, Passing it on, Don't ruin my dream, Stuff that never change, Near to you, Song to sing & Sweetheart like you. CD5: ANDRAE CROUCH: Through it all, Jesus the sweetest name I know, It don't take long & You gave to me. CD6: Q. STONE: Blue view, Sweet dreams, You did it for me, Open door, Blues man, Black water, High winds, Behind the bars, And I wait, Tomorrow with you & Give me something else. CD7: LIVE IN SCANDINAVIUM: It's mad - Jerusalem, Surrogat - Edin & Ådahl, Passiv - Edin & Ådahl, Better late than never - Per Erik Hallin, Att vänta - Per Erik Hallin, Bäste konsument - Salt, Vem har sagt - Salt, Ge Jesus en chans - Ingemar Olsson, Pappa vem har gjort - Jerusalem, Home - Duanne Loken (Vargtass). CD8: CENNETH ALMGREN: Eldar (brinner i mej), Sätt min själ i brand, Vem är jag då, En röst, Öppnar dörren, Du bär mej, Nånstans inuti, Himlen är här, Kom ljus & Jag har hopp. CD9: THE FRONT: It's hard to take, Holy light, All under him, King of glory, The promise, Silent night & Tonight & How long.

Musicians on the Royal Years 1978-2008 album: Larry Norman, Salt, Koinonia, Jan Groth, Andrae Crouch, Q. Stone, Cenneth Almgren, The Front and other.

The Royal Years 2

Royal Music 1994

Tracks: CD1: I Know, Talking About Love, Better Late Than Never, It´s A Jungle Out There, Du Bär Mej, Tonight, Are We Waiting For The Son, Divina, This May Be Our Last Time, Ready To Ride, The Time Is Here, Stop This Flight, Hjälp Mej, Jag Vänter På Dig, Alegria, Feel Like Goin´Home & Regn. CD2: Missin´You, Sweat Dreams, Ain´t No Such Thing As In Between, Kom Ljus, The Child, Är Det Du?, Miracle, Easy To Say I Love You, Is To Late, Where I Belong, Rusty Bells, Oh Lord, Open Up Your Heart, We Give You Praise, Det Ska Bli En Bättre Plats & I Hope I´ll See You In Heaven.

Musicians on the Royal Years 2 album: Edin Ådahl, Q.Stone, Tata Vega, Cenneth Almgren, The Front, Peter Hallström, Koinonia, Chicago Community Choir, Jan Groth, Side Walk, Larry Norman, Salt, Per Erik Hallin, Jerusalem, Lasse Danielsson, Alex Acuna, Leviticus, Roland Utbult, Oslo Gospel Choir and others.

The Royal Years

Royal Music 1993

CD1: Alibi, Bäste Konsument, Shake The Tree, Morgonluft, More Than A Fellin´, For Once In My Life, Let´s Go (Dancin´), En Dag Till, Tänd En Eld, A Woman Of God, Passing It On, Never Let Die, Holy Light, Forgiven, Miracle, Tomorrow With You, Eldar (Brinner I Mej) & Lonely Without You. CD2: Gospel Train, Talk About It, Blues, Bättre Och Bättre, Same Old Story, Lågan (Brinner Än), All Under Him, High Winds, Isn´t It Love, Öppnar Dörren, S.O.S., Soft, Going Back, Ord Ord Ord, Sommaren, Let It Out, Jesus Is The Rock Of My Salvation, Att Lämna Allt & Vilken Värld Det Skal Bli.

Musicians on the Royal Years album: Edin Ådahl, Salt, Q.Stone, Per Erik Hallin, Koinonia, Leviticus, Jerusalem, Cenneth Almgren, Ann Alinder, Larry Norman, Jan Groth, Tata Vega, The Front, Carola, Side Walk, Lasse Danielsson, Alex Acuna, Credokören and others.