Forces Of Nature

Rod Kinny Releases New CD “Forces of Nature”

Rod Kinny is a musical artist based in St. Paul, MN. His style has been described as Singer/Songwriter meets Westcoast/AOR with inspirational themes. The new CD “Forces of Nature”, is an eleven song journey of peaks and valleys featuring some of the best musicians in the upper midwest including Ernie LaViolette – Drums (Yanni, Dez Dickerson) John “Cee” Calarco – Drums (Daryl Stuermer Band) Michael B. Nelson – Trombone (Prince) Steve Strand – Trumpet (Prince) Bill Brown – Organ, Lewis Sego – Keyboards, Troy Norton – Guitar, & Ken Wilson – Pedal Steel Guitar.

The album was co-produced by Rod & Brian Bart. (Jim Peterik, Kelly Keagy) It is an album featuring top caliber, real musicians with smooth sophistication and edge. It is a work that has met or even exceeded the benchmark set on his last CD “Higher Self”, co-produced by Joe Puerta. (Ambrosia, Bruce Hornsby & The Range)

With ”Forces of Nature”, Rod has reached the apex of his musical achievement so far. “It is my mission to carry this flame inside with determination to bring joy & happiness through my music” he says. “In spite of the confusion, chaos, & the general wicked direction modern society is taking us, I find it inspiring to discover ever increasing numbers of us doing the good work. Through citizen journalism, alternative healing, science, & the arts. Transforming this world toward true freedom”.

“Forces of Nature” is now available at and at

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