Ten years have passed since their very first single release under the name Holtsø & Wittrock.

Now the duo are releasing their third single “Won’t Let Go” from their upcoming fifth album release. All of Denmark’s country queen Ester Brohus, who has just been one of Holtsø & Wittrock’s faithful supporters throughout their musical decade, participates in the duet with Jes Holtsø on the single release.

Most recently, Brohus participated in a choir on the anniversary single “Holding On”, which was released as a vinyl single earlier this year. This is not the first time Brohus and Holtsø have sung the duet, in 2019 Ester appeared on the number “Postkort”.

Holtsø and Brohus ’voices suit each other extremely well and Ester Brohus adds a delicious country feeling to the number with her characteristic vocals.

“Won’t Let Go” is written by Morten Wittrock and Lei Moe and will also appear on Lei Moe’s upcoming solo release in a very different version and in a duet with Allan Mortensen. But that is a completely different story…

Holtsø & Wittrock’s fifth album release “Blink of an Eye” is expected to be released at the beginning of the new year.

Cast: Vocals: Ester Brohus & Jes Holtsø Keys: Morten Wittrock Guitar: Knud Møller & Jacob Rathje Bass: Mikkel Risum Drums: Mads D. Andersen.

By Published On: oktober 21, 2020Categories: In Focus, New Releases

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