A new artists on the west coast music scene.

Sweden has always been the Scandinavian metropole when it comes to west coast and AOR music, and now a new artists is releasing his debut album “I Will Be Waiting”, featuring 9 songs, all with huge influences from the American west coast music.

Words from William Sikström

My name is William Sikström and I’m from Lycksele, Sweden. I am 21 years old and I have a wife, Rakel Sikström. Right now I am studying on university to become a physiotherapist since I love sports and love to interact with other people.

As long as I can remember I’ve been loving westcoast music, I grew up with it. My father discovered westcoast when he was my age. When I was a kid I started playing the bass because my dad and my brother did, later on I picked up the guitar and started taking guitar lessons.

My passion for chord changes and harmonies started when I decided to learn all the chord on the guitar. I played many westcoast songs and tried to play both the chords and the solos of course! I studied music gymnasium where a started picking up keyboard and drums on a fundamental level.

After that I decided to study music more seriously so I studied music for one year, I learned so much that year (last year), my primary instrument was bass. We had amazing teachers and we played lots of groovy music. We had a concert with Ole Borud, that’s was so much fun! He’s a great guy and a big influence on my music.

About the album

I started writing the songs for this album last fall, I wanted to see if it was possible to make a westcoast album that people would enjoy.

I had made some recordings before but this time I wanted to be more thorough and make as good as I possible. My top 5 artists/band are Pages, Al Jarreau, Ole Borud, Marc Jordan and Airplay. I think I’ve been most influenced by these five. Other great bands have come and gone but these are some of the one’s I’ll never stop listening to.

I’m born into a Christian family so I have always believed in someone who is watching over us and knows what we’re going through. Some of the lyrics have two side of it, depends on what you want to hear. I decided to program the drums because I don’t have a soundproofed apartment and I don’t know anyone jet who could play as good as I would like.

All other instruments are played by me. My wife assisted me with some backing vocals and she’s is featured as lead singer on track 2. Tell Me. (She’s amazing!).

I have produced and mastered it by myself, this whole project have been a solo mission. My former bass teacher knew a lot about how to copyright and get the music on CD’s so he was a great support during the final stages of this process.


Album Title: I Will Be Waiting

Track list: Mr. Clean It Up, Tell Me (feat. Rakel Sikström), Show The Way, I Will Be Waiting, Up On The Hill, She’s a Magnet, I Need You, Take a Look Around & Costa Rica.

Drum programming – William Sikström
All instrument – William Sikström
Lead/ backing vocals – Rakel and William Sikström

Mixed and mastered by William Sikström

Catalogue number: WISI003
Release: 1/9 on Itunes and Amazon Music

How to order the CD:

Send an email (williamsikstrom@gmail.com) with all the information needed to ship. Payment via Paypal.
Price: 24 $, shipping included. In sweden: 149 kr inkl frakt. (swish el. bankkonto)

More information about Williams Sikström at his FB site.


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