An old man with long gray whiskers came through the train cars selling popcorn, chewing gum and candy. “Hey!” said one of his customers. “I thought young boys were supposed to do your job.” 

“I was a boy when this train started.” (Thomas W. Jackson, 1903).


Returning to his early 70’s musical roots, when he was a young boy with long red whiskers, but stirring in depth and maturity from a time tested perspective, Paul Clark’s songs continue to affirm that the beauty of the sojourn is not confined to the final destination.

With 18 recordings resonating from the platform of his discography, his deep convictions on “Down At The Whistle Stop,” will take you on a journey far beyond a one blink station.

Don’t be lulled into thinking this is just “another record” from a CCM pioneer trying to live out the string. On the contrary, Clark’s fires, musically and lyrically, as well as his supporting cast of veterans, are freshly stoked.

Always enthusiastic about riding the rails of life, you can understand why he is sanctioned to say, “I was a boy when this train started.”

All aboard!

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