West of Eden is the Swedish folk-rock band that has thrilled audiences in Sweden and abroad for over a decade with their unique sound and brilliant songwriting.

Masterful musicianship combined with the extraordinary voice of singer Jenny Schaub and a deep love for the traditional Celtic folk music has earned them a solid reputation amongst critics and fans around the globe.

With eight highly praised albums under their belt, the band has now got used to being called “Simply phenomenal” (Rock ‘n’ Reel). “Masters of their genre” (UNT) and “the best of contemporary folk” (Irish Music Magazine)!

Throughout the years, West of Eden has collaborated with members from groups like the Chieftains, Mark Knopfler’s band, Alison Krauss & Union Station, Wolfstone and Anúna, among others.

With their ninth album Look to the West, West of Eden ambitiously attempts to tackle a piece of contemporary Swedish history as they present thirteen new songs about the great wave of emigrants that left Sweden for America at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century.


Almost a third of the Swedish population travelled westwards from West of Eden’s home town of Gothenburg to search for greener shores, and the town flourished in the footsteps of the emigrants.

The fact that so few songs has been written about this in Sweden is surprising, and something the band has taken as a challenge. Among the songs on the record, you’ll find everything from melancholy parting songs like Going to Hull and Sweet Old Country to gutsy folk-rocking tunes like Wilson Line.

The hopes and dreams surrounding the new life waiting on the other side of the ocean can be heard in the title track, while Please Mister Agent is a tongue-in-cheek story, based on an authentic letter that Jenny Schaub has rewritten into a song.

With Look to the West, West of Eden has created a thematic, yet varied collection of songs with a subject matter as present today as it was back in the days of the Swedish emigration. Breakups and departures. Memories, wishes and hopes for the future.

The first steps on a long journey. Somewhere far across the ocean, songs are waiting to be sung. New horizons and traditions, foreign sounds upon my tongue. A final cut can’t be undone. So Farewell to you, fair Sweden…

West of Eden is:

Lars Broman: fiddle

Martin Holmlund: bass

Ola Karlevo: drums, bodhrán

Jenny Schaub: vocals, accordion

Martin Schaub: vocals, guitar

Henning Sernhede: guitar, mandolin

More information about West of Eden at their official website.


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