Issue 5  Features include:
  • Airplay; Exclusive interviews with Jay Graydon, Bill Champlin & Steve Kipner who talk about the band, the songs and uncover stories from the making of what is widely regarded as the definitive West Coast/AOR record of its era.
  • Monkey House; With thoughts and recollections from band leader and songwriter Don Breathaupt, we bring you the lowdown on one of the best albums of 2016.
  • Jeff Larson; With the newly packaged and reissued ‘Heart Of The Valley’ cd coming out, we asked Jeff Larson to bring us up to date with his busy schedule. You’ll be surprised at just how much we have got to look forward to from him with his solo work and collaborations over the next year.
  • The Explorers Club; Soulful west coast harmonies are played out on their current, critically acclaimed album Together, but it hasn’t always been smooth sailing as we discovered when we talked to Jason Brewer, lead singer/songwriter with the band.
  • Amy Holland; ‘Off The Record’ features a very special artist who describes some memorable moments from her career and chooses for us, her favorite west coast drive-time songs that help get her across those long dusty L.A. highways.
  • Fred Knoblock; Just one release in a very long career, but it was a west coast classic in every sense of the word. What happened next? Find out in Jim Chamberlain’s feature about one album artists/bands, to find out why they didn’t go on to record follow ups.   
  • Music, Memories & Minneapolis; In this month’s ‘Letter from America’, Jan Bergtold Marschke reflects on the California dream whilst growing up in Minneapolis.
  • West Coast Smooth Lounge Chart; What’s hot in the world of west coast album releases.

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Good music enriches your life. At BLUE DESERT we are passionate about this particular yet wide-ranging style of music we call West Coast Music. This site is a modest tribute to the music and the performing artists, who through the (many) years have given us - and continue to give us - endless hours of musical enjoyment. As long-time fans we want to share our enthusiasm, experiences and views with fellow connoisseurs as well as curious newcomers. If we can do our bit to help promote this great music and all the gifted artist – well, then we have succeeded.