Interview – Ole Borud

Hi Ole!


Q: A fantastic album that you made, how does it feel to release a new album?

Ole: Feels great, and I’m very satisfied with how it turned out!

Q: Did you work different from the last album Shakin ‘The Ground?

Ole: Yes, I would say the whole process was more focused and I avoided some unnecessary things that I learned during the recording of the first album.

Q: Do you have any plans to tour with Keep Movin?

Ole: I certainly will play as much as I can with the new stuff, but no plans have been made as far as touring goes, only concert here and there.

Q: How did it feel to participate in the Fly Away – Songs Of David Foster along with all the other talented and skilled artists?

Ole: It was an honor to be a part of that album.

Q: Norway seems to deliver a lot of talented artists, like yourself and Lava, The Norwegian Fords, Geir Rønning, it is the beautiful landscape, or is it something in the water?

Ole: Not sure what it might be.. maybe the fresh clean water yes?..

Q: As a Swedish, I am proud to be a neighbor to Norway, do you have some influences from Sweden?

Ole: Not sure I have been directly influenced, but I have definitely been listening to some Swedish acts up through the years, for instance The Cardigans.

Q: She’s Like No Other is a tribute to your mother, what did she said when she heard it for the first time?

Ole: She was both very thankful and very proud I guess.. She heard the finished version of the song for the first time on the release gig in Oslo.

Q: I and many others think that Keep Movin is a perfect production,  what type of equipment did you use in the studio to make it sound so good?

Ole: A lot of great microphones, preamps, converters, outboard gear and plugins altogether I guess. Too much to mention everything here. Plus all the fine instruments and amps and so forth people bring with them. All done in Cubase by the way.

Q: You worked with the talented Jackie Kavan with lyrics to the album, how did you come in contact with each other and how was it like working with her ?

Ole: It was a great experience and my first collaboration when it comes to lyrics. We got in touch via Facebook I think. It turned out really well, and I’m sure we’ll work together again sometime.
Q: Thanks Ole for taking the time to answer these questions!

by Bengt Isaksson