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Interview – Jim Jidhed

Q. In the beginning of 1990 you released two solo album… what have you done since then?

Jim Jidhed:
During the 90’s I’ve played in a cover band, I’ve had 2 album projects that I eventually pulled the plug on myself cause I felt we didn’t really agree on how it should sound like etc, I also started teaching singing and of course performed twice in the swedish part of the Eurovision contest.

Q. How does it feel to release this solo album?

Jim Jidhed:
Fantastic, it feels really good and before Christmas 2001 I didn’t believe I would ever do another album and absolutely not a rock album so it was a great surprise even for me.

Q. When and why did you to decide to do this solo album?

Jim Jidhed:
The decision came in January 2002 after talking to Tommy Denander, he had asked me a couple of times in the 2 years prior to this if I wanted to make a solo album and a couple of labels had asked him if I was interested but before I wasn’t interested. Tommy and I started to listen to some old songs I had and he told me that the songs I had were really strong and we had to record them. At the same time Magnus Söderkvist started Atenzia and contacted Tommy about the chance of us doing this album, it just felt right and before long we had a great deal in hand.

Q. Which influences do you have?

Jim Jidhed:
Early on it was Status Quo and soon after Thin Lizzy and I’ve always been a fan of American music like Christopher Cross, Toto, Journey, Michael Bolton, Richard Marx to mention a few.

Q. Is there any plans for some concert tour?

Jim Jidhed:
Not at this point, it all depends on how well the album sells and if there’s then enough interested and a good plan for it.

Q. Which are your favourite track on the album?

Jim Jidhed:
It’s very hard to pick since I love all the tracks but if I have to chose I’d say Now We Cry and Marie.

Q. Do you miss the old good time with “Alien”

Jim Jidhed:
Not really, it was great fun back then and it’s a wonderful memory that I will always cherish but I’m happy to keep it like that.

Q. Have you any plans for another album?

Jim Jidhed:
Not right now since this one was just released, I don’t look that long into the future when it comes to making albums plus Tommy and I invested a whole year of our life’s into this one so we want to enjoy this feeling first. It’s very possible that it might happen but I don’t think about it right now.

Q. Thanks for the interview and good luck in the future!

Jim Jidhed:
Thanks so much!

by Bengt Isaksson

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