Interview – Jay Graydon

Hi Jay Graydon!

Q. How did it come that you make this Planet 3 record?

Jay Graydon:
The liner notes says it all and here is the text…

A while back, I was organizing my tape library and came across many recordings of Planet 3 songs that were recorded around the time of the Planet 3 album – Music From The Planet. After listening to the tapes, I humbly state I became excited as the songs and performances are happening and should be released!

After listening to the songs, I began to reflect. Details will unfold as I mention each song and its history. It seems the master multi track tapes whereabouts are not known so I used the rough mixes. I must say they sound very good! On a few songs, I bounced the mixes to an ADAT M20 recorder and added a few guitar parts. Most interesting doing guitar overdubs over a final mix when the mix is fading out. Go on line to for the full story. (link to the story from my record label page)

Q. Have you got any personal favourite tracks?

Jay Graydon:
All are like my children but if I had to choose, my favourite is track three —  Tonight Your Mine. This song was not written for Planet 3 since too melodic and not aggressive at the time but fits very well now.

Q. I can think that all fan of yours have great expectations about the new album, what can they expect?

Jay Graydon:
Again, the liner notes are key since the story is explained. The bottom line is most of the songs are very raw regarding performance and recording — kind of like basements tapes in past eras.

The recordings show a history of the band. All of this happened over a short period of time but in that time span, so many songs were written and recorded.

Q. Is there any big record company behind this record? How are the plans for distribution of the record?

Jay Graydon:
A deal is in play with a major Japanese record company. They will release the CD later this spring in a slightly different version with 3 bonus tracks from another one of my albums – AIRPLAY FOR THE PLANET – for the Japanese market only. This record company has also released my BEBOP CD.

Regarding other distribution, the CD is currently available through my web site Just click on the order button and you will be routed to CD BABY, where you will also find all of my other albums released on my own record label SONIC THRUST RECORDS.

Q. What other plans do you have in the future?

Jay Graydon:
A Japan tour and the odds will be good it will be followed by a Scandinavia tour. In the meantime, I wish to get back into producing major artists as well as recording new albums as an artist.

Q. What do you enjoy the most about being in the music business?

Jay Graydon:
The fact I get to make music for a living. On the other hand, the music business is loaded with sloppy bureaucracy as to not be paid causing my personal assistant and me (Kerstin/my Swedish adopted sister) to chase down monies. She is a gold mine on so many levels!!!

Q. I remember the great All Star concert in Umeå – Sweden in January 1994. Is there any chance that you are doing such tour again?

Jay Graydon:
I love all of Sweden and have fond memories of the  Umea concert. The odds are good another tour will happen in the near future.

Q. Do you have any special memories from the concert in Umeå?

Jay Graydon:
I remember many details regarding this concert. When getting out of the band bus, I slipped on the ice and almost fell down. OK, no one told me that if someone lives in a place with no snow, I need different tennis shoes. A good lesson but no time to buy shoes.

The venue is beautiful but the acoustics are totally “dead” — no sonic reflections. Rare since most rooms have reflective surfaces. In any case, My set up was very pure — no effects except for a compressor and a volume pedal. I could have used a bit of reverb but no matter since I did not let that effect my playing.

During the solo on NOTHIN’ YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT, I stepped on my guitar cord, which caused the cable to come out of my orange squeezer compressor that was plugged into my guitar — totally stupid since I forgot to put the guitar cable under the back of my guitar strap. After the song was over, Sherwood asked the audience if they would like to hear the solo. They did and we went back to the solo.

If you want more details on the concert, ask Kerstin since she was there. 

Q. Thanks for the interview and good luck!

Jay Graydon:
You are welcome my friend!!!!!

by Bengt Isaksson