Interview – Greg Guidry – R.I.P

Q: Hi Greg! How are you and what are you doing for the moment?  

I’m fine and currently writing some new songs and trying to complete another album. It’s taking longer than I planned.

Q: You’re website has been under construction for some time now, do you have any schedule when it will be ready?

Actually it should have been done by now but we’re having problems getting in touch with the person who registered my domain name and my Web guy can’t finish it until we do. My computer crashed a while back and I lost a lot of my email files and addresses.

Q: Are you planning for some new record?

Yeah, I’m working on it now.

Q: Do you have any other interesting project you working with as studio musician?

Not really. I just try to write as much as possible.

Q: Which artist/musician do you want to play with?

No one in particular as long as they are good players. Most of the musicians I used to work with, like Dann Huff, are now producers in the country western market and don’t really do much studio work anymore.

Q: Your All Star Band, include: Drum, Bass, Guitar, Keyboard, Lead song and Guitar. Please let us know?

Don’t know who yet but most of my new CD will be just me. I’ll do a lot of programming on the Synth and maybe hire a guitar player for overdubs.

Q: Thanks to Greg Guidry who take the time to answers the questions and good luck in the future.

by Bengt Isaksson