Interview – Frederic Slama

Q: Hi Frédéric! How are you, and what are you doing right now?

Hi Bengt! I’m fine :-)) Thank you! Right now I’m writing a new song for my next album that will be released in 2003/2004. It’s a killer ballad that sounds very much like Greg Guidry “show me your love” & Bill LaBounty “living it up”

Q: We are all curious which type of music there is on your new album, is it the same as AOR “Next Stop L.A.”?

The music on my 3rd AOR album “L.A REFLECTION” is very different from my previous Cd’s! first of all, the quality of the sound is incredible and the production is much more professional! I have been helped for this gigantic task by 2 incredible arrangers/producers: TOMMY DENANDER & DAVID DIGGS who both have produced several songs for this new cd, which is from far, the best I’ve done in my career! L.A REFLECTION is the perfect balance between pure Westcoast music (like Robbie Dupree, Greg Guidry, Bill Champlin, Michael Ruff etc…) and a more rockier AOR sound (like Toto, Richard Marx, Bobby Kimball) the cd features more than 25 of the best musicians in L.A including almost all Toto members :-)) the release date for the cd is now set for NOVEMBER 15th 2002.

Q: Are you planning any tours after the album is released?

Unfortunately no tours is planned for the moment. But depending on how well the cd will be received by the audience, some concerts might be set up for 2003.

Q: You got a great line-up on your coming album AOR L.A. Reflection, how did you do to get this musicians?

I did get all these musicians mostly thru’ the help of my 2 fantastic co-producers, TOMMY DENANDER & DAVID DIGGS. I knew other musicians personally and asked them to play on this project. which they gladly accepted to do!

Q: Do you have any others project except AOR L.A. Reflection?

I’m already working on the biggest project of my life which is the next AOR cd which will include the biggest cast of stars ever reunited in a Westcoast cd! But it’s a lot of work, so it might take a while before I release this project. Otherwise i’m writing songs for top Westcoast/AOR artists for different Cd’s that will be released next year. But I can’t talk too much about that until the Cd’s are released!

Q: The last question, can you give us your All Star Band, include: Drum, Bass, Guitar, Keyboards, Lead vocals and backing. Please let us know?

If I answer your question in a pure Westcoast way it would be:

Drums: Vince Colaiuta (or Jeff Porcaro if he was still with us)
Bass: Abraham Laboriel
Keyboards: Robbie Buchanan & Tom Keane
Piano: David Diggs
Guitars: Steve Lukather, Jay Graydon, Dan Huff & Tommy Denander
Saxophone: David Sanborn
Backing vocals: Valerie Carter, Eric Tagg, Bill Champlin, Jason Scheff & Joseph Williams
Lead vocals: Richard Page


Q: Thanks Frederic for taking you’re time to answers this questions and good luck with all your projects!

Thank you very much Bengt! And keep the good work on your fantastic website which is one of the best around :-))

by Bengt Isaksson