Interview – Frank Ådahl

Hi Frank!

Q: It’s been a while since you did some own record, how does it feel to release the new album “Roots” with your brother Simon?

Frank Ådahl:
It’s a very good feeling. We haven’t been able to work together for 10 years so it’s kind of a new start.

Q. What kind of music is it on this album?

Frank Ådahl:
You can find some older R&b, soul and disco on this album. We actually thought of this as a theme album. The theme is our upbringing within Music as a general with our Christian belief as an angle. It has really been an interesting period of 2 years…

Q. Do you have any plans for some concert tours?

Frank Ådahl:
We plan to go out on a tour throughout Sweden beginning in June and finishing up at the end of August.

Q. What are you doing beside this project?

Frank Ådahl:
I’m working as a teacher on a songwriter school, Musikmakarna. I also do a lot of radio commercials. Beside all that I have my own studio where I work with some dubbing of cartoons for kids and vocal overdubs for other artists and publishing companies.

Q. If this record sells well, do you guys gonna do another record?

Frank Ådahl:
I just want to think of every project individually. It’s difficult to say what is going to happen in the future. But I think we have started something good here. I really hope it will continue for a while …

Q. Do you have any favourite rack on the “Roots”?

Frank Ådahl:
Mmm let’s see . It’s kind of hard to have perspective on a project so close to it, if You know what I mean. But I would say the title song, Roots.

Q. Which are your influences when it came to music?

Frank Ådahl:
That’s a hard one! I guess I’ve been listening to a lot of radio growing up, especially Radio Luxemburg. I enjoy all kinds of music, more or less. But if You want me to name names I would say Stevie Wonder , Aretha Franklin, Al Green and Marwin Gaye. (Don’t get me started …!)

Q. Thanks for the interview and good luck with the ”Roots”?

Frank Ådahl:
Thank You very much!

by Bengt Isaksson