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Interview – Crossfade

Hi Richard from Crossfade!

Q. I am almost speechless, what a great album you guys have made. How did it come that the two of you began with this project?

Thanks a lot! We are delighted that the album is appreciated. Lars and I (Richard) have known each other vaguely since the early 80’s. After being reunited in a session a few years ago, we decided to do music together.

Q. There’s a lot of influences from classic West Coast musicians and records, what influences do you guys have when it comes your music?

The ear of the beholder is likely to find influences from Beatles and up to date. There are so many inputs and so much great music out there, but to mention a few; Chicago, Foster, Graydon, Mr Mister and Don Henley have surely contributed on our musical evolution…  

Q. How does if feel to release such a great album?

The “White on Blue” album reviews have been overwhelming. We are undeniably pleased that our first album is so well accepted.

Q. Do you have any favourite track from the “White on Blue” record?

As one say, it is indeed hard to choose between your own babies. The opener, The day the music died is loaded with emotive lyrics and susceptible vocals that has a certain appeal to us.

Q. Which expectations do you guys have in the “White on Blue” album?

Our main aspiration is to grab hold of all the people out there, who has having trouble finding music that extends from the era where they stopped buying albums…

Q. What other kind of project are you working with?

Since we have worked exclusively with the Crossfade project for years to bring into being the White on Blue album, we will surely find it hard to split our time where as we are working with our follow up album since this is without a doubt supposed to be an enhancement in production.

Q. Can we expect some more good music from Crossfade, another record perhaps?

We are working exclusively with our next album as we speak.

Q. Do you guys have any plans for some tour here in Sweden or some other countries?

Nothing is planned for the moment, but if the right occasion occurs, no one knows what the future might bring…

Q. Thanks for the interview and good luck with this production and all the best!

Thank you Bengt! It is our pleasure to be perpetuated on The Swedish Westcoast Music Site!

by Bengt Isaksson

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