Interview – Bill Champlin

Hi Bill!

Q. Thank you for taking the time to my questions, how are you?

Bill Champlin: Kinda’ tired from a long touring year with Chicago.

Q. No Place Left To Fall is your latest album, how does it feel to release a CD these days?

Bill Champlin: This is my first solo album in a while and, so far, it has been well received. That makes me happy.

Q. What musicians are involved in No Place Left To Fall?

Bill Champlin: Billy Ward, Drums–Bruce Gaitsch, Guitar,– George Hawkins, Jr., Bass Vocals–Mark Eddinger, Keys Overdubs–Will Champlin, Piano, Vocals–Tamara Champlin, Vocals–Peter Cetera, Vocals,– Jerry Lopez, Vocals–Michael English, Vocals. Steve Lukather, guest soloist. A few others that I cant remember right now.

Q. In addition to your own stuff, are you involved in, for example, the Chicago these days?

Bill Champlin: I play live with Chicago and have for 28 years. I usually do the band’s albums and I imagine I’ll do future CD’s unless I hear differently.

Q. Are there any tour planned in Sweden and Europe to come?

Bill Champlin: I’m looking into it.-

Q. What do you do when you’re not doing music or are on tour, do you have any hobby?

Bill Champlin: Recording in my studio. Some break, huh?

Q. What do you think of all illegal downloading on the Net?

Bill Champlin: I think it’s hurting the artists more than the companies.
In the long run it’s what has almost killed the music business as we’ve known it. Paid downloads are another story, saves gas to buy on the internet. I think giving away free music may be cool for some artists when it’s their choice to do that.

Q. Your son Will is also a musician, how have you influenced him?

Bill Champlin: I got him great teachers and put him through Berklee College of Music. Other than that he’s his own man and has become one of the very best I’ve ever heard.

Q. Thanks for the interview and welcome to Europe and Sweden sometime in the future!

Bill Champlin: Thank you, I hope to see you soon. Enjoy the album and keep an eye open for Will Champlin’s CD; it will knock you out. Bill C.

by Bengt Isaksson