“Wasted Paradise” debut album from Mr. Rubik, a brand new session-players band led by producer and songwriter Marco Taggiasco.

Here’s a brief description from Marco’s own words:

“Mr. Rubik was a side-project I planned to launch in the early 90s. For some reasons the project never saw the light. Nonetheless, I never stopped lying down ideas in the following time. After 25 years, Andrea and I had the chance to listen to the demos I produced back then. We both liked the tracks and thought the time was right for them to see the light. So we gathered round friends and collaborators and went back in the studio to finish the songs”.

The band delivers a strong 80s influenced sound with a slight rock edge. Songs span from classic FM rock to Acoustic Pop and Blue-Eyed Soul, all filtered thru good music taste and clever songwriting. As in every Marco Taggiasco’s work, production is the finest you can expect.

The record, titled Wasted Paradise, holds 9 tracks (including the single Horizon), and is almost a concept album, delivering lyrics dealing with contemporary life and introspective themes.

“Wasted Paradise” album is now available on CD Baby and other selected distributors worldwide.