Venice – New Album

Venice – Jacaranda Street!

It’s finally here! Available on Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, etc.  Many of you have supported us and already bought the CD, but now you can share the music with all your family and friends that don’t have a CD player anymore. Haha!

To celebrate the new album release, we’re thrilled to unveil our revamped website:  It has a fresh new look and feel and it’s a great place to keep up with all things VENICE!  New photos, new links to Instagram and Facebook; lyrics to the new album and we also updated the look to the Venice Store where you can find all the Venice CDs & DVDs including Jacaranda Street.

We are also excited to announce some great spring and summer shows.

Links to everything I’ve mentioned above can be found below. Cool huh?!

So, if you have not already,  please like us on Facebook or follow us on our new Venice Instagram page! We look forward to seeing you this spring or summer at a live show.

Michael, Mark, Pat & Kipp Lennon