A vagabond in the literal sense, he is not. But musician, singer and songwriter Jan Olsen has, on his new release, been inspired by the freedom, curiosity and desire to go far beyond what characterizes the vagabond’s living conditions.

New EP “Vagabond Trail”

Jan Olsen has always gone his own way when it comes to writing songs and playing music. On the current EP “Vagabond Trail”, which will be released on May 3, he goes back to new places. Before the creation of the EP, he was on an exciting internal development journey for a year. A journey that cannot be made up in kilometers, but which has emphatically imprinted his soul and heart.

Jan Olsen has never been dictated by musical trends and trends. He is stylistically found in the musical intersection between people, rock and blues – this time with an acoustic and popped touch.

As a songwriter I think about the most bizarre genre boxes. My songs will tell stories, and in the communication I put the good melody high, says Jan Olsen.

A new, healthy lifestyle has in recent years brightened Jan Olsen’s view of life and increased his profits. Both as a human and a musician. This shines clearly on the current EP’s five numbers, which are light, airy and somewhat lighter in expression than his previous releases. Jan Olsen’s charismatic raw and hoarse vocal still testifies to life’s life, and the lyrics that he is a man with something at heart.

Jan Olsen – photo: Ard Jongsma

The English texts write Jan Olsen in collaboration with cohabitant and translate Susanne Ove. A romantic and artistic rally that has stretched for 15 years. The two colleagues and boyfriends live in houses together, but on each floor. In this way, they each have complete freedom to cultivate their artistic activities. For example, Susanne does not disturb if Jan wakes a late night, enters his living room and estimates the first chords for a new song on the piano. A form of cohabitation that maintains the creative vein – and love.

The hand game and wholeheartedly

On the current EP release, Jan Olsen has allied himself with a skilled and well-prepared team of hand-picked hand-playing musicians, and this gives the new songs an acoustically sounding sound.

Peter Sund from The Farm Studio has produced the “Vagabond Trail” and also contributes to acoustic guitar and mandolin. In addition, Jan Olsen’s long-standing musical partner Henrik Hylle participates in electric guitar, Palle Hjorth on various keys, Poul Ewald on harp (s), Bo Gryholt on bass and Peter Dombernowsky on drums. Trine Lunau Sund and Karin Malmstrøm provide the chore work.

This time I wanted to try something new. There is a great contrast between mirroring oneself in an electronically generated sound image and conveying their songs in the company of real live musicians. They have so far gone wholeheartedly into the project. The whole process, communication and the fertile musical environment around The Farm studio have been a great inspiration for me, concludes Jan Olsen.

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