Watch My Show by Ulrik Arturen…

Born in 1963 in Borås, Sweden. Raised in a musical family by a drumming father and a humming mother. The results of this love making combo are five music making siblings in various genres.

Ulrik’s Arturen musical career has always been about; Try everything before you even say a word… and so has now been made. Ulrik Arturen has dabbled in ballads, cabaret, children’s theatre, coverbands, dance music, heavy metal, musicals, variety shows and much, much more…

He has also perfomed with a variety of Swedish artists; Lasse Berghagen, Jan Johansen, Jill Johnson, Sanna Nielsen, Tommy Nilsson, Magnus Uggla, Jerry Williams and lots of others.

50 years on it was time to gather all of these experiences, trying to stand on his own two feet. Inspired by by his friends’ music, and by his own favorite artists, he took place in the producer’s chair and began. The result is this 4-track EP, where nothing has been held back, neither vocals nor any of the musical instruments.

Hear the music of Ulrik Arturen at his SoundCloud site.