Peter Brander is back with the timeless and personal album “Town & Country”.

After an album breaks in five busy years, as one of Denmark’s leading producers and sound engineers, Peter Brander is back with an album featuring a number of personal songs.

Over the years, Peter Brander has observed, thought over and considered a developing world. Whether it’s a positive development, Peter Brander feels, is already expressing itself on the first issue “Bring Back The Good Times”, and reflecting on the world situation, a reflection that can be seen as a theme for the album.

There has also been room for the magnificent and beautiful ballads; Peter Brander has always as musician and producer been praised to be at a high international level.

Unlike Peter Brander’s previously highly blues-dominated albums, his love for country music is celebrated on the album, and there are clear references to a country-sparkling Don Henley, who, like Peter Brander, himself possesses sense of depth, melody and highly harmonious interaction.

Peter Brander himself has stated that “Town & Country” is the album he’s most proud of. As you listen, you are not in doubt about the authenticity of the individual songs.

The album contains great works that will not disappoint the old fans; on the contrary, the album will also attract new listeners. The album also features humble songs that are stuck in the head long after you have taken the CD of the plant. The album is released on Airborne.

Available at Gateway, iTunes and all popular streaming services, such as Spotify, Amazon etc