Max Meazza interview by Toshi Kanazawa

From the official Max Meazza website.

18/11/2015 16:30

Q1. This is the first release in Japan, so first of all, please introduce yourself. I looked through the website to find your profile, but I want to know more about your childhood. For example, how was your relation to music then, what kind of music you were listening to, and why you started playing the instrument?

Well my story is not different from the other boys of my generation and I’m so lucky to be a kid in the golden age of rock&roll. I bought my first vinyl when I was 12 years old and I think was “A hard day s nights” of the Beatles and the first single “Pushin’too hard” of Seeds but the song that change all my life was “Satisfaction”….my brother was studying in his room one evening and he was listening to Radio Luxemburg and: oh my God ! was a shot in the dark ! Rolling Stones !…..

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