In The Westcoast Bible 3 – Aor Girls Edition (250 rare & classics female Aor albums), you will only find the best LP’s & CD’s of the genre from 1980 to 1989.

A cool selection of the 250 best Westcoast & Aor albums of the 80’s have been made for your listening pleasure. Many of them are considered as masterpieces, so you can buy them with confidence. And as a bonus you will discover at the end of this book 50 extra essential albums from 1976 to 1979 that every serious Aor collector should own !

Some of these albums have Pop, Rock and even Soul influences but they are all 100% pure Aor ! No compromise. This volume includes the pics, the names of the musicians & producers of each album as well as indications concerning the style of music that these artists are related to.

Also included: Great forewords by legendary artists Amy Holland, Deborah Allen & Nicole Wills. If you like Nicolette Larson, Linda Ronstadt, Carly Simon, Stevie Nicks, Laura Branigan, Heart, Fiona, Olivia Newton-John and other classic Aor female artists, you will find their most interesting work here. And if you’re a real Aor collector and enjoy lesser known artists like Valerie Carter, Tane Cain, Rosie Vela, Lauren Wood, Marva King, Brenda Russell, Dara Sedaka or Sharon O’Neill, with this book you will discover the rarest and most fantastic albums you can get your hands on.

Most of these albums are available on CD’s, but you will also discover some very rare gems many collectors are looking for, only available on LP’s. They are all worth buying in any case.

The albums are classified in alphabetical order and divided in 10 chapters ranging from 1980 to 1989, the golden age of Aor music. You will also find 10 tributes to Aor girls you should take a closer look to.

They didn’t necessarily released their albums during the 80’s, but their music is fabulous enough to be included here. Of course there are many other great female artists & bands, but this volume presents only the best of the best. You can find many videos of these artists on YouTube to learn more about these great albums.

So here are the best 250 rare & classics female Aor albums of all times directly from the 80’s ! (+ 50 essential albums from 1976 to 1979) = 300 Masterpieces ! Aor Girls rule the world !

You can buy the book at Amazon.

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