In The Westcoast Bible – 250 rare Westcoast & Aor albums (Volume I) you will find only the best albums you can buy without hesitation from 1979 to 1986 which are the highlight years of the Aor & Westcoast genre.

CCM has been intentionally left out of this volume, though there are many AOR/Westcoast masterpieces in this genre. Most of these albums features an incredible cast of musicians & producers like: Steve Lukather, Jeff Porcaro, Michael Landau, Dann Huff, Richard Page, David Foster, Jay Graydon, Mike Porcaro, Tom Keane, Abraham Laboriel, Russ Kunkel, Michael Thompson, Carlos Vega, Neil Stubenhaus, John Robinson, Robbie Buchanan, Mike Baird, Waddy Wachtel, David Paich, James Harrah, David Sanborn, Steve George and sometimes lesser known musicians who are as good as the famous studio cats. So you can buy them with confidence.

Every album included in this volume has something to offer to every one. If you like artists like Pages, Nielsen-Pearson, Marc Jordan, Bill LaBounty, Sneaker, Greg Guidry, Larry Lee, Robbie Dupree, David Roberts, Steely Dan, Christopher Cross or The Eagles, you will find many albums in that style.

But if you dig more the rockier side of AOR like Toto, Airplay, The Front, Dakota, What If, Leroux, Keane, Beckett, Prism, John O’Banion, Richard Marx, Survivor and many others, you will also find great gems in this book.

For this publication, I’ve selected the lost gems, the lesser known albums & the forgotten masterpieces of Aor music. Most of them are only available on LP’s and sometimes a little hard to get. Sometimes a more well known album is presented here in its Japanese version with a variant cover. Just for the pleasure of the artwork, and also because it’s simply a masterpiece. Most of them are made in L.A. or recorded in the USA, but there are a few exceptions with fantastic bands from Holland or Germany among others, with a real cool L.A. sound ! The albums are classified in no particular order but divided in 8 chapters ranging from 1979 to 1986, the silver age of Aor music. There are many other great albums like these, but we’ve got to start somewhere, so here’s for your listening pleasure the 250 forgotten gems from 1979 to 1986. Time to complete your collection ! Frédéric P. Slama

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