Twangy California Pop Rockers, The Popravinas, Set To Release Their 4th Album, “Goons West”

Further expanding on the gains of touring and an overwhelmingly well reviewed and received 3rd album, The Popravinas (pope-rah-veen-ahs) return with 11 new tracks of indie California gold.

“We took everything to the next level with our last album…like a NutriBullet for our creative cold press juices,” explains John Adair, the band’s multi-instrumentalist and producer, “although cocktails and sense of humor are mostly to blame for our latest labor of love.”

The band formed in the mid-2000’s and until 2017 had only released one effort, “Everybody’s Fault But Ours” (2008). But that years “California Sonic” reinvigorated the band and along with touring, global airplay and 2019’s “Willy Nilly,” the band thankfully has had a more regular constitution.

The first single, “Do The Creep,” has already made quite a splash and is on pace to become their most streamed tune. “It is mostly about relationship misconceptions” Eddy Sill, the group’s lead singer, bassist and songwriter recalls. “But then again, it could be a new dance craze!”

Currently working with publishers, labels and booking agents, expect to hear and see The Popravinas in some exciting and new places in the near future.

As The Popravinas always say… they’ll “See You At The Bar!”

By Published On: november 24, 2021Categories: In Focus, New Releases

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