In 2021, The LAB Inc. to reality (LAB = Linda Andrews Band).

An ambitious and uncompromising project that celebrates musicality and brings hand-played music out to audience in a powerful crossover universe.

The LAB Inc. is ready with another ultra funky single from the music laboratory! Fearless is the latest single from The LAB Inc. – and the sequel to Changes (March) and the 2022 singles Ultrasonic, Recharged and Feelgood Party, all of which have achieved airplay and great attention worldwide. The style is Twisted Pop: A super catchy, high-energy and playful mix of Funk, Soul and Pop. Fearless is about totally believing in yourself and your inner strength, never giving up, but fearlessly follow your dreams and reach for the stars without being afraid to fail – no matter what age, gender and skin colour.

The music is created by a passionate joint effort without musical limitations allowing each band member to shine to the maximum while challenging both themselves and each other in a super tight, super potent and very international expression. Paying tribute to the mantra “More is More”, The LAB’s unmistakable signature is a complex composition of beats, breaks and surprising chords – fronted by Linda Andrews’ charismatic power vocals.

Linda Andrews has written Fearless together with Oliver Fernström and the Swedish singer- writer/producer Douglas Carr, who has previously written and produced for e.g. Ace of Base, Dr. Alban and others.

Members: Kristof Jasik (keyboards), Søren Nørup (guitars), Andreas Hatholt (bass), Mikkel Villingshøj (drums), Eliel Lazo (percussion) and Linda Andrews (vocals).

Listen to the single:

Read more about The LAB Inc here.

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