For several years, songwriter and musician Henrik Bank has collected a pile of self-made songs without a real goal of the works.

A couple of years ago, he made an appointment with himself to finally get a release on the street. It became an EP, which was well received by both radio stations and reviewers around.

Now he’s on track again – and this time the work is complete with the album “The Journey”, which, as its predecessor, was recorded and produced in Nashville, USA.

Many of Henrik Bank’s songs are written from very personal experiences and are in many ways a reflection of some of the great events in Henrik Bank’s life, both happy and sad events that most people can relate to.

The style is melodious country-pop with poems to other genres, but all come from the country genre. Or rather, that’s the way it ends.

In fact, Henrik Bank has been wide around in his quest for the right shelf for his songs. But after almost one case, getting in touch with Larry Beaird who has worked with everything from Miley Cyrus to Faith Hill and Rascal Flatts – yes, it seemed that the pieces finally fell into place. Therefore, the recordings were also made in the country-music capital of Nashville.

Solely Henrik Bank himself with a few exceptions writes music and text where different co-writers have contributed.

On “The Journey”, a large number of musicians each have a huge ´backdrop of a wide range of famous names in the world of music (eg Keith Urban, Lady Antebellum, Lonestar, Joe Cocker, Rascal Flatts, Mark Knopfler just to name a few).

The crisp and airy vocal of Henrik Bank fits perfectly with the songs’ country-rock events. The vocals and harmonies also fit as a foot in the hose to the lyrical side.

It is obvious that the texts come from Henrik’s own experience bank. “I’m hard to write just from what could be smart to sing – I have to have something to relate to, so the songs are often quite personal too – or at least based on a personal experience or feeling, “says Henrik Bank.

Read more about Henrik Bank and his work at the official website.

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