With Forewords by Randy Goodrum & Jay Graydon (JaR). Discover the 400 best high Tech Aor albums ever Like Mr. Mister, Donald Fagen, Think Out Loud, Boy Meets Girl, Eye To Eye, Go West, Animotion, Keven Jordan, LaMarca, Joe Lamont, Michael Sembello, John Warren, Wolf & Wolf or Rosie Vela among MANY OTHER MASTERPIECES you may not have heard about !!! Be the first one to get it on AMAZON :


What is High Tech Aor ?

It’s not an easy question to answer because High Tech Aor is a mix of different styles of music with heavy keyboards influences. Usually, is considered “High Tech” an Aor / Westcoast album heavily mixed with 80’s pop technology. Also sometimes called Synth Pop, the real High Tech Aor style is first of all an Aor or Westcoast album with synthesizers and usually keyboards programmings.

The Golden age of High Tech Aor is set between 1985 and 1992 but is not exclusively limited to this period of time. The dividing line between Pop, Dance Music & High Tech Aor Is very thin, so to be included in this book, a drastic selection have been made of real Aor albums, always very melodic, with great harmonies and sophisticated arrangements.

The bands that are the most representative of this style and this era are notably Mr. Mister, Donald Fagen, Think Out Loud, Boy Meets Girl, Eye To Eye, Gino Vannelli’s 80’s albums (“Black Cars”, “Big Dreamers Never Sleep” & “Inconsolable Man”), Sheena Easton’s “Private Heaven”, Go West, Animotion, Al Jarreau’s “High Crime”, Steely Dan’s masterpieces (“The Royal Scam”, “Aja” & “Gaucho”), Wax, and of course Aor favorites from collectors from all over the world like LaMarca, Joe Lamont, Michael Sembello, John Warren, Wolf & Wolf or Rosie Vela among many others.

In The High Tech AOR Bible, you will also find keyboard based Westcoast classics such as Maxus, Alan Gorrie or Jay Gruska which could be classified in different categories but that couldn’t have been left out of this reference guide. This book only contains the very best albums in the discography of artists that have created the High Tech Aor sound.

Only the real masterpieces have been kept here, though there are many other incredible albums by these same artists & bands, a highly selective choice has been made for your listening pleasure. No compromise. All albums presented here are rated at least 15/20, and many are close to the perfect note of 20/20 !

If you’re starting to collect High Tech Aor albums, this Bible should help you discover the essential albums of this genre that you should own in your collection.The albums are classified in alphabetical order and divided into 8 chapters and you can find many videos of these artists on YouTube to help you with your choices.

So High Tech Aor friends, now is the time to complete your collection !

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