The California Road 101 project was born from the association of Gaël Benyamin, Joachim Garraud, California and LAGoodVibe at the beginning of 2019.

The idea was to transcribe the landscapes of the great American West into a musical composition produced solely using solar energy. Gaël and Joachim know each other well for having collaborated on
the Geyster project in the 2000s.

Getting together under the California sun to share the sensations of travel and putting them to music was a real producer experience outside the classic recording studio setting. Letting the decor guide the inspiration. Letting the Californian music mix with French lyrics.

Out of this 5-day trip were born 4 tracks and 3 music videos grouped together in this project which bears the name of the Californian road 101. A line of asphalt that joins Los Angeles to San Francisco, via Santa Barbara, Ventura, Santa Rosa…

Gaël Benyamin studied music at the Musicians Institute in Los Angeles. Author-composer-singer, multi-instrumentalist, and above all very prolific producer (14 albums in 16 years) he combines the spirit of the Californian West Coast – this pop-jazz-rock-funk music, rich in melodies and harmonies, which made the golden age of the 70s and multiple influences from Paul McCartney to Steely Dan via Led Zeppelin, Herbie Hancock, Daft Punk, George Duke, Gil Scott Heron, Michel Jonasz, or even Laurent Voulzy…

Joachim Garraud has been a composer, producer and artist for 35 years. Grammy nominated for his collaboration with David Guetta with whom he composed and produced 3 albums. He will regularly produces music with Bob Sinclar, Jean-Michel Jarre, Vitalic… Joachim has set up his mobile solar studio in California where he has lived since 2012.

It is this mobile solar studio that gives the full scope to their project California Road 101, by allowing them to isolate and immerse themrselves in the wide open spaces of Western California.

The California Road 101 concept was born and had to welcome a director who would be able to play with the many shots to be able to portray this adventure through 3 music videos that form a logical sequence. Olivier Boscovitch (David Guetta, Bob Sinclar, Geyster…) directed this mini series.

California Road 101, is a 4-track EP:

  • Le flow de Michel – First Single – Available in radio edit and video long version
  • LAGoodVibe Theme – Instrumental theme. Also available in video.
  • Je pars en solo – a music video accompanies this song.
  • Pas le même californie.

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